America Celebrates Bin Ladens Death

America Celebrates news of Bin Laden’s Death as only the can, great to see fire-fighters with the people take to the streets and really when you think about it, reclaim their city. patriotic yes, but if that was my town I know what I would be doing after what happened over there…

10 thoughts on “America Celebrates Bin Ladens Death

  1. Whilst I can appreciate why some American’s feel compelled to dance in the street, what about the innocent people killed on the other side? How many innocent and “normal” Afghan people have been killed?

    There are grieving families everywhere…not just America. The capitalist driven media that we are exposed to don’t always report fairly on the other side. Patriotism is a blurry line at best.


    • Hi DA I agree with you actually, of course there are 2 sides to this whole thing. There are no real winners in any of this and of course there is also an enormous price to pay around the world in the fight against terrorism.

      The innocent are sadly the losers in this long battle for sure. But do not forget there were Islamic extremists dancing with joy in the streets on September 11 too!


      • Robbo There were also American Business Corporations rubbing their hands in glee at 911 at the prospect of big defence contracts. Haliburton being only one of them. Shooting in the head first was an assassination – no intention of arrest. Cant afford to arrest the man who probably knew too much about the workings of the US CIA.

        Nice way to take attention off the Debt Ceiling prior to the election


  2. Hi Robbo

    That’s right, you often see footage of people dancing in the streets whenever a Western target is bombed or people are killed…and it’s not just Islamic extremists who do it.

    I’m not saying one is more acceptable than the other. 9/11 was horrific for all involved. However if you were to speak to an Afghani who has lost his or her family to American bombs I am sure they would tell you are similar story of sadness and hopelessness.

    Which one is more horrific? Americans think they are evil…they think America is evil. It’s all subjective.


    • yeah there are no winners in war, it would be aweful, at the end of the day we are all the same human beings, and 99.9% of us had no say in were we were born/live….


  3. As an aside, for some reason my own blog is asking me to sign in!

    Anyway Adrienne, I have raised that issue about the big incentive re defence contracts recently, so yes absolutely as has always been the case, there is a lot to be gained in war $$$$$$$$$$$$ wise.

    Most normal folks would not fathom what countries spend on defence (as they call it) But broken down to each and every contract, wow there would be outrage and inquiry after inquiry. Unfortunately, most people simply rely on the government to administer the defence budget without question.


  4. I’m slowly coming down on the “Pics or it didn’t happen” side of the fence. The circumstances are too weird and accumulative, especially now that Obama says there will be no release of pics because (We’re not like that”. Crap – I remember Saddam Hussein’s sons bodies being paraded to the media. Combined with the “headshot” and the “burial at sea” and the various other factors – like the inevitable popularity boost Obama will get in the polls, etc – and it just seems a bit too…. convenient, I guess.

    *just a little aside – I wonder what legislation is being quietly shoved through whil the public gaze is diverted? – But maybe that IS paranoid-conspiracy stuff, lol*

    Like I said somewhere else – when you kill the boogeyman, you DON’T hide the body.


    • Hi Perp, I have been out this afternoon and have been discussing the very thing you speak of.It is getting too weird. The only reasons have to be that the time line is bullshit, or the pics make US look bad. I’m leaning to second reason!


  5. Being an American, I can tell you that there were no street celebrations over the death of OBL in the vast majority of US cities. None here in Denver (our city is home to the pilot of “Let’s Roll” UA Flight 93 that went down in Pennsylvania). Certainly there were celebrations in NY and in Washington DC… for good reason. OBL has the blood of 3000 innocent Americans on his hands from 9/11 alone… the 17 sailors that died in the 2000 attack on the USS Cole, the 1993 bombing of the WTC and various embassy attacks in Africa. OBL was pure evil. I cannot fault Americans for rejoicing in his death, although I have to admit it feels strange feeling staisfied over anyone dying, OBL ranks as a monster.


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