Letter about Jason Downie


FOR the first time, an Adelaide court has heard the circumstances and motive behind the massacre of Kapunda’s Rowe family.

Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe were found dead in their home in Kapunda. Supplied

Jason Downie murdered Andrew, Rose and Chantelle Rowe because of his sexual obsession with 16-year-old Chantelle.

Details of what occurred inside the Harriet St home in November 2010 were revealed in the Supreme Court this morning.

Prosecutors told the court that Downie had an unwanted and unreturned sexual infatuation with Chantelle in the months leading up to the triple murder.

They said she put up with his unwanted attitude because he was friends with her boyfriend.

However, prosecutors stressed that at no time was Chantelle in a relationship with Downie.

Prosecutors also described horrific new details about the murder scene, saying it would “not be an exaggeration” to call it blood-soaked.

They said Andrew and Chantelle were each stabbed in excess of 30 times by Downie.

Prosecutors said that while murdering Chantelle, Downie also raped her.

Following the attack, he removed her damaged clothing and re-dressed her in clean clothes.

Chantelle’s mother, Rose, was stabbed in excess of 50 times, including while she was crawling on her hands and knees.

The court has also heard highly emotional victim impact statements from relatives and friends of the Rowe family.

Downie, who confessed to the killings, showed little reaction during many of those statements.

However, he glared at Andrew’s sister when she confronted him across the courtroom and asked what right he had to “take away three angels”.

At the start of today’s hearing, Downie again pleaded guilty to three counts of murder committed on November 8, 2010 .

His pleas were confirmed at the insistence of Director of Public Prosecutions Stephen Pallaras, QC.

In an unusual move, Mr Pallaras had last month asked Justice John Sulan to “re-arraign” Downie before sentencing submissions were heard.

“We are aware of a conversation had by the accused, with his brother, in which he expressed an attitude inconsistent with his plea,” Mr Pallaras told the court on February 7.

“That attitude is also found in a letter he wrote, to his mother, on an earlier date.

“We are concerned that his pleas of guilty be seen to be unequivocal… the last thing we want is a reversal of plea.

“We urge Your Honour to confirm that he has consciously pleaded guilty and that those are unequivocal pleas of guilty to these charges.”

Justice Sulan is now hearing sentencing submissions – including an expected 26 victim impact statements written by the family’s surviving son, Christopher, and their friends and family.

Five days after the murders, a TV crew recorded Downie visiting a memorial for the Rowe family.

He was seen walking along their property’s rear fence and pausing to look at flowers and cards before walking off.

Downie was arrested on November 16, 2010, after voluntarily attending the Kapunda police station.

Just hours before, detectives had contacted one of his workmates and asked that he “bring Downie in” for questioning.

Downie’s outsider status was backed up by his profiles on social networking websites.

They revealed his hatred for Kapunda – which he dubbed “Krapunda” – but also claimed he was popular.

It listed him as being “in a relationship” and said he enjoyed “partying and hanging out with my friends”.

“I love my sport, I am very active on and off the basketball court if you know what I mean,” he wrote.

The sites also detailed his love of basketball and the Saw horror movies, as well as his devotion to his mother, despite their occasional clashes.

Both of Downie’s pages listed Chantelle as a friend.

The “best thing” to ever happen to Downie, he wrote on one site, was “leaving school”, while his worst fear was “not seeing my family”.

“Love my family in Scotland, haven’t seen them for six years,” he wrote.

“I grew up without a dad since I was two months old, so I have been raised up by my mum all my life . . . I respect and love her to death, even though we have our bad moments.”

AdelaideNow understands Downie’s birth certificate does not list the identity of his father.

His brother, Jamie, was living in Kapunda at the time of the murders.

His half-sister, Jodie, lives in Kilmarnock, Scotland, and was in regular correspondence with her brother prior to his arrest.


Getting any news in relation to the Jason Downie case is very frustrating.I have been sitting on an email I received form a person claiming to be from Scotland and connected to his family over there. It raises some very interesting things and I have decided to post it here in full (Although not revealing who sent it to me). Have a read and lets see what it brings to the table.

I  know for a fact that people from all “Sorts of places” follow this thread at the very least and may be quite interested in its contents. So here it is, opinions welcome as usual…

Jason Downie, awaiting trial for triple Murder

(Outright Abuse and Trolling will not be tolerated. The following is as written in original form minus author identity)

I’m contacting you because you have been following the Rowe murders on your blog and you may be
interested in a heads up on a line the defence may take.

Let me me introduce myself my name is *****  ******* and I live in Kilmarnock, Scotland. I am
friendly with Jacqui and Ronnie Weir who are godmother and godfather to the boy accused of
killing the Rowe family.

I have always found them to be nice people but recently they have started saying some suff that isn’t right.
When we found out that their godson had been charged wth a triple murder we were shocked but weren’t
surprised to hear them say he was 100% innocent and supported them. I avoided reading anything to do
with the murders because I knew it would portray the boy as guilty and as he hadn’t been tried yet so reckoned
he deserved a fair go. I was also persuaded by the strong arguments of his godmother saying that he didn’t do it.

Then about three weeks ago the attitude suddenly changed. His godmother started putting it round
that Chantelle has ‘messed with his mind’ and basically talked him into murdering her parents only
it all backfired because Jason sussed he was being used and snapped, killing Chantelle as well.
I think this is lies. I think it is a slur on an innocent family who aren’t here to defend themselves.
Still I think it is worth people knowing that this is being put about.

More than anything else it is such a sudden change of story. One minute Downie’s family are
convinced he’s 100% innocent. The next they blame the Rowes for inciting their own murder.
My guess is new and damning evidence against Jason Downie has been uncovered and they
are trying to get him a reduced sentence by making it seem like he was provoked. I don’t know
what Aussie courts are like but here in Scotland smears against the victims like that can mean
a reduced sentence.

I don’t believe in the death penalty but I do believe that life should mean life and if as I now
know Downie is guilty of these murders he should never be freed from prison. If the defence
can make it look like he was provoked he might get a lighter sentence. No matter whether or not
Downie did do it the Rowes don’t deserve to be slandered like this. Like I say none of us know all
the evidence against Downie yet but his family are acting like he’s guilty and are slandering the victims.
It’s not right.

If you want to use any of this on your blog you can but the Weirs are pretty rough people and I may be
attacked or driven out my home for speaking out against them so I am asking you not to use my real
name or just refer to me as ‘an insider’ ‘a friend’ or ‘a neighbour’. If you want to pass any of this onto
lawyers acting for the prosecution that is fine too. It might help them out if they know what Downie’s
defence are thinking. The Rowes have been though enough. If there is a decent bone left in Downies body
he’ll plead guilty but with what has been said recently I think he is going to blacken Chantelles name to get
an easy sentence. This needs to be stopped.



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    • hi robbo,i was told about this site by a friend of mine.would you be willing to speak to me by e-mail as i dont want this on the internet untill after the trial.jason downies.as im from kilmarnock i am jasons dad.? on said:

      hi robbo,i was told about this site by a friend of mine.would you be willing to speak to me by e-mail as i dont want this on the internet untill after the trial.jason downies.as im from kilmarnock i am jasons dad.?


  2. Isnt it interesting how quick people are to lay blame back to the rowe family may they rest in peace.I have little faith in our justice system and i truly hope the dog jason downie doesnt fall through the cracks in the system.


  3. I have to honest this is gutter snipping type media, I thought this site was about being more informed. As well as being above the mass media Bullshit machine. Shame thought it was a classer site than that


    • Hi Rab, why so? This story is debated every day here and people are interested in all the angles, so what is it you are upset about and we can talk about it. I suggest you have a good read through the hundreds and hundreds of comments on this case. But I asked for opinions and will enjoy debating about them, thanks for yours


    • Rab, you’re more than welcome not to read the blogs.
      This page currently has NOTHING to do with the media.
      There is nothing classy about a site that talks about crime and murder. Wake up and go watch a soapie.


  4. Robbo, thank you so much for posting this.
    Thank you also to the person who wrote the letter.
    I am curious as to why “the insider” is friends with the Weir family and the Rowe family?
    They contact this person in Scotland??
    If this letter is true, it’s disgusting.
    The family is not here to defend themselves.
    It could explain the delays in the case going forward and the fact that Jason has not entered a plea.
    This person/animal has taken 3 lives and he should pay for that.It doesn’t matter even if someone told you to do it.You are still resposible for your own actions.
    Jason should man up for once in his life.Admit what he did and end the suffering for the Rowe family. The way this family died is appalling and justice should be served.No one deserves to die in such a horrible way,especially in their own home and by someone they knew.Just heartbreaking.


  5. Well, I hope this doesn’t get the person in trouble. But looks like they are beginning to realize that he did do it.


  6. Robbo, thankyou for posting this letter. I feel you should provide details of it to the prosecution. I believe in innocent until proven guilty, however from what I here the evidence is solid & proves hiim guilty beyond doubt! I heard also that Chantelle was raped
    We can only imagine the Rowe’s family’s final minutes. For his family to slander the Rowe’s memory totally disgusts me – I hope justice is served!


    • This case when all is revealed will blow people away on both sides. Unfortunately I am getting the vibe, we may be spared all the gory details by a late guilty plea on the steps of the court come trial in some sort of deal with the real story never fully revealed…Bar an underbelly “Based on true events” type made for TV deal…


      • Robbo, I don’t think being spared the details is unfortunate at all. If he is guilty and he pleads guilty that is a good thing for everybody. The sentencing judge will have all the details and sentence him accordingly. I personally have no great desire to hear intricate details of what happened and I imagine it would be very distressing for the Rowe family and friends.


  7. I don’t know, I’m a little skeptical about that letter. Robbo – what’s your take? Do you think it’s from a credible source? It screams internet troll in my opinion. If this person thinks the information is relevant to the case, why wouldn’t they have sent it to the appropriate people themselves? Why send it here and say “feel free to pass this on” or “use it on your blog”. That doesn’t make sense. We are talking about a brutal crime.

    The tone of that letter has something dodgy about it…It doesn’t seem genuine

    I could be wrong of course.


    • Hi DA well that was why I sat on it, read it over and over, compared the writing to certain comments here looking for clues, and checked a few things online.

      Then I thought about their objective in doing so, as well as the motive of a FAKE drumming up an angle. I came to the conclusion my core readers here are pretty smart and combined, we can work it out together.

      Any cracks in the story will become obvious, and I have a few very switched on friends of the site who research online like their life depended on it, ( thanks, you know who you are!)specifically on this case. They will let me know what we have.

      So by you and others dissecting it, shows I was correct in posting it and see where it takes up. My mind alone is not fully made up but either way we will find out here.

      As far as the tone, I sense a falling out with the godparents maybe, and “Well stuff this, Im not keeping this to myself”

      Having said that, if exposed as bullshit, I will kick their ass on here too as wasting our time mate.



    • Hi Dave, when I say deal, I mean pleading guilty to certain charges and saving the state millions, he might get a slim chance of parole when he is 80 for eg. Rather than never to be released. I hope not, I want him to drop dead in jail.

      BTW just saw a preview of the Movie Snowtown, (bodies in the barrels case) going to be a ripper movie. No big name stars, raw acting…


      • Fair enough. Although I think in this case the prosecution is not going to accept anything short of 3 counts of murder. I would say given his age he would be likely to be eligible for parole well short of 80. NP periods above 30 years are extremely rare.


        • Hey Dave, I have told my family a million times I do not exaggerate…well sometimes. But I would be surprised if he got a day under 30 years NP if any! Cheers


  8. Hi Robbo,
    This is abit fishy….if he or she is genuine – I would consider he or she would contact the authority and requested to be put anonymous. Also after reading this letter it appear to me like a campaign of the Godparents tried to smear the name of those victims who obviously could no longer defend themselves, and the friend felt that need an outpouring area – wrote a letter so he or she able to sleep at night as he or she still being friend with the godparents. Or more cynical would be tried to use this blog…to create a widespread of rumours or Chinese whisper and there is no friend of the Godparents in Scotland or such thing. Are you able to trace if the sender was actually wrote this email from UK/ Scotland email???


    • This is why it is on here, either way we will work it out, I am not as savvy as some with the Internet trail type stuff, but some are…Email me for a few clues…


  9. Unless you have fairly good skills or the sender is a bit naive, it could be tricky to really determine conclusively if this was sent from someone in Scotland. As far as I know -and I’m no superhacker or anything, so I may well be wrong – using a readily available proxy and anonymous email based in another country is a pretty easy way to at least disguise, if not completely erase your tracks. It depends on whether they wanted to hide their detailology or not.


    • The reverse also applies. Say you had a Downie supporter or detractor here with fair skills. It would be quite a simple matter to make something appear to originate in another country. At least on a superficial level.


  10. Thanks Perp, determination is a good motivator…But we will sort it out one way or another.

    I have drafted a reply requesting a few things, as there is more stuff I have not posted BUT WILL, that I know unless this person validates being honest with me.

    Lets call it the INTEGRITY test. I like to stay one step ahead. That is why I have measures in place, you could say


    • Robbo I would have thought ypu may have a contact in the force that could check exactly where the email came from.
      I know a person in Queensland that used to brag that he had a relative in the force that could trace the origin of emails ,I always wondered if he was just full of shit.


  11. I think it’s reasonable that the letter is genuine. One thing no-one has commented on, and friends have not commented on either is the kind of text messages and Facebook message (private) that went on between Chantelle and Jason. If there are some they may also offer proof he is the killer in some way.
    We can really only speculate, and they may not have even told their most trusted friends what they were chatting about.

    My opinion is that I bet the private messages show him to be a jealous and controlling type of person, who may have even made some threats. The police would have taken chantelles phone and computer immediately.


    • As I mentioned, it’s possible to get around that with proxies, etc. This is something I know can be done easily if the person is motivated to do do.


  12. I would submit the letter to the police and notify the sender either via email, and here that you’re doing so.

    Let them track whether it’s real or not.

    Either way, the sender has to have the courage to stand by their beliefs and it’ll flush out a wanker.

    Good luck


  13. Hi,
    First of all thanks to Robbo for publishing my email. I hope that it does some good and it stops the name of the Rowe family being dragged through the mud in the horrible trial once and for all. Already these lies being exposed is taking its toll here and these people have crawled back under there rocks.

    I want to reply to a few points that have been raised hear.

    1. When I say I am friends with the Weirs I mean that I know them to talk to and have had a few drinks with them in the past. We are not close friends. We live in a small town. Everyone knoes eachother. Mrs Weir is very friendly and bubbly but weare not close. Were friendly-not friends. I know Jasons mum to see and know people who were in her year at school but I dont know her well.

    2. I have no relationship with the Rowe family. I have only visited Australia twice once when I was five to visit an aunt and later on when I visited friend in Melbourne. Other than that I have no relationship with anyone in the counrty.

    3. I am a genuine person born and bread in Kilmarnock. These people have been saying these these things about the Rowes. Nobody here believes they are true and it is starting to turn people in the town against them.

    4. I sent this email not to be a troll but out of anger and disgust that these people are spreading stories about the Rowes. Most people in the the town would have stuck by the Weirs even if they’d said Jason was guilty from the start. What is the old saying you can’t choose your relatives. I don’t want to be known on the internet. I don’t want fame or connected with this case. Im trying to do what I think is right thing.

    5. I don’t think anything I have reported here changes the case. Im trying to stop Downies relatives blackening the name of an innocent family. Nothing more. When the Weiurs said Jason was innocent EVERYONE gave them the benefit of the doubt. They never blackened the Rowes name during this time. Then they changed there minds and said he was forced into it. What the Weirs are saying isn’t evidence it’s smears to try and get their godson a short sentence.

    6. If Robbo wants to email me with any questions I’m will answer them and have any answers that dont reveal my identity shared with you all. People in this town don’t like grasses and thats how I’ll be seen for speaking out. Robbo has drafted a response. When I get it i will answer it to the best of my knowledge.

    7. I believe but dont know and cant prove that the Weirs change of story is because the police have found something new that Downie cant talk himself out of. I dont know this for fact maybe someone closer to the case can say for definite I don’t know but the sudden change in the Downie relatives attidude is weird and says to me that something bad for Downie has come out. I belived they meant it when they said Jason was innocent. Now I think they’ve played us all for fools and are bad minded liars.

    8. I have no motive no angle and no reason or wish to disrupt this case or this website. A court of justice is going to look at the evidence and the truth is going to come out one way or the other. Nothing I say hear will change that. I have been honest and hope that Robbo will play fair with me in this.


    • Hi thanks for jumping on the site. It is all there for everyone to have an opinion of, that’s why I haven’t changed anything, we get idiots on here from time to time, so we get sceptical at times.But you like everyone are welcome here and can have a say. Don’t take anything I say personally, its all part of the debate. I appreciate you taking the time to write. Cheers


    • as iv seid before i am frank jason and his brothers dad dont want his brothers name on yet,as before the person who talks about the weirs and jackie,have not took up my offer of a meeting in town and enlight me on what thay know that i dont.not had an email or nothing about a meeting as of the weirs as my knowlege iv not hard about this family being bad,,,i think this person is talkng a lot of sh i te


  14. To the sender. Awesome that you made it on here. It verifies things for me now.

    I, and I am sure many others will be pleased to have your input on this intriguing case.
    I think you are spot on in regard to perhaps the fact that something very incriminating has been released.
    I believe a guilty plea will occur on the next appearance, agreeing with Robbo that the story will only be told on TV.
    There are quite a few other places that the discussion on this case is taking place and I will be very interested to see what the people who are convinced of this guys innocence have to say.
    Thanks again, I look forward to reading the continuing discussion.


  15. Hi Me

    What other websites are you referring to? I only know of webslueths which I am a member of and am fiercly following this case. To the sender, thanks for the info!


  16. Hi Kim, Webslueths was the main one I was thinking of. I have also followed that one from day one.The other area which I am sure you are familiar with is the other posts on Robbo’s site. There is one other place you might be interested in which I may message you. Can I ask a personal question though on your view of the case? Pro Jason’s innocence or against. Just wondering as there are a lot of very emotional people on these web sites.


  17. Hi Me

    I am very much against Jason. Cannot believe that the Police would have arrested the wrong person. I would love to know all the details on this case but we will probably never know – just to get my head around this terrible crime. You can message me on webslueths if you like – kimmy1966. Thanks.


    • to the person who emailed rob and people here reading all this rubbish about the weirs she is a liar about the weirs they have always supported there family and never chnged there minds about anything and they are a very good family and its terrible how people victimise others the weirs have never ever said anything about the rowes as they think its a terrible thing that happened to the rowe family ,and why would they say anything especially when they support the allergy accused
      Now to show she is a liar jason doesnt have god parents so she is waisting all your times on here
      ,And it certainaly isnt because what she said saying the weirs are rough people and they will be attacked or driven out their home ….my god they are the nicest people they have never been in trouble and they work hardand will help anyone, and they do not go around even talking about the case ,
      so why doesnt this person want her name shown????? as she knows she is telling lies so rob yes do send her email and name as she is the one disgracing the rowes on here and the innocent people linked to jason by telling everyone lies which is bloody terrible as the family of jason are victims also
      oh and there will be no plea as he is innocent you cant plea to no evidence as there is no case to plead to because there is no evidence big cop muck up….
      SO you from kilmarnock who are you then ????? since you want involved , if you think your telling the truth as i know and you know your full of shit but now you have said lies about this im sure you wont be telling anyone who you are huh


      • Why is it that all of JD’s supporters are so incoherent? I’m not trying to be funny or anything, but I’ve been following the Kapunda discussion on here for hundreds of posts over several threads and most of the comments proclaiming his innocence are borderline incomprehensible.


        • Wee little bit of scottish whiskey maybe? I hope I’m back online tomorrow changed ISP today they cut old one new one didn’t not happy this is from my phone perp!


      • Before I get howled down, I’ll correct my question to read “Why are THE MAJORITY of JD’s supporters so incoherent?”


      • It must just be the same person but changing the name every time. I’ve noticed the same thing. I want to read things so that I can think about and accept or disagree with their points of view, but reading it is difficult and frustrating at the best of times!


  18. Seems like we are getting a few trolls on here. They end up getting bored and go off and troll elsewhere. Just ignore them is the best option.


  19. criminals often play the system.Will not put a plea in till they know all the evidence.Therefore can not be convicted of crimes they have commited unless the police have sufficent evidence.I have seen people walk out of courts for rape,serious assaults and shooting at police officers using this method.The only person resposible for the crime is jason downie.And his family are victims of this crime as well as the rowes.Living in a small country town after something like this happens would no be easy for either family.


  20. In reply to the letter that supposedly came from kilmarnock..I believe that no matter whether or not Jason is guilty or innocent, people have to be aware that even for Jasons family and those close to Jason and his family, there have been far outreaching consequences..Jasons’ family in Australia and Scotland are innocent of any crime. They themselves have had to deal with this traumatic event..I have no doubt they have been left confused, shocked and bewildered by whats happened to that poor family. I cant speak for whats happened to Jasons’ family in Australia but be assured the family and friends in Scotland have been put under alot of strain for something they themselves have had no control over. As for the author of the ‘kilnmarnock letter’ I find it hard to believe that someone who has admitted to not being a ‘close’ friend of the Weir Family ….but willing to answer any questions to those who follow this blog ..Is that genuine.and rationale behaviour…..????..I dont think so…I dont get it…If this person has proof af any wrong doing then report it to the relevant authorities…My guess is the person that wrote the letter has some issues themselves but I find it disgusting that they would target innocent people in order to sway/influence others opinion. If Jason is found to be guilty its not just Jason that will be sentenced…his family will have the wrath of others..be it verbally or physically and that is wrong…If Jason is found innocent the damage is already done for both Jason and his family as people have long memories and mud sticks….so either way it wont just be one person that will be punished for this heinous crime…i


  21. Thanks for posting that Robbo, if anything it at least gives more discussion material even if it is fabricated. I suppose the age of the internet means that people can say or do anything, so it’s hard to tell when things are real and when they’re not. There are people on here who are definitely close to the families and to the case, and then there are people who have nothing to do with it and are just interested, and then there’s people who go anywhere looking for an argument.

    Thank you for posting, I would agree with there being evidence uncovered now that has led to supporters of Jason switching from ‘innocent’ to trying to reduce his sentence. Like I said in another thread, a couple of weeks back his Mum was in at his work talking to the boss to make sure Jason still had a job when he came out, so there is support for him, but also a lot of evidence against him which will come out when this trial FINALLY gets started.

    But for now all I know is that there is so much evidence the police have that they believe there is absolutely no way Jason wasn’t there. They honestly believe he has committed this crime, with his fingerprint in blood on Chantelle’s door, but if he didn’t do it then they are absolutely positive that he was there. And since they are not looking for any other person, I doubt it will come to that.

    I won’t make comment on Jason’s family because I have never met any of them, I only ever met Jason a couple of times through mutual friends and to be honest he seemed pretty average, nothing stood out about him being violent or crazy, but nothing would, would it. The only comments I can make are from people investigating the case, family and friends of the Rowes, and people who work at the same mechanic as Jason and were with him and around him in the days before and after the murders and then his arrest. None of them are in any doubt at all as to his guilt.

    Which is sad for him, it’s a terrible thing for him to have to spend the rest of his life locked away in a horrible place. But it’s a price he well deserves to pay for this.


  22. I feel sorry for friends and relatives of the Downies, they didn’t kill the Rowes. They want to be loyal and think the best of their family members and want him to be innocent. BUT i think deep down they know he did it and they know his upbringing was tough and that perhaps they even feel guilty.
    His friends also wanting to be loyal are kidding themselves that he is innocent.

    I think it is very obvious he is guilty and i think this letter from Scotland shows that every-one is beginning to work this out.


    • Hi singers it means more in this case than most, that we don’t choose our family…could easily be a neighbor…but if my best friend/ brother/worker etc gave me even a sniff of being involved or having knowledge of a murder(s) I would be putting their ass up!

      We are not talking about having a day off to go to the cricket here! The family know! but so do the cops,their every word would be scrutinized…

      (this is from my phone and it has only capital letters so sorry if it looks weird!


  23. You know what… his immediate family must know. They must know some clothes/shoes are missing. The person who drove him there never came forward until he was charged, he/she must have known this is information the police needed. Why be dishonest about it? I think others know, and they are deluding themselves by claiming his innocence. They probably can’t bring themselves to facethe truth.


  24. Hi Singers, what post, a comment in this thread? I will check spam folder, sometimes legit messages go there in they contain certain words…I will get back to you


  25. Great site Robbo, and thanks Kim for those links. I gotta be honest, I am not usually interested in true crime, but something about this horrific case has had me scouring the web and losing sleep. What a sick, sick bastard. JD court case on the 25th – what do you think may happen? Will it just be moved onto a court with a higher jurisdiction?


    • Hi Elaine,

      Is a great site, hey? Thanks to people like Robbo. Yes, I think it will be moved at some point. The Magistrates Court deals with criminal summary offences, which may be dealt with by a fine, imprisonment of up to two years, community service or a good behaviour bond. In this shocking case the Magistrates Court is likely to be just a start. But, I truly hope this mess does not drag on and on for the sake of the family.


      • Totally agree. I can’t begin to imagine what friends and relatives of the Rowe family are going through – and will still have to endure. Swift justice is needed.


    • Elaine, I have to agree with you, I myself have found myself scouring the web about this crime. There are hundreds of crime being reported everyday….but something about this crime has got me from day one. I don’t know if its because it’s not been very straight foreward (open and shut case), it’s strange ….something doesn’t smell right and we’re not hearing a beep about Jason, makes me wonder what is going on behind closed doors….Anyway, I will keep scouring the web and maybe one day …there will be answers…..


  26. Hi Elaine

    This case has loads of interest – myself of course obviously. So waiting to see what happens, the motive, the details etc. No I am not a sick… Just want heaps of answers.

    Next in court on 25th. Prob nothing will happen again — not even a plea. So frustrating and drawn out for the families and the people whom are following the case.

    Lots of trolls onboard too.

    I can’t seem to let go of this one and it is my first. Hope I can get time off work for the trial (if it goes there).

    So drawn out it is frustrating, but I keep on looking. Might contact that work contact on facebook if he will accept!


  27. Mmm this is rather odd – and I am not sure that “chantelle messing with his mind” would hold over in the court.
    I know there is a proper legal term for his (something like a manservant/manslave…I can’t recall it came up in the snowtown murders case, it implies someone being manipulated into a certain act). Although it can provide for a reduced sentance that much is true. Lets all hope this never happens.


    • James Vlassakis, the one who was supposedly manipulated in the Snowtown case still got a non-parole of 26 years. I think a judge would be more likely to buy the story of Bunting as a father figure manipulating the younger Vlassakis, more than a teenage girl convincing an ex boyfriend to murder her parents. I think if they try it, it won’t work, hopefully Downie gets life, never to be released. The only thing that make persuade the judge to be lenient it Donnie’s age, but lets hope not.


  28. And in Vlassakis’s case the reduced sentenced was probably more to do with him turning crown witness, not possible in Downie’s case as there is no one for him to testify against.
    The best he can hope for is to plead guilty and have his decision to save the family the pain of a trial taken into account.


  29. Elizabeth Magistrates Court. Not before 11.30am. Video conference. D. J.A. Before Magistrate Sheppard. Great site Robbo.


  30. Accused murderer considers plea May 25, 2011 – 12:49PM

    A man accused of murdering three members of a South Australian family has six weeks to consider his plea.

    Jason Alexander Downie, 18, appeared by video link in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on Wednesday charged with killing Andrew and Rose Rowe and their 16-year-old daughter Chantelle in November last year.

    The three were stabbed to death in their home at Kapunda, 80km north of Adelaide.

    Advertisement: Story continues below Downie, also of Kapunda, was arrested just over a week after the murders.

    Magistrate Elizabeth Sheppard told Downie that declarations had now all been handed to police.

    “Prosecutors have provided your counsel with the remaining declarations; that is, the witness statements,” she said.

    She told him he now had six weeks to discuss the statements with his lawyers before he had to enter a plea.

    He was remanded in custody until July 13 when he would be expected to answer the murder charges via video link.

    © 2011 AAP


  31. Now that Jason has been given an extra two months (til Sepember) before entering plea, does anyone think this would indicate he intends to plead not guilty? His lawyers have said the forensic evidence is complex and complicated- and the prosecution agrees. Would be interested in people’s thoughts.


  32. My mind has been ticking over this – and yes I think he will plead Not Guilty with some psych babble defense. Hence looking for more professional opinions to call. I came up with a possible theory on how the night MAY have went down, will put it out there, but just as a theory.
    Chantelle was dating JD friend, she got pregnant to him. JD friend unsure what to do, possibly talks with JD about it. JD raging inside about picturing Chantelle as a mum, moving on/forward in another direction (away from him)…Convinces his friend/encouraged by his friend he goes to ‘talk’ with Chantelle, maybe about the possibility of losing her boyfriend, maybe about having a termination – and maybe his disgust/disappointment/love for her. Chantelle becomes angry, JD cant handle it and takes her life. He is then caught trying to leave by Mother, kills her, which wakes the father who charges out and he then kills him. Perhaps the last two were in a panic? Anyway – just a theory…
    Shot me down or explain away why this can’t be true..But not much has surfaced on the guy Chantelle was dating at the time..


  33. It must be obvious to anyone following this case that Jason Downie intends to plead not guilty.
    He has been indicating this from the very first moment he was unexpectedly arrested.

    He said he had an alibi. This may or may not be true, but either way it has not be proven (meaning that although the alibi has not been confirmed by anyone, it could still be true).

    The latest delay was said to be for the processing of “witness statements”.
    Obviously there were no witnesses to the crime, so these statements must be in relation to Jason’s demeanor and actions before and after the crime.

    It is going to be the weakest of cases, because they will be trying to say he PROBABLY did it.
    They will be relying of what people say, not on firm forensic evidence or a confession.

    The prosecution is agreeing to every delay the defence ask for because they know their evidence cannot and does not prove Jason Downie did it. They only thing the prosecution can hope for is that the delays wear Jason down to a point where he confesses. But as time drags on, this is less and less likely.

    In other words – If the forensic evidence was strong, there would be no delay in prosecuting.

    Sorry to all those who want Jason Downie proved to be guilty and this crime tidied up quickly and nealy, but those are the facts.


    • Ok so for argument’s sake, lets say JD is not guilty…lets assume he has a valid alibi…why is he still in custody then? Why hasn’t he been released?

      Also, in court the defence requested that answering the charges be delayed and the prosecutor agreed, saying that “the forensic evidence was complex and complicated” in relation to this case. No specific reference was made in relation to the processing of witness statements.


    • I myself cannot get my head around the fact that one young man could kill all 3, unless he drugged the parents with sedatives so as to not wake them easily when Chantelle screamed for help. Wasn’t there a statement somewhere from a neighbour where he heard screams for help, but he thought it was just another fight….doesn’t this indicate that there were family problems if neighbour didn’t find the screams unusual….This case is so strange…All I know is that house will now be haunted forever…the poor landlords will never be able to lease the house again (The Rowe’s rented correct?)…Anyone know about the house? is it now vacant? I get chills just thinking about that house …The energy in their must be violent and ugly, it would be cold and depressive….how awful…


  34. Hi my name is Todd Gilchrist…
    I was very good friends with Channy, and Im best friends with her boyfriend at the time Dylan.. I was at the house with Dylan on the Sunday it happend on the Sunday night and I cant belive that someone like him could cold heartedly do that then come to Dylan’s house and act like he had no clue like the rest of us on who could of done it.. And then have DNA evidence proving it was him, (this is my own opinion) I belive in the death sentence and strongly belive he should get it for his crimes… Rose and Andy were beautiful and easy going people aswell as perents, Channy was awesome and so outgoing, bright and fun just hang out with… R.I.P sweety I miss ya heaps…


  35. And if anyone wants to slander the rowe family, come see me and then we’ll see how you feel about sayin bad things about someone who was nothing but nice to everyone they met and


  36. i have not read all of this post as id only googled to find out where this case was at ie if jason had been found guilty or not guilty. I have read the main blog re a friend of his grandparents and it has to be said – some friend!!! Honestly saying they are hardie people etc personallyi dont know them but could you sound more silly, were you at the scene where this took place to help – no. Can you be a reliable source anyway being a friend one minute then publically stating things they have so called said, which for one makes no sense – no again. From aus to kilm stories have been made and edited numerous times from papers, so called friends etc etc as if the grief on both families is not enough. Noone really knows what has happened but is it right to stipulate what has, i think this is best left to the law. The nature of what has happened it is really awful enough without the pain from what others are sayin getting back to both families, people should have more consideration. The families perhaps like myself google to see where the case is at and get this nonsense, noone condonse what has happened and i truely hope the Rowes rip, as do i hope if jason was part of this he is punished but if you find yourself going to comment on sites like this perhaps THINK first as no one wants anything thats been said to affect the case LET justice be done first!


  37. bm.

    Copy & paste this in your browser & read.


    Well if Unknown Male DNA was found at scene??
    Wouldn’t it be easy to SWAP Downie & either Eliminate him, or bring on the case??
    Yes he has been charged!
    On what grounds?
    In jail for his own protection?
    I haven’t been following the case, just reading all the POSTS, but surely this has been done??
    Or the DNA sample is weak??
    Horrific Crime, but at the end of the day, Innocent until proven Guilty, by Trail, Judge & Jury?
    Oh, by the way, I don’t know him, (Downie) or anyone connected with this case, family, friend or foe!
    As for the email received from a person claiming to be from Kilmarnock, In Scotland, connected to Family, Internet Protocol (IP) address, should verify Place of Origin? But I am no crime expert or IT expert either!
    I’m sure the Police are on top of this?
    Just posting my thoughts!


    Read the whole story & comments!

    At the end of the day if Downie is proven Guilty by Judge & Jury, a life sentence in Jail is to good for this heinous crime.



  38. In the 70’s there was a case in the UK where a man with intellectual disability was charged with raping and murdering an 80 odd year old woman in her home. A heinous crime few would disagree. He was tried and incarcerated for life on the grounds that his DNA – semen – was found at the scene. Years later it was discovered that the man had a genetic condition – Kleinfelters- or extra X chromosomes. He was sterile and couldn’t even produce sperm. He was just a quick and easy means to the police being seen to do justice – someone who is relegated to ‘otherness’, an outsider, different and powerless. Believe me (or not) I know that the police do at times act as if they are above and not the servants of the law and that they have and they do at times get away with murder – literally.

    I would not be so quick to condemn and as some have already said this young person is- innocent until proven guilty. Except perhaps in the court so many of you have convened in this blog.

    It seems to me that sites like this one breed the content that appears here. This is ‘anything goes’ land, a psychological set up and if I am to accept Robbo’s protestations of just providing a forum for discussion, it is an unintentional one but a set up just the same. You are buying into a rue for people to expose their ‘being’ – what I read leaves me seriously concerned for your families, partners, friends and colleagues. If this is the way you approach situations and/or peoples for which you have no real evidence or understanding then life must be unhappy – you have hearts of war – blaming, accusing and appearing as if full of self righteousness. You seem to place yourselves and your opinions above the rest of us – small gods – or at least try hards. There is no grounding in truth or justice here, just conjecture and condemnation.

    By the way I have something to share with the literary genius who is so quick to point out the literacy failings of others. I was brought up in a country that culturally prided itself on notions of egalitarianism and fairness and I am so hoping that in the 13 years since I left Australia that these notions have not completely disappeared down the tube – although this blog does make me wonder. A blog such as this one is not fair to those who are not literate. How can these individuals contribute their views when it is dependent on written literacy? and as Robbo asserts this is a forum for all views. If someone is moved to add something and they are not as literate as others – then why is that a problem? Isn’t their contribution as valuable as any other? are you suggesting that unless you have an A in English you can’t contribute? Seriously oh critical one – What is your behaviour about? literacy levels? or are you trying to close down opinions that are not confirming your own ‘mightier than thou’ opinion? or are you just suggesting you are better than the rest of us?As for the suggesting that such entries are the result of alcohol consumption – may be it is or maybe it is a stark reminder that we are not all privy to equality of opportunity in this life – doesn’t make us less than but sure makes it harder to be more than. You all say your interest is in detail of the case … put downs on literacy expose your intention as a lie.

    The young man in question – Mr Downie – who is the reason I have visited and bothered to read some of this stuff. He will have his day in court. I hope that he has a good lawyer who does not hold the kinds of views stated here. A lawyer who is willing to pursue justice – I think that the fact that so far down the track a plea has still to be entered means that this ‘cut and dry’ attitude of guilt ain’t so clear cut and I remain interested in what will transpire.

    Happy reflecting!


  39. ElizEast,

    Get over yourself!! Just who is the self-righteous one here. Seeking justice, fair-mindedness….basically, accusing those who don’t hold the same opinion as your own, to be a worry to their family etc. etc. blah blah blahdy blah. Hells tits, this forum is simply for opinion and opinion alone.

    The comments on here will have absolutely no sway when it comes to court proceedings. I think that most people simply want to see the court proceedings actually begin!!!!

    I am sick and tired of pontificating, overly-liberal, do-gooders like yourself who seem to expect that the public are not to form any point of view until they are ‘told’ to do so. Every single person is allowed a thought of their own. Be it right or wrong.

    As for your over-protection of the illiterate – I completed only year 11, I did not enter any tertiary education and I currently work in a factory. However, this status in life has NEVER prevented me from reading, writing, looking, listening, observing and absorbing knowledge. There has never been a time in history where so much to assist others to become educated, even to a basic level, has been available. Even the most modest of homes in Australia has technology of some sort to assist. So stop with the reverse-snobbery whereby a person who can construct an understandable sentence is deemed stuck-up.

    True, everyone is entitled to have their say, irrespective of their position in life……but it helps everyone else to understand what is being said if the writer can bloody-well write. Absolutely no-one should be judging anyone for a slip on the key-board or a simple spelling mistake but lets face it … you cannot polish a turd…..there are some truly dopey buggers out there and that is the way it will stay.




  40. Robo,

    Came back to see what is new with this case. It is very hard to follow any Aussie crimes for me being your laws are so different then the USA.

    Any news, any links that talk more in depth about what happened? Frustrating as heck when we have a case like Casey Anthony where the entire world can learn the details to include a lot of the autopsy report but in your country barely a squeak about what really happened.

    Look forward to anything new you might learn.

    Lera from WS


  41. Hi Robbo,
    I am the said “godmother” to jason. I am writing to disavow anything this “sender” from “kilmarnock” states. In its entirity it is not true. This sick individual is not even from kilmarnock and is from glasgow.We have contacted the police, lawyers, investigators in scotland regarding this defamation of character and malicious communication in an effort to prove that this is a serious troll and we are about to contact the australian police re this vengeful email. This was an attack on our family from an individual from my workplace who has a grudge against me and wishes to use our family circumstances and the tradgedy of the rowe family for their personal gain. I would be more than happy for you to pass on the details of this email as hopefully you will be able to assess the senders domain. I apologise to all the readers of this rubbish who have been taken in by this but hopefully the scottish courts and internet investigators will come through and the sikko will be revealed.


  42. hi jacqui its frank as you will know me,iv tried everything to find out what jail jason is in,lorna is still makeing things hard for me to contact him,he just got in contact with me 2 months before all this went down,im over in oz next yearfor a wedding and so much want to see him,,would you mid if i spoke to you the next time i see you in town,?


  43. ElizEast you ARE one dopey bugger. DNA testing wasn’t even invented til the 1990s. Do you even know what DNA is? Go have a little lay down.


  44. Jason Alexander Downie has pleaded guilty today. “RIP Chantelle, Rose and Andrew – the brutality of your deaths will haunt me forever”……. :(… The questions still remain, how did he do it and why?


  45. For everyone eho had the “Innocent untill proven guilty” veiw and stood up for Jason I hope you now all feel horrible and stupid for standing up for him!!!
    He has finally pleaded guilty and i hope we all stand behind the Rowe family and give them all the support they need!
    Jason will hopefully be locked away for the rest of his miserable life so he can never harm another person agian!


  46. Thank goodness he pleaded guilty, but i think the amount of evidence proving it was him, was just to much for his Lawyers to defend him against!!! Call it women’s intuition but I stated to my family with in two days after he was arrested, that he definitely did it. Also said to my husband he would plead guilty, although with all the delays I did question that one, I thought they might have gone the insanity route?


  47. I live in Kapunda, and to say todays plea is a relief is a understatement for the town and for Chris.e Nothing will ever change his future, Some good news though his girlfriend and he got Engaged earlier this year. And Chris has re-started his Dads Carpet Cleaning business, and he does a great job. I know as he cleaned my carpets a few months ago. But sadly he moved out of this town. But I’ll be contacting him soon to redo my carpets again ready for summer. My family and did not ask him any questions, except about the cleaning business he stated he was doing the work part-time with his Dad. And as was stated in todays report in front of the Elizabeth Courts No Plea will ever change what has happened. Such a beautiful Family.


  48. does anyone know what happens when things like this happen. do the home owners (i heard the rowes were renting) get a victims of crime payout if they can’t sell the house…i mean who would buy it?

    i ask this in sincerity and just out of interest…


    • Dont know if anyone the will buy the houses for awhile, they might eventually sell?? did see in our local paper a few weeks ago that the neighbouring house was under contract!! but nothing since. I do not go down to the street.I dont need too. Both the houses I’ve been told are owned by the same people. And as for getting something from victims of crime really dont know?? But will keep people posted about the houses if people really want to know?


      • I wrote awhile back about the house on this forum, saying that the house would be most definitely haunted and dark, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to live there knowing the history. I’m part psychic and I believe that those who have died a violent death, their souls linger until someone can help them cross. By law, landlords and agents are required to let any future buyers or renters know of any victims of crime in the house. From what I hear, the Rowe’s had a very violent death in their home, the scene was so gruesome that one forensic officer had to leave after being physically sick at what he saw. My guess about the house…they will have to tear it down. Sad tragic ending to the Rowe family.


      • You’re “part” psychic? Oh please! And if those who died violently “linger” then every square centimetre of the planet would be “haunted”.

        And your little comment about how landlords and real estate agents having to inform potential buyers/renters of the house’s history is 100% inaccurate, according to the South Australian Legal Services Commission. Try getting your information on law from somewhere other than SVU. Yes – this information is required by law IN THE U.S. but, unfortunately for you it seems, this is not the U.S.


      • Catherine I lived Opposite some years prior, I am very happy i moved away had this happen when i was still there i think i would of moved away anyhow , its a very quite street i remember just hearing the factory humming away at night whilst i slept .I would struggle to walk past it on the street yet alone inside the home. I think anyone buying it should know the history, last thing they would like it people in the town telling them. As for Downie i am glad he admitted guilt..anyone know much about what happened to his family up there mother brother? did they move away, i feel bad for them they are innocent in it too, so big for Kapunda a nice little town however i have fond memories.


  49. The houses have dropped in price once again.

    Property Description

    PRICED TO SELL ~ No. 3 & No. 7 Harriet Street, Kapunda

    Compact neat and tidy brick veneer two bedroom modern cottages approx. 3 years old.

    Open plan kitchen/dining/lounge area on approx. 390m2 & 265m2 blocks respectively.

    Both are available vacant possession.

    Both units have good street appeal in a quiet area of town within reasonable walking distance of the main street of Kapunda.

    Asking $176,000 for No. 3 Harriet St
    No. 7 Harriet St – $172,000


    • Just a little info, the Downies family home is up for sale, In kapunda. Thought people might like to know and also found out tonight the one of the houses on Harriet St Number 3 is under contract.


      • Catherine
        I dont think her name is Downie , thats Jason’s name . Do you think the house has any chance of selling ? , I dont know that I would want to live in it .


      • Kap, Yeah I know that but everyone knows the name so it is easier. All honesty I think if it is a local looking at buying, they more than likely would know who owned it so they may try to knock the price down?? As for living in it? it would be too small for us. so Iam not worried. I just wish this whole case was finished for the Rowe family.


    • 25th March this Monday, do not know what time though if you live in South Australia, the court details will be in the Public notice section in the Advertiser.


      • Hi Catherine,

        Minor correction for you, Sentencing Submissions on Monday 26th March at Supreme Court, Adelaide, commencing 9:30a.m. before Justice Sullan


        • Thanks ??## have had a very busy and hectic couple of weeks, I’ve managed to lose a couple of days this past week :/, also have not actually read the paper or watched much of the news. So really wasnt sure but the date was a typo, but he does have to re-submit his plea for the sentencing submissions to go forward, if he changes his plea! then it will be a case of going back for a trial! Hope he keeps his original plea.


    • The best news for our little town. Now we can continue to rebuild the trust this town lost. Hope this scum never gets out. It is the very least he deserves. My heart goes out to Christopher and the remaining family. This part of your ordeal is almost over. Now you can finally get justice for Channy, Rose and Andrew.


  50. I don’t know how anyone could possibly live in that house or buy it. I’m not superstitious myself and don’t believe in haunted houses; however I do believe in energies and this house would definitely have a morbid dark cold energy, I personally wouldn’t advise anyone to buy it. Absolutely tragic!


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