Osama Unarmed and Arrested? No! Assassination? Murder?

Well well well, after the euphoria of the witch is dead type celebrations it is very interesting to see some new facts emerge. This is going to be a huge can of worms I feel, and the sceptics are going to have a field day.

Is the president contemplating the ramifications?

To be honest it is NO wonder. Can the US government get it right? Has it got it right? The so-called facts keep changing, in the so-called “Fog of War” Quite convenient, and as much as I detest Osama Bin Laden, he deserved the same rights and protections under the UN  as any other person ( IE you or I). So what is going on here, why was the vague snippets of information released only to be shot down and replaces with other facts within days?

Lets look at some of the statements and corrections (bearing in mind they will require corrections and updates as they become available)

One of his wifes was used as a human shield ( apparently retracted already)

Osama was un-armed at time of capture ( US admits to this today)

His DNA confirmed within hours? (is this possible)

His body was extracted from compound, and seemingly within hours flown to a US ship, washed, wrapped up, and “Gently slipped into ocean! 

Who was killed in the process?

Did Pakistan have prior knowledge? Were they protecting him?

Where are the photos, the DNA proof?

Is it true his compound was among senior Pakistani army personal properties?

There was (is) a major reward on Osama Bin Laden ‘s head, who gets the reward? Or has it been withdrawn?

This is a post in live time that I will update. But as it is a massive part of our history bear with me please!

11 thoughts on “Osama Unarmed and Arrested? No! Assassination? Murder?

  1. Pakistani media (TV) released a pic of Osama. It doesn’t take much to find it. I’ve seen his face and it is unmistakenly him. Can’t comment on the rest of it, but I’ve heard Triple J and other ABC shows explaining why he couldn’t be put on trial and the consequences of such. I’m not savvy enough to say more, but I’m pretty sure it’s being discussed on the political table.


      • Hey Robbo, the link I shared didn’t ever have a pic. I thought it was however, a good conspiracy theory to read all the same. Sorry for the lack of clarification.

        I just googled pakistani television when the news first hit for the image. Wish I had saved it, but it was probably a fake.



  2. Now they are saying he was a dead man unless he was naked. Osama’s “resistance” was the fact that he was wearing clothes? Killed because of what he was wearing? Navy SEALS as fashion police? Must be true, no one would be stupid enough to make this up – LOL!


  3. Osama bin Laden Dead??
    May all the innocent people his organisation killed rest in peace!!
    America to me it seems creates its own problems & brings it on the world..
    They the CIA created Osama back in the 1980s. Russia invades Afghanistan..
    They Created Saddam Hussein?? It seems America does not give a RATS ARSE ABOUT ANOTHER COUNTRIES sovereignty… Whom could trust a country that has been to civil war against its self.. The north & south.. Do they treat their own Native & Negro people any better today?? Look back to Vietnam the mess they left there!! The Bay of Pigs.
    I could go on & on. But what I’m saying is the SNAKE WILL GROW ANOTHER HEAD.
    Planning now may be taking place, something bigger than the Twin Towers??
    Who knows? AMERICA CREATE THE PROBLEMS.. Its all about money & oil???
    They are after Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi.. WHY??… WHY not Robert Gabriel Mugabe the President of Zimbabwe.. Need I say any more?? Human rights & suffering mean nothing at present too America.. With the death of Osama I feel its only going to
    get bigger.. OH & isn’t there an Election coming up in America???I read this in the Herald Sun yesterday & thought Id share it with you, posted by SCOTT JACKSON IN Frankston Vic.
    It was in response too ROT IN HELL FOR ETERNITY.
    I find it more important than ever to remember the words of Martin Luther King.
    I mourn the loss of the thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of ONE, NOT EVEN AN ENEMY..
    RETURNING HATE FOR HATE multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. HATE cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.
    Me personally would of liked to of seen him OSAMA captured alive by THE CRACK SEAL TEAM 6.. AS crack as they are they, could of?? America it seems has allot of things to hide & keep quiet???
    Id like to be enlightened……..
    Osama put on public trial for the world too see, oh the stories we could of heard, about this & that & THE CIA & the business dealings the BUSHES SENIOR & JUNIOR, & BIN LADEN family’s did have????
    I say WHY after dealing with America, did Osama, & Saddam turn nasty towards America?? WHY WHY WHY????????????? Please Michael Moore FIND OUT THIS AWFUL TRUTH. I stress once again may all the Innocent people killed in all of this, SHIT, rest in peace!!
    I’m afraid one day America as well as the rest of the world will awaken to A BIGGER SLEEPING Giant THAT in the foreseen future will awaken..


    • ^^ you seem pretty hateful of America yourself!

      OBL was a trouble maker every where and many innocent people died because of him. He deserved the shot in the head.


      • Well SINGER.
        I’m not hateful of America, I like Coca Cola, James Dean, Chevy, but they seem to be at the butt of all the problems..
        America seem to cause all the problems in the first place!!
        CIA for one..
        ASK yourself WHY did these people do what they did in the first place???
        Osama & Saddam?? If I read right these 2 individuals having dealings with America before the shit hit the fan????
        There are allot of American Politicians getting very very rich from this war too continue!!
        Yeah it may seem good that Osama be dead, but he hasn’t been around for a while or then again he may not be dead?? But I didn’t see him Parachute out of the jets BEFORE they hit the Towers!! He may of been the figure head of,
        Al-Qaeda, but the snake will grow another head.. Seems now Pakistan has Questions to Answer to the Americans??? Pakistan for one should ask AMERICA about THE MEANING OF Sovereignty?????????? Or do they the Americans have complete Authority over every country……???????????????
        Cheers Bigmouth……..


  4. I don’t think they could afford to take any chances. There would have been a strong possibility that he had a suicide bomb or booby trap.


  5. Apart from everything else, I can’t help but wonder how this would have been perceived if it was AUSTRALIA’S sovereignty that was invaded, or Canada’s, or Britain’s. For that matter, I wonder how the U.S. would react if Israel (for example – they’re also known for international assassination missions) or any other country’s military breached U.S. borders and exterminated somebody on their turf with absolutely no intention of asking permission our even informing the government involved, regardless of their motives…


    • Perplexed.
      I agree with what you say.
      But America seem too think Pakistan may of been Hiding him???
      America being as smart as they are??? Could of laid bait?? SEE WHO WAS ASSISTING Osama IN Hiding him, if this is what is alleged?? Apparently this compound has been watched for ages!! BY THE CIA.. They may of caught some bigger minnows??? WHO KNOWS?? Seems now that the body they ( THE AMERICANS ) SHOWED the other day on TV wasn’t OSAMA but a fake!! I smell something very wrong!! Maybe this is all hype, election coming up, the Tragedies happening in American, Nature wise that is??? Is this all just a pick me up?? Maybe they just should of put SPEED into the water system to make the population feel better. I don’t HATE America, but we have been misled for a while now & look at all the Innocent lives lost. Besides we have been NOW, TO MISS OUT ON THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY.. Hmmmm the stories we could of heard????
      Osama was a creation, just like Saddam ( with the help of the CIA ) & they got out of control??
      WHY?? WHY?? WHY???


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