Ibrahim 'plotted murder from jail'

There is a bit going on inside and outside the Court Rooms with this family.  2 Drive by shootings within 24 hours whilst the committal hearing continues in Sydney’s Central Local Court. I might start a separate page on this family as the history  makes interesting reading…

UPDATE 11/05/11

THE Ibrahim brother accused of orchestrating a murder plot from jail allegedly described his brother Fadi as a “wimp” who had brought trouble on the family by flashing his wealth around, a court heard yesterday.

A secret witness, who can be known only as W1, has given detailed accounts of his conversations with Michael Ibrahim, who along with Fadi, Rodney Atkinson and Jim Habkouk is accused of conspiring to murder John Macris in September 2009.

The planned hit was allegedly revenge for the near-fatal shooting of Fadi, who was gunned down in June 2009 as he sat in his Lamborghini car near his Castle Cove home with now-wife, Shayda Bastani. The witness told Central Local Court yesterday he asked Fadi’s brother Michael on a visit to Broken Hill jail, why he believed Mr Macris was behind Fadi’s shooting.

“He said, ‘Look if it was business related, and over the Cross, they would have gone for my brother John, if it was bikie related they would have gone for my brother Sam’,” W1 alleged Michael had said to him.

“Fadi thinks he’s a gangster. He’s not a gangster, he’s a wimp, Michael allegedly said. “He’s got so much money but he’s so tight he won’t pay a couple of coconuts to protect him.”

'Wimp' ... Fadi Ibrahim pictured leaving Central Local Court

The witness said Michael also complained he “couldn’t rely” on his brothers. “He said his brother Sam is always f … ed on drugs and playing the pokies, Fadi doesn’t give a shit about anyone except himself and John – loves the Eastern Suburbs lifestyle, but he’s too scared to get himself in trouble,” W1 said.

His evidence continues today.

A house at Price Street, Merrylands belonging to the Ibrahim family has been targeted in a drive by shooting. Police at the crime scene examine bullet casings on the ground

A DRIVE-BY shooting in Sydney’s west was aimed at relatives of the Ibrahim family, police have confirmed.

Police were called to a house in Merrylands, about 4am today, after a 56-year-old man said he was woken by the shots and the sound of a car driving away.

A crime scene was established and a number of spent cartridges were collected by police for forensic and ballistic examination.

No one was hurt in the incident, but Inspector Adam Philips of Merrylands police has told ABC radio the man “was lucky, and certainly, they did mean business”.

Inspector Philips told AAP the shooting was targeted at the 56-year-old man’s sons, who are relatives of Michael Ibrahim.

Neither they nor Mr Ibrahim were at the house at the time of the shooting.

Michael Ibrahim and his brother Fadi, along with Rodney Atkinson, are due to appear at Sydney’s Central Local Court for a committal hearing. They are all charged with conspiracy to murder John Macris in 2009.

Fadi Ibrahim was shot five times while sitting in his Lamborghini car outside his Castle Cove home on Sydney’s north shore in June 2009.

THE parents of Kings Cross nightclub baron John Ibrahim were the apparent targets of a drive-by, the second in less than 24-hours to target the Sydney family.

Five shoots were fired into a house on Price St in Merrylands about 8.40pm last night from a dark-coloured vehicle.

Police said three adults and a teenager were home at the time, but escaped unharmed.

In January Ibrahim’s older brother Sam was shot twice in the leg at the same address.

At 4am yesterday nine shots were fired into a townhouse on Eddy St, Merrylands, where Ibrahims cousins Mouhamed and Sleiman Tajjour live.

Their 56-year-old father, Faisal, was home at the time of the shooting, but was not injured.

The Tajjour brothers, alongside Michael Ibrahim, were convicted of manslaughter over the 2006 stabbing death of Robin Nassour, the brother of SBS TV Fat Pizza star George Nassour.

May 10, 2011

MICHAEL Ibrahim used a smuggled mobile phone in a Sydney jail to plot “retaliation” for the near-fatal shooting of his brother, a court has been told.

Ibrahim brothers Sam, Michael and John. Michael is currently on trial over an alleged murder revenge plot.

Ibrahim, a prisoner at the time, believed or suspected that John Macris was behind the shooting of Fadi Ibrahim, prosecutor Eric Balodis said yesterday in Sydney’s Central Local Court.

Mr Balodis was opening the crown case at the committal hearing of Rodney Atkinson and the two Ibrahims, brothers of Sydney nightclub entrepreneur John Ibrahim.

The trio allegedly conspired to murder Mr Macris, 37, between 8am on July 5, 2009, and 10am on September 24, 2009, at Broken Hill and elsewhere in NSW.

A fourth man, Jim Said Habkouk, has also been charged over the plot, but his matter has been adjourned until later this month.

In June 2009, Fadi Ibrahim was shot five times while sitting in his Lamborghini outside his Castle Cove home in Sydney’s northern suburbs.

Mr Balodis told the court police searching Mr Atkinson’s home on September 24, 2009, found two guns, two photographs of John Macris and an address that was next door to where Mr Macris lived.

Michael Ibrahim “believed or suspected John Macris was behind the shooting of Fadi”, Mr Balodis said.

“The evidence will reveal he actively engaged in a plan of retaliation with the intention of having him killed.”

The plot allegedly involved Mr Atkinson being the hitman.

Michael Ibrahim used a phone at the jail as well as

the one smuggled into the prison, and police intercepted calls that revealed the plot, Mr Balodis said.

Mr Balodis referred to three volumes of phone transcripts relating to various intercepted calls.

Two witnesses, given the pseudonyms W1 and W2, are

to give evidence during the hearing.

Michael Ibrahim and Mr Atkinson, who have been in custody, sat in the dock during the proceedings, while Fadi Ibrahim, who is on bail, sat in front of them. As Fadi Ibrahim talked to his co-accused, the magistrate reminded his lawyer that one of his bail conditions was a “non-association” order in relation to them.

Most of the day’s proceedings involved evidence from police officers who were questioned about obtaining a statement from W1.

During the afternoon yesterday, Daniel Jon Taylor, the 20-year-old nephew of the Ibrahim brothers, and son of John Ibrahim, sat briefly in the public gallery. The hearing is continuing before magistrate William Brydon.

IF the brotherly reunion through bulletproof glass was the high point of Fadi Ibrahim’s day, the low came as he left court at the end of his committal hearing’s first day.

Fadi Ibrahim steps to a $500,000 Rolls-Royce after appearing in court yesterday.

Leaving court as light rain began, the murder plot accused found his ride, a $500,000 silver Rolls-Royce convertible, had vanished.

Thankfully, its tattooed driver had only taken it for a trip around the block.

As the Crown opened the case against Fadi, his younger brother Michael Ibrahim and co-accused Rodney “Goldie” Atkinson prosecutor Eric Balodis alleged the conspiracy to murder John Macris began when Michael, in Broken Hill jail, used a smuggled mobile phone to plot “retaliation” for Fadi’s near-death shooting in June 2009.

Police found a Ruger .22, Colt .45, bullets, silencer, holster, two photos of Mr Macris and a wrong address during a search of Atkinson’s dwelling.

Magistrate William Brydon rebuked Fadi for speaking with Michael (there was a “non-association order” between the two co-accused) but later relaxed the condition in court.

The hearing continues today.

Meanwhile, the cousins of Kings Cross identity John Ibrahim have allegedly been targeted in a drive by shooting.

Up to nine shots were fired into a townhouse on Eddy St in Merrylands early yesterday morning.

A 56-year-old man, reported by the ABC to be Faisal Tajjour, was inside at the time but escaped unharmed.

It is believed the shooters were targeting Mr Tajjour’s sons, Mouhamed and Sleiman, who are cousins of John Ibrahim.

The Tajjour brothers, alongside John Ibrahim’s youngest brother, Michael, were convicted of manslaughter over the 2006 stabbing death of Robin Nassour, the brother of SBS TV Fat Pizza star George Nassour.

Sleiman Tajjour was later re-arrested for breaching his parole conditions, landing him back behind bars.

Crime scene investigators spent the morning at the townhouse and have collected a number of spent cartridges for testing.

A police spokeswoman would not confirm the links to the Ibrahims, but said all lines of inquiry are being investigated.

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