Jailed parents want to attend Kiesha’s Funeral-How dare they

UPDATE 16/12/11

  • Guilty plea after murder charge dropped
  • Kiesha went missing over a year ago

THE stepfather of Sydney girl Kiesha Weippeart has pleaded guilty to her manslaughter after his murder charge was dropped.

Robert Smith’s lawyer entered guilty pleas at Penrith Local Court on the manslaughter charge and on a charge of being an accessory after the fact of murder.

Smith, 32, who was wearing prison greens, appeared via audio visual link.

In April, Smith and the little girl’s mother, Kristi Anne Abrahams, 27, were charged with the murder of six-year-old Kiesha, who was reported missing from her home at Mt Druitt, in western Sydney, on August 1 last year.

They were charged after human remains were found in bushland at Shalvey, near Mt Druitt, on April 22.

Smith was formally refused bail and his sentencing will be mentioned in the Supreme Court on February 3. He faces up to 25 years in jail.

Abrahams did not appear in court and her matter was adjourned to Penrith on March 9.

A small group of people, wearing purple T-shirts bearing Kiesha’s picture and the words “Forever in our hearts”, attended the short hearing.

UPDATE 10/06/11

MURDERED girl Kiesha Weippeart’s stepfather and mother took other people into bushland where her shallow grave was located just before they were arrested, it will be alleged.

A statement of police evidence against Kiesha’s mother Kristi Abrahams, 28, and stepfather Robert Smith, 31, reveals police will allege Smith indicated a shallow grave site to the people.

The police operation occurred on the night of April 21, when the pair were arrested after leaving bushland in Shalvey where the six-year-old’s remains were later found, police will allege.

Police will also allege that, following Kiesha’s disappearance last year, they found blood in her bedroom as well as the master bedroom, loungeroom and entrance to the unit she had shared with her mother and stepfather in Woodstock Ave, Mt Druitt.

“The blood is on the floors, doors, lounge and bedsheets,” police allege in the statement.

The documents allege blood stains that were not visible to the naked eye were discovered using luminol, a chemical police use to enhance the visibility of blood.

“This product revealed larger areas of blood that appeared to have been cleaned,” the statement by homicide squad detectives said.

It will also be alleged that Abrahams’ and Smith’s communications included a text message between the pair the night before they reported Kiesha missing, when they told police they were together with their children – including Kiesha – watching the movie The Golden Compass. Neither Abrahams nor Smith could explain the text.

It was revealed in police allegations that Kiesha was murdered on July 14.

She allegedly died after being thrown against the wall and knocked unconscious, causing blood to seep out of her ears. She was then allegedly put in the shower and, still wet, put to bed.

Police allege that the next morning, the six-year-old was dead but her parents left her body in the house until July 18, when they packed her remains into a suitcase and took it to the bushland in Shalvey.

They reported her missing to police on August 1.

Prosecutors will also rely on alleged comments made by Abrahams as she watched news coverage of missing Australian girl Zahra Baker, whose body was found in bushland in North Carolina.

THE mother and stepfather charged with murdering Kiesha Weippeart have said they want to leave jail to attend her funeral. How bloody dare they, they would not make it back alive. Do they realise how despised they are? Do they accept the position they are in? The evidence  is over whelming. These maggots need to die in jail, not leave it. For nothing, anytime, anywhere anyhow unless it is in a coffin!

No way in hell says Chris Weippeart, Kiesha's father...WE are with you mate!

Family of accused killers Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith yesterday revealed the pair had indicated they would like to be allowed to publicly farewell the little girl when her funeral is held towards the end of the month.

However, the girl’s biological father Chris Weippeart said “hell would freeze over” before Abrahams and Smith would be welcomed at the funeral of his only daughter.

Abrahams and Smith are both being held on remand in Sydney jails, accused of killing Kiesha in July last year, then burying her body in a shallow bush grave.

From his hospital bed in western Sydney yesterday, where he is being treated for complications associated with his diabetes, Mr Weippeart vowed to do whatever he could to stop the pair from being able to attend the funeral.

“My family are the ones left to deal with all of this and arrange the best send-off for Kiesha that she deserves, and, I’m telling you, they are not coming.”

His mother Liz Weippeart said: “It infuriates me just thinking about it.”

But relatives of Abrahams and Smith said the pair should be allowed to attend the funeral like any other mourner, given the fact that they had raised Kiesha. Have a look at this picture un-named relatives! They lost their rights when they killed this little princess. They only way they will be leaving jail is in coffins…

Little girl lost ... Kiesha Weippeart

“I think they should be allowed to go … they are innocent until proven guilty,” Smith’s mother Rebecca said. Mrs Smith added that she had spoken to her son and Abrahams since they were charged with murder and refused bail on April 22, and that they were both “doing OK”.

A Corrective Services spokeswoman said that, while neither Abrahams or Smith had formally applied for day leave because a funeral date had not been set, it was unlikely they would be allowed to attend.

“There would also be security concerns about them attending that could not be addressed at such short notice,” the spokeswoman said.

Skeletal remains belonging to Kiesha were discovered in a shallow grave in bushland at Shalvey almost three weeks ago.

However, her funeral has been delayed because further testing needs to be carried out on the bones before they can be released to her family for burial.

Glebe Morgue has told the Weippeart family that the remains will be free for burial in about a fortnight.

Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith attend little Kiesha's funeral? Over about one million Aussies dead bodies you maggots

47 thoughts on “Jailed parents want to attend Kiesha’s Funeral-How dare they

  1. I love the “Innocent until proven guilty” comment. They were at her bloody gravesite in the bush. I’m pretty sure that screams guilty to me!!


    • Blinded my arse… and no I don’t feel sorry for them… they would have noticed something not quite right with those two and the way the children were treated. And anyway where was the father??? Just because two people are not together any more doesn’t mean that the responsibility stops for the children that came out of that union.


      • Lena,

        How was the biological father supposed to prevent these two scumbags throwing the little girl against the wall and killing her? He can’t be there to look over her 24/7.


  2. It just prooves the sort of people that Kiesha’s mother and her mothers family are…Innocent until proven guilty! How in gods name do they even have to right to say a thing when police found them at Kiesh’s shallow grave in the bush! Im sorry how the Hell are they Innocent…they destryoed a little girls life, they should never be allowed to attend that girls funeral. After taking away her prescious life…Bring back capital Punsihment these maggots should be the first to go!


  3. Total maggots! Of course they are guilty! Lowest scum on this earth! I agree bring in the death penalty! Prisoners will rubbing their hands together just waiting for you both to rip your sick brains out of your ass! RIP Keisha.


  4. absolutely unbelievable, i to lost a child under different circumstances but to an animal also.
    let this beautiful little girl rest in peace! not with animals at her grave side. do they have no shame? or maybe they should go and be met at the front gates by all who loathe them.
    poor excuses as parents or humans at that.
    were do dept of community services step in? we all know when its to late!!!!!!!
    our laws need to change to protect these innocent angels.

    makes me sick.


  5. These people are the scum of the universe. I cant even imagine how scared this poor little child must have been before her death. I have two kids,3 and 5,i know whenever they are scared,hurt or worried,they always want thier mum or dad becouse in thir minds we are the people that they believe will always come to their rescue,and we would. It breaks my heart to think about this little girl being beaten to death by her mother,the one person she proberly loved the most in the world reguardless. Her mother and stepfather deserve to be put through a torture worse than death….over and over and over.


    • Absolutely agree. You have written my every gut-wrenched feeling!

      I wish they’d let them attend the funeral and remove the security. Perhaps someone could show them the same pain!!!


  6. It absolutely won’t happen.

    Name me one example of someone charged with murder attending that person’s funeral.

    Never happpened before and won’t happen now.


    • “Family of accused killers Kristi Abrahams and Robert Smith yesterday revealed the pair had indicated they would like to be allowed to publicly farewell the little girl when her funeral is held towards the end of the month.”


  7. …….WTF……How dare they even think they have any right to show their last respects .It isnt going to happen but would be very very interesting if it did.Im sure many people would show these warts on the arse of society how much respect we have for them……Rip sweet little angel


  8. O.M.G can’t believe that, they have NO heart at all. What gratification do they get to see beautiful Kiesha getting put to rest? The LAW states if you have commented a crime you go to JAIL, you do not get to have leave passes for any reason especially to attend the funeral.
    She was a druggie Bitch at 17 and the only thing that has changed about her is she is now a cold hearted druggie bitch..
    I believe they should not be allowed to be in protective custody as they should get what is coming to them, Kiesha never had protection from them why do they have the right to have protection..


    • Um… That’s not entirely accurate, Carol. Lots of people get day passes to do things like attend funerals (I’ve even read about prisoners bring taken shopping to “acclimatise”them pre-release) when they’re in prison. As far as I can find out, none have been the murderer of the person being buried, though.


  9. Perp, come on, you know what she means…We are not talking about the rear end of a sentence here. They are easing into jail, not out of it. I like how you have an each way bet in the debate though…

    I have heaps to catch on, rebuilt my computer overnight and today, not even sure everything is working but goes like the wind!


    • I’m just a pedant, I guess *insert self-deprecating smile here* . As a bit of an information addict myself I like to be corrected if I’m mistaken and I’m always being told by my family that I have to remember that not everybody does. Any offence I caused was completely unintentional and I am sorry if I insulted anyone =)

      (as an aside if I ever intend to insult anyone it’s usually fairly obvious, lol)

      Back to the point of the thread: I agree it’s reprehensible that these two are asking for this but, let’s face it – they’re both probably going to plead not guilty and play the distraught, unjustly accused parent who didn’t do anything other than cover for something that had already happened. So a nice public display of grief at the graveside might be just what the lawyer ordered, don’t you think?

      Or am I being too cynical?


  10. in my opinion, they lost the right to represent Keisha as parents, when they chose to murder the vulnerable little girl.

    She looks so sad in the photos pre-death, don’t you think?

    I also don’t support them to attend.

    cheers to you, Robbo.


  11. what a load of crap!! they should be burned alive! bastards dont deserve to be parents let alone attend her funeral! Who the hell do they think they are! They couldnt appreciate Kiesha when she was alive, why should they get to say goodbye to someone whos life THEY CUT SHORT!!!


  12. how arent they guilty what are the odds of them being found at a unmarked shallow grave in the middle of the bush and it being kieshas the odds of that happening on her birthday and at that location is impossible unless they had something to do with what happened cmon its just so obvious but as we do have a to have a court hearing hope the judge sees what we all see and sentence them to life without parole for what they did to that lil angel and they think they have the right to attend the funeral pfft how about definetly NO what they think they get to murder that lil angel and then cry crocodiles tears over her coffin yeah nah its not right and they shouldnt be allowed to go there should be a petition on that and id happily sign for them to not be allowed to attend in any way at any time


  13. This makes me sick. I hope they rot in hell. If they end up going to the funeral, which I know they won’t, I will happily throw rotten eggs at their ugly faces. They are the most low life scum of the earth and what makes me angry is the bullshit that came out of there mouths when kiesha first went missing. What lying bastards! I would be happy to see them dead.


  14. i think they should be allowed to attend- ONLY so they can experience the pain they have caused and perhaps actually feel some REMORSE!! probably not but they should be made to suffer the way their baby did and perhaps if they go to the funeral all of the pain will be rubbed in their faces. SCUM!! i wish i could cut them up and dump them in a shallow grave- even the dogs wouldnt eat them.


  15. I have been following the news reports since the first week that Kiesha went missing.
    from piecing together the reports and previous notes on her abuse, i concluded that her parents had in fact murdered her!!! Tomorrow is my 30th Birthday, today i hear that her parents have been charged with her murder, Kiesha will never ever blow out her 8th birthday candles, let alone her 30th, due to these monsters. She is in my heart and i could not ask for a better birthday present than to have these murderers convicted!!! and to think that little Kiesha can now lay to rest, knowing they have been brought to justice!! R.I.P Kiesha, i have no children as of yet, but i could only hope that my children will be half as much as an angel as you are!!! LOVE YOU BABY!!!!


  16. They have already attended Kiesha’s funeral, they buried her right?
    They are not welcome to Kiesha’s proper funeral.

    Kiesha didnt have any rights n neither should they!
    Fuckin evil monsters …………….


  17. dirty pieces of [email protected]#T!!!! thats what they are! no way should they be alowed to attend this little angels funeral! as said above ” they have already attended Kieshas funeral”
    There was talk of possibly reinvestergating the death of Chris and Kristis first born whos death was put down to SIDS, does anyone know anything about this?


  18. They need to be fucking beaten to death SLOWLY fucking pieces of shit! They make me so angry! every dog has there day (hopely)! Rest in peace sweet lil darling your safe now & no-one will ever hurt you again!


  19. Just to let you all know i’m a friend of the family and there was never any talk of these two wanting to go too Kiesha’s funeral. It was also mentioned in a news report that it was only rumours that they wanted too attend. As for the charges until they are found guilty by the court they are innocent just like every other court case.


    • you are a complete fucking idiot if u think these fucking lowlifes are innocent u must be another drug addict like these gronks or very bloody naive wat a loser rip kiesha condolences to your fathers family


    • First I wouldn’t be too proud of being a friend of the family. Even if I was part of the family I would disassociate myself from those people, but what worries me the most is that you feel they may not be guilty. Do you really think that the police didn’t do their homework?? What were the two of them doing in the bushland on the day of her birthday near her grave if they were not guilty… what is wrong with you?? Some people cannot see the truth even when its right there in front of them!


  20. So Scott, have you seen them since they were arrested? If they were not guilty then they would definitley want to go to the funeral, but you said they haven’t mentioned it. Any way you look at it, if a parent has not mentioned wanting to go to there childs funeral, that speaks GUILTY to me!!. Why are you sticking up for them anyway? Did you help them out? Or are you just full of [email protected]*t?


  21. As much as I hate those two dirty low life animals, we as a society also need to take some responsiblity. Where were we when she was abused by them previously? Why didn’t someone speak out for the little girl or is it that same old thing we don’t want to get involved? Everyone needs to get involved! If we suspect of any child being abused we need to report it!!! not wait for someone else to do it! Lets face it .. these animals had friends and family, didn’t any of them suspect anything?? Come on there would have been some signs of previous abuse, and yet those people didn’t do anything!! Even if its your nearest and dearest dong the abuse YOU need to speak out for the little ones that suffer silently by the hands of those they love the most. It makes me sick to the stomach to think how scared that little girl would have been. There is nothing we can do about this now, it has happened and we can’t bring her back but we can make sure that it doesn’t happen again!! So be vigilant and report any suspected child abuse. We are all responsible!!!!


    • i used to live near the druit my husband comes from the druit let them attend if they are so stuppid the druit is still the druit if not worse they wont make it past parramatta let alone reach the cemetery i say let mnt druit have them they took them for suckers so let them have em 2seconds they would last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if that


    • I agree. People around them would have seen some some form of neglect or abuse. For those who did and didn’t say anything I hope you have learnt your lesson, and for the rest of us … lets not let something like this happen again. If you even suspect its better to speak out then to not say anything and something like this to happen again. Truly you need a license to own a dog but anyone can have a baby.


    • I agree with you here to some degree. Yes, these two scumbags clearly had friends and family, now all happy to display the love they had for Kiesha, how well they knew her and her raisers, but yet did any of them report her abuse. She was clearly abused frequently and neglected, take a good look at a number of her pictures. But I feel the main people besides Kristi and Rob who failed this angel, was the SYSTEM. DOCS, AND THE JUDGES! She had already been removed from the home due to ill treatment and was so quick to go back. That entire system needs an overhaul, workers who know the real world and not text book know it alls.


  22. To Abrahams and Smith wanting to attend her funeral, I say be as agreeable to their request as they where to allowing Kiesha to live. NO. Go to hell.

    R.I.P sweetheart with your little brother. You will be sadly missed princess.
    Look over daddy and your nan, they are a very sad at the moment and need to know your still with them in their hearts.


  23. they are a joke… they deserve to rot in hell instead they r in the protection wing of mullawa womens jail for protection… throw them in mainstream.. why protect a baby basher let alone a murderer… they make me sick and the corrections make me feel worse… let them both be thrown in to the real lifers in the prison system… i hope they rot no disrespect to anyone im sorry if i have offened anyone… thats how i feel.. i used to live in tregear and i know alot of people around there… i was in mullawa when she was brought in and straight into protection she went.. bring back the death penalty… fry the bastards


  24. These animals are just so sick, twisted and pathetic. Not only did they go to her grave site on the eve of her bday (Doesnt that just scream twisted, I mean seriously, who murders an innocent gorgeous child, then goes to say happy bday at the gravesite.) They had the hide to want to go and attend the funeral, sickos! And smiths mother saying they are entitled to do so as they raised her, WACK JOB, They raised her in a life of violence and fear. They have no right to attend, no right to have any rights. THEY MURDERED HER!!!!!!!


  25. How many children will we as a society lose, how many will be found in duck ponds , damms, shallow bush graves. there is only one punishment thats fits crime agaisnt children and that is the rope !! prison is no deterent to these losers who live like animals perhaps a broken neck might be


    • Let God Judge these two scum bags, as long as there behind bars, they will pay. I am still in shock that someone can do this to an innocent child.


  26. You can’t sugar coat murder…you therefore lose all of your rights and if the law does the “right” thing you rot in jail. I would like to be asked though if I would like my tax payer dollars to keep them in jail because given a choice they wouldn’t be eating any food that my money provided.

    Found at an unmarked grave…it’s not complicated!!!


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