Abducted girl Kayla Rogers found dead in northern New South Wales

Police at the scene where two bodies were found in a unit at Robina

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Another Tragic end to a manhunt, this one ending in 4 deaths, the youngest victim the most innocent, taken away to die by what appears to be a jealous father unable to accept the mother had moved on.

The bodies of a 5 year old girl and her father were last night found in a car near the town of Casino.

UPDATE 10.30am: POLICE have defended the length of time they took to put out a child abduction alert for Gold Coast girl Kayla Rogers, saying they believe she was killed soon after she was abducted by her father.

The bodies of Kayla, who celebrated her fifth birthday on Sunday, and her father Paul, 40, were found in a car in northern NSW after a double murder at Robina on the Gold Coast on Sunday night.

Tragically little Kayla Rogers was found dead beside her father, who gassed them both to death in his car

Mr Rogers and Kayla are believed to have been gassed to death in the vehicle.

A police statement last night said: “With great sadness we advise that the New South Wales Police Force have located a vehicle with the deceased bodies of a five-year-old girl and a man in a car just outside of Casino.”

Kayla’s mother Tania Simpson, 31, and a 33-year-old man described by police as a family friend, were found stabbed to death in Ms Simpson’s Robina apartment on Monday morning.

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Their bodies were discovered by Kayla’s maternal grandfather, who had arrived to take her to school.

Crime scene: Police speak

Acting regional crime co-ordinator Inspector Tim Trezise said police were ‘gutted’ at her death.

“It’s just a waste, all these people dying, but particularly an innocent child like this one,” he told a media conference at Gold Coast police headquarters today.

The child abduction alert for Kayla was not issued until about 3.15pm Monday but Insp Trezise said he did not believe it could have been issued any earlier.

He said police could not issue the alert until they had firm information and were also using mobile phone tracking to try to locate Mr Rogers and Kayla alive.

However, he said it was ‘completely possible’ they were dead before the bodies were found at Robina yesterday morning.

Insp Trezise said evidence found at the unit indicated Kayla may have slept through the double murder.

He revealed Ms Simpson and Mr Rogers had been planning to marry but broke up after an eight-year relationship.

Ms Simpson moved to the Gold Coast recently to start a new life.

It was not known whether she was in a relationship with the man who was found dead.

Police are preparing a report for the coroner.

The Queensland Police Service said it would provide all possible support to the family.

Kayla’s 20-month-old brother, now an orphan, was saved because he spent Sunday night with his grandparents.

Ms Simpson and the other man were stabbed to death in a frenzied attack sometime on Sunday night at a Robina unit.

Neighbours in Robina said they heard screaming coming from the Arbour Ave apartment during the night but the bodies of the couple were not discovered until about 8am yesterday.

Tania’s father was worried when he could not raise his daughter and went to the unit to investigate.

Inside he found the body of a man and called police, who found his daughter’s body.

Police said there were clear signs of a struggle and there appeared to be a blood trail leading from the apartment, the Gold Coast Bulletin reports.

The unit block was put in lockdown, with residents confined to their homes and the shopping precinct was shut down and declared a crime scene.

Police began searching for Ms Simpson’s estranged husband Paul Anthony Rogers after a tip-off that he was heading across the border with Kayla.

Around 3.15pm, Queensland police sent out a picture of a little girl with deep brown eyes, her hair in a ponytail.

The alert was withdrawn late Monday night when police discovered the car under the Piora Bridge, west of Casino, with the bodies of Mr Rogers and little Kayla inside.

26 thoughts on “Abducted girl Kayla Rogers found dead in northern New South Wales

  1. If life is so miserable leave the planet all by yourself, this bloke has ruined many lives and left a baby boy 20 months old without an immediate family. More details will emerge but this is devastating whatever way you look at it! I am certain the young boy would of been dead if he was there…just awful


  2. Hi Goth I will be there with you in spirit. Is life becoming so worthless in our society our kids become possessions? Like fighting over a bloody play station… Take care


  3. Unfortunately, I fear we will see more of these senseless killings. Kids are such defenceless, easy targets. The cowards that perpetrate these crimes are spineless dogs, hence the reason they pick the easy target, and the easy way out.


  4. Hi Jason, thanks for getting back, you should have a chat to the cops again now, just to help the family left behind work it all out. You may know stuff they don’t that would help them?

    I’m sure you can do it through crime-stoppers or someone anonymously if you wish! Dial 1800 333 000 from anywhere in Australia

    It certainly is tragic and you have to feel could of been avoided.

    That’s the problem frigging knobs in positions of power not listening to the warning signs.

    We get all these ads Do not ignore signs of heart attack etc. Well how about the signs to protects our little ones, or partners of looney exe’s…


  5. This is tragic on so many levels…so many lives wasted, not the least of which, a little girl whose life had only just begun. Antony was a friend of ours and this has been devastating beyond belief for everyone concerned. All the good things you may hear about him are true…a genuinely likeable, honest, happy guy who left an indelible imprint on anyone who met him.
    One thing that upsets me so much about this tragedy is the fact that people heard a disturbance…screaming, late at night. This rarely bodes well, yet our society has become so insular, so self-serving that most would rather look the other way than “get involved”. No one expects another person to put themselves in danger, but it only takes a few minutes to call the police, a few minutes that could change the entire outcome of a potentially deadly situation…it may just save a life.
    My only message for people is don’t be afraid to help – even if it is a simple phone call to the authorities. You lose nothing, yet your actions could change everything.
    RIP Ant…you will be so sadly missed. RIP Tania and Kyla…may you find peace together wherever you are.


    • Thanks for joining in DS, It is very sad, even sadder that as you say, in this day and age we are so what? Busy, ignorant, lazy,uncaring, untouched, de-sensitised to troubling disturbances in earshot to even care about doing something. Being pro active in even the smallest way.

      Check on a neighbour, call the police, get assistance, seriously, one day it could be ourselves screaming for help and nobody gives a shit. It is like these house and car alarms, most people go oh another false alarm whilst some poor family is getting their house robbed. Knock on a neighbours door, invite them to a BBQ, is it so hard to keep an eye out for each other? That is all it takes and something like this maybe could of been avoided, or saved a life or 2.

      Take care


      • Much against my programming, I have called the police when I have heard violent arguing, thumps, bangs and young children shouting “No! Don’t! Stop!” coming from the townhouse attached to mine. It took them well over an hour to arrive. So is there a point really? If anything drastic had happened all they would have been able to do would be scrape up the mess.


      • My family know how to defend THEMSELVES. Mental preparation as well as physical is vital these days, in my opinion. Break into my house, try to hurt my family and see what happens to you…


  6. Well they say that if a woman is ever getting attacked/raped to yell out fire, and help is sure to come, as other words scare people away rather than to the attack. So maybe tell the cops on the phone (from now on peeps) It sounds like someone is being killed. If you say domestic argument etc they dont escalate it, run of the mill call…But I get what you mean perplexed


  7. @ Perplexed…there is ALWAYS a point. Who knows how long it took Antony and Tania to die…maybe the police/paramedics wouldn’t have been able to do anything, but personally I’d rather make the call than not. Had the police been notified and realised young Kyla was missing earlier rather than finding out hours later, perhaps they might have had a better chance at finding her alive. It’s wonderful that your family is prepared…kudos to you, but not everyone is so lucky. Most people don’t assume they’re going to be the victims of violent crime. I sincerely hope that you and yours never need to be too prepared or that you ever have to face a situation as terrifying as this family went through (and so many others…)


  8. Such a tragic crime. 3 innocent people have died and 1 not-so-innocent person! That little girl was just a baby! What the hell was he thinking! Thank god the son was sleeping over at his grandparents. And why did he do it because he was jelous?!he took the Cowards way out! PATHETIC!!! Rest in peace. God gained 3 Angels the Davil adopted 1 more scumbag!!


  9. Such a tragic crime. 3 innocent people have died and 1 not-so-innocent person! That little girl was just a baby! What the hell was he thinking! Thank god the son was sleeping over at his grandparents. And why did he do it because he was jelous?!he took the Cowards way out! PATHETIC!!! Rest in peace. God gained 3 Angels the Devil adopted 1 more scumbag!!


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