Former SA Treasurer Kevin Foley denies court claims he ‘accosted two girls’

This saga has only just begun and I am getting vibes of a coverup of a bloke who got pissed and made a tool of himself to some women out late at night and another bloke taking offense and punching the guy out. The problem being, the tool was Former SA Treasurer Kevin Foley. I will be following this like a bad smell, it will get juicy. It is the second time in 6 months he has been thumped out on the piss late at night. Does he think he is 20?

Kevin Foley's alleged assailant Ante Tony Grgich outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court today

KEVIN Foley has rejected claims made in court that he accosted two women shortly before he was king hit at a city nightspot in November.

The former Deputy Premier has just told a press conference at Parliament House that he looks forward to his day in court.

“The accusation is totally untrue and I look forward to my day in court to tell the truth about what happened that night,” Mr Foley said.

Police Minister Kevin Foley has defended his right to go out at night following a second attack on him at a city bar.

What should Foley do now?

“I totally reject the account given. It is completely untrue.”

Mr Foley said he immediately sought legal counsel following comments made in court this morning by lawyers acting for his accused assailant, Ante Tony Grgich, that suggested the politician had forced himself onto two young women in a Waymouth Street club.

Mr Foley described the claims, made in the Adelaide Magistrates Court by defence lawyers for a man accused of assaulting him last November, as “totally untrue”.

Previously, Mr Foley has claimed he was assaulted while walking along Waymouth St last November.

He said he had been at a staff Christmas party at Norwood’s Oriental Hotel before moving on to the Distill bar on Rundle St and then a Hindley St pizza shop.

Mr Foley told reporters he had intervened as a “good Samaritan” in a dispute between a man and a woman.

“I thought I would go into Waymouth St to find a taxi, was walking along and there was a woman who was distressed because a boyfriend or whoever was harassing her,” Mr Foley said at the time.

“I stopped and asked a question if she was okay and she said, `Yes’, and thanked me. I kept walking.

“I didn’t break my stride, and the next thing I know, I’m flat on the ground.”

Mr Foley also told the press conference he had made the same statement in Parliament and reminded them of the penalties he would face should he make a false statement to Parliament.

“I’ve never been so confident about a statement that I have made to Parliament,” he said.

Lawyers for Mr Grgich told the Adelaide Magistrates Court they will subpoena Mr Foley’s credit card records to “better track his alcohol consumption” prior to the incident at the Marble Bar in Waymouth St on November 22.

They will seek to have Mr Foley’s medical history entered into evidence, saying it may have some bearing on his “unusual” behavior that night. Mr Foley publicly revealed in late 2009 that he suffered from depression.

Martin Anders, for Mr Grgich, told the court Premier Mike Rann‘s personal security team had been “heavily involved” in the investigation that Mr Foley’s account of that night did not match that of independent witnesses, and large slabs of police statements about the matter had been blacked out.

Today Grgich, 30, of Rosewater, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court.

He has yet to plead to one basic count of committing an assault that causes harm.

Mr Anders told the court Mr Foley’s account of the incident may not match reality.

“Mr Foley’s credit and reliability will almost certainly be in issue (at trial),” he said.

“According to independent witnesses, Mr Foley has confronted, accosted and attempted to force himself on two young ladies in the period immediately preceding this alleged offense.

“His statement does not contain that conduct.

“His statement portrays things quite differently, but the independent witnesses strongly suggest that’s the way things unfolded.”

Mr Anders said the women involved had yet to provide statements to police.

“We want to know why that is, and what evidence has been collected so far,” he said.

“As investigators, the police have an obligation to provide evidence (to defense) whether it supports a complainant or undermines him.”

He said “Premier Mike Rann’s police force”, Protective Security Services, had a “very heavy involvement” in the case.

“We require all police notes, particularly those that contain conversations with Mr Foley,” he said.

“The versions we have been given are in a heavily-redacted (blacked out) form.

“We need those notes because Mr Foley’s narrative has not been entirely consistent.”

Mr Anders said he would file subpoenas for those and other items.

“We may require details of Mr Foley’s medical history, as it is relevant to his behavior on the night in question,” he said.

“It was, according to independent witnesses, most unusual and offensive in nature.

“We’re also seeking his credit card statements to better track his movements and his consumption of alcohol (that night).”

Last week, charges against another man – who allegedly assaulted Mr Foley in the toilet of a Gouger St lounge bar – were dropped by police because of a lack of evidence.

Today, Mr Anders said he wanted to see all police evidence relating to that matter.

“We’ve been told that has to be subpoenaed before it will be provided to us,” he said.

He asked the case be adjourned to allow for the provision of those documents.

Magistrate Bill Ackland agreed, remanding the matter until June.

5 thoughts on “Former SA Treasurer Kevin Foley denies court claims he ‘accosted two girls’

  1. I call bullshit on Foley’s version for the simple reason that, when this first hit the news in SA, he claimed that he had no recollection of how he had come to be where he was because he was so intoxicated (where were the cops to harass him for being drunk in public? Nowhere to be seen – how convenient). Now he’s claiming that the reports of several independent witnesses are “completely untrue”? Sorry Kev, outside of parliament you can’t have it both ways.

    I also think it’s disgusting that his alleged assailant’s identity has been splattered all over the countryside prior to the case, much less a conviction at almot exactly the same time that filthy rockspider Finnegan is being protected over child pornography charges.


  2. I live in Adelaide and have seen Foley out on the town (usually at around 2-3am) at a few of Adelaide’s late night hotels and he is a complete SLEAZEBAG. I was with two girlfriends once and he asked them their age only to tell them “to bad your too old”. he is a vile old drunk who should be ousted from parliament. he is very well known in Adelaide for trawling pubs and clubs for younger women.


    • That’s very interesting, if not at all surprising. I’d suggest that you contact the defendant’s lawyer to make a statement relevant to Foley’s character & behaviour, but seeing as Mouthpiece Mike has his special branch bully boys on the job with this one, I completely understand if you’re not willing to. Next time your see him out & about performing his slimy shenanigans, perhaps a bit of covert video footage might not go astray?


  3. The latest update:

    The more he blusters and blows, the more suspicious he appears. You’d think he (our his minders, at least) would realise this and shut his mouth. At the absolute minimum, his behaviour utterly negates the idea of a fair trial. If the accused is found guilty, there’s definitely something dodgy going on.


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