CK Foodstore – Would you shop at this filthy Store

Would you buy food from your local store if you knew this is how it looks out the back? Well this grubby mouldy insect ridden supermarket at Bentleigh in Victoria has just been fined $70,000 after being bust 3 times in the last few years for filthy practices. Thank you Glen Eira Council for exposing these filthy greedy bastards who are too stingy or greedy to pay for proper cleaning training etc. Whatever it takes. The store is called CK Foodstore in Centre Road Bentleigh and the owner Guo Jing Chen, is in further strife for using a car park to load and unload his food and products on the actual car-park surface! He should be cleaning up or out of business, the Old 3 strikes your out! Needs to be more Name and Shame I say!

There is a reason why here in Australia we do not trade meat and fish and vegetables directly on the market floor. Eat well tonight readers!

THE serial-offending owner of a Bentleigh supermarket infested with dead flies, dirt and mould has been fined for a string of food safety breaches.

Council inspectors raided the C&K Food Store in Bentleigh three times, before laying a string of charges of breaching food safety standards that led to a $70,000 fine.

C&K Group Pty Ltd – trading as CK Foodstore – and proprietor Guo Jing Chen were this week found guilty over the filthy state of the Centre Rd business. The sickening list of food safety failures included:

– Meat, dirt and other matter on the floor of a meat preparation area;
– Live and dead flies on a hand wash basin and benches used to prepare food;
– Insect zappers overflowing with dead flies and other insects;
– Mould on a seafood preparation area wall;
– Rotten, mouldy and unsanitary food items on a cool room floor; and
– A hand wash basin that didn’t work.

It was not the first time Mr Chen and C&K Group have fronted court for poor food practices either

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In November 2009 both were placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond without conviction for similar offences and C & K Group fined $10,000.

Mr Chen, 51, of Bentleigh, said food inspectors were always looking for “the worst part” of his business and claimed he had been trying to work with the council.

“They are really not helping my business,” he said.

Mr Chen said getting reliable staff had been a problem as a small business owner but he was now focused on improving training.

“I am doing the right thing by everyone,” he said.

“And people who come to the stall – they are happy.”

Glen Eira Council director community services Peter Jones said inspectors routinely inspected all local food outlets.

All 795 registered in the municipality are inspected at least once a year.

“Council will apply sanctions to those businesses that fail to respond to councils directions concerning matters of food safety,” Mr Jones said.

“Councils strong monitoring and surveillance of local food premises ensures the public is protected against unhygienic practices and unsafe food.”

C&K Group Pty Ltd and Mr Chen were found guilty in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court of 22 charges for failing to comply with the Food Act.

The court imposed fines of $67,500 plus $9000 in council costs.

19 thoughts on “CK Foodstore – Would you shop at this filthy Store

  1. This story describes the Little Saigon Food market in Footscray. The difference here is that the Maribyrnong council don’t care how dirty the place is – its the traditional way.


    • You’re so right AJ, AS I was writing this story I was thinking this could be one of a hundred places around the suburbs. They ignore the rules, take over the footpath peddling their stuff in a unhygienic manner, crap out the back.I used to do deliveries and I wish I had a phone camera back in those days, boy could I have snapped some filth to make you sick!

      Some councils wont do anything because 2/3s of their shops trade like that.They cant shut them all down.


  2. Council inspectors, just need to shut this place down PERIOD. Until he cleans his act up.
    Being a serial offender the message isn’t getting through. Yeah the council can keep on fining him, which is good for their coffers, but one day, someone is going to get food poisoning & get seriously sick. Well I say him & all his staff need to go to TAFE & complete a course, on food, cleaning , & hygiene, pass it, & then re-open..
    But It seems the Council are on a good thing, fine wise.


    • Hi BM I think at the end of the day, hit them in the hip pocket BIG time, then next time shut them down period.No re opening after X amount of chances.Go into another industry they are not right for the food business if they cannot get it through their skulls by then! Cheers


  3. Hi Robbo Ive been a butcher for 30 yrs .Those brown cartons are full of chicken they leak before they get off the truck ,owners of these smaller supermarkets dont care ,and when the shit hits the fan they always blame the staff ,3 items in that photo should be NEVER stored together red meat ,chicken ,and vegetables .If your shopping at Footscray or Preston Market its your gamble BUT its the stores that look OK is where the real danger lies ,my last place of employment had a meat case temp of 9 degrees plus all year and probably still does ,the owner would wave his hand over the meat and say oh that seems cool enough, SO BUYER BEWARE .


    • Thanks for the insights Anthony, bloody hell, people cook this stuff a few days later and then have no idea why they are crook. At a guess they probably have a few inspectors per hundreds of businesses and the word gets around pretty quick too, so there would be coverups, payoffs, who knows. I remember a story I saw on telly this chicken delivery guy was climbing out the back of the truck with 2 raw fillets in his hands to take in the shop! Smoke in mouth, fair dinkum!

      I toss my own food out and my family laugh at me, but I’m not going to take a chance on my family


  4. I’ve worked in hospitality for a very long time and every time there was to be an inspection, management & staff knew in advance. This happened in multiple venues over a long time. I’ve always wondered what the point of a pre-warned inspection but it happens in many industries. I know a guy who used to work in a factory that had massive safety breaches but it was an open secret that the inspector was paid off to not see them. It’s an unfortunate fact that if humans are involved, so is corruption…


  5. By the way – don’t assume that paying ridiculous prices in a restaurant ensures a clean kitchen. The filthiest place I ever worked in was considered one of our local upmarket gems. I left because I couldn’t deal with the practices there.


  6. I have been shopping at CK food store since it opened a few years back and have been amazed that it has stayed open this long. Rude, dirty,unsafe and disrespectful are only a few words to describe this shop. Sharp knives sticking out of staff pockets, produce and water on floors, rotting friut and abusive staff, unsafe exits crowded with boxes and produce. When i first started shopping there i was buying frozen products….one day I found the top of the interior wall freezer cabinet was actually hot and the produce had defrosted. I tried telling a staff member but there was no interest. I went back two days later and found the same products thawed and rotting….still no interest from the staff. I went back five days later to find the freezer fixed but the same products refrozen and for sale. I know they were the same boxes of spring rolls as i had noticed the box had a torn cardboard cover. The only thing i buy from cks is carefully selected “safe” fruit and vegetables because they are CHEAP. If our supermarkets didn’t have such ridiculous mark ups we could avoid shops like CKs. The only reason i shop at CKs is because my budget says i have to ….but i have learnt what to buy and what not to buy. Avoid the $1 packs at check out….they are compost.


    • Hello onlly$1…I feel for you having to go there for the only reason of it being cheap! We now know why they are cheap and where they cut costs….

      Please do us all a favour if you can.If you have a phone that can take pictures please do, if it is safe. Lend a phone with that capability. Go there snap away or get someone else to and email me the pics. I will post them here anonymously for all to see. Please keep your family safe, and shop elsewhere soon!




    • Hi Only$1

      There is another fresh food shop about a dozen doors down towards the train station that also has cheap prices with much better quality however not as much variety, give them a try.


  7. These people Care only about making money and have total disregard for hygiene . They employ cheap labour and under cut the other traders with food which is often rotten , close them down


  8. The one and only time I purchased fish at CK I got food poisoning and was sick for 2 weeks. I occasionally buy fruit and vegies but am very particular and choosy. I won’t be going back. I wonder where the staff come from……..immigration check.


  9. This store owner says it’s hard to find staff. Let me tell you I went in there many times, but stopped about 6months ago as none of the staff spoke English and they were rude as far as blocking isles and not moving to let u pass, or even acknowledging me would have been nice. Good rittens I say. I’m happy to pay a little more and have great fruit/veg aswell as staff that speak my language!


  10. Guys, do u really think the big supermkt,they r really clean??? no way, they just make it look clean, all the coco. rats are running behind the shelvs and fridges.. while u shopping. Have ur guys watch the today tonight, the hidden camera shows all the terrible truth..


  11. I would rather not eat than go to those dirty, filthy chinese, vietnamese shops. Go to their Countries and see how they scabble over a piece of food. What will the world be like in 20 years time???
    Why does anyone want children today – beats me!!


  12. If you have knowed about CK Foodstore that you never say it is a filthy foodstore. Did you work there before?Have you seen storeroom they how to store food.the picturecannot this foodstore.


  13. CK is a filthy cesspool, the floors are dirty and green vegetable leaves are often on the floor.
    DO NOT EAT THE BASA Fish! – Its Mekong River (The most polluted river in the world!)


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