Tania Simpson lived in fear -Triple Murder-Suicide

And this is who she feared, Paul Rogers…He posted this image on Facebook with his new tattoos confessing his love for his ex and kids…

Statement of love? Or stamp of death? His last Facebook post was this photo

Murdered Mum Tania feared her former partner in the months leading up to her death

But the pair, pictured here on the beach together in this moving Facebook picture posted by their mum, have been torn apart in the Gold Coast’s horrific triple murder-suicide.

The tragedy, believed to have been sparked by a bitter pre-wedding break-up, left four people dead – five-year-old Kyla, her mother Tania Simpson, 31, and her new partner Antony Way, 33, as well as Kyla’s father Paul Rogers, 40.

Murdered mother Tania Simpson with children Kyla and little brother Bronson.

Young Bronson was spared the horror, the 20-month-old staying with his grandparents when Rogers went on his murderous rampage began.

Yesterday, a friend revealed Ms Simpson had been so scared of her estranged fiancé that she needed to be escorted to her car after work.

The friend, “Mick”, said he worked with her at the Robina Tavern, and told of Ms Simpson’s terror after splitting with Rogers.

“She was worried about her past,” he said. “She did say there was a bloke in the past and she would like to get escorted to her car every night just in case.

“She said he was capable of doing something bad but she didn’t know what it was she said she didn’t know if he was going to be stalking her in the carpark.”

Police said there was “no history at all” of domestic violence or family court disputes between Ms Simpson and Mr Rogers.

Sources yesterday revealed Ms Simpson and Rogers had planned to marry, even sending out wedding invitations, when she walked out of their eight-year relationship late last year and moved to the Gold Coast to be with her parents.

Locals who knew the couple when they lived at Inverell said Antony Way had been a mutual friend of theirs.

Mr Way and Rogers grew up in New Zealand and had known each other since their teens.

“I don’t think Paul ever got his head around the idea Tania had left him, then she took up with one of his friends,” a friend of the couple, who asked not to be named, said.

NSW police found Kyla in her father’s arms, gassed to death in his station wagon in bushland near Casino in northern NSW on Monday night.

Rogers had abducted his daughter after stabbing to death Ms Simpson and Mr Way in a Robina unit on Sunday night.

Police believe Kyla slept through the brutal slaying before being plucked from her bed by her father and driven across the border to her death.

Grandfather John Simpson stumbled on the grisly scene when he arrived at the Arbour Ave unit on Monday morning to take Kyla to school.

The unit complex yesterday became a shrine to the tragedy, with neighbours and strangers weeping and laying flowers.

Ms Simpson’s uncle, Trevor Simpson, said the family was struggling to come to terms with the tragedy.

“We’re just trying to get a grip on it,” he said.

“We’re completely in shock. It’s just an awful tragedy beyond comprehension.”

Another friend fought back tears as she told of how Ms Simpson and Kyla had helped celebrate her son’s birthday on the Sunday afternoon before their deaths.

Michael Shambrook, principal at Robina State School, where Kyla had just enrolled, said her death was “incomprehensible and overwhelming” and students had been offered counselling.

Antony Way, the boyfriend of Tania Simpson, was stabbed in the Robina apartment.

The New Zealand-based family of Mr Way yesterday spoke of their heartbreak.

Known to his friends as “Ant”, Mr Way moved to the Gold Coast from NZ eight years ago and found work as a renderer.

A family spokesman described him as an avid gym-goer and a keen rugby player.

“Ant was one of those charismatic guys with an X-factor who drew people to him.”

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14 thoughts on “Tania Simpson lived in fear -Triple Murder-Suicide

    • Hi PW Exactly, that would be the heroic thing to do If there is such a thing in this scenario. That would show your love in some way, all this prick has done is say If I cannot have her nobody will, all go to hell…


  1. Very sad and tragic for Kayla to paid the ultimate price. I had no doubt that the father- Paul loved Kayla but desperation, anger god knows what else had happen in his head with the prospect of his ex moving on instead of taking it like a grown up and wish her goodluck. He just acted as if they were his object of possession – if he can’t have them then noone else can too. Love is not about possesion, I guess if he really did his job like a real Dad and love Kayla more than himself – he would never chosen this very selfish act
    Sad…very sad


  2. How new are those Tatts? Was he making a statement, I would love to hear what the tattoo artist has to say about the session when he got them. Might be a real insight


  3. The tatts say it all – they are extensions of him. No wonder she left him. From experience I know that it’s not easy leaving people like that. You really do take a risk, which nobody understands. They all say “why don’t you leave, it’s up to you” but don’t understand the risks we take. When you leave, people side with him because he professes such “love”. A loving person doesn’t kill. fathers, don’t blame the ex, don’t blame the court, grow up.


  4. Hi Ali, you are so right, so many women are trapped in relationships like that, shit scared to leave in the very fear of what happened here!

    What is this piss weak government going to do about it. WE cannot rely on neighbours playing cops, or indeed cops turning up in time! I am not sure of the answer but it does not begin with the end result. It always starts way down the track earlier in the relationship when the signs are there but IGNORED by those with the power to do something about it!


  5. This case makes me wonder about the guy who stopped the traffic on Sydney Harbor Bridge. There are too many of these agro possessive guys around. Why are they so messed up?


  6. It is so sad.I agree with Ali it isnt that easy sometimes to get out of a relationship like that.And the end result as seen here isnt always good.I have a friend who was in a relationship like that she moved around with young kids for 7years and he keep finding her.She ended up moving state and every year or so he still causes problems this has been going on for 18years.And yes he is well known by police but keeps everything he does just outside the law.If these low lifes cant move on why take the ex and the childrens lifes away……just do everyone a favour and do yourself in or get proper help.


  7. Now, in no way do I condone the murders, but.. Dumping your fiance and hooking up with his best friend is pretty low. Of course, there are two sides to a story and he may have been an abusive partner who she had to leave, but we don’t know. This has happened to me before and while I would never, ever consider harming another person, it did boil my blood. I can understand how this could happen with someone who can’t control their anger and impulses as well.


  8. Ant was not Tania’s partner, I dont know where people get the information from, probably the media, it is wrong, the media hounded us all for days and we wouldnt give them any info so they made up their own stories, Ant liked Tania very much and they were all friends at one stage a very long time ago, Paul’s mental illness took over and created a scenario in his head where he had come to the conclusion Ant and Tania were together, Ant was with someone else up until the day before he was taken, he was looking out for Tania, as he always did for his friends, he was there for anyone in need, he had a heart of gold and we miss it!


  9. After reading a little further, the media are way off on their information, I have come to realise you can never ever trust what they write, e.g: Paul & Ant met 8 years ago on a job site!


  10. KJJ I am the brother of Tania and Uncle of Kyla and yes you are 100% right the media got every single thing wrong about this tragedy. P.Ness Tania and Antony were friends and friends only, T was happily single and as her brother I went out with her on many nights and she was very much a single, happily seperated woman with friends who would do anyhting for her. To the people who think there is an excuse for Paul doing what he did (ie thinking he was being cheated on or left for another man) you are as sick and twisted as Paul ever was and you should fucking rot in hell with him!


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