Mum of three-year-old Sean Murphy found dead in washing machine cleared


As promised when an official investigation was finished I would post it so here is the news. The parents have been cleared of  ANY CRIMINAL OFFENCES  relating to the death of their son.

So it is quite a relief for the family I am sure and I offer my apologies for and distress caused in this time. I wish the family all the best.

Mum of three-year-old Sean Murphy found dead in washing machine cleared

May 20, 2011 1:10PM

THE mother of a three-year-old found dead in a washing machine has been cleared of any criminal offence relating to the incident, Western Australia police announced today after an eight month investigation.

Police began an inquiry after Sean Murphy – and a pet cat – were found dead in the machine on September 20 at the family home in Perth.

Mother Kerry Murphy and her boyfriend Craig Sheppard were branded as suspects in the case after the discovery of the little boy’s body in the front loading washing machine. There were initial suspicions the boy had been suffocated, beaten or drowned to death, reported.

A police statement said an investigation by Major Crime Squad detectives had involved forensic examinations and consultation with a variety of experts, “including the manufacturer of the washing machine” involved.

It concluded there was no evidence to establish as criminal offense had been committed. Exact circumstances surrounding the child’s death were still “undetermined,” police said.

12 thoughts on “Mum of three-year-old Sean Murphy found dead in washing machine cleared

  1. How sad that they’ve been unable to grieve for their baby because of the criminal charges alleged against them.

    If my child died, it would probably destroy me.


    • It was an awful story and one I fought with writing about, the police took way too long in publicly clearing this family which only lead to more suspicion and rumour.

      I’m am certain it should of been investigated faster. I, and others got this tragedy wrong and have apologised to the family.


  2. Hi Robbo, Thank you for your appogy and the update for others. All im asking now if you can please delete the original news article, the update is fine, just so Kerry have some privacy and chance to grieve. Thank you.


    • Quite a immature stupid thing to do you would think. There was a dead cat in the washing machine along wish the deceased Sean later that year. I wonder if they found that phone video whilst investigation the little boys death. Very sad case that was.


  3. Hmmm. Think I am with the police on this (shock..horror!!) “No evidence of criminal offence – undetermined…”
    Are date’s set for coroners inquest?
    On a side note – people who mistreat or abuse animals like this person did, are pathetic, weird power trippers. IMO 3g’s isn’t enough of a fine…


  4. very sad story, and bizzare. i dont know how a three year old could get trapped in a washing machine!? and with a cat! my front loader wont open door mid cycle incase the water comes out, so the boy must have hopped in and started it some how? very confusing…..doesn’t make sense!?!? im not implying anything just very very confused as to how it happened and if washing machines go aorund sucking up little kids these days im sure as hell not leaving my laundry door open any more!!!


  5. Honestly I think everybody should keep opinions to them selves! You nor I nor any one else here knows this woman or the true story as to what happened to her baby boy or that cat! You have already said previously robbo that you were in fact wrong about this woman in relation to her sons death because of media, how can you be sure the media are once again making moutains out of ant hills? For all we know is that there is an explanation to why she did what she did and for all we know there was possibly more to the video then what was aired on the news! As for miss summerhaze’s comment you obviously don’t pay much attention to the news or you are not from Australia because the washing machine was never turned on. If the machine had of been on the cause of death would have been established as drowning due to water in his little lungs!

    Considering this woman has been cleared I dont think it is right to publicize her sons death on a website! There are real harden criminals that you could in fact use this spot for!


  6. On another note the media stated she was given a 3 grand fine an a spent conviction! Which means a judge has dealt with her and people she leave it at that! Also a spent conviction is only given o people who deserve a second chance and to those who have never been in trouble with the law. A spent conviction means no criminal record therefore this woman is not a criminal and yet again I state she cannot be publicized on a ‘criminal and crooks’ website


  7. Robbo, in regargs to the latest incident, that happened well before her son’s accident, i was under the impression that you were going to delete the article of Kerry, and any related!! Its been long enough now and I think this dosent have to kept up, and she dosent need to be reminded of other ppl nasty comments for many more years to come. I have asked you once and will ask again, please remove and she dosent need your website reminding her and ppl nasty comments, the media have left her alone so its only fair i think. Just a shame with the world these days, ppl carnt move on without gettin set back, no such thing as privercy. enough is enough. Thank you


  8. as far as im concerned i have had some dealins with the parents n the mother especially should hav no right 2 own animals or hav children for that fact!! may sound harsh but its fact!!!!


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