Sorry for lack of updates- Had no service

Hi readers, just a quickie to let you know I didn’t abandon the site, I have had big problems with my ISP and have had no internet connection for nearly a week, other than a few minutes at a time. They tell me all should be good (place bullshit here)…

So I have some reading and catchup on comments and updates on stories. If there is anything worthy you would like to see on here from the last week just comment below and I will see what I can do.

It is amazing how reliant one becomes on the internet until you haven’t got it!



5 thoughts on “Sorry for lack of updates- Had no service

  1. Welcome back

    This is a good site as there is little on no BS resulting in an honest assesment of the situation. Can you please give some details of exactly what happened during the robbery / murder on the Gold Coast in where a police constable / detective (?) was shot dead and is buried today. Todate there has been no details whatsoever and that usualy means there is a cover up however small that may be.

    Once again, welcome back

    Best regards



  2. Hey Robbo,
    Great to see you up and running again. Peter if you go to the Gold Coast Bulliten online there is a lot of stories on Officer Leedings death. We had planned to go to the service today but I am too sick to move from the lounge.There was a get together up at Pac Pines on Sunday. There is so much shit going on up here it is getting beyond a joke. Kirra had a armed hold up 2 nights ago as well. The police haven’t got a chance in hell catching these fuckwits.We have no chopper and our police stations only stay open til around 4.30pm most days.There are very few that stay open later than that. Try www, I hope you find what you want to read.


  3. Hi guys, thanks GOTH and POB still having dramas, I am going crazy….6 years one ISP, to save 20 a month for this bullshit…not worth the savings, trying to go back to my old ISP sorry not typing more but I may ge



    so being a rockspider actually pays off for this scumbag. Now he only has to show up once every 12 sittings to still receive his $130,000 salary plus perks! He doesn’t even have to stay for the whole sitting – just long enough to be marked off on the roll. I’m beyond hyperbole on this one…


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