Nixon may yet face charges as police continue investigations DUTHIE busted lying tonight

UPDATE Nixon was just on the footy show Just watched Nixon on the Footy Show, in typical tricky Ricky fashion, he was a nervous wreck ( and to anyone who gets it, shaky, could not sit still and his eyes were like pinholes….Would not be surprised if he had a little “Relaxer” before going on!
He did not answer questions put to him.Instead asked questions and again tried to justify everything.He slammed everyone else in the debacle and not take any blame himself. Channel 10 will show the other vision after she thought the interview finished and you will se she did NOT say she was joking etc etc…Nixon will again look the tool he is.Duthie has been telling lies all day today. She has made a deal with someone to retract everything and was just exposed of the 7pm Project when she thought she was off air. Admitting to telling lies all day.Nixon is still in the shit…

Here is a twitter from Hughsey, after Nixon said tonight they cut her off saying she was joking…More on this tomorrow

Hughsey from the 7pm Project refuting claims she said she was joking. Blows Nixon apart, caught lying again tonight on the footy show

Ricky Nixon may yet face charges as police continue investigations

St Kilda schoolgirl says it was all lies

Kim Duthie has sensationally denied she had a sexual relationship or took drugs with Ricky Nixon. Source: Herald Sun

The notorious image of Ricky Nixon in his underwear, allegedly taken in Kim Duthie’s hotel room. Source: Supplied

UPDATE 6.25pm: CHIEF Commissioner Simon Overland says charges may yet be laid in the Ricky Nixon case, despite Kim Duthie’s shock retraction of her allegations.

Nixon’s ban as a player agent, and a police investigation into sex and drug allegations against him, are in jeopardy after a shock statement from the girl who made the accusations was revealed by the Herald Sun this morning.

Ms Duthie, dubbed the “St Kilda Schoolgirl”, has sensationally denied she had a sexual relationship or took illicit drugs with the de-registered player agent in a statement to the AFL Players’ Association.

The twist is set to complicate a police investigation into Nixon, with a brief of evidence under review from the Office of Public Prosecutions.

However, speaking today, Mr Overland said police would continue to investigate the allegations.

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“There’s been a report in the media this morning that’s she’s changed her story. Let’s just wait and see what happens,” Mr Overland said.

“We’ve still got investigations ongoing, there may well be prosecutions and I think again we just need to wait and see how those events unfold.

“If she has, in effect, changed her statement and recanted her statement, then that’s something we have to look at, but again I’m not getting too caught up in what has been attributed to her through the media. We just have to work through the process and see where that finishes up.

“The investigations continue on, obviously public comments can have an impact on the investigation, but from our point of view they continue on and, as I say, they may well lead to prosecutions. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Nixon says he is determined to seek “several million dollars” in damages from the AFLPA after what he describes as an “amateurish” investigation that left his career in ruins.

“I firmly have the AFLPA in my sights,” Nixon said.

“This was an amateurish investigation at best, and if this is the people who are representing the players in the collective bargaining agreement, the players could get the worst result of all time.”

Asked if he was seeking a financial payout, Nixon said: “Absolutely. Several million dollars.”

Nixon said the investigation failed to give him adequate time to give his side of the story and lawyers had already said his case “looks very favourable”.

“I have lost my business reputation, future earnings, it’s impacted my family significantly financially,” he told Triple M radio today.

“So if this investigation had no right to be conducted and was illegal, then they will have to pay.”

During his morning media blitz, he also denied accusations Ms Duthie’s retraction was the result of a deal struck between the pair.

“I want to clear up something very quickly: there’s absolutely no deal between her and I whatsoever,” he told Channel 7’s Sunrise.

“Please, give me some respect. If there was going to be any deal done between her and I it would have been done before I had to sell my business, before what it’s done to my family, before what it’s done to my life. Give me some credit.”

Nixon said he knew the truth would come out and he wished Ms Duthie all the best.

“I hope this is an opportunity for her to get on with her life now. She’s a young girl, she’s made some fairly significant mistakes, but she needs to move on,” he said.

Nixon was also forced to answer questions about how he came to be in Ms Duthie’s hotel room wearing only underpants.

“If I knew the answer to that we’d all be geniuses. But I think it’s been made pretty clear, and it’s become pretty clear, that somehow I had substances in my body that night that some people believe was taken accidentally, others believe I was administered it, I’m not going to go there, I’m sick of it all, I don’t care,” he said.

“The damage is done, I don’t know how I ended up like that. But what I do know is what hasn’t been purported or shown is that I fled the hotel not long after that.”

Click here to listen to Ricky Nixon speaking to Steve Price on MTR this morning

Galbally denies Duthie drug claims

The AFLPA says it stands by its decision to revoke Nixon’s licence for a minimum of two years, saying it did not solely rely on Ms Duthie’s statement in its investigation, led by David Galbally QC.

Ms Duthie, in her statement, has also claimed she was affected by drugs when she spoke to Mr Galbally about the nature of her relationship with Nixon.

But Mr Galbally this morning denied Ms Duthie’s claims that she was drug-affected.

“All I really want to say is simply this, when she was interviewed she was interviewed with me present and two lawyers, her lawyers,” he told 3AW.

“I think if she had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or incoherent in any way shape or form, or not fit, then the interview wouldn’t have gone ahead.”

He said his investigation did not solely rely on Ms Duthie’s statement and included photos taken from her camera, SMS text messages and other material.

In his report, Mr Galbally found Nixon had taken advantage of a “vulnerable” girl and engaged in drug-taking and sex with her.

Mr Galbally said he would fight Nixon in court if he decided to sue.

“He’s got every right to pursue whatever legal rights are open, if he sues, then there’ll be affidavit material available in the court case,” he said.

“Ultimately, if it goes to court he’ll have to give evidence on oath, he’ll be cross-examined and everyone will know, what the position is after he’s done that.”

Click here to listen to David Galbally QC speaking on Fox FM this morning

Ian Prendergast, chair of the AFLPA’s Agent Accreditation Board, confirmed that the association had received correspondence from a person involved in Nixon’s case, claiming the person gave false evidence to the inquiry.

“As such, the claims do not change the resolution made by the board in relation to the conduct of Ricky Nixon, which was found to be in breach of the Agent Accreditation Regulations.”

The accreditation board suspended Nixon on March 24 for his “inappropriate personal relationship” with the teenager, who was at the centre of the St Kilda nude photos scandal.

Ms Duthie issued a message via Twitter today: “I am Kimberley Duthie. No matter what decisions or mistakes I have made to this day – I always have the upper hand. Regret nothing.”

Nixon yesterday said Ms Duthie needed to “move forward” with her life, but at the same time commended her for revealing non-truths.

“Just like all the young people I work with, they are prone to making mistakes and Kim won’t be the first or last,” he said.

“I’m pleased she has finally decided to make some important decisions in her life and she now needs to move forward.

“I’m also pleased that she has made these declarations to the AFLPA.”

Sam Newman claims

It also emerged that Sam Newman, a supporter of Nixon, has been in contact with Ms Duthie.

Newman has spoken about mentoring Ms Duthie and she told the Herald Sun she has stayed at his apartment.

Listen to Sam Newman laugh off suggestions he’s been “squiring” Ms Duthie

Ms Duthie said she recently leased a house in St Kilda and planned to buy it.

She said she had paid six months’ rent in advance.

It is believed detectives are continuing their investigation and are also probing alleged threats to kill by Nixon.

Earlier this year, Ms Duthie passed a lie detector test when asked if she had sex with Nixon.

The Herald Sun filmed Nixon leaving a city hotel on February 15, following the girl out of the foyer before getting into his car.

Nixon was subsequently banned for two years from being an player agent by the AFLPA. He has since sold his business, Flying Start.

24 thoughts on “Nixon may yet face charges as police continue investigations DUTHIE busted lying tonight

  1. I think my favourite part would have to be that she stayed at Sam Newman’s place as he’s been a mentor to her. I bet he has! Don’t miss the Footy Show tonight, Nixon speaking apparently!


    • Just watched Nixon on the Footy Show, in typical tricky Ricky fashion, he was a nervous wreck ( and too anyone who gets it, shaky, could not sit still and his eyes were like pinholes….Would not be surprised if he had a little “Relaxer” before going on!
      He did not answer questions put to him.Instead asked questions and again tried to justify everything.He slammed everyone else in the whole debacle rather than take any blame himself. Channel 10 will show the other vision after she thought the interview finished and you will se she did NOT say she was joking etc etc…Nixon will again look the tool he is.


      • Even if I hadn’t worked in Prisons for over a decade and in Mental Health for 16 years I think I would be on to Ricky Nixon’s evasive, dissembling and narcissistic display on the footy show as the work of someone avoiding giving a straight answer. It’s always unattractive to see flawed characters who have made there way by bombast, bullying and running with the foxes/ feeding with the hounds trying to use their usual style in an untenable situation. Tips for improvement- 1. forget ‘Ricky’ as a moniker. you are not 5 years old 2. raise your hand and give some closure for your family 3. take a long hard look at yourself and stop seeing a playboy who makes up the rules.


        • Well said Portia, regardless of the final facts in the Duthie situation, he is in total denial about his life.Inside football circles it has been known for over 15 years he has been a cocaine addict. How many in the industry have turned their heads to that. How can he of been professional in all football dealings when he was on occasions, on cocaine? Why did he run from an accident running into a tram? Not for just the booze he had drunk let me tell you. Your last sentence sums up his predicament exactly! Thanks for commenting


    • She was broke a few months ago, needed assistance to live in the motel for a few months.Does not work, and now I read she is buying a house??? A little retraction incentive fall in her lap or something?


  2. Smells to me She been paid to change her story??
    Rumour Seems now it appears she is looking at buying a house in St Kilda??
    What at Seventeen??
    Doesn’t even work??
    Sam Newman MENTOR?? What a joke!! After his piece of pie I bet..


    • Oh what a tangled web we weave! This pair could end up facing serious criminal charges.
      A good example how drugs impair rational thinking,At the end of all this the naive 17 y/old will come out miles in front and Ricky in the gutter.


  3. 6 month rent paid in advance hmhmhm…buying house in St Kilda? I think the police should just lock her up, and media should stop paying her the attention


  4. Common Rick.
    Tell the truth.
    You were on the bed in the hotel room in your boxers bouncing round on the bed. Pretty 17 old there & you claim you didn’t have SEX. Just a quiet prayer together??? heheheheheheheh!!!
    Suppose GHB Makes you do silly things though.
    Look what’s his name in America WEINER ended up telling the truth!!
    Or did you end up with a weiner?????????? After all that GHB????????????


  5. I’ve heard a rumor that kd not only found photos, but also has a video of two high profile Footy players doing er…things to each other. Are St k fc paying her a full time wage and paying for her apartment? Maybe nixon is trying to protect his clients?


    • Hmmmm!!!
      Seems allot of people are running for cover?? You Know, Nixon was married, isn’t his wife good enough for his needs?? Just goes to show how he thinks of his wife & kids. I’m not sticking up for this girl, but this is the CULTURE.
      Overpaid players doing what they may, THINKING THEY ARE SOME KIND OF GODS & damaging a teenage girl & or girls in their acts. Having a good laugh later with their so called mates!!
      Seems she has turned out to be a very smart girl. They may or may not of promised her this & that & then reneged?? I DON’T KNOW. Who does know the full story??? Obviously she has been hurt through all this, & BEWARE a woman SCORNED…. Seems they treated her like trash & then thrown her to the side.
      If that’s the case I hope she gets want she wants, just needs a good LAWYER…. ( NOT SAM NEWMAN )
      I dare say things like this go on all the time, & DOESN’T GET TO THE PAPERS.


      • Hi BM, Imagine the players from the 70′ and 80’s? If they had all the media and phone cameras etc etc around they would of been all over the papers too, but it used to get swept under the carpet as you say. In a way Scandals in sport is nothing new, we just read about all the details now! Im sure there are old players in their 40’s and 50’s quite happy their “Careers” are well and truly over scot free.


    • Ah.. I misread. Players doing things to each other. heheheheheheheheh..
      Now they wouldn’t want that to get out.
      Hmmmmmm!!! wonder what it was??
      OH I dropped the soap in the shower?? heheheheheheheh.


  6. Robbo!!
    Players of the past. Hmmmmmmmmmm!!
    Someone told me once, it may of been my dear old grandmother?? Well She say to me, out Footscray way there may be allot of little Teddy Whittens running around??
    Well now, maybe not so little??? heheheheheheheheheh……….
    Cheers Bigmouth….


  7. So now you know what young girls of age 16 are like.
    They’re dirting, conniving, and they sure as hell aren’t stupid.
    They’re more likely to take advantage of an old man, then an old man taking advantage of them…


  8. Ricky Nixon is symbolic of everything that is ugly in AFL culture and has been responsible for forging it and catapulting Demetriou to the position he is in now. Demetriou has a slight advantage over Nixon in that he is more politically correct, the consummate Machiavellian CEO/Politician/Spin Doctor. Both are, as stated by someone here, excellent examples of subjects for forensic psychologists. Ricky Nixon is now a social media commentator extraordinaire in his own mind who speaks a lot about ‘B graders’ and bogans. A B grader in Ricky Nixon’s world, the world that he has lived in and thrived for so many years, is a player who is a loser because they can’t get away with the kinds of stunts that ‘A graders’ (aka winners/champions) can. RN seems to still think that ‘B grader’ is a pejorative term.


    • Hi PL…..I’m flabbergasted he still shows his face in the public arena having walked out on a young brood of kids…This stupid woman will suck him dry for all and every bit of publicity she can get, and disregard him like a big-mac wrapper…That is the funny bit…Thinking (yet again) this young female really loves/desires him…Silly old prick will be for ever remembered as a drug addicted tosser, rather than a once competent manager looking after the affairs of sportsmen!


      • I agree that Ricky has made himself look like a fool in many ways and there is little credence even his supporters could place on anything he says at any one point in time. He has some credibility but he has let sex, drugs and greed take control of his life and destroy him and others around him. Giving young girls his credit card, drugs, becoming involved with women to which he has some kind of ill defined duty towards (KD), may not be all that uncommon, but it stupid and destructive. It causes a lot of collateral damage. The drugs may have destroyed or corrupted what moral fibre he did have. Was he a competent Manager? Maybe he was a competent Manager in the sense of achieving certain best outcomes for his clients, however we don’t know whether he was representing their interests and the broader interests of the AFL. It seems like he may have also been getting his clients into trouble or at least not safeguarding their long term interests and welfare.


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