Contributors Wanted-Long hours, no pay…Passion for the truth a must

Contributors Wanted-Long hours, no pay…Well I’m kidding about long hours that will be up to you, but yes NO PAY! It’s a tough world this blogging business, and I’m falling behind because I cannot keep up on everything happening nor keep up with cases and events WORTHY of coverage and exposure here! I also encourage people to also have an opinion as an author when they put their name to a story. The debates on here are one of the best things we have

So here is what I am asking for folks and then you can decide if it is something you are interested in doing for our little community here and the wider “Net” for people to discover without fear or favour.

  • Contributors from each State, to allow better coverage on cases in their state as they happen
  • Researchers that can help look beyond the headlines (the sleuths that use more than google to find stuff!) Maybe suitable for anyone who likes to dig around, but not be the face of the article
  • Moderators now I pretty much allow anyone to have their say in the comments, but we do get people who trawl and make extreme comments purely for their own entertainment and stir up trouble. Over use of certain explicit language. So someone to help keep these types in line or off-line all together by deleting irrelevant vulgar comments etc

These are all ideas and please, I do this for you all, assuming you are the same as me and hate seeing the criminals, and scum-bags that float around our cities and streets getting away with stuff unscathed, hidden behind friends in high places or ancient suppression orders handed out like ice creams…

So please, suggestions here are encouraged, make a comment below…because without you guys, this site is nothing… Thanks

The details in the following form are kept private and will never be made public here on the Blog. It is for my eyes only guys…Regards Robbo

3 thoughts on “Contributors Wanted-Long hours, no pay…Passion for the truth a must

  1. Thanks to all you fantastic people for replying. I have chatted to some of you and written to others and appreciate your offers to help our little community here. Hopefully we can get some great worthy new content up real soon thanks to the efforts of you. Thanks I really appreciate you taking the time




  2. Hi Robbo,
    I am happy to contribute. I am retired but was a Prison Officer here in South Australia and still attend interesting Court cases whenever I can.
    Daniel Ames was sentenced in Supreme Court today for the execution style of his Uncle – Alan Ames. Interesting case as he chose to go it Judge alone but guess the Judge was a bit smarter than him.
    If you think I can help, let me know
    Helen Gittingsd


  3. My cousin David used to go out with a lady called Silvia, when they were both Prison Guards at Melbourne’s former Pentridge.
    Silvia reckons I should be a Prison guard( but I have a hearing loss).
    David & I mutual grandfather Hugh, was a Police Head for the Western District in the 1950’s and his son also named Hugh, was Police Commissioner of the Geelong district in the 1980’s.
    Silvia also met alot of the original Melbourne underbelly characters, including Dennis Allen , a drug Czar of Richmond back in the 1980’s.
    I hope Silvia hears about your site, I’m sure she would have some great stories.


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