Paedophile Clifford John Frith too old for jail? rubbish

This dirty old sick Paedophile Clifford John Frith is trying to get out of going to jail because he is OLD! Can you believe it, he got away with his crimes for years, lives in a beach front mansion and wants home detention…Well I say stuff that, I do not care if he is 19 or a 109, he deserves jail and must go to jail.What does this tell us as a society if he doesn’t.

It is ok to commit crimes if you are old, because they will not jail me? Or is it because he was an artist? Or rich? He has to go to jail , NO IFS BUTTS OR otherwise. well he might find some butts in jail, old sicko!


Prosecutors have asked Adelaide’s District Court to jail an elderly paedophile for his crimes and not show leniency because of the man’s age.

Paedophile Clifford John Frith too old for jail? rubbish

Clifford John Frith, 86, who rose to fame as an artist in the 1970s, was found guilty of sexually abusing two young girls in Adelaide more than 20 years ago.

Defence lawyers told the court that Frith is now a frail and ill old man and would suffer unduly if he was jailed for his crimes. That is what jail is for, do the crime do the time old man!

They said Frith, who lives in a beachfront mansion, should instead be placed on home detention. Home detention in his beach-front mansion? Stuff that, sell his house while he is jail and give the money to his victims sounds fair to me.

Prosecutor Peter Longson said submissions alleging Frith would suffer unduly in jail because of his fragile mental state should not persuade the judge to be lenient.

“Of course Mr Firth is depressed. If he wasn’t depressed there would be something wrong with him,” he said.

“He is no different from anyone else who has to sit in the dock and doesn’t know what their fate is.” Spot on

“He’s ended up in this situation of his own doing, and he doesn’t want to spend a day in Yatala, that is understandable that would make anyone depressed.”

Mr Longson said although Frith pleaded guilty to sex charges relating to the second victim, he only did so because the Judge made factual findings against him in the first case.

“It’s almost a tragedy that Mr Firth’s pride is simply preventing him from admitting his conduct,” he said.

“He’s effectively saying ‘I only pleaded guilty because I have had enough of court and I wanted it all to stop, but I didn’t do any of this’.”

“He has drawn this court case out for four years… and has the temerity to go around telling everyone who will listen that they [the victims] are doing this for the money.”

“What you have is an 86-year-old man who suffers from conditions of old age, who has had 20 years from the time of the offending until now to enjoy life during those good years of health because he wasn’t called to account.”

Judge David Smith will sentence Frith later this month.

19 thoughts on “Paedophile Clifford John Frith too old for jail? rubbish

  1. well he was 66 when he committed the crimes, so I agree with you Bob, you’ve done the crime now do the time, regardless of age, health, wealth or public stature….


  2. couldnt agree more he did the crime and doesnt wont to go to yatala because its depressing wtf……..totaly agree with you robbo he might just find some butt……keep up the great work


  3. Robbo.
    I read on the weekend, that Home detention is getting the arse???
    This bloke will go too jail I think?? Not sure on the date that it wraps up??
    Cheers Tony….


    • Oh.
      I’m not reading properly again!! Yalata is in SA??
      I’m sure home detention is going to end in Victoria??
      As for the other states I not sure!!


  4. I say….send the dirty filthy pig to jail….donate his beachside mansion at Henley Beach to all of his “little playthings” and let THEM enjoy the beautiful sunsets…. and by doing so…. they “maybe” can get some peace and tranquility out of the exercise

    Just what the &^%$ gives these lawbreakers an ego that huge that they think they have some sort of entitlement ? More and more everyday I shake my head…….


  5. Aint too old for jail if he can still get it up..
    Any way he will be taught a few unforgettable valuable lessons whilst in jail..


    • I hate them as much as anybody. Been away from the computer and doing a lot of catchup today, but they are not tolerated on here once I find out about it MS! They will get banned so they can find another place to play!


      • “troll – One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup
         or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

        Gotta love urban dictionary =D


  6. “he’s a christian…. He’s accepted jesus” blah, blah, blah. And what the hell does that have to do with him being a paedophile? I know I’m feeding the troll here, and I’ll stop soon, but this habit on the part of criminal scumbags to suddenly profess their allegiance to the invisible sky-daddy just because they get caught disgusts me and the fact that morons like our troll here actually think it has some sort of relevance to the punishment that this scumbag should receive utterly appalls me. Get back under your bridge, paedo-troll.


    • “IN”my opinion, that should say – stupid predictive text =)

      I also have no idea how this came up before my previous post – oh well, blame the ghost in the machine, it has a wonderful time messing with me ;)



    So pleased to read today ( that he got a sentence! HAHAHA

    Shocked were you, Mr Frith. So were your victims when you abused their trust. Justice for those kids/adults.

    Brilliant judge. Finally, punishing those who offend against vulnerable members of society. Good job!


  8. I can’t believe after following this case that this filthy, disgusting pedophile lives 300 meters from a primary school. In my opinion he should be made to move away from any children!!


    • Although I agree with you the logistics are completely unworkable. There are children everywhere. There are paedos everywhere, too. As far as I’m concerned, baxter got mothballed – re-open it & put them there. Permanently. It won’t happen, though. Some snivelling apologist will say it violates their rights =\


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