Burqa woman beats law- This is a disgrace to all law abiding Australians

What a ridiculous situation this is. It makes a joke of the laws of this land and makes a mockery of the police trying to do their jobs. Does anyone realise what a precedent this will set as an EXCUSE for the muslim community that chose to wear these things? This must be appealed to the highest court in our land regardless of cost to protect this country from turning into a country who fold weak at the knees and put ones religion before the law.The original story on my blog is here…http://aussiecriminals.wordpress.com/2010/11/25/carnita-matthews-caught-out-using-playing-the-racist-game/

THE Muslim woman Carnita Matthews accused of lying about police trying to tear her burqa off has avoided jail – because her identity could not be proven.

Carnita Matthews (in burqa) appeared at The Downing Centre Court

Carnita Matthews, 47, from Woodbine, in Sydney‘s southwest, had been sentenced to six months in jail for making a deliberately false statement that a policeman tried to forcibly remove her burqa because he was a racist.

But judge Clive Jeffreys said yesterday he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that it was Mrs Matthews who made the racism accusation because the person who complained to police was wearing a burqa at the time.

The absurdity of the law is that, to reach the level of proof of identity to make the case, Mrs Matthews would have been required to identify herself by lifting her burqa at the police station – what started the uproar in the first place.

More than a dozen Muslim supporters linked arms and began chanting “Allah Akbar” as they stormed out of Downing Centre Court with Mrs Matthews concealed behind them.

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Tempers rose and they began jostling with police after several members of the group attacked cameramen.

It marked a stark difference from their behaviour minutes earlier, when they had quietly assembled outside the lifts for prayer shortly after the judge’s decision.

Mrs Matthew’s lawyer Stephen Hopper defended their actions saying: “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them.”

Judge Jeffreys said yesterday that even if Mrs Matthews had made the complaint, he could not be sure she knew it was a “false” statement.

“I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that she made the complaint,” he said.

“Even if I was satisfied that she made the complaint, I am not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that it was knowingly false.”

Mrs Matthews made the claim in her court appearance last year, saying police could not prove it was her behind the burqa when the complaint was handed in to police. The local magistrate rejected it.

The case had lit up the religious debate when a magistrate found Mrs Matthews had deliberately made false complaints that Sergeant Paul Kearney was racist and had attempted to tear her burqa off her face when she declined to remove it on request.

She was pulled over for a random breath test last June, and accused Sgt Kearney of racism only after he booked her for failing to properly display her P-plates.

The incident was captured on a patrol car video camera and helped clear Sgt Kearney, prompting calls for all police cars to carry in-built cameras to avoid false claims.

“I’ve got my P-plates on my car … there was nothing wrong with how they were displayed,” Mrs Matthews says on the video.

“You look at me and see me wearing this and you couldn’t handle it. All cops are racist.”

She then threatens, “100 per cent”, that she will take the matter to court and fight the charge.

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  • Mark Posted at 11:05 PM June 20, 2011

Islam is not a race it is a religion which is a choice in this country.

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  • rob the rattler of Melbourne Posted at 11:26 PM June 20, 2011

Maybe we should let off all the armed robbers who wear masks to commit crime. The legal system is laughable…

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  • daniel hewitt of melbourne Posted at 11:31 PM June 20, 2011

How much longer before common sense and equality for woman return and we ban the horror of the burqa for good in Australia. It has no place in a modern democarcy

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  • Gozza of Seen it all before Posted at 11:32 PM June 20, 2011

Welcome to your future Australia.

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  • Jan of Vic Posted at 11:36 PM June 20, 2011


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  • TrueBlue of melbourne Posted at 11:37 PM June 20, 2011

what have the camera men got to do with it. Why did the attack the tv crews? why wern’t they arrested? And why was she driving the car with out a male chaperone? These radicals realy have a chip on thier shoulders which is becoming more and more a public concern.

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  • EPM of mel Posted at 11:43 PM June 20, 2011

Muslim supporters began jostling with police and their lawyer says “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”.

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  • Hymie of Warragul Posted at 11:44 PM June 20, 2011

The beginning of the end for Western culture and Christian legal doctrine in Australia. Get ready for the Storm Australia, it’s coming.

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  • Mohammed of Australia Posted at 11:50 PM June 20, 2011

Ban the Burka so we don’t have to put up with this rubbish!

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  • Ali-Hughes Posted at 11:50 PM June 20, 2011

Mrs Matthews has proven the need for society at large to prove identity beyond any doubt by her own challenge to charges against her. Hiding behind religion, and the concealment of a burka shows it has no place in a democratic society. She wants to live in the middle ages where women are chattle and dominated by repressive male zealots then she needs to move to parts of the middle east where such practices are considered normal. In the real world people do not walk in public wearing masks. We’re tired of being bombarded by protests and violence shielded behind a “cultural beliefs” labels and false cries of racism. We are a tolerant community but people like you have continuously pushed the boundries like a spoiled brats and we’re tired of your tantrums. We are a civilized society and it’s time to demand conformation from these fanatics or give them a one-way ticket to a place they choose and slam the door shut.

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  • steve Posted at 11:50 PM June 20, 2011

this is exactly why the burka must be banned.

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  • John of Colac Posted at 11:54 PM June 20, 2011

Quite simple really we dont let people walk around with a beanie pulled down to cover their face so stop the racism and ban the burka.

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  • Shut the Gate NOW of LaLaLand Posted at 11:55 PM June 20, 2011

All the more reason to get rid of the burka in Australia NOW!!

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  • Chris of Melbourne Posted at 11:59 PM June 20, 2011

It seems the only racist here is her.

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  • ROFLMAO Posted at 12:04 AM Today

LOLsss, mister lawyer – yes, the guy in front in the pic looks very happy!!!

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  • vin ienco Posted at 12:10 AM Today

shield ? Paul Kent: Present the fact, the Muslims clashed with police

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  • Jim Watson Posted at 12:12 AM Today

If the police couldn’t identify her because she was wearing a burqa then this is yet another clear argument in favour of banning the burqa. Time to free Muslim women from oppression and address the security issues arising.

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  • joe from the bush Posted at 12:18 AM Today

this is only going to become more common place in the future with the culture clashes riseing and violence increasing,they want muslim schools,they tried for sharia law (thats not finished yet)they want the tax payer to pay for more halal butchers to be trained to torture animals before they are slaughtered, and trust me the list will go on,did the greek,italian,german,english,scot,irish or any other group want to change society when they here,not likely but this new wave of migrants want and probably will alter the face of australia forever and the do-gooders will keep on cedeing rights to these people until it’s to late so let me take this opportunity to say to all the do-gooders “see the guy with the raised fist and the angry expression,imagine how he will react if they had lost!!!”don’t say you weren’t warned,o.k.because it’s a moral certanty that the do-gooders will be the first to scream their heads off when the brown stuff hits the fan any where within a mile of them.the boat invaders being settled by gillard will bite the hand that welcomes them,mark my words,it’s happening in europe and it will happen here,gee thanks jooliar,thanks for nothing!!!…

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  • The Mask of Melbourne Posted at 12:31 AM Today

The burka is a wall, which separates a face from mainstream Australia. Why are these faces hiding? Come on, we want to see you smile!!!

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  • Mr. Possum of Melbourne Posted at 12:35 AM Today

I’m not anti-Muslim but I oppose Burqa in the street. This case is example for prosecuting on other Burqa involving crime like Bank robber who wears Burqa when he committed crime. I have no doubt banning Burqa in the street and public place is best interest of all Australian peoples.

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  • Send em home of Melbourne Posted at 12:39 AM Today

Send em home

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  • Chris fowler Posted at 12:39 AM Today

Why is everyone so afraid to challenge muslims It is not racist to have an opinion about another religion this is what free speech is You have forgotten that

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  • John of Sydney of Sydney Posted at 12:43 AM Today

So next time a terrorist murders an Aussie while wearing a burka will also be free on appeal because the judges will not be sure who is behind the veil, too????

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  • Whistleblower of Melbourne Posted at 12:45 AM Today

This is what we get for letting these mindless morons into country. Radical Islamists are a curse and we don’t need any more of of them. Send them and their bloody burquas back to where they come from. We do not need radical Islamists in our country. In their countries we wouldn’t get a look in if we tried these antics.

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  • leedsiy of Mebourne Posted at 12:47 AM Today

This is absolute nonsense. Since when do we excuse aggressive and inappropriate behaviour because “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”. Stephen Hopper should take a reality check. Why do we excuse their bad behaviour here? If it is because they are used to bullying and getting their own way in their own country by vicious and unprincipled behaviour, should we allow it in Australia. I want people to behave in a culturally appropriate and lawful manner here. We are Australians and respect Australian Law. So should they and so should she have. Absolutely rude woman with issues.

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  • LJR Posted at 1:04 AM Today

This is a disgrace, and a perfect example of why the burka does not fit with our culture! They wonder why they face prejudice, yet they carry on like a pack of animals. What a joke!

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  • kastha of dandenong Posted at 1:07 AM Today

This is the faces of future Australians….(under Labor Govt)…be afraid…be very afraid

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  • Faceless Posted at 1:13 AM Today

Simple. Ban the thing called burka

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  • N Markulin of Canberra Posted at 1:16 AM Today

Ah, now wait for the explosion of crime committed by Burqa clad offenders. This dear Judge has just given the criminal element the ‘keys’ to the perfect crime. Wear a burqa, even if your caught, don’t let them view your face, and your home free. And what a truly human way to express ones joy and happiness, by attacking citizens and police! Happiness + violence = culturally appropriate! Hold the horses, there is another defence to a criminal act. Go out and beat somebody senseless, or worse, then claim the defence that it is ‘culturally appropriate’ to do so. I was only happy! What a marvellous Australia we are creating for our children. But then, I see no condemnation of the court result in this article, nor any out cry from the journalist about the actions of this persons supporters. Sgt Kearney got what he deserved right! Just cant trust those sneaky Police can you! Why on earth should they be out there enforcing the law, harassing burqa clad women, being racist and interfering with peoples ‘happy’ cultural celebrations. Really, what are the police thinking these days!.

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  • leigh of adelaide Posted at 1:34 AM Today

Yeah thats it, play the usual racist card.

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  • Candy of Melbourne Posted at 1:37 AM Today

They attack police and tv cameramen and this is ok as they “are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”. If they want to live in a culture like that, why did they come to Australia as that is not culturally appropriate here by any standard.

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  • JBob of Oakleigh Posted at 1:38 AM Today

Outrageous, covering yourself up, claiming prejudice whilst displaying a flagrant lack of regard for the truth and getting away with it! How will it ever be possible to prove crimes against burka wearing members of society if we can never prove who they are? Please dont claim prejudice to avoid following the laws all Australians are expected to follow. I previously believed in respecting religious traditions but this behaviour shows how such traditions can be used to manipulate situations unfairly.

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  • Howard of Melbourne Posted at 1:40 AM Today

Awesome, so I’ll start wearing burkas now. So i can get away with almost of everything! What a joke! And what gives these people any right to protest I’n our streets. Go bback to the middle east, we don’t want you here

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  • truther of United Kingdom Posted at 1:41 AM Today

“More than a dozen Muslim supporters linked arms and began chanting “Allah Uh Ahkbar”,and “All cops are racist.” It begins people……

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  • Get it off of Melbourne Posted at 1:43 AM Today

Fine, that only proves one thing to me…the legal right to wear a burka has got to go…forthwith.

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  • The law must change! of Melbourne Posted at 1:44 AM Today

What are the supporters supporting? The fact that a guilty person walked free? …or the fact that they know they can commit crimes whilst hiding their identity behind a burka? Yeah, right. That’s all we need.

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  • Darren Buchanan Posted at 1:47 AM Today

I am afraid France is right. It is time to BAN THE BURKA!!! If the legal system cannot identify a person because of their unwillingness to remove their facial covering then society should ban it and outlaw it altogether. Hell, even motorcycle riders and motorcycle club members take their face helmets off when asked to identify themselves. BAN THE BURKA…..BAN THE BURKA…..BAN THE BURKA. It is time for all Australians from all cultures to come together as one.

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  • Jacqui of Melbourne Posted at 1:49 AM Today

this is why the burka should be banned. I cant wear a helmet into a bank but they can wear their burka. I never had a problem until I heard about this case where they are using the burka to get away with breaking the law. Shame. Shame. Shame,

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  • Grid of Qld Posted at 1:55 AM Today

Good reason to ban the burka

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  • Ralph Posted at 1:57 AM Today

Attacking people in the street is “culturally appropriate to them”? That would be fine if it happened in the Middle East, but as we are in Australia perhaps we should be more concerned with what is “culturally appropriate” for us.

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  • fed up of reality Posted at 2:09 AM Today

so now anytime anyone wants to do something illegal, they should just wear a burka…

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  • Umberto Torazzi Posted at 2:11 AM Today

One rule for the Muslims, one for the christians. You gotta luve Australiastan.

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  • wiz of Melbourne Posted at 2:16 AM Today

This is going to be the ugly face of this country down the track …………. we have made a huge mistake with multiculturalism, look at the anger, hatred in this mans face. And look how they treat the women in their culture, hidden from head to toe and walking behind them like second class people. Mark my words, big big trouble ahead in this country

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  • Paul of melbourne Posted at 2:18 AM Today

wow….just wow, all cops are racist, OK i can make an equally ignorant remark, all Muslims are violent… do these people even realise that this will bring on stricter measures to people who wear burka’s in public to avoid this situation in the future?.

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  • The Mechanic of Melbourne Posted at 2:22 AM Today

The above photos and story speak volumes of how quickly Australia is going down the toilet . Motorcyclists , who constantly get beaten up in the public press , have since the 1970s willing abided by Australian Law on covering ones face whilst in a public place and removed their helmets for the security of all , whilst a Muslim Woman is allowed to cover her face . Australia executed the last full faced covered person in a public place accused of breaking a law whilst wearing a full face covering , Ned Kelly . It is racism against everyday Australians for this rubbish to continue . If you a migrant and you do not like living in one of the freest democracys in the entire World , simple . Leave now . Personally , I would respect you more for such a courageous decision .

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  • nh jan of Brisbane Posted at 2:23 AM Today

Look at the anger in that picture. Australia tread carefully, there is a muslim invasion of stealth taking place. Why do Muslim women think they are above the law and do not have to identify themselves by hiding behind a birka? Ban the stupid things NOW.

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  • Mick of Albury Posted at 2:30 AM Today

I oticed there’s not one other woman there supporting Carnita. Is that cause their not allowed out of the house?

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  • Peter Posted at 2:39 AM Today

WHAT A JOKE. Just ban the burka already.

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  • Ron of Melbourne Posted at 2:55 AM Today

Time to ban the burka. It is not appropriate in Australia. The police have the right to instruct the woman to raise her hood so they can idenitfy her. They are simply doing their job made impossible by the wearing of a burka

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  • Evan Posted at 3:02 AM Today

No one is above the law. To lie about something or someone; and then to hide behind a mask (religious or otherwise) is cowardly and shows that you have no self respect. In court all are equal and everyone must show their face. This woman has been used by others to push their agendas and they are taking advantage of so called ‘cultural sensitivities’ to mislead justice. Funny; people who rob, steal, assault also mask their faces to try to avoid capture and responsibility.

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  • Samantha of Mentone Posted at 3:15 AM Today

There goes the Australia we once had; get ready for more people playing the racism card and expecting special attention from our softly, softly approach.

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  • Show respect of Melbourne Posted at 3:23 AM Today

This judgment is disgusting. How dare they come into this country and demonstrate in this way with total disgust to the law of the land. Can anyone go to one of their hopelessly intolerant countries and behave in this manner. Come on Australia do not allow this to continue.

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  • Dale Dann of Sunbury Posted at 3:42 AM Today

Look at the hate in these people, get rid of them KNOW.

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  • Jason of TOORAK Posted at 3:44 AM Today

A small glimpse of the Australia’s future with so called Moderate Muslims seeking a so called new Life in this country. Just wait until they have the numbers and Australia will see what Israel and the Chinese in Indonesia have to put up with when the Muslims reach significant percentage of the population. They are an actively racist and intolerant towards all non Muslims. Just look at the hate on these faces.

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  • Strange of Perth Posted at 3:49 AM Today

Lets all wear Burkas so we can escape justice in Australia. The Muslim’s are on a winner here….and we all thought the Burka just had a religious meaning…HA…What a joke.

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  • Ray Cullen Posted at 3:49 AM Today

Great next time I have to front a Court I’ll wear a burka!

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  • john wilson Posted at 4:11 AM Today

this burka nonsense is another examble of the mainstream of our country having to assimilate to the needs of a strident minority, and in this case the confusion of identity is at the very reason they should not be be worn it seems like france is the only country with the backbone to say no to these people but as usual in our country it seems the tail wags the dog.

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  • Joc68 of Gold Coast Posted at 4:13 AM Today

We rest our case – this is exactly why burkas should be BANNED!

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  • bbb Posted at 4:14 AM Today

What ever country you move to or live in, it is your duty as a citizen to follow the law. If the law says no Burka, don´t wear the bloody thing, religion or no religion. Lock her back up, why do we always go soft when it comes to religion?

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  • Leigh of Melbourne Posted at 4:17 AM Today

And now we can see why the Burka needs to be banned. By useing it as a means to circumvent the law it is no longer a religious agument but a clear matter of public safty.

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  • Dave of Deans Marsh Posted at 4:17 AM Today

Ban the niqab in public!If she was wearing one when pulled over,the police have been extremely lenient.

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  • Steve Canty Posted at 4:37 AM Today

Want to see real racism? Try living in a Muslim majority country as a non-Muslim! They will give you no rights whatsoever and will not apologize for it.

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  • Jell of East Brunswick Posted at 4:47 AM Today

So let me get this straight: Police are racist if they ask for Muslim women to identify themselves properly, yet if they don’t enforce the identity request then charges are dropped through lack of proof? I’m sorry, i’m all for equality and acceptance but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The law is still the law, unless something has changed here that i’m unaware of, and no one should be exempt from that. After all, it is ‘equal’ standing we’re all looking for isn’t it?

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  • Madeline Archi- of Heidelberg Posted at 4:51 AM Today

Once more the system BOWS to these ‘persons’. Why don’t you journos print what the rest of us believe and write? You fear this 1% of the population who WANT everything THEIR way or NO way!

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  • karl Posted at 4:57 AM Today

and that is why we need to see faces….this is so BS…

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  • Tom of Melbourne Posted at 5:00 AM Today

“Ban the BurKa”…..I thought these people came here for a “Better Life”.and our “Centrelink ” ..not to bring their crap with them.

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  • All for one and one for all. Posted at 5:02 AM Today

Is this picture what the do-gooders refer to as multi culturism. It now seems that Australia has caught up with the rest of the world. Lady Justice is certainly Blind.

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  • David Woodham of Hillside Posted at 5:05 AM Today

multiculturism at its’ bet…NOT!!

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  • Kooiman of the outback Posted at 5:18 AM Today

here we have the reason for banning fully veiled women…we need to be able to id people in public. The violence demonstrated by her supporters and the cries of allah akbar send shivers through my spine and reminds me of why we prefer to live in a secular society. I am sick of religomaniacs running around being intolerant.

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  • Spin Cycle of Melbourne Posted at 5:24 AM Today

“They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them” – What about appropriate to Aussies?? Oh that’s right, we are infidels. Not long to go now.

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  • bobby from gppsland of gippsland Posted at 5:26 AM Today

these people are trouble makers deport them now

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  • Philip pouponneau of Clayton Posted at 5:28 AM Today

That young lady obviously has never experienced true racism let’s hope that she never does.

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  • WELL DONE Posted at 5:38 AM Today

Isn’t that the idea. They can get away with murder because they wear a burka. Ban them now. How is anyone going to tell whether it’s male or female under that thing.

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  • Elwood of Seattle Posted at 5:40 AM Today

That worked this time, and now we all know how the game is to be played. But what is with the “Allah Uh Ahkbar” thing? How does that have anything to do with things, other than to prove that they don’t accept Australian Law?

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  • Dragonfly Posted at 5:40 AM Today

This is multiculturalism at its startling best! Our legislators need to display the courage necessary to enact laws, without fear or favor, for the wellbeing of Australian citizens in general. Then our police need to be able to enforce those laws, again, without fear or favor.

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  • Elwood of Seattle Posted at 5:41 AM Today

They all seem very upset and angry. Maybe they should move back to where they come from, and remove themselves from the burden of Western life.

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  • Peter of Melbourne Posted at 5:43 AM Today


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  • Steve of Melton West Posted at 5:45 AM Today

That does it for me then. No burkas. As for Mrs Matthew’s lawyer Stephen Hopper defending them, saying: “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”, NO – NOT culturally appropriate! We live by the rule of law and that does not permit attacking camera crews and behaving like bloody savages.

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  • james Cleary of USA Posted at 5:46 AM Today

Quote;” “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”.End quote. It is amazing this statment can be used to identify these people, yet if Australians were to use the same statement we would be called racist! It should be made clear to these people prior to being allowed in the country that it is “culturally appropriate” that they be asked to remove the Burka when required. I’m sorry, but when it comes to matter like this then i am a racist. These people will use every excuse to use the race card. They will never be happy until they have control of the system. They are full of hate and as such will never fit into another society.

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  • Craig Posted at 5:50 AM Today

All cops are racist…… Hmmmm… Racism was bought into this country by people like you.

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  • Country Boy of King Herod’s Winter Palace Posted at 5:51 AM Today

Should read “Joke Clive Jeffreys said he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt…..” Tsk, tsk.

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  • MC of Melbourne Posted at 5:51 AM Today

And so it begins…..

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  • George of Brookfield Posted at 5:52 AM Today

So that’s how the religion of peace sets out to narrow the divide between the westerners and themselves, acting inappropiately outside of court. I wonder how a non-muslim would go, if he acted in such arrogance in an arab state?

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  • A realist of Heidelberg Posted at 5:55 AM Today

This is not a religion that Australia needs.

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  • sick of it… of melbourne Posted at 5:56 AM Today

im glad their lawyer is happy for them to express their views in a ‘way that is culturally appropriate to them’. maybe he should head back home WITH them and see what else they do to each other that is ‘culturally appropriate to them’. im pretty certain he might change his ridiculous lawyer way of thinking. this only proves to me that these people will try anything to prove that australians are racist, when it is actually themselves that are causing the problem. if we are all so racist, why the hell dont these people head back to where they came from. would be better for everyone.

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  • Country Boy of King Herod’s Winter Palace Posted at 5:57 AM Today

Does “Allah Uh Ahkbar” chanted by these medievalists, mean “Soft Left judges are great”?

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  • Peter of Seabrook Posted at 5:58 AM Today

Horrible people like this create tension all over the world. The same problems have been evident in Europe leading to major clashes with authorities and changes to their laws. This has nothing to do with racism by police but everything to do with the latent racism of their culture. Linking arms and chanting while clashing with those in their way is pure provication. Many police forces in the world, including the middle east, would have responded harshly.

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  • Joe Koops of mornington Posted at 6:00 AM Today

You show images of Muslim men fighting for their womens’ rights. How contradictory when they treat their women so poorly.

Comment 88 of 129

  • Rob of Vic Posted at 6:02 AM Today

So racism is hating clothes and religion now?

Comment 89 of 129

  • john good Posted at 6:03 AM Today

Exactly the reason they should be banned !!!

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  • Paul of Perth WA Posted at 6:06 AM Today

Welcome to Multiculturalism Australia 2011

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  • Tarquin of The Toorak Palace Posted at 6:06 AM Today

The photo certainly shows a lovely happy-go-lucky group of aussies pleased that their mate has been released from prison. I really do like how multiculturism brings out the best in people.

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  • Luke of Ormond Posted at 6:07 AM Today

A violent reaction and it is defended by saying “They are obviously happy with the result and are expressing it in a way that is culturally appropriate to them”. I don’t care what is “culturally appropropriate to them”, we have laws in this country that make it what it is. This is inexcusable, whether it is soccer hooligans, drunks on the streets, or anyone, such behaviour and disregard for the authority of police should not be tolerated. They should be ashamed. I wonder how many of them were born overseas and came here because of the future Australia can offer to them and their children…great way to show gratitude. As for the judgement, well, all you need now to get away with making false claims to police is wear a burkha…what’s this country coming to?!

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  • Alex of Townsville Posted at 6:09 AM Today

This is an absolute disgrace, an example of the racist banner being used to avoid your resposibilities. Regardless of religous conviction all people are required to identify themselves at all times when requested by authorities, failure to do so should result in immediate incarceration. Personally I believe the burqa should be banned in Australia as ther is no practical need for it and those using it have something to hide. If I wore one and refused to identify myself I would be arrested and jailed because I am proudly non muslim.

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  • Go figure Posted at 6:09 AM Today

I hate the direction Australia is taking. The very fabric of our society slowly disintegrating under the weight of being dictated to by minority groups tearing us apart.

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  • mark of MT Martha Posted at 6:09 AM Today

so now there is a precedent if a person wearing a burka robs a bank or shoots someone they will have a solid defence. This political correctness bull has got to stop.

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  • k of melbourne of melbourne Posted at 6:10 AM Today

so i guess the government has two sets of laws , wake up australia if anyone else had done this they would be charged. Go the the middle east and then see what would happen if we dont accept there laws we would get our head sliced off.

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  • Helmut Schmidt of Skye Posted at 6:12 AM Today

An other reason to ban burka’s

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  • Barry true Aussie of Brisbane Posted at 6:14 AM Today

Another lying moslum goes free, as every one saw when they left the court, all un-employed radicles.. there will be blood on our streets within 5 years, as the she will be right Australian attitude, will go, and lets fight to get our nation back rises.

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  • Big Dave of knoxfield Posted at 6:15 AM Today

So Mr Hopper thinks it is culturally appropriate for muslims to attack people when celebrating.How many were charged with assault or would that be racist.

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51 thoughts on “Burqa woman beats law- This is a disgrace to all law abiding Australians

  1. I believe in racial freedom.Yes everbody should be allowed to show their faith as they please.My way is , dont come knocking on my door,dont try and ram it down my throat and i will leave you alone..But also obey the law.Else we have chaos!
    Respect the cops,most do a great job.Underpaid,understaffed and overworked!
    Wear your bloody towels on your head by all means,remove it when asked ,saves a lot of bother.
    Of course i live in a small country town and we dont see many different races here often.Well they dont stay long lets put it that way?


  2. I will start wearing my BALACLAVA into the bank now when making withdrawals???? heheheheheheheh… To me wearing a burka, in Australia just doesn’t fit in?? Like wearing a Bikini in down-town IRAN………..
    These Muslims come to live in Australia for the freedom & escape the oppression in their own countries, IE ( Iran, Iraq,) etc, etc. & mostly for the better way of our life style.. They come here & behave like that on national TV. Seems they may be all Unemployed & enjoying the BENEFITS?? I’m not Racist but come on.. If we Australians behaved liked that over In their countries I dread to think what would happen to us over there?? DISAPPEAR???
    Jailed Indefinitely?? Seems to me, some MUSLIMS need to get out of the old ages & catch up to the 21st century..
    Fair enough have your Customs & religion, but there always seems to be a RADICAL MINORITY that gives other Muslims a bad name!!!


  3. They come to this country to be liberated and they should respect/ appreciated the freedom of choice they have in this country. Same apply as we go to visiting Muslim country we have to dress appropriately in order to respect their culture so why don’t they do the same here and the worse they bloody live here and don’t even respect Australian culture. Obviously these Muslim extremists just want to alienate themselves and don’t want to truly embrace what a true multicultural is and continue using this “racial” claim whenever suits them. I support Australia to follow France to ban this burqa all together as this is just getting ridiculous


    • As far as I know, Carnita Matthews was born here…

      Don’t get me wrong, I support banning the burqa, too, but to assume someone is an immigrant because they’re wearing one? You’ll get yourself labeled doing that =)


      • Do you really need me to be explicit? *sigh* It was mostly a joking comment, but if you assume someone is an immigrant because they wear a burqa and make trouble, then some people would label you a racist. I, personally would need more confirmation before I did but there is definitely a culturally biased judgement being made…


    • You realise the irony of saying they came here to have freedom of choice in the same breath as you say that they aren’t allowed to wear the burqa because they need to respect our culture… right?


  4. This Carnita Matthews if she lives in a muslim country and MAN is the LAW, and the way she spoken to the police officer…if only she lives in Muslim country…she probably altready got her tongue cut out as a punishment.


  5. Totally spot on!!
    Or she would of been stoned in Public, from or in country of origin….
    Muslim Men tell there woman what to do & what too where, regards to there religion??
    Cover up face & all bare Skin..???
    That too me in the 21st century, this is the dark ages!!
    I go down the beach & see Muslim Men wearing next too nothing, looking at Aussie Woman Wearing Bikinis & next too nothing, wolf whistling & carrying on, while maybe their wives are at home sweating from the heat..
    Total Bloody Hypocrites I say …..
    Woman I say, if your got it SHOW IT……………


  6. She is going for costs now!!!! I I also read the diatribe on the husbands facebook site….I need to get hold of it, raving on how aussie soldiers are raping Muslim women…



    and then this…………………

    His Facebook page, with the profile picture of a bloodied fist replaced yesterday by a handcuffed figure in a burqa, has messages from supporters such as: “Allah akbar, may all the pigs burn in hell inshallah”.

    It features videos of Osama bin Laden, slurs against infidels and “Kufaars” (non-Muslims), “American pig savages” and “Zionist dogs”. Last weekend Ibrahim wrote: “YA ZIONIST DOGS THERE WILL BE A DAY VERY SOON THAT YOULL FIND NO SHELTR NOR A WALL TO HIND (sic) BEHIND AND WE WILL EAT YOUR FLESH AND SPIT IT TO OUR DOGS TO CHEW OFF.”


    A video also appears with the title “8 US soldiers killed in Iraq” accompanied by the message from Ibrahim: “Keep them Comming (sic)”.



    • Woooah Robbo, that is some really nasty crap hey? I hope the authorities are onto this “gang”. This type of western hatred, threats and racial vilification should see this guy charged with something ?! Extremism of any form has never and will never be tolerated in Australia.
      If people wanna wear a burqa, a turban, a balaclava, a helmet, or a paper bag on their head – then you can, because in this country we are cool and almost open minded about that type of thing. But if you are asked to identify for yourself by a member of the police force, or your proctologist, for example – then you have to take your hat thingy off.
      Until we are all tracked by fingerprints or microchips – facial recognition with accompanying ID is the only option. Ignorance is no excuse.


    • WHAT… This tool lives here???
      Makes me wonder how these people come here, or even want too.
      When they write this crap!!
      I don’t think I have read or heard of any solider RAPING Muslim Woman????


  8. Hi Perplexed,
    I understand what you mean but I’m just stating the fact that all of us are descendant of migrant to Australia at some point. First fleet Anglo Saxon, followed by gold rush Chinese, Italian, Greek, so at some point could be the parents, grandparents great grandparents etc migrated to Australia to have a better life, liberated from war torn country etc. Aborigine is the native people of Australia. Those who came as migrant or even born here, surely their parents or grandparents were a migrant in some way, via war torn, education, business etc. To be honest you didn’t see the Greek, Italian, Chinese, and Indian migrant or 1st/ 2nd generation born in Australia tried to demand this and that – even all of them still strongly have their belief and culture and able to assimilate. This Extremist people are creating nothing but trouble, I bet if Australia government send them all back to Muslim country – any part of United Saudi Arab these people won’t last a day, cos there are no welfare there to support them in the 1st place. Secondly if a woman behaved like that to the authority I’m sure she will be killed without even have to be trial nor heard let alone try to seek compensation. So again double standard that they don’t want to respect our Australian culture but they happy to use Australian/ western law when suits them, when they want to seek compensation or fair justice include freedom of speech such as posting these vile statements as Robbo described in Face book. Do you think if a westerner lives in Saudi Arabia or any Muslim country able to do such???
    Even some of my good Muslim friends are so ashamed by these extremist behaviours


  9. Robbo,
    If you want more info on Muslim way of life there is a good site called Plancks Constant.
    The man is obviously anti Muslim but the articles make for interesting reading


  10. Im not a racist but this case makes me so mad. They come to OUR country and demand so much for their religion. We don’t get away with wearing a helmet into a bank, service station (you shouldn’t even fill your bike up with petrol with your helmet on) or shop yet they can. They even made headlines about the wanting a swimming pool for muslims as they are offended seeing AUSTRALIANS in our own country showing skin in bathing suits. If they don’t like OUR rules in Australia they should go back to their own country. If you were to go to their country and wear a bathing suit at the beach you could get arrested. They even want schools just for muslims. Australian Government its about time you stood up to this and say NO to their demands before it’s to late and they are running our country!!!!!!!!


  11. Perplexed.

    A previous post answered by you, Quote!!

    As far as I know, Carnita Matthews was born here… ????

    How did you come to this conclusion??

    Your answer to something I spoke about!!
    YOU SAID..
    Don’t get me wrong, I support banning the burqa, too, but to assume someone is an immigrant because they’re wearing one? You’ll get yourself labeled doing that =)

    Do you really need me to be explicit? *sigh* It was mostly a joking comment, but if you assume someone is an immigrant because they wear a burqa and make trouble, then some people would label you a racist. I, personally would need more confirmation before I did but there is definitely a culturally biased judgement being made…

    The SIGH remark..
    Yeah I’m stupid & thick as a house brick!!
    You said mostly a joke??
    Well I didn’t laugh??

    I’m not a Racist, & you NEVER said I was..

    A Nun wears a habit, so being as thick as a house brick as I am, I naturally assume SOME a not AUSTRALIAN.. They may come from any part of the world.. I did go to a Catholic school, where Nuns Taught..

    Australia woman marry Muslim men & take up their customs????? IE by wearing the Burqa???

    You come across to me, as being more a intelligently more educated superior human being than I??

    Maybe so???

    I looked up in the dictionary, like you quoted in another answer, from one I my stupid quotes, or answer..
    ( Urban Dictionary wasn’t it??? )
    See I’m learning from you already?????????

    per·plexed (pr-plkst)

    1. Filled with confusion or bewilderment; puzzled.
    2. Full of complications or difficulty; involved.

    Hang on…
    I have too go?????
    The bell has gone??
    That means here where I am, ITS MEDICATION TIME……………. hehehhehheheheheheheheh
    Maybe the shrink here needs to change my medication, as I am misreading & taking things out of context???????????

    Dont take it too heart..
    I’m just a BIGMOUTHED smartarse………


    • I’ll answer you once then ilk write you off as a troll.

      Multiple ne wE
      ws reports refer to Carnita Matthews as being Australian born.

      I was not replying to you when I made the “labeled” comment but to Mrs Morris and our was a semi-facetious reference to comments made by us in a different thread.

      The *sigh* was because it is extremely obvious what I meant regarding the label.

      I want trying to make you laugh.

      That’s right, I never said you were a racist. Not sure why you felt the need to put that there…

      Not sure what relevance nuns and your “education” have here.

      I’m glad you


      • Sorry – hit send instead of enter – they’re close together on my phone. To continue:

        I’m glad you *seem* to have a sense of humor – I can’t see much point to that comment otherwise.

        I use the name perplexed on here because the first comment I posted was in reference to the kapunda killings and the idea that one teenager managed to overcome two adults and another teen does, in fact, perplex me.

        Yes, you have taken things – very simple things, at that – out of context, which makes me question the ability of your aforementioned nuns to teach adequately. That combined with your bizarre mangling of language makes me question the education system, in fact.

        Seeing as you’re so keen to take my advice – perhaps you should get the chip off your shoulder and accept that this blog (and the world in general) does not focus on you. Most of the things you’ve ranted about here are the result of you jumping into the middle of a conversation or comment section without processing what else had been said.

        Now, run along. We’re done here. I may respond to future comments by you if they’re intelligible and relevant but I won’t be explaining myself to you any more, mkay?


      • And if you’re planning on criticising the typos in the message, don’t bother. Here’s a correction/clarification list:

        I’LL write you off as a troll

        Most NEWSPAPERS refer to her as Australian born.

        Have a good day…


  12. Hi Perplexed & Mr Big Mouth,
    That “label” from Perplexed is directed to me…..so please don’t take offense and its purely a joke as sometimes in this forum you might get few “unwanted supporter” from Carnita side and start attacking…so for Perplexed is for me to be more cautious (good intention)…guess sometimes “no good deeds goes unpunished” applied in here…;-))


  13. Perplexed..
    Troll????????????????????????????? Robbo doesn’t like Trolls either?? Point it out..
    I wont bother any-more, its all too hard..
    I will just read your posts….
    OH & you have a good day too………


  14. 1 or 5% of ”muslim’ population does not mean all muslims are the way you are all describing them… They are all normal, civilised & good hearted honest people just like you all are. If one muslim burka women does something you dont like dont go become sterotypical… They do not intend on taking over any country as this country so please respect the religion as you need to understand the truth not the lies we get told by this 5% that are on media.


    • Elle.

      You are right.

      But the other day seeing her leave court & all her Male Muslim friends ( MOB ) behind her YELLING ALLAH AKBAR??? Doesn’t leave a good impression.
      Muslim Leaders of the Community where she comes from, should get her in front of national TV & get her too apologise?? At the end of the day she was wearing a Burqa, when the policeman pulled her over, & all he is trying to do, is do his job, looking at her licence & face to prove too himself she is the holder of that licence.
      ( If I have the event right what I saw )
      I’m just going by police car camera Video, of the Incident.
      I don’t think that when you apply for a licence & a photo shot is done they are permitted to leave the burqa over her face..
      I’m not sure if in their own country of origin this happens??
      Or for matter of fact they can drive.
      I’m just not up with all that..
      Like I have said in the past, its a minority of ( fanatical Muslims ) that give that Bad Impression… Then in turn this gives the good Muslims a bad image & name to others who read or watch..

      Citizenship Pledge 1


      From this time forward, under God, I pledge
      my loyalty to Australia and its people, whose
      democratic beliefs I share, whose rights and
      liberties I respect, and whose laws I will uphold
      and obey.

      Citizenship Pledge 2


      From this time forward, I pledge my loyalty to
      Australia and its people, whose democratic
      beliefs I share, whose rights and liberties I
      respect, and whose laws I will uphold and obey.

      What the Media write Id only believe 30%, they like too beat things up, too sell more papers!!



  15. To all Bank robbers, Store robbers, Night stalkers, Drink drivers, Drug dealers, and everyone else thinking of committing a crime in a public place: If you want to hide your identity, the Burqa is the way to go!


    • I dare say, going back too the Postcard Bandit ( Brendan Abbott ) Days
      Remember Him??
      I say he would be having a field day with this get up???
      But now They have screen shutters & all other security measures in Place these days!!
      But Id say now he be a much older & wiser man now, still in Prison..
      Was a very smart Bank Robber!!
      I don’t condone what did, he terrified his victims, but he was one of a kind..


  16. If I were Muslim I’d be pissed off at this woman for dragging our credibility lower.

    And to those people who say she has the right to follow her religion – remember that religion has laws too, so she has to decide which laws she chooses – her religion or this country.
    She is taking advantage of both – the Australian law that gives her the right to be a free woman who can hold a license, drive, and travel alone… and then turns around and demands the right to remain behind her mask (which is exactly the only reason she used it for in this particular case.)


  17. I find this really upsetting , I lived in the Middle East ( UAE , Bangladesh and Saudi ) for 3 years , I complied with their laws as I was living in their counrty , if I didn’t I faced a jail term and had my passport taken from me . To give you an example I slept in one morning and , being late for a hairdressing appointment , I left my apartment forgetting to put on my black covering , ie dressed like an aussie with jeans and a shirt . I suffered incredible harassment , I was pinched , leered at and had my breasts touched , just GOING TO THE HAIRDRESSERS 100 yards from my place . If they can not abide by our rules , go back to your country , this is my country and I love it passionately. I feel sorry for the policeman . We are a peace loving nation , this is a day of shame and worries me greatly !


    • Hi Karen.
      Imagine if you had a Aussie boyfriend with you & he stepped in to stop the Harassment???
      I’m Aussie born & Bred, well maybe from convict stock originally.
      Going to another country I wouldn’t even contemplate, even here, of doing that kind of thing..
      Maybe wolf whistle if I saw a pretty woman??
      Id like to hear from a Muslim woman, on the situation that happened with the policeman.
      What would happen to her if she behaved like she did in her own country??
      What would the out come of been??
      Australia is becoming far too lenient, & nanny like…
      This country is a great place to live, compared to other places.
      At the end of the day I haven’t seen a Muslim Leader come out & condemn her, for her behaviour?? Maybe she should face a court of her own Religious peers here??? If she wears the Burqa SHE MUST BE VERY RELIGIOUS, so I guess she wouldn’t have a problem with that???


  18. Petrol stations banned the wearing of Motorcycle helmets into their stores??

    Maybe the banks could start the movement??


    Any practising Muslim woman needs to cover their face in the presence of other men at all times apart from family, as in the muslim religion showing the face and body can be seen as a very provocative statement.

    How do Muslim men control themselves down the beach, with all The Aussie woman baring skin & WEARING BIKINIS…

    I LOVE Australia……. Bigmouth..

    Here is a site to read over some comments!! http://www.aussiemuslims.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-27078.html


  19. Here’s an interesting point:


    I have to say that they look remarkably similar to me. I think the appeal judge was wrong to make a call like this based on his own opinion, not that of a forensic document analyst. I also question why (if she is innocent) she fought so hard against having the signatures published. Surely if she is so adamant that she had no knowledge of the complaint she would be keen to have them compared in order to clear her name?

    I’m glad that this is not being let dropped as it affects a number of issues that need to be clarified for everyone’s benefit.


  20. Where are all the extremist australians?..the ones diagnosed with less than 12 months to live…arm yourselves men andstart blowing these ragheads away.


  21. Your the tool perplexed you raghead loving parasite.It’s clowns like you that would release all boat people in detention centres ,effective immedieatly…you support the fat ugly berkha bitches…you are un australian and should towel up and become a raghead yourself you ignoramus.


    • Is that really the best you can come up with? Lol – you poor fool. I’d direct you to my previous comments where I have advocated banning the burqa AND supported mandatory detention but I don’t want to be responsible for that scrap of tissue that you fondly think of as your “brain” exploding. I think ALL religion should be abolished as it leads to crap like this. Just because I am opposed to such breathtaking exhibitions of stupidity as the one you have displayed does not mean I am pro-burqa, a fact you would have discovered if you had stretched your obviously abysmal attention span and actually read the comments that were posted before your inane babble.

      Now – if you want to look like even more of an idiot than you already do, keep this going. Otherwise get back under your bridge of stupidity, troll.


  22. While it is a concern that the malicious complainant Carnita Matthews went free and is applying for costs; the good news is the law is being ammended.
    All of this drama could have been averted if the original officer had the law behind him when he requested Carnita Matthews remove her Nyquab to identify herself. NSW is enacting laws to require exactly that and Victoria is also considering following suit.
    While Carnita Matthews may escape retribution for her disgusting behaviour, the loophole is being closed. That is cause for good cheer.
    It should be Australia wide immediately.


  23. Burn the burqa and all those fat bitches who wear them..burn all burqa loving sympathisers like perplexed…load perplexed and all his islam friends into a rocket and launch them into space where hopefully they will burn on re entry to earths atmosphere on there way back to leba kong.


  24. A law should be passed that anyone caught wearing a burqa should be horsewhipped in public..then sent on there way minus the burqa…they are the swine of australia..the unclean meat..all muslims should be forcibly relocated to tasmania.


  25. Back In 2008 and again in 2011 Attorney General Robert McClelland said that he ruled out the introduction of Sharia law and that the Government is not considering and will never consider the introduction of ANY PART of Sharia law. Kevin Rudd and self appointed Prime Minister Julia Gillard also pretended to block Sharia Law from being introduced into Australia. The Australian Government has always been good at propaganda but this tops the list. Our politicians are addicted to lying and deceiving the public. It’s what they do best. In reality the same Government was already actively involved in the development of Islamic Sharia/banking finance and the Halal export beef program. Australian Government officials have traveled extensively to the middle east to lure Islamic finance and investment promoting Australia as Sharia friendly.The Government has declared that it is all about providing choice for Muslims while gaining access to petro dollar capital.
    Our traitorous Government is selling out its own citizens to Islamic slavery.

    In 2008 Robert McClelland said that polygamous relationships were unlawful and would remain so and that there was no way that the Government will be recognizing polygamy. However, in the same year, changes to the family law act made provisions to accommodate Muslim men and their multiple wives and children.–polygamous religious marriages entered into in Australia are recognized by the Government. “It means up to four wives can be validly married under Islamic Sharia law.

    Robert McClelland said that the Family Law Act included specific provision for courts to consider, among other factors, an individual’s lifestyle and background culture and traditions.
    “Valid Muslim polygynist marriages, lawfully entered into overseas, are recognized, with multiple wives and their children able to claim welfare and other benefits,” He said
    “The Government believes these provisions to be adequate,”
    This is just another demonstration of the utter contempt that this Government has for its own citizens. It is indeed disgusting that our Members of Parliament who obviously care nothing about family values and the democratic values that they supposedly represent can amend Australian laws as they please to accommodate the Muslim minority

    The following article was sourced from the Australian Government website
    (2010) The case for official recognition

    Given that many of Australia’s 350,000 Muslims are already regulating their lives according to Sharia, it is logical to officially recognise and support this. Sharia regulates the legal relationships many Australian Muslims enter into and out of, including marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance, as well as contractual and commercial dealings. Among Australian Muslims, there exists a strong preference to have legal questions answered and disputes settled by persons with Islamic credentials. Except in rare cases, this does not mean there is rejection of Australian laws, but instead there is a desire to conform with Sharia law when it is possible to do so. Muslims as minorities in secular societies like Australia have been recognised as skilled “cultural navigators” able to manoeuvre through two systems of law, one of their nation and the other of their faith.

    In 2009 Attorney General Robert McClelland removed all words from the official lexicon that
    identified Muslims/Islam with terrorism, for fear of offending Muslims, yes folks, it’s true, the Muslims useful idiots in Government wanted to ‘protect’ Australians from the truth about barbaric Islam. Group hugs with the Arabs is all part of the Australian Governments $20 billion dollar counter- terrorism efforts.

    The Government needs to stop playing their little game of ” Lets pretend to stop the terrorists.”


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