14-YEAR-OLD boy who stabbed mother of 3, Rosa Mercuri ,gets bail!

In what can be described as nothing short of a tragic waste of life,

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy charged with killing a mother-of-three after egging her house has been released on bail after a court heard the fatal stabbing was triggered by a “very minor” clash between rival groups of teenaged boys.

Rosa Mercuri lies on the side of the road after being fatally stabbed

Rosa Mercuri, 40, was at home with her family on Sunday night when their Lalor property, in Melbourne‘s northern suburbs, was egged by a group of boys about 8pm.

She and her husband, identified as Pat, went outside to investigate and pursued the boys in their car, taking their 11-year-old daughter with them.

A homicide detective investigating the case yesterday told a children’s court Ms Mercuri died from a single stab wound when she encountered the accused boy, who cannot be identified, a few blocks from her house.

She was still with her daughter, while her husband had left to chase some of the boys on foot.

Ms Mercuri and the accused boy allegedly became involved in a struggle.

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She received a fatal wound to her upper body.

He suffered a wound to the head.

She quickly died, with her daughter left sobbing over the body while her husband tried vainly to resuscitate her.

The detective said the boys had gone to throw eggs at the Mercuri house because of an “ongoing dispute” of “a very minor nature” with another group of boys.

Ms Mercuri had two teenaged sons, one of them telling the Herald-Sun they believed the egg attack was random and a house down the street was also pelted.

“It’s never happened before,” he said.

“We’ve never really had fights with anyone.” Ms Mercuri’s son said his mother would never stand for the prank on an innocent family.

“She always had the guts in the family,” he told the newspaper.

The 14-year old, who lives with his father and brother in nearby Bundoora, has been charged with manslaughter.

Police did not oppose his bail, saying they were satisfied there was little risk of further violence.

Other youths, including the boy’s 20-year old brother, were questioned and released without charge.

The boy, who is of Asian descent, has no previous convictions and has agreed to report to police once a week and surrender his passport before appearing again in October.

He appeared calm and expressionless throughout yesterday’s hour-long hearing, occasionally glancing at his father.

Anne Watson, who lives in the street where Ms Mercuri died, said a loud scream brought her outside to see what was happening.

“There was a body on the ground and this man was saying ‘Wake up, wake up’,” she said. “Then he said: ‘She hasn’t got a heartbeat’ ”

Police found an Asian boy believed to be a friend of the accused hiding in the bushes outside a nearby house.

“He said: ‘I’ve had an asthma attack; I can’t breathe,” Mrs Watson said.

POLICE say an egging incident which resulted in a 14-year-old boy being charged with the manslaughter of a mother of three was sparked by a minor dispute.

The boy has been bailed after appearing in a children’s court today charged with the stabbing death of Rosa Maria Mercuri, 40, who died in a street in Melbourne’s north last night.

Police will examine a head injury sustained by the boy in the alleged attack.

Ms Mercuri was pursuing a group of youths who threw eggs at her home in Tunbridge Crescent in Lalor last night when the incident unfolded.

Detective Senior Constable Matthew Tuininga told the court the egg throwing incident resulted from a “very minor dispute” between two groups of males.

Detective Senior Constable Tuininga said the boy told police he received a head injury after the knife he was holding during the fatal altercation came back at him forcefully and he struck himself in the head.

The magistrate gave police approval to obtain a mouth swab from the boy to match it with DNA found at the crime scene.

They were also given permission to undertake a forensic examination of him to determine the extent of his head wound.

The magistrate bailed the boy, noting his young age, family support and the fact the prosecution did not oppose his release.

The accused is due back in court in October.

Police arrested five people – four teenagers and a 20-year-old – in relation to the incident, which occurred about 8.15pm (AEST).

The 20-year-old, who is the brother of the accused, and three teenagers who were questioned over the stabbing were later released.


38 thoughts on “14-YEAR-OLD boy who stabbed mother of 3, Rosa Mercuri ,gets bail!

  1. Disturbing!!
    Husband now without a wife, & 2 sons & daughter as well, without their mother!!
    All over Bloody pelting eggs at a house??
    The magistrate bailed the boy, noting his young age, family support and the fact the prosecution did not oppose his release.
    The 14-year old, who lives with his father and brother in nearby Bundoora, has been charged with manslaughter.
    Impulse, Random, or running with a bad crowd??
    14 years old??
    Should be able to Know right from Wrong??
    Carrying a knife??
    Yeah Family Support??
    Brother 20 years old of the accused with them??
    I really think the 14 year old needs a taste of Melbourne Juvenile Justice centre, till The accused is due back in court in October.
    Maybe his friends can sit in cells beside him as well, with his brother in Melbourne Remand Centre,CONTEMPLATING the outcome of their Actions…..
    At the end of it all, a life has been has been lost forever!!


  2. While I agree that this should never have happened, what the hell was she doing (a) chasing a bunch of kids in her car (b) piling her 11 year old child in with them and (c) getting out of the car when she did?

    I have to wonder what exactly she thought she was going to achieve on this little family outing. Probably planning on having a giggle while she watched her husband beat up a teenager.

    I an not, in any way whatsoever, trying to justify it mitigate what this kid did. IMO he should be punished severely.

    But the familial response to something that could have been rectified with a hose makes me think that they are no angels either. What sort of idiot makes a family outing of retribution against egg-throwers?

    Your right to defend your property stops at the property line (after that this family was just perpetuating the problem) and NOBODY should take the kiddies along when they chase thugs.

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  3. Pack of idiots in a car with nothing else to do on a weekend. Now someone is DEAD.

    Poor 14 yo (little shit) gets literally away with it….

    Some people have done minor stuff, that I would not even call theft (taking old stuff from an open area, that is being thrown away anyway, which I knew it was at the time) You should have heard the rubbish, and the way i was treated was really scary (for a 16 yo at the time).

    The police, and the crims all SUCK, And all should be given a kick up the bloody arse. The “law’ here is a FARCE!


  4. The age shouldn’t be the key indicator for the soft punishment. 14 years old should know the difference between the right and wrong. Committed the adult crime then he should be punish like an adult.

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    • Yes exactly. Even i knew better as a 14 yo.

      This idiot should NOT be lot free, he should be in an adult jail, seeing that he thinks it is so cool to be an “adult-like” crim. Teenage heroes nowadays are even worse than ever before. THEY KILL.


  5. I feel sorry for the loss of mother, after all of these kids. We have had similar incident by these housing commision kids here in a Sydney suburb close to Penrith. In late evening or midnight these teenage boys simply throw rocks and rottle eggs and runaway. We have had enough with these kids and their parents don’t even seems punish them. We had many complaints to police and they said they can’t do much as they are teenagers… FInally we decided to sell our house and move away.

    I learned a lesson from that, never ever buy a property near housing commission, as some of these stray kids without having proper parental care damage and vandalised properties..

    I think the law needs to be reviewd even if they are kids they needs some kind of punishments or their parents or carer should be punished onbehalf of their kids.


  6. Hi again, Still reading your blogs.
    It’s hard with troubled teenagers. You really shouldn’t run after them, as a lot carry knives now and it’s just not worth it, as you can see. We really are becoming a little New York in some areas. It’s such a shame for this family that they made the choice to chase and I think they wouldn’t have expected the ending that has happened. I worked at Parkville Youth Detention Centre for a while and the other shame is, that I didn’t see any rehab going on either. There are villa units they live in and for school, they mostly watch videos, as the teachers can’t handle them. So there’s no rehab and no schooling, which leads to repeat offenders! I was very disappointed in the youth prison system when I was there.


    • Scoring with the 15 year old chickies would be my bet. That’s usually the case in similar situations. His own peers don’t admire him enough, so he hangs out with the kiddies being the cool one with the licence, the car and the ability to buy the alcohol. For that he gets admiration and bimbos – it’s the perfect life for some sad sacks.


  7. I think it’s interesting that nobody on here seems to accept that this woman and her husband MUST accept some of the blame for this.

    It was their decision to chase that led to this, nearly as much as the kid carrying the knife. What he did was reprehensible and he should be punished severely for it, but if they hadn’t done what they did we wouldn’t be discussing it now.

    Am I the only one who can see this? Mark me down without comment if you must, but a conversation that comprises of everybody saying “yeah!” in different ways is pretty dull.

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    • Bigmouth. (Troll as you wrote me off as!! )
      Yeah a hose & brush & water & a bit of sweat would of fixed the issue??
      Well Mrs Mercuri is DEAD…
      I really think now Mr Mercuri KNOW LOOKING BACK, his idea of chasing after the youth now WILL live with him for the rest of his life??? Hot-headed???
      Not knowing the Mercuris, they probably wanted to confront & ask WHY our house!!
      Took pride in their house??
      Maybe Citizens arrest??
      Now this incident seems dangerous now to any citizen???? Eyes will turn on Crime??
      I don’t think the police would really respond to such a petty incident like this?????
      Not knowing any facts It seems, Maybe Mrs Mercuri confronted the teen rushing at him & her Life is over!!! Not thinking in her moment of rage that the little gutless shit was carrying a knife??
      This incident just now proves, the problem out there with some teens thinking its cool too carry Knifes??? Seems his 20 year old brother was not the role model he should be???
      But on the other hand, Me personally if it was my house, would of chased the little shit down,grabbed him by the scuff of the neck & given him a good keep up the arse, dragged the little shit back & given him the brush. Some good old Aussie Justice???
      If that’s a cause for my arrest so be it.. Id deal with that in Court…
      Call me stupid so be it….
      Id be fucked off, big-time, if some shits were doing this too my Castle??


      • You’re joking, right? You honestly think they all jumped in the car & chased down a bunch of teenagers to politely wring their hands and ask “But why our house?”

        Garbage. They were off to do exactly what you said YOU would do – give ’em a thumping & *maybe* take them to the cops afterward.

        And this is the result.

        FYI – I didn’t say you WERE a troll, I said that if you kept (wilfully?) misunderstanding a point I clarified and re-clarified and taking what I said out of context, THEN I would write you off as a troll – go back and re-read if you doubt this.


  8. Being a vigilante with your young child in the car seems pretty foolish to me. There are other (more creative) ways the family could have dealt with this. Tend to side with perplexed that the family will no doubt be blaming themselves, as us commentators sit her and ponder why would you bother with the brats?

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    • Perplexed..

      You are totally spot on with what you say, if the Mercuris didn’t go of & chase down the youths we wouldn’t be talking about this at all…
      To clarify what I said I would do, I didn’t say Id would be thumping him, I don’t go about thumping or assaulting Minors. Vigilante I am NOT.. All I said was Id grab him by the scuff of the neck, kick him up the ARSE & drag him back & give him the brush & hose!!!! Clean up his mess!!
      Maybe Id would of chased him down & given him an egging??
      As for the police I wouldn’t even bother them..
      Humiliation would be my point????



      • I think egging then back is possibly the best response. Could you imagine the shock on their faces? Especially if a few windows all burst open at once & they got “caught in a crossfire”? =D


  9. Bigmouth what you say seems the rite way for these teenage kids, however if police caught you will be the one in trouble, as they are just kids, underage.. As a person we faced these kind of incident before telling, its not worth and these kids are uncontrollable by their parents or step parents as well..
    What i notice mostly is these big teenagers over age of 18, gather these little underage kids and tell, just go to that home and throw the eggs or bang in the colorbond fence door. If the kids say they can’t do it, the big teenagers says the underage boys as you are chicken.. so these kids doing it.. For these underage kids they think its fun, but i do beleive these kids need a good guidance..


    • To be honest, I doubt police would be a problem in a situation like the one you describe. You’d be far more likely to have an angry adult male on your doorstep planning on pummeling the crap out of you (at least) for beating up a child. The basic mistake you are making is assuming that just because they don’t care what their kids do to you, they don’t care what you do to their kids. VERY big mistake.

      Sure, some might call the police but I think those would be in the minority.


    • Well my way too many, would be the wrong way!!!
      I’m just an Individual with my own way of dealing with things!!
      We are all Individuals, with our own minds & feelings…
      The Older 20 year old brother of this youth is not the role model he should of been. Showing his own little brother what’s Right from Wrong?? The older Brother seems to have the Intelligence of a toad.. The older brother cannot cut it with others his own age??
      Gathers the younger brother & his friends to look big in front of them?? Car so on…
      If someone hangs with the wrong crowd, & they say do this do that or your a Chicken??
      Wiser & a smarter move, to walk away & find new friends!!


  10. Bring back capital punishment for people where it is proven without a doubt that they murdered somebody. Even the toughest criminal of all would be more wary of using a knife then.
    Bleeding hearts and do gooders who have nothing better to do call Capital Punishment barbaric but hey if somebody takes a life, they don’t deserve to live. Kill them in the same way in which they killed their victims.


    • We DONT want, or need the “Death Penalty” in this country. It does NOT deter people at all.

      Capital punishment is from an old age gone by…….. keep it there. We need to fix this civilisation, not kill. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      “Bleeding hearts and do gooders who have nothing better to do call Capital Punishment barbaric” as you put it falls into that category. Two wrongs DO NOT make a right.

      Executioners are just “legalised” killers, so they are murderers too.



    • ” hey if somebody takes a life, they don’t deserve to live. Kill them in the same way in which they killed their victims”

      So if your grandma (for example) lost control of her car, ran someone over and killed them, you’d be ok with strapping her down on the highway and driving over her? It’s what you seem to be advocating with your oh-so-well-thought-out post…

      Remember: Engage brain BEFORE activating keyboard =)


      • Some people unfortunately DONT engage the brain before anything. Never mind to say a keyboard, Good on you for what you posted. It might make people see the truth of what is happening. And NO I don not condone this silly 14yo kid with a knife. This world needs to change FAST. This kind of thing is getting sickening. The “Death Penalty” is just as sick as who it kills.


    • @Molly Blue … I am pro-capital punishment for certain cases (Julian Knight, Dupas, Bailey, Anita Cobby’s murderers etc) but I draw the line at 14 year olds. Are you seriously asserting the death penalty would be appropriate in this case with a juvenile !?!?


  11. ” Shoot, Shovel & Shut up about it” The Police are NOT here to protect you from the DREGS of Society. They are here to clean up the mess.


  12. I believe that the 14 year old child should be dealt with summarily and be charged the same as an adult, seeing he is 14 and considered a minor the likelyness of jail is ruled out, in saying that he should be charged when he turns 18 and sentenced to jail then.

    The fact he was carrying a knife as a minor is a offence on its own, the fact he damaged personal property by throwing the eggs is also an offence of its own.. really the bail conditions are screwed up!!

    Too soft is the outcome here im afraid!!


  13. The simple fact that this “minor” committed a serious crime, with serious consequences and has been granted bail is the severe miscarriage of justice here.

    The fact, that I am sure in the “minors” mind that he is “free” is disgusting.

    The justice system for all offenders needs a SWIFT KICK.

    What type of message is this sending to the “minors” in our society? simple answer,that they will “really” not be held accountable for their actions. That the system will be lenient to them.

    That in itself is the wrong message to send.


  14. This crime is in the same vein as the sickening murder of 63 year old South Australian woman Pirjo Kemppainen who was was beaten with a concrete paver and repeatedly stabbed with a knife that broke off in her skull. The woman had actually phoned police to report a rock being thrown through her window but the police failed to attend. Two fourteen year olds are currently on trial in the SA Youth Court charged with her murder. If convicted, these boys should not go to some cushy Youth Training Centre. This is an adult crime and they should do adult time in an adult prison.


    • No. It’s completely different. Pirjo Kemppainen in no way put herself in danger. She was inside her home and called for assistance. Rosa Mercuri was in a public, confrontational situation that she voluntarily participated in. And where she placed her child in danger, I might add… There is little to nothing in common with these crimes apart from the age of the perpetrators.

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  15. More of these little shits should b chased and have their arses kicked! Where r the cops? Where r their parents? Insurance premiums and cost of living is so high as it is that families r desperate and aggressive. Then these little shits come and damage what little they have. Kick their little arses! Lock them and their mates in a cell with pictures of the dead chick and her family! Let them c what they’ve done. Then maybe other little shits will respect the average Ozzie battler!


  16. to the cops @prosecution u weak guttless mother fuckers somebody who steal for food u refuse bail this DOG family u let loose cock suckers hope u all rot in hell SCUM of the earth he was carring a knife for fucks sake INTENT ARE U’S THAT STUPID one of ur family it’d be a different story


  17. Look, fuck up all of you.
    The older brother came at the very end when the little brother called him. The brother drove out to see his younger brother (not knowing of what happened). Then found out what happened and got arrested.


  18. Why has this commentary been reduced to swearing and slinging ? If you can’t be respectful then go and abuse each other somewhere else. This is a great website that doesn’t need trash comments.


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