Outgoing MPs take “Farewell Tours” on the gravy train

Outgoing MPs take “Farewell Tours” on the gravy train

Outgoing MP's just cannot help themselves...

Like bloody fading movie stars, or old crooners these public servants somehow feel entitled to farewell tours, one last greedy grab for a free holiday, shamefully barely masked as a study tour or some other nonsense. How out of step with the community is this rot? How much longer are we going to be treated as fools?

These little piglets need to realise Google is their friend and there is absolutely no need in this day and age with the technology available  that they are doing US a service on these junkets, to wine and dine, stay at the best hotels, why we all struggle to pay our weekly bills, little less care about the construction of hand rails in a tourist resort in never never land…

RETIRING federal MPs have splurged almost $400,000 of taxpayer funds on global jaunts that took in the US, France, Italy – and Mongolia.

In the latest example of public waste, It has been revealed a cosy deal between the Coalition and Labor allows departing MPs to have a final lap of honour – at the public’s expense.

They are usually rewarded with first-class airfares to global travel hot-spots.

Only three of the MPs who travelled overseas during the past year or so did not stand at last year’s election.

Of the 19 MPs who spread their wings in the past year, the most expensive trip was taken by Tasmanian Kerry O’Brien.

The ex-Labor senator spent $65,000 over three months in New York from September to December last year as a delegate to the United Nations.

Michael Forshaw, another ex-Labor senator, visited France twice in the space of a few months last year, also travelling to Sweden, the UK and Switzerland on ”overseas study”. His costs were $38,000.

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David Hawker, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, led a four-person delegation to Bhutan and Mongolia just weeks before Julia Gillard called the election.

The trip cost about $75,000 but Mr Hawker – who also qualifies for the lifetime gold pass – yesterday said the delegation had done ”good work”.

The trip included former Labor minister Bob Debus, the Nationals’ Kay Hull and ex-Labor senator, Annette Hurley.
Wilson Tuckey, the outspoken ex-Liberal MP, spent almost $25,000 on a ”study tour” of Canada, China and South Korea. He was overseas when the election was called, and subsequently lost his seat.

Among highlights of his 16-day overseas trip, Mr Tuckey wrote of travelling ”to the Canadian ski resort of Whistler to observe the use of rail assets for tourism”.

Danna Vale, who was one of John Howard’s favourite colleagues, also enjoyed her last months in the Parliament.

The former Liberal MP spent almost six weeks in Britain at the height of the European summer last year – at a cool cost of $14,800. Of the 19 former MPs and senators who went global, 11 were members of the Coalition and seven were ALP.

Senior political figures confirm an ”informal agreement” exists that ensures retiring MPs are ”rewarded” with overseas junkets.

But they are not restricted to the major parties. Steve Fielding, the former Family First senator, spent $16,000 on a trip to Europe.

5 thoughts on “Outgoing MPs take “Farewell Tours” on the gravy train

  1. I think that in this day and age of cheap, instantaneous communication there is no need for these “study tours”. Teleconferencing has been a part of life for some time now, so I fail to see the necessity for these people to physically attend a venue in most cases. It is not responsible behaviour – fiscally, environmentally or morally.


  2. Politicians know that they can do as they please because the great Australian public are too slack or have it too good to do anything about scamming politicians and public servants. Until the great Australian public gets a good kick in its collective arse, nothing will change.


  3. Quoted from a past Andrew Bolt Blog…………

    May , 2008….. Kyoto Protocol cost taxpayers more than $530,000.
    That is some bill.
    But now start calculating how much gas was emitted flying Rudd’s astonishingly huge team to a global warming conference.???
    It’s not just the cost but the sheer gassy excess of it all that’s astonishing.
    KEVIN RUDD’S post-election visit to the Bali climate change conference to announce that Australia would ratify the Kyoto Protocol cost taxpayers more than $530,000.
    Mr Rudd took six ministerial staff and four departmental officials… The whole Australian delegation also included the Minister for Climate Change, Penny Wong; the Environment Minister, Peter Garrett; the Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephen Smith; the Treasurer, Wayne Swan; and the Trade Minister, Simon Crean…, their staff and 31 officials… (I)n addition to the 53-strong federal team of delegates, there were another 40 people accredited as advisers to the Australian delegation.

    Oink, Oink… Oink… Oink…

    I wonder how Frugal they are when it comes too their own money??????

    Here is Another!!


    These Ex Primes are all Millionaires, or very well off, anyway????

    Wish I could claim these perks from the jobs I’ve lost in the past…..
    Seems Technology hasn’t caught up with the Government in Regards to some Issues??
    Obviously the Trough run-nth over????



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