Carl Williams Murder Trial

All about to happen, that's Williams reading the paper, Johnson sneaking up with the pole

It is almost comical…The first week of this trial has been full of lies, self-serving declarations and outrageous self-defence claims by life long thug Matthew Johnson. Carl’s old man carried on like Alan Bond and the famous cannot recall comment when it suited him. That bloke is still as sharp as a tack, remember that! So I look forward to next week as we get into the meat and bones of it all, and the inadequate “Secure” security that engulfed this unit way before this happened…Everybody has a price, and yes Carl paid his, but fair dinkum, how some of these stooges still have their jobs at that jail is a joke…


NEW secret AUDIO 21/09/11 (I have included a running transcript of the audio from inside jail during visits)

NEW VIDEO and UPDATE today 20/09/11

 3.50pm: CARL Williams‘ killer told the jury he assumed he’d spend the next 40 years in jail for murder.

Matthew Charles Johnson, 38, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Williams claiming he had to kill him to save his own life.

But under cross examination today he told the Court he thought he’d end up serving 30-40 years for his actions.

“This self defence part didn’t come into my mind,” he said.

He said he killed Williams thinking he was “throwing my life away” to save his family.

Johnson told the jury Williams’ best friend Tommy Ivanovic had confided that Williams planned to kill him with billiard balls, so he had to act.

But he denied Ivanovic played a part in the killing.

“The act of murder, I was acting alone,” he said.

He said Ivanovic told him Williams was going to get him while he ate.

The jury heard Williams made Johnson lunch and sat down to dine with him shortly before Johnson bashed him to death with an exercise bike part.

“I knew as long as he didn’t come up behind me the way I did to him I’d have a fair chance,” he said.

Prosecutor Mark Rochford asked him why he was seen on CCTV footage turning his back on Williams on the morning of the bashing if he thought Williams was going to kill him.

Johnson replied that Williams would not have been able to get to the billiard balls without him knowing.

Johnson admitted telling a close mate that Williams did not shoot Mark Moran or any other gangland victim.

“Forget Mark Moran… He’s never done one in his life,” Johnson allegedly said.

Yesterday he gave evidence that Williams told him he had personally murdered three people, including Moran, and that he believed him.

Johnson said Williams shared his police statements with him because he trusted him.

“Because you wouldn’t do anything to him, would you?” Mr Rochford asked.

“Well obviously I did,” Johnson replied.

Security footage showed Johnson returning to the body moments after the attack with a white towel which he places over Williams’ battered head.

When asked why by his own lawyer, Johnson said: “Because I assumed the (prison) officers would run straight in and I didn’t think it was, you know, very nice.”

“I knew there was a few female officers on that day, they didn’t really need to see that.”

Having covered Williams’ head, Johnson then dragged him by the feet from where he had fallen in the recreation room of their unit to his cell a few metres away.

“I didn’t want to leave him laying there for the same reason,” Johnson told the jury.

“In my mind I thought the officers would have got there before I finished hitting him.”

In the video, after removing the body, Johnson again returns to the spot where Williams had lain, which is soaked in blood and littered with other “biological matter”, and covers it with another cloth.

He said it was to “cover the mess”.

“Because at any time of the day the staff can walk into the unit and … a lot of the time it’s a female staff member will be doing that.

“I just didn’t want them to come across that.”

UPDATE today 15/09/11 DEAD MAN TALKING can we believe anything Carl says people?

He’s gone, Carl Williams‘s killer yelled

September 9, 2011

“I think he’s gone”, the man who killed notorious gangland murderer Carl Williams told his Acacia Unit cellmate after they were locked down following his bashing, a court has heard.

Prison guard Brendan Butler today told the Supreme Court murder trial of Williams’ accused killer, Matthew Charles Johnson, that he overheard Johnson tell his only other cellmate in the high-security unit, Tommy Ivanovic, that he thought Williams was dead.

Mr Butler said he relieved a colleague at cell five where Johnson had been placed and cuffed while being monitored after Williams’ body was found.

“The only thing he said was he yelled to Tommy Ivanovic ‘I think he’s gone’,” Mr Butler told the jury.

He told the court he was one of the first prison officers to see Williams after a “Code Black” was declared once Johnson and Ivanovic suggested officers check on Williams after the attack.

Code Black means a prisoner is dead or seriously injured, he said.

“(Carl) was lying face-down on the floor with an awful lot of blood around him,” Mr Butler said.

“I could see a large open wound to the back of his head. We looked for a rise and fall of his chest and we looked couldn’t see one and one of the other prison officers looked for a pulse.”

He said they could not find one.

Mr Butler said Johnson requested that no female prison officers be allowed in the unit.

Johnson has pleaded not guilty to Williams’s murder. He admits to killing him but says he acted in self-defence.

The jury was shown vision of the prisoner’s movements in the unit from different camera angles.

In it Johnson is seen grabbing the metal stem of an exercise bike seat and placing it in his jail cell.

The one-hour vision showed Williams being attacked by Johnson and his limp body being dragged into his cell from a different camera angle. Ivanovic is also in the room.

Johnson then paces the exercise yard and at one point sits down alone.

The trial, before Justice Lex Lasry, will continue on Monday.

34 thoughts on “Carl Williams Murder Trial

  1. Carl’s farther enacted some small payback by stating that Johnson wanted to be a Police informer.
    Life in there will not be pleasant for Johnson if it is believed to be true.


  2. Hi max, he wont be going back to the same prison (at worse-unit) will he after this…You cannot have it both ways, prick wanted the benefits of a dog without being seen as one…Selfish self motivated sociopath whos days are numbered no matter how this trial pans out…Protective custody in a high security jail is a joke as we have discovered…My mutts protect me more securely…At least they will bark


    • Boob head mentality, the majority of them are all rats and dogs anyway.

      I have met several of them in my time and been privy to them giving each other up and then act all staunch.


  3. These guys are as organised as a car that hit an oil slick …

    It’s always been a case of dog eat dog ~ and at the end of the day ~ no one of them is better than the other.

    And let’s go a step further and ask how much better are the cops? The number of innocents harmed as a result of their undercover stings is criminal beyond the criminals they are trying to corner.

    Yeah sure things gotta happen, they need to collect evidence, but in all reality ~ in the extended process of preparing for a case ~ how many innocent bystanders have been ‘fucked up beyond all repair’. How many people are they trying to capture, and how many have been injured as a result of their need to extend the investigation because someone slipped the authorities grasp.

    The lawmakers have a lot to answer for, their inadequate legislative provisions have prevented a lot of people being convicted rightfully. And, because the law makers are inadequate in their duties, lawyers are sitting down and developing ‘workarounds’ in terms of the way things are worded, because there is room to question the appropriate interpretation of the words of the legislation. I wish the hell they would focus on the intent of the law …


  4. Rob he is trying for self defence. That’s why the outrage. Self defence is an instant reaction to an offensive attack. Carl was sitting at the table reading the paper and attacked from behind. So really, self defence cannot be argued.

    I am not up on ‘Defensive Homicide’ though …


  5. There are two ways Defensive Homicide can be pleaded ~ one by jury vote based on the evidence provided overall and the case argued by the representation, the other by evidence proving it beyond reasonable doubt …

    Don’t know how this could apply unless MJ reported the threat allegedly made by CW via TI to Prison Guards at the facility.

    Putting in calls to Police or Lawyers doesn’t really cut it, they are not on site and are not able to prevent the event occurring.

    But hell, anything is possible, depends on the capacity of the defence vs prosecution team …


    • Matty, Hi mate, thanks for popping your uneducated ugly head in to say hello. A fool I maybe, but at least I’m free my friend…So I have a choice, I dont have to suck cock like your friend Johnson in jail for the rest of his pathetic life…See you at court…


      • Pathetic life, you don’t even know him. That’s like me saying how pathetic your life is that you go sit in a court room to listen and watch someone you don’t even know so you can then get on your computer and write about him.


        • Hi Cuz, glad you bothered to find the place and comment…Do not jump to assumptions here…Having said that, here you are doing the same thing…Say Hi tomorrow, I’ll be there…


  6. Matthew Johnson is claiming “Defensive Homicide” and not “Self Defence”. Self defence is just that… when you are defending yourself against physical harm that another is trying to inflict on you. Defensive homicide is when you take action to defend yourself before the other person has taken action against you. It is a pre-emptive action and a person claiming DH only has to prove that the threat of attack was real in their minds. So it is a bit murky as it is a defence that could potentially open the floodgates for anyone who takes another person’s life to claim that they believed that person was a threat to their safety. If it is successful for MJ then it should cut time off his sentence.


    • Hi Sam, very hard defence to prove don’t you think. Its a way out for every bloody paranoid rat bag in jail, let alone normal society to dream up vivid visions of everyone was out to get me so I had to get them. They will be sewing that little loophole up I would imagine


  7. Robbo, yeah shocked that defensive homicide was ever brought in as a defence because it is so fraught with danger of being exploited. Thanks for the video, fasinating to see how cool, calm and collected Johnson was considering what he had just done. The interviewing detective came across as if it was his first time round the block…I laughed when he asked Johnson if he was a male, (I wonder what the other options were – maybe a very butch female masquerading as a male just to get herself into an all male prison?), but Johnson did not even blink. I can see why Johnson decided on going with “no comment” as when he did say that he acted alone the detective asked him if he would like to clarify that – if he had of given more indepth answers to that pair he could of been there all night explaining things to them. I liked your comment at the end re the detective apologising for things taking so long. I’m glad that you’ve pointed out that there is a big gaping hole in the story of how the security or lack there of at Barwon along with the prison officers allowed this to happen. Let’s hope that is something that comes under close scrutiny if not in this trial then in the investigations into Williams’ death. That was one thing Carl was spot on about…he did not trust the prison guards.


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  9. Does anyone know if Johnson has a daughter? He was recorded telling someone that Williams had threatened his daughter, but has since said that was a lie. Not sure if he means he was lying about the threat or having a daughter or both. He has admitted to lying about a number of things now…that is surely not helping his case…he is obviously an embellisher of stories. If it came down to whose word to believe – his or Carl’s – who would know which one to choose?????


  10. Robbo, there is an article in the Australian dated Wed Sep 21 2011, titled “William’s files about Hodson Murders ‘copied by accused'”. At the bottom of the article is a link to the audio of Johnson talking to friends during jail visits after he killed Williams. Is there anyway you could put it on this site as I cannot access it from my computer?


    • Hi Sam, just posted the video of the audio.I tried to transcribe what he was saying.I think I got about 99% right.Some was too hard to hear. Whoever visited him though, I reckon they bought a small child along as well. In the audio you can hear a small child chatting away in the background. Very weird…


    • I’d actually take carls word over Johnsons. Johnson lives in this video-game like world.
      I’m sure there is something to this we are missing. I just don’t know what.


  11. So Johnson was writing to Ali Chaouk 2 days before knocking Carl.
    We know Carl was a close associate with Ferman and we know the Chaouks have been killing tit-for-tat sinse 91.
    Without doubt they are involved also.
    Strange the whole “Nazi supremacist” thing when he engages in homosexual activity and one whom he describes as “brother” is Muslim??? Hmmmmm.


  12. COPIES of police statements, including some made by Carl Williams naming former drug squad cop Paul Dale, were found on Matthew Johnson’s jail cell computer, the Supreme Court has heard.

    In evidence at Johnson’s trial for Williams’s murder, Sen-Det Mark Oxnam said police investigating Williams’s jail death also copied statements of two other people – referred to as Witness A and Witness B – from Johnson’s computer.

    Sen-Det Oxnam, of the Driver Taskforce, said one of  Witness B’s statements related to the murder of a man named Mark Mallia.

    “There was a second statement from Witness B detailing knowledge of the murders of Jason Moran and Pasquale Barbaro,” Sen-Det Oxnam said.

    “It had ‘defence’ watermarked across the statements.

    “The third statement was in relation to the murder of Richard Mladenich; the fourth statement was the murder of Mark Moran; the fifth statement, Graham Kinniburgh.”

    Related Coverage
    Killer kept Williams’s statements
    The Australian, 4 days ago
    Manhunt over nightclub assault
    Herald Sun, 27 Apr 2011
    Kill plot accused to stand trial
    Herald Sun, 18 Mar 2011
    Judy Moran hid cache of weapons
    Courier Mail, 9 Mar 2011
    Two men on murder charges
    Herald Sun, 20 Dec 2010

    He said other Witness B statements related to a conspiracy to murder Lewis Moran in custody, and Tony Mokbel and drug trafficking.

    Sen-Det Oxnam said Witness A’s statements included material about the murders of Michael Marshall, Willie Thompson, Victor Peirce and Nik Radev, and also about the drug trafficking activities of Carl and George Williams.

    Somebody please name witness A and B. Cheers


    • Show your face maggot!!! Who are u?? U obviously don’t know Kevin Farrugia he is no dog!!! U know shit about shit so shut your mouth!! Go fuck yourself!!!


  13. Thanks heaps Robbo. I wonder if Johnson was aware he was being recorded. He sounded to me as if he was trying to justify what he’d done but he talked without saying a lot and his voice sounded a bit weak to me as if he did not really believe what he was saying.


  14. a maggot exterminated another MAGGOT dont worry mj will self destruct who will remember him in 5 yrs.if not dead in the looney bin a danger to the public.hahaha right wack dick-head tell the cock-roaches how much of a big shot u think u a few years he’ll be the cell block toss.poetic justice


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