NSW Harness Racing Scandal- cheats fall day by day

I have received more than a few emails about this story that broke a few months ago…IN SHORT…Never Ever BET on the TROTS again, if you ever have in NSW. Official Race Stewards, Starters (the ones in the back of those moving starter gates) Trainers, Drivers, Punters, (well those in the know) have been captured in nice little earner… I WILL BE POSTING EACH AND EVERY GREEDY BASTARD CAUGHT UP AND EXPOSED IN THIS

Steward Matthew Bentley and owner Mark Vallender

The Trots, also known as the red hots…A Rogue young up and coming steward has resigned on the spot, trainer/drivers are being banned, punters records being examined. Who knows where this will all end. I do recall as a young fella living quite close to Bankstown Paceway and knew back then that local trainers took turns in getting a “Good Run” But this is a whole new situation.

1.It is all to do with which “Random” horse was going to be drug tested… Now this is quite significant information, if you know your horse will not get tested on race-day you can load it up close to start time with all sorts of drugs to raise the chance of winning massively

2.Having this info means loading up the nag with drugs like

3. Sharing this information with punters, friends family, you can imagine how it works…Everyone jumps on

4.Worse to come though was once this little scam started to spread, the officials started earning some very nice coin ($500 to $1000 a horse)

5. To improve on that, the drivers and trainers started having little powwows to improve the result even further, knowing their turn will surely come…. Everyone is a winner, as those clown face operators used to tell us as kids…

So heads are falling, but I would hate to be a participant in this little (well large scam) earner as the walls are coming down hard and fast on the culprits who have nowhere to hide. Consider the Paper Trail in 2011, the digital fingerprint we all leave in everyday life. If the authorities are willing to leave no stone unturned this story is going to SHAKE they very foundations of this sport. When billions of dollars are involved, I do wonder who is going to be left totally exposed?

Harness driver banned after betting scandal

HARNESS racing authorities have taken their first action against a leading figure in the sport following a recent drug and betting scandal by banning a successful driver from racing.

Robbie Byrnes was ”warned off” yesterday, a punishment which means he cannot have any involvement in trotting, including attending a racecourse or even placing bets on races.

The move came the day after Harness Racing NSW forensically assessed the phones of seven people – believed to be trainers, drivers and owners – as they searched for evidence of collusion in a rort which threatens to destroy the sport.

Mr Byrnes was punished after he refused to hand over his phone records to investigators.

Last month two stewards, Paul O’Toole and Matthew Bentley, resigned their positions after being confronted with allegations that they had not taken pre- and post-race drug tests from particular horses. This gave corrupt trainers, punters and drivers a huge advantage in orchestrating betting plunges. It is believed as many as 80 per cent of the doped horses won their races.

Harness Racing NSW’s regulatory manager, Reid Sanders, confirmed persons of interest had been at the Bankstown office on Wednesday and a third-party had been employed to assist with the investigation.

The Herald understands the seven who attended the meeting were also asked to provide bank records, credit card statements and other financial information.

Parallel investigations are being conducted by police and the head of integrity at Harness Racing NSW into the race-fixing scandal which it is feared may have been going on for a number of years and involve hundreds of races. More than $2.2 billion a year is wagered on harness racing.


  • Nick Tabakoff in Sydney
  • August 12, 2011


HARNESS Racing NSW is set to demand the banking records of senior industry figures as it tries to get to the bottom of the insider betting scandal that has rocked the sport.

HRNSW has the power to demand banking records from registered participants, including trainers, drivers, bookmakers and, in some cases, owners.

It will also seek betting records from the country’s major betting agencies as its investigations continue to widen, and as the police investigation continues.

Chairman Graeme Campbell confirmed yesterday HRNSW was on the warpath to fix the industry.

HRNSW has already written to 10 key players to ask for phone records.

The demands were part of broader concern about inside information on drug testing of races being leaked for betting purposes.

HRNSW chief executive Sam Nati said those involved were likely to be named soon.

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He also said HRNSW believed the leaking of information was not linked to the bombing of chief steward Bill Cable’s car last Friday.

Racing continued at Newcastle yesterday with trainers and drivers calling for severe action to be taken against those flouting the rules.

Trainer-driver Michael Formosa said there had been rumours about corruption for some time.

“There are any number of illegal drugs that can boost a horse’s performance,” he said.

“If it’s happening, it makes it hard for everyone else who’s doing the right thing.”


7 thoughts on “NSW Harness Racing Scandal- cheats fall day by day

    • Hi John, it is unbelievable that the stewards and industry heads don’t know about this bullshit going on! If blind freddy can see shifty race tactics in one live running on the screens how the fuck do the officials miss all the shenanigans.


    • I have his book and many others, how anyone still has a bet on the red hots amazes me…Goes real deep into the guts of the industry with many hands sticky with the honey


  1. This has been going on for a long time and it is not a couple of years.Finally somebody is prepared to do something about it whilst the industry may fair badly only good can come from it as long as all the cheats are extinguished.If we think the bombing of the stewards is only coincidental I believe think again after all what about the Magic Blue investigation how many of these people committed suicide also years ago there was a bookie who claimed to have information was found to have committed suicide in the bath and none of the information he had could be found(this is my undersatanding) .I am sitting back and waiting, seeing what eventuates from all of this.It is my opinion that Mr Formosa and his acquaitances could turn the light on many of the things that where happening especially in the Newcastle area.In the past the only way to suceed in this industry is to either join the in crowd or they woukd make it very difficult for you ,get out or slowly go broke.There maybe some really honest people who sat there watching all that was happening reporting it (having brakes on there vehicles cut etc) and seeing nothing happen so they would join the game as a last resort.
    At the end of the day a lot of people in this industry do it because there fathers did and they have a love for the sport and their horses and the feeling of achievement when you win and are not criminals unfortunately we all get tarred with same brush which is wrong to do.
    If you think that this graft is only associated with the trots think again.Where there is money and gambling there is corruption I believe some other codes may have dealt with similiar problems in there industry quitely and not publising it to the public as it could be damaging to there sport.
    I have to put my hands toghether for Sam Nati and anybody else who has been prepared to stand up to the bullies and cheats and do something good for this sport.


  2. This is all “going away” if the the timeframe for action and the silence of our CEO is any indication.I’m dead set certain that this scandal is being washed by a few of the original crooks who are still way up the ladder in HR and there will be no real cleansing of the industry in the long run.I hope to Christ I’m wrong,but I just know that is not the case here.There are some very powerful people involved at the top and this will disolve into nothing.Nobody has asked the question….’Excuse me Mr Dumesny,why are you so quiet on this issue?’…’Yes Mr Dumesny,I agree it is paramount that the industry is promoted in a positive light but the issue here is one of utmost importance…the survival of an industry that you have been a part of for many generations’
    The honest people in Harness Racing deserve an update regularly so as to keep us all keen in the breeding,racing,owning and most importantly the participation in Harness Racing as a form of entertainment.
    Over to you John.


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