Matthew Johnson Found Guilty of Murdering Carl Williams

Matthew Johnson has been found guilty of Murder

UPDATE 08/12/11 Sentencing today

R v Matthew Charles Johnson (sentence)
Melbourne Court 4, 11:00am
Justice Lex Lasry

Johnson is set for sentencing at 11am (now) But Justice Lex Lasry will go through the crime and circumstances before he actually sentences him. Hopefully he will do that within an hour or 2….They like to go on a bit…

I expect the last words Johnson will hear before being carted back to Barwon will be life Imprisonment, and then as it will be his final appearance he will leave the judge with some fine words of wisdom…

Anyway I will put an update as soon as I get the info, I was thinking about going in for it, but apparently the scumbag’s loser friends don’t think that highly of me I hear….haha

Matthew Johnson Found Guilty of Murdering Carl Williams

Justice Lasry has just adjourned the court until tomorrow morning at 9.30am when further administrative applications will be heard and considered. Johnson has now been remanded to Barwon Prison until further hearing on plea and sentence.

MORE TO COME 3.50pm 29/09/11 scroll down to read what the jury didnt know about this KILLER

CARL Williams’ killer Matthew Charles Johnson has been found guilty of his murder.

The verdict was reached just before 3.23pm today after deliberations that took over 13 hours over two days.

The violent career criminal bashed the gangland identity to death with an exercise bike stem in a surprise attack caught on chilling security video.

But staff weren’t manning the cameras that captured Johnson approaching Williams, 39, from behind as he sat at a table reading the Herald Sun in his high-security Barwon prison unit on April 19 last year.

Johnson, 38, told the jury he acted in self-defence, claiming another prisoner warned him that Williams was going to attack him with a sock full of billiard balls so he had to get in first.

But a Supreme Court jury’s verdict means they didn’t believe the threat was ever made.

The trial sat for 14 days and heard explosive allegations made by Williams before his death, including that a corrupt policeman paid him to have police informer Terence Hodson executed.

The prosecution had argued that Johnson’s motive might have been Williams’ agreement to help police over the Hodson murder.

The jury weren’t told Johnson has well over 100 convictions, has spent most of his adult life in prison and has a history of bashing other inmates for “turning dog” or helping authorities.

The Premier and the General

A former concreter who didn’t finish high school, Johnson was a jail heavyweight and self-proclaimed “general” of a group of inmates who called themselves the Prisoners of War.

He wrote of his plans to kill Williams the day before he did, telling another inmate, “not much doing here brother, just D2TE (death to the enemy) the way it should be”.

“I think I’ll have to hang around for a while longer … doesn’t matter but coz I love this s—. I am the true general so I must keep things in good order, true.”

He told nobody of the threat by Williams and the man who allegedly conveyed the message, cellmate Tommy Ivanovic, did not give evidence at the trial.

Johnson claimed Williams treated him badly, looked down on him and told him he was disloyal for refusing to kill a policeman for him.

He said he feared retribution for his family outside if he reacted to Williams’ provocation.

“He was a killer. If you’re not going to take a threat that comes from his corner seriously there’s something wrong with you,” he told the jury.

The trial heard evidence from Williams’ father George, who once shared the unit with Williams and Johnson before his release on parole, and Roberta Williams.

The jury also heard details of Williams’ claims of high-reaching police corruption, including that former drug squad detective Paul Dale paid him to have Hodson killed so the informer would not be able to give evidence in Dale’s court case.





THE jury in the Matthew Johnson trial knew he was a criminal, but heard nothing of his frighteningly violent past.

More than a decade before he bashed Williams to death, he’d committed a strikingly similar crime in the very same unit of Barwon Prison – and claimed self-defence that time too.

And recently he faced a murder charge after an 18-year-old was shot dead over $50 worth of cannabis. That time, the jury believed him and he was cleared.

In 1998, he was part of a group of inmates that attacked a fellow prisoner for “giving information” to authorities – and used the same weapon he killed Williams with.

The victim of that beating, killer Greg Brazel, had been put into an Acacia unit exercise yard alone for his own safety.

But even prison walls were no match for Johnson and his cronies, who were set on attacking him.

Using a rowing machine and chair, the group pounded the armoured glass protecting Brazel for 45 minutes until they broke through, with Johnson then wielding a sandwich maker to inflict large gashes to his head.

A sandwich maker was something Johnson admitted to the jury he’d also considered using to kill Williams.

A prison officer reported seeing him use an exercise bike seat with the post attached to hit Brazel before punching and kicking him on the ground.

He ordered one of the others to stand guard and stop prison officers entering.

When charged over the assault, Johnson claimed Brazel had broken the glass himself and invited Johnson to enter before attacking him.

Johnson said he was forced to hit and kick him in self-defence.

During the County Court trial the group threw a bag of excrement into the jury box and Johnson broke wind into a microphone.

Later, Johnson menacingly called out to the juror that had been struck by the excrement – by name.

They were banished from their own hearing to watch proceedings from another room linked by video camera.

There his co-offenders bared their buttocks at the camera and the group disrupted the hearing with the Collingwood theme song.

Johnson was also involved in bashing another prisoner in 1995 after breaking into a protection unit.

By the time of the Brazel attack he had already racked up 132 convictions.

His shocking record includes taking part in the infamous Port Phillip Prison riot in 1998, armed robberies and break-ins.

He was accused of shooting dead a teenager in 2007 over a $50 drug purchase.

“Before the deceased could explain himself, Johnson pulled out a nine millimetre pistol and shot him in the chest,” the jury was told in that trial, with a co-offender giving evidence that he saw Johnson pull the trigger.

He was found not guilty of the crime. Johnson also recently pleaded guilty over a carjacking, in which he held up a mother and two teenagers at gunpoint as they sat in a McDonald’s car park

More here about that killing here

(Including some great debate and comment)

Carl "The Premier" Williams Cell

Once an exercise bike, now part of a crime scene

Who had the balls to kill who?

25 thoughts on “Matthew Johnson Found Guilty of Murdering Carl Williams

  1. Well ~ he knew what he was putting himself up for ~ he did it ~ he got what he deserved.

    Anyone that wants to play God, should do so with their own lives, and, as long as they don’t harm others ~ no one can or would touch them.

    He clearly doesn’t wish to be rehabilitated ~ his manner in court on this case is evidence of that.

    Check out the history that has been provided in Robbo’s run down.

    I am all for reform and rehabilitation ~ but hand in hand with that ~ should be a double sentence. If you are shown faith, and invested in to improve your life, the next time you screw up should cost you double. Let’s see how many repeat offenders we get then.

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Public on the street should not have to deal with ‘loutish’ behavior, and, at the same time, those sentenced by a Court, should be able to rely on the system that incarcerated them, to provide an environment in which they can serve out the relevant sentence.

    Now if the Government had an adequate Quality Control system in place ~ and questioned in depth some of the relationships between their own enforcement team and the offenders who are repeatedly getting off facing their offences ~ there would be less corruption, and people would have a system they may actually be able to have some faith in.

    If the intent of the law, rather than its’ wording, was a key focus in cases ~ we would also have less lawyers cuing up to defend behaviors that should not be defended.

    A man/woman makes the position they hold, the position does not make them ~ I wish to God that people would stop using the power of their position as justification for people to support them and instead add their own personal power to the position ~ who ever does that will be unstoppable and gain firm support from base to crown!!!


  2. Matty you will get what you deserve. I for one hope that you get an exercise bike pole shoved up your arse, this still would not be justice enough for all those that you have raped in shower cells.

    If you would care to open another can of worms and become an informant that would be even more humorous.


  3. Victoria Police response to Williams trial outcome
    Thursday, 29 September 2011 16:23

    Victoria Police is pleased with today’s verdict however we are limited in what we can say as there is a 28-day appeal period.

    The Driver Taskforce is continuing to investigate a number of matters surrounding the death of Carl Williams. As these investigations are ongoing it would be inappropriate for us to comment further at this time.

    Victoria Police


    • bullshit it will be another cop cover up very convient gaurds not monitoring at the time. they all turn on each long did johnson get for killing a kid over $50.real smart ah?sounds like he sits on his brains;peice of gargage.he should be in isolation for the rest of his life.shit killed shit.the cops r more involved than people else could this go on unless they have a hand in it.


    • so bill you trying to tell me that if i gave him 50 that day the kid would have lived or if the kid only had silver coins on his person….its not about money the guy clearly has a problem the prisons are full of the thing that our society created maybe you had better opportunities as a pup dont judge he may be beyond help but so are the corrupt officials. their gang is bigger than his so they write history simple corrupt or not


    • Add something to the discussion that makes some sense urafatfuck????Is that all you have you fool. Go on a diet? god where do you people come from, thanks for visiting, everybody is welcome hahaha


  4. The whole situation from go to wo is filled with lies and corrupt law enforcers and moronic gaol filth.Matthew Johnson had nothing to lose by killing Carl Williams but a lot to gain.You know my opinion on corrupt cops and the so called thin blue line Robbo.What’s with the idiodic comments from “urafatfuck”?.


    • Hi goth, great to see you again, well I cannot stop the idiots from commenting here. It makes them feel good…..I’m sure ‘urafatfuck’ had a smug smile on his face, as he wrote that brilliant comment Goth…Probably took him (or her) weeks to come up with that tripe


  5. 1.He killed Carl Williams with the order of crook cops and mafiosi
    2.He has been found quilty
    3.He is a biggest liar and dog (He is dealing with cops and correction Vic. if the walls could talk
    4.His beloved team Collingwood lost
    5.Eat your heart out maddy
    6.He is not a general but a psychotic foot soldier.
    6.Guess what,you are next Maddy,you are next


  6. zen no i had it real hard boys homes aged 13 ward of the state no it properly before u write ur reply.u feel so sorry for him put ur self on his visitors list his trouble is he beleives his own bullshit.urafat say ur insults to his face ;gutless prick; u probally sit down to piss


  7. A lot of posters on this site whine about the number of corrupt cops that are out there, and how they ‘effed’ things up for you guys or for your brothers in the field.

    Really? What would you boyz like? A violin played for your pity party? A new lollipop?

    Have you ever wondered how many are really corrupt, and how many are playing at it on an ‘undercover’ basis ??? They whipped your ass guys !!!

    You lose. They have a mechanism, called Internal Affairs, that knows what sting operations they have going, and who is involved, and how. They do this to cover their asses so that the real ‘undercover’ operators can get the job done, and the ‘corrupt’ a-holes are part of the job to be done.

    What kind of knucklehead doesn’t know that the cops are out to shut down big operations like the gangland? And, if he doesn’t know, do you really want him on your team? He can’t be that smart.


  8. Tanya B, I am on Robbos side here.Though I do say there are plenty of corrupt officers up and down the ladder of rank. I in all honesty think that these people making pathetic remarks are just want to be criminals who feel they have to stand up for fuckwitts like Matthew Johnson & co. I am not condoning William’s behavior or his integral role in the “gangland” war but I stand by my statement that he that is Johnson had something to gain from this other than notoriety.I loathe the whole “gangland” name & mentallity.


  9. A Goth in The Sun ~ I have no problem with Robbo ~ just some of the pathetic remarks by others as you say. Gang as a word implies ‘sheep’ mentality ~ never been into sheep myself LOL

    And yeah ~ it starts off small and ends up who the hell knows where ~ I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two got lost only to turn up later ~ I guess that is the point at which they will decide whether to find all the evidence that was once lost, and oh look what we found now. Those cases really make me wanna ring someone’s neck, and usually it’s those we should be able to trust most, that let us down. I have no faith in the police, in general, after what happened to me. But I am equally pissed off with the thugs that put themselves where they shouldn’t be, in my life.

    It’s not the kinda sandwich I want to be part of. But sadly, we don’t always get to choose. Sometimes we are dragged in by others’ dickheadry, and well, we all know dickheads come from all parts of society.


    • I have on good authority that Matthew Johson loves nothing more than inhaling salami!
      He is incredibly dumb and one of the biggest rapists inside. The purpose of his defence was nothing more than to achieve minimum security and therefore more shower action. Rumors of AIDS also.


    • John P … I will never look at salami the same way again … thanks … and Robbo, removing the seat permanently saves time when the urge strikes !!!

      I know someone that would love MJ, and would love nothing more than to stand in front of the great man …


  10. Off the subject but this is where I thought most appropriate to say this … I commend the DPP for initiating action to seize the $4million one of Mokbel’s operations made from drugs sold, according to his very own records.

    Now Mokbel doesn’t strike me as a ‘dimwit’ but why would someone record and hold onto data relating to sales of a prohibited substance ???

    Things that make you go hhhmmmm …


  11. Thanks for the video audio robbo,,gee mate those interviewers and the moron himself are a joke,I mean it’s not a tv show where I was expecting some drama and great acting but to apologize to scum like Johnson ,just beggars belief. As for Johnson I don’t think his thick head would have understood a single word the bumbling cop was saying,not a very sharp tool that bloke. I think he belongs back with the cavemen. The word around the barwon cells is that he has always been a double agent,on one hand calling everyone a dog for informing,on the other hand singing like a canary. Never mind as he has a life time of singing ahead of him and most certainly his time is coming as he is among the most hated,inside and out. Just a matter of time for him and the only ones that will miss him is the Ds he has been giving info to for the last 6 months.


  12. R v Matthew Charles Johnson (sentence)
    Melbourne Court 4, 11:00am
    Justice Lex Lasry

    Set for sentencing at 11am (now) But Justice Lex Lasry will go through the crime and circumstances before he actually sentences him. Hopefully he will do that within and hour or 2….They like to go on a bit…

    I expect the last words Johnson will hear before being carted back to Barwon will be life Imprisonment, and then as it will be his final appearance he will leave the judge with some fine words of wisdom…

    Anyway I will put an update as soon as I get the info, I was thinking about going in for it, but apparently the scumbag’s loser friends don’t think that highly of me I hear….haha


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