Ex-Bulldogs star Ryan Tandy found guilty of NRL match-fixing

Ryan Tandy found guilty of trying to fix 2010 match between Canterbury Bulldogs and North Queensland Cowboys.

Well the time has finally come to make this bloke accountable for trying to cheat the game and the fans, all because he is a greedy gambling addict.Shame on those close to him, like his professional manager who got in on the act himself too.But we will hear more on that after today.He is awaiting sentencing this afternoon as I type this….lets hope he gets a sentence as a punishment and a DETERRENT to others thinking about doing the same…

UPDATE 12.02 06/10/11 How is this for a joke! Ryan Tandy convicted, fined $4000 and placed on a 12 month good behaviour bond. And his lawyers will be appealing that.Should consider himself a lucky bastard

FORMER Bulldogs forward Ryan Tandy has been found guilty of match-fixing in an NRL betting scam.

Sports Cheat Tandy will be sentenced later today

Magistrate Janet Wahlquist today said it was clear there was a plan to manipulate the first scoring of the game in August 2010 between the Bulldogs and the North Queensland Cowboys.

The plan had to include at least one player to make the bet come off, and the only rational hypothesis was that Tandy’s role was to do all that he could to make sure the Cowboys scored the first penalty goal, Ms Wahlquist said.

“He is the only player the evidence points to,” she said.

Tandy, 30, had pleaded not guilty to manipulating the first scoring point of the match to dishonestly obtain a financial advantage for “Sam Ayoub, John Elias and others, to win $113,245 from Tabcorp“.

The charge relates to an “unusual” betting plunge on the round 24 match, specifically to bets that the first points would be scored from a Cowboys penalty goal.

Tandy was penalised two minutes into the game for impeding a Cowboys player in front of the posts, after Tandy spilled the ball and gave away possession.

The magistrate is hearing sentencing submissions.

IT took Ryan Tandy less than a week to accrue gambling debts of $30,000 which he later said he would not repay because he “disputed” some bets made on his behalf, a court heard yesterday.

The former Bulldogs forward is facing Downing Centre Local Court on four charges of lying to the NSW Crime Commission during a police investigation into suspicious betting activity on a match last NRL season between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Bulldogs.

The 28-year-old has pleaded not guilty to those charges, as well as to one count of attempting to dishonestly obtain a financial advantage by deception.

The court heard former racing journalist John Schell organised for another man, Damien Flower, to place bets on Tandy’s behalf in June and July last year.

Schell told the court that Tandy, at that stage playing for the Melbourne Storm, had said he didn’t want bets made in his own name in light of the salary cap scandal, which had been exposed just weeks earlier.

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The court heard that Tandy asked for three bets of $5000 to be placed on horses to win at Flemington and Sydney – only for them all to place second.

Snell said he became concerned when Tandy’s debts grew to more than $30,000 and the NRL player started to “dispute” some of the bets he’d made.

But Snell said Tandy contacted him that June weekend and during the following week about placing bets on NRL matches.

Tandy was investigated after a flurry of bets was placed on the 2010 round 24 NRL match between the Bulldogs and the Cowboys in the unusual option of North Queensland scoring first from a penalty goal.

Tandy conceded a penalty in the opening moments of the game. However, North Queensland opted to take a quick tap in front of the posts and scored a try instead.

6 thoughts on “Ex-Bulldogs star Ryan Tandy found guilty of NRL match-fixing

  1. The word is he could potentially get 5 years, but I doubt that…The judge has asked for a report into suitability for a community order, what a joke that would be…


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  3. Can any one tell me how the law was applied, (Dishonestly “attempting” to obtain financial gain).He is not spending 5 years in prision. Is it because it was just an “attempt”


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