Court won't name Child Molester Out shopping? We will


ONE of Australia’s worst paedophiles is being allowed to go shopping and socialising, despite being a danger to the public.

UPDATE 14/10/11

Hi guys. You could say I had a slap down, but I have it on good advice it will come to nothing.

So stand by next 24 hours,  this prick will not be going anywhere without us knowing who he is with the stuff I have got on this snake belly…

Thank-you for all your support and offers of exposure elsewhere…I don’t want to get others in the shit by what I do…



Plans are at hand for the serial child-rapist to move back into the community.

Although a court has deemed he still poses a risk to children, the Herald Sun has been prevented from informing the public who the high-profile offender is or where he is living.

Well contact me here anonymously and I will name and shame this bastard no problems at all (all info treated with absolute confidentiality)

Twitter users: Join the fight by using #righttoknow

His lawyer said it would be impossible for him to spend more time in the community if people were able to recognise him. That’s right, we don’t want this snake belly in the community

A County Court hearing has revealed the prolific child abuser:

HAS recently been approved by corrections staff for unaccompanied visits with friends in Melbourne.

MAKES regular trips to Ballarat for socialising and shopping.

WANTED corrections staff to start dropping him off at a Melbourne shopping centre for unaccompanied meetings with an acquaintance.

WILL get more freedom as part of plans to see him living back in the community. Freedom? This kiddie fiddler lost his rights when he decided touching up kids was OK

The Department of Justice yesterday urged Judge Wendy Wilmoth to lift a suppression order banning the paedophile’s identity being revealed.

The judge earlier extended a supervision order, after even he conceded he was still an unacceptable risk in the community.

Under the order, he must live in special accommodation and obey restrictions designed to protect the community, including not being in public alone unless permitted by the Adult Parole Board.

The judge also refused the man’s bid to be allowed out without the Board’s written approval. But she said he could ask the court to consider lifting it within a year.

Judge Wilmoth noted Corrections Victoria had already approved him having unaccompanied visits to his friends in Melbourne, but that it was subject to agreement by the board.

She said it was part of a “step-down process” of reducing supervision so he could live back in the community.

David Grace, QC, for the department, argued that communities he visited should know he was “in their midst”.

It was in the public interest for people to know that such a high-risk offender was still being kept under watch.

Revealing the man’s identity was banned in June, when the court extended his supervision order.

Child abuse support group Bravehearts said his identity should be disclosed because communities should be able to do whatever was necessary to protect children.

Judge Wilmoth has reserved her decision on the suppression order until next week.

26 thoughts on “Court won't name Child Molester Out shopping? We will

  1. robbo send the DOG RATs name and address to me i’ll make it public from overseas fuck em.the maggot shouldn’t ever be released. when the rats in jail the always get the best jobs like office what does that tell u about the screws ..when does pea brain johnson get his whack.if he’d knocked one of them he’d be a hero.instead he’s only got the cock roaches to be a hero too.


  2. I’m keen too Robbo. Good on you for being the voice of the people. Surely naming this fkr makes him more accountable, and stops him from considering seizing opportunities to rape again. If he knew the public were aware of him surely he would be too concerned about getting caught to let his sickness to molest our children take precedence.

    I will never understand the law’s thinking that it’s more important to protect the livelihood of the predator? It just doesnt compute that such laws are made by human beings, and endorsed by a select collective of people. Do they not have children, neices, nephews they love and want to protect? How could they be so far removed to think the welfare of a child is less important than that of serial-offender who is clearly beyond rehab, beyond behaving like a decent person, and is obviously sick.

    Rehabilitation? Not likely. Fear of being caught might be a preventative.
    So name him. And let we the public play guardian to the children.


  3. WTF ??? That is just so wrong. He has conceded that he is still a risk to the public. But now he wants unsupervised trips …

    This guy lost his right to privacy when he made his choice to molest children.

    Stop the trips. Name the filth. Shame this guy !!!


  4. I have been reading comments on this site, but not yet posted. THANKYOU Robbo for such an outstanding job of sourcing & providing information on such vile, disgusting creatures (too sick & revolting to be called people!).
    Keep up the hardwork- it is much appreciated.


  5. Hi guys. You could say I had a slap down, but I have it on good advice it will come to nothing.

    So stand by next 24 hours, this prick will not be going anywhere without us knowing who he is with the stuff I have got on this snake belly…

    Thank-you for all your support and offers of exposure elsewhere…I don’t want to get others in the shit by what I do…




  6. A slap down? What a legal one Robbo? I for one will stand by your cause & I am in no mood to back down of late.Let us know what the hell is going on.Oh & don’t worry about any of us getting into shit. I am sick of living in a country run by blindfolded fools.Cheers Goth.


  7. These scum never stop with their abusing . They need to be eliminated from society. Death is the only rehabilitation that works with these monsters .


  8. This is outrageous, for the judge Wendy W to made such a decision. Obviously she doesn’t give a toss about the impact of this to the community and those young families that live in the community.
    My personal view any child molester or rapist should be gas to death!


    No need to tolerate the Scum in any society
    Thrash must be treated accordingly
    And to those judges who are covering the abusers…wish you go through the life sentence
    and pain that the families of the victims have to endure
    As for the victim/s if they survived…well, what a sad life and future: to have been abused, degraded and more
    Ah the Politically correct!
    Stand up and be counted
    Thanks for this site!


  10. Hi robbo, perhaps you should learn to spell ‘paedophile’ before you go on the kind of hate campaigns the cause more harm than good

    we need more vigilante redneck scumbags in Australia as much as we nee more ‘pedophiles’


  11. Dr Brian Neil Talarico North Bay Has been convicted of child molestation, an possession of child pornography on his computer. Sexually molesting a young boy. He had prior convictions for child molestation in 1990 and 2001. After his parole in 2006. Dr. Talarico Brian Works for north east mental health centre, despite his background, and numerous complaints against him of abuse, fraud, negligence, and imprisonment. Address: North East Mental Health Centre North Bay Campus Highway 11 North North Bay Ontario P1B 8L1, and now works for Act 2, North Bay.


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