Pedophile Ex MP Terry Martin

A FORMER Tasmanian MP has admitted he spent $150,000 on 162 different prostitutes in the two years before his arrest over sex with a child in September, 2009.

Another fine specimen of a man held in high esteem in public office found out to be a dirty old pervert, pedophile and kiddie porn lover, a disgrace. I can bet you he used public money spending up on hundreds of prostitutes, surely they must have been in need of the money…I hope he gets plenty of action in jail….

God I would like to discover so much more about this case…Like what money was he using, was he on the taxpayers time whilst screwing 162 prostitutes over 2 years? The fat bastard mustn’t last long because surely if he was that active he would lose a few pounds. But what is most disturbing is the under-age sex with obviously Under age young girls….Dirty filthy child porn stashed in locked drawers in his house and he wants to blame his medication???!!!! What a load of bullshit that is…

Dirty fat disgusting Ex MP Terry Martin

Terry Martin, 54, sobbed in the dock as the Supreme Court in Hobart watched his recorded interview  yesterday.

Mr Martin’s distress was palpable – both in court and on the DVD recording – when the questioning turned to a stack of child pornography found in a locked drawer in the study of his Claremont home.

Mr Martin had oral sex with a 12-year-old and took sexually explicit photos of her at his home in September, 2009, after she was advertised as a prostitute by her mother and the mother’s partner.

Mr Martin has pleaded not guilty to underage sex charges and one count of producing child pornography, arguing that he believed the girl was 18, as advertised at the time.

The former MP accused of having sex with a 12-year-old sold into prostitution told police he jokingly asked the girl her real age…

During the police interview he was shown photographs taken by him of the girl performing oral sex on him.

impression the girl was 18.

“If I have slept with a 12-year-old, then it is the most disgusting thing I can imagine,” he said.

“The bottom line is she advertised herself as 18 and she told me in the flesh that she was 18.”

“Honestly, I would never knowingly have sex with someone who was under 18. It’s abhorrent and it sickens me.”

At one stage during the interview, Martin broke down in tears and said, “She can’t have been 12.”
He admitted he “usually” did take photos during sex with women. What a hero he is, the fat lard…

He cried as he told the two detectives he had since learned a side effect of one of the drugs he had been prescribed for his Parkinson’s Disease was hyper-sexuality.

“Until five years ago I found porn disgusting,” he told them.

He said he discovered it “on the bloody net” during a highly sexual relationship with a “beautiful, intelligent” woman 15 years younger than him, who he had started seeing 10 months after his 2005 diagnosis.

When that ended and the Legislative Council voted on prostitution reforms, he started thinking about sex workers for the first time, he said.

While in Melbourne in 2007 he had his first sexual experience with a prostitute and told police after that he was hooked.

“It was ruining my life, I couldn’t stop,” he said – adding that was the case even after he and his “gorgeous” former partner became “sex buddies” again.

He said he could not explain why he had been downloading and printing child pornography.

He said it was all due to his addiction to porn and sex.

Former Glenorchy Mayor and Legislative Councillor Terry Martin sobbed in the dock as he admitted to spending $150,000 on prostitutes over two years.

“It’s just been f–king up my life – and now you tell me I’ve slept with a 12-year-old?” he sobbed.

The trial resumes today.

7 thoughts on “Pedophile Ex MP Terry Martin

  1. Some more on this pig

    She said the former politician, who she described as “short, fat and about 50″, paid her “$600 or $700″.

    He got in his spa with her, performed an oral sex act on her, then asked her to reciprocate.

    He took 133 photographs of her naked and posed explicitly.

    He also took photographs of her performing oral sex on him, and those photographs were provided to the jury yesterday in the final minutes of the day’s proceedings.

    Jurors were also told of a large collection of pornographic material, most of it involving young teenagers including children as young as 12 and 14, discovered by police on an external hard drive seized from Mr Martin’s study.

    It was revealed Mr Martin had divided the photographs into specific categories, with songs allocated to each slideshow. Those songs included Helter Skelter by the Beatles, Burn by Tina Arena and Forever Young by Bob Dylan.


    • “When… the Legislative Council voted on prostitution reforms, he started thinking about sex workers for the first time, he said.”

      This is plain bizarre! I wonder, has this ever been known to happen before, in any parliament? Debating prostitution reforms leading to an MP starting to use prostitutes?! Weird!

      I think the speaker of the house will need to take precautions in the future, when the topic comes up for debate: “Male MPs don’t go doing some hands-on sampling here! I know it’s tempting, but you’ll need to vote on the issue without engaging in first-hand experience!”.


  2. Again another sicko MP must the ex Green, and here we are having the Green dictated our Idiot Federal Gov to run our country with more and more taxes. He should be stripped from all his entitlement of his pension as ex MP!!!


  3. I don’t often swear on these blogs, but what the fucking FUCK? He WALKED? After being found guilty of sexually assaulting a child. This is exactly why I say that anyone stupid enough to touch my kids should damn well HOPE the cops caught them before we did. Call me vigilante, I don’t care. My kids’ safety is FAR more important to me than your opinion. Given that *most* child sex abuse is committed by someone known to the family and my husband & I are very vocal about this issue, I consider my kids to be that tiny bit safer. Anyone tempted would probably look for less protected prey. And wisely so. If I could get my hands on the woman that birthed this child – “mother” does not fit her at all – then I might well end up on assault charges. If I got caught I guess I could blame the medication =/


  4. Not sure if anyone is still reading this post, but two things concern me:

    1. Why were none of the other 100+ “clients” of this child prostitute not even charged?! No suggestion of any political bias, but this is VERY concerning and strange, to say the least!

    2. Even if Martin was going sexually insane from his medication – why a kid?

    3. Given that Martin was going sexually insane and blowing his LIFE SAVINGS on 162 different prostitutes, WHY the hell didn’t he tell his doctor what was happening?! This is an unusual side effect of this medication, but if the doctor had been told, he no doubt would have adjusted the dose, or switched him to something else. (He wasn’t just “horny” – no sane person spends $150,000+ on 162 prostitutes!). Did he not understand that his behavior was insane?


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