JOEL Morehu Barlow-Where’s our 16 million dollars? UPDATES

UPDATE 27/04/12 It is a real look into the huge ego of this thief and fraudster, looking into the inventory of his waterside home, to see what status meant to this dickhead. Louis Vuitton is apparently a posh brand that costs a few hundred times more than the normal consumer product for what seems not much more the the tag…

He lived and breathed Louis Vuitton, along with the very best champagnes, cognacs, cigars and other bullshit status seeking brands…

The real treasures of a Kiwi’s fake Tahitian prince



Such was his commitment to living the high-life as a Tahitian prince, alleged Queensland Health fraudster Hohepa Morehu-Barlow carried with him an iPod engraved with the moniker “HRH“.

The 36-year-old fallen Brisbane socialite, originally from Thames in New Zealand, funded an extravagant lifestyle, while claiming to be Tahitian royalty, with millions of dollars he allegedly fleeced from Queensland Health, where he was employed as a fund manager.

Mr Morehu-Barlow, also known as Joel Barlow, now spends his days behind bars on remand after being charged with defrauding the government of more than A$16 million (NZ$21m) in public funds.

An audit of his property, filed in the Supreme Court last week, details the treasure-trove of designer garments, jewellery, artwork, wine, champagne and a bizarre collection of bric-a-brac Mr Morehu-Barlow accumulated before his arrest late last year.

Included in the 29-page catalogue of property seized from Mr Morehu-Barlow’s luxurious waterfront apartment at Moray Street, New Farm, is a leather wallet embossed with “HRH”, as well as the silver iPod engraved with the same title for His Royal Highness.

He also owned a key ring emblazoned with the words “High Roller Las Vegas”.

Mr Morehu-Barlow owned 22 sets of rosary beads, complete with amber, gold and silver crosses, two Bibles, including a boxed small Devocionario Bible, and three crucifixes.

Among Mr Morehu-Barlow’s underwear, police found what they described as a “leather thong with ‘Mary’ cross on back”.

The catalogue shows Mr Morehu-Barlow owned 98 business shirts, including 18 from Heringbone Sydney and 15 from Louis Vuitton.

He also owned 58 ties, including 28 from Louis Vuitton, 87 T-shirts and 17 pairs of jeans, as well as 36 pairs of designer sunglasses.

Police went from room to room of Mr Morehu-Barlow’s waterfront apartment after his arrest, recording all his belongings.

In his wardrobe, detectives found 30 pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes, including sports shoes, business shoes and ankle boots.

He also owned one Hermes leather saddle and a Ralph Lauren ice bucket.

Mr Morehu-Barlow also had 19 Louis Vuitton scarves and 18 Louis Vuitton suit bags.

He had two Louis Vuitton humidors and two Creedo Precision humidors – one opened and one unopened – and seven Davidoff Doubler cigars.

He also invested in works by celebrated Australian painters Arthur Boyd and Brett Whiteley.

Among his prized possessions was a book commemorating the 2010 Australian tour of late songstress Whitney Houston and the 1985 album We Are The World.

The Public Trustee of Queensland was last week given the green light to sell assets seized from the alleged fraudster.

Mr Morehu-Barlow has previously consented to his personal property being sold in order to reduce any future court-imposed restitution order.

He was arrested last year after allegedly transferring $11 million from a Queensland Health account to a Commonwealth Bank businesses account registered in his name on November 17, and is now awaiting trial.

Items already approved for sale by the Public Trustee included Mr Morehu-Barlow’s $5.6 million apartment, a 2009 black Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, a 2007 black Audi A4 sedan, two 2012 Sea Doo jetskis worth $25,900 and $16,400, and one baby grand piano.

Property catalogue

An excerpt from the 29-page catalogue of the items the state government has seized from accused Queensland Health fraudster Hohepa Morehu-Barlow.


98 business shirts: Heringbone Sydney (18), Louis Vuitton (15), Mateo Di Rota (8), Marcs (7), Rhodes and Beckett (6), Tom Ford (6), mixed brands (38).
87 t-shirts (various brands)
58 ties: Louis Vuitton (28)
30 pairs of Louis Vuitton shoes, including one pair of black sequined business shoes
17 jeans (various brands)
5 suits: Louis Vuitton (4), Hugo Boss (1)
3 Louis Vuitton gloves (boxed)
5 Louis Vuitton jackets
1 Louis Vuitton fur-like collar
1 Louis Vuitton dinner coat
1 Hugo Boss dinner jacket
1 Louis Vuitton windcheater
1 Louis Vuitton denim jacket
1 Louis Vuitton vest
1 Louis Vuitton leather jacket
1 Louis Vuitton bath robe


41 scarves: Louia Vuitton (26, including one fox-fur scarf), Alexander McQueen (1), No-brand (14)
36 sunglasses: Louis Vuitton (6), Kirk (1), Marc Jacobs (9), Dolche & Gabbanna (1), Tom Ford (5), Dita (2), Chanel (1), Ray Bans (2), Gucci (3), Christian Dior, D-Squared, Issou, Porche, Carrera, and Balenciaga (1).
9 Louis Vuitton cufflinks
7 watches: Cartier (2), Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Breitling (1).
2 Louis Vuitton tie clips
1 Alexander McQueen skull cufflinks
1 Mother of Pearl opera glasses
1 Hermes wallet
1 Louis Vuitton wallet, embossed with “HRH”
1 Dolche & Gabbanna tan rabbit fur hat
1 Hermes black shawl


Tim Storrier’s Straight Over the Plain
Jeffrey Smart’s Study for the Terrace, Variation on a Theme
Arthur Boyd’s Pulpit Rock
Dean Vella’s Flower vase, blocks on blue
Brett Whitely (1 work)
Jake Reston (5 works)


6L Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne
6L Dom Perignon Champagne (in metal box)
6L Krug Champagne (in wooden box)
Moet and Chandon 2003 Grand Vintage Champagne 750mL
Dom Perignon 2002 Vintage Champagne 750mL
Kauffman Private Collection Vodka
Pedro Ximenez Sherry
Neilpoorts 1983 Port
Martell L”Or Cognac 700mL (boxed)
Henessy XO Cognac 700mL
Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Sporting Memorabilia

1 signed All Blacks jersey
1 framed Queensland Reds jersey


6 Louis Vuitton overnight bags
3 Louis Vuitton sports bags
3 Louis Vuitton satchels

Home goods

4 Louis Vuitton towels
4 Hermes blankets
2 cowskin rugs
1 Ralph Lauren ice bucket
1 Hermes ice bucket
1 Dyson vacuum cleaner with accessories

Other belongings

27 empty sunglass cases
22 sets of rosary beads
18 Louis Vuitton suit bags
9 antique wind-up robots
7 Davidoff Double cigars
4 humidors: Louis Vuitton (2), Creedo Precision 70 (2)
4 phones: iPhone (3), mobile (1)
3 Bunnings Warehouse $100 gift vouchers
1 Hermes saddle
1 64GB silver iPod engraved with “HRH Hohepa Morehu-Barlow”
1 Louis Vuitton umbrella
1 Louis Vuitton business card holder
1 Louis Vuitton laptop bag
1 Louis Vuitton iPad holder
1 leather thong with leather Mary cross on back
1 black and silver crucifix
1 Trojan tool box
1 “High Roller Las Vegas” key ring
1 Kiwi money box
1 Whitney Houston 2010 tour book
1 Diamantin and Domenicoru Italian cuckoo clock
1 blood pressure machine
1 10kg dumbbell

– Brisbane Times



JOEL Morehu-Barlow, the 36-year-old State Government executive wanted for questioning over alleged fraud-related activity, is in police custody.

I wanted to post this the other day, but I could not believe what I was hearing, this bloke has been living the best of the best life styles on a public servant salary and for some reason has been under the radar. Now Bligh is furious, maybe because she knows we know she has fucked up on this one…At a time when QLDer’s are tightening their belts left right and centre, when they are dipping into their own pockets after floods devastated the state etc. we find out pricks like Barlow are using state funds like their own piggy bank…

Now they have caught him today, and reading between the lines, he may have attempted suicide, the mess needs to be cleaned up…SAD YES…BUT how the hell does this happen over and over by these greedy bastards? Hopefully we will find out folks… What is really interesting to me is this crook has been the darling of the social scene up there for years (at 36yrs of age, GOV employee do not forget) So what where they all thinking as he paraded around in his fine threads and massive property expenditure????


Makes one wonder what these free loading party goers were thinking of their friend and or work mate spending up a huge $130,000 on a party. Did they all think he just worked a lot of overtime? Nobody asked a question in 5 years?

UPDATE 17/04/12

THE media has been excluded from attending today’s Supreme Court “examination” of so-called fake Tahitian prince Joel Morehu-Barlow over possible missing taxpayer money or assets.

Hohepa Hikairo “Joel” Morehu-Barlow, 36, was ordered to appear today to be grilled over other alleged ill-gotten gains he bought while living the high-life on Queensland taxpayers’ money.

Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey earlier this month issued the “examination” order in accordance with the Criminal Proceeds Confiscation Act 2002.

Morehu-Barlow is expected to be quizzed about any other property or assets that may be subject to confiscation and subsequent sell off by the government in a bid to recoup outstanding millions he is alleged to have siphoned from state coffers.

Lawyers for The Courier-Mail this morning sought permission to remain in the court and cover the proceedings.
Barrister Carla Klease, for The Courier-Mail, said: “There is a strong public interest to the media being present.”

Ms Klease said the fact Morehu-Barlow was to be examined about money belonging to Queensland taxpayers was of considerable interest to the wider public.

Solicitor Delma Osborne, for the Director of Public Prosecutions and Crime and Misconduct Commission, opposed the application, saying examinations of this nature must take place in private.

She said Morehu-Barlow, as part of the “examination”, could be ordered to answer questions that would in other jurisdictions be deemed self-incriminating.

“The examinee (Morehu-Barlow) will be forced to answer questions for which (he) could otherwise claim privilege,” Ms Osborne said.

Registrar Jane Guerin agreed with the Crown’s submission and ordered the hearing be held in a closed court.

It is understood neither Morehu-Barlow or his lawyers opposed the media attending the hearing.

Morehu-Barlow is currently in custody awaiting trial, or possible sentence hearing, for embezzling more than $16 million from Queensland Health.

The fallen socialite last appeared on March 1, when a Brisbane magistrate committed him to stand trial for the fraud in the Brisbane District Court.

A total of 39 witness statements were handed up to the court after prosecutors dropped seven charges and replaced them with a further seven.

The new charges include two counts of fraud as an employee, two counts of forgery of a valuable security, possession of hydroxybutanoic acid lactone and drugs including ecstasy and GHB.

He is also accused of uttering a forged document between July and December last year, namely a copy of a ministerial letter from MP Paul Lucas.

Two drug possession charges, including possession of steroids and drug utensils, cannot be dealt with in the higher court and were adjourned back to the Magistrates Court on June 4.

Morehu-Barlow, who had claimed to be a member of the Tahitian royal family, had been working at QH since 2005.

UPDATE 14/12/11

THE $16 million Queensland Health swindle may have been so easy to detect that it was detailed in the department’s own annual reports.

SURELY MANY MORE HEADS HAVE TO ROLL IN THIS DEBACLE? WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT SOME SMALL PANEL BEATERS BOOKEEPER SLICING OFF THE CREAM, THIS IS A MAJOR FRAUD THAT WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING TO BE FOUND TRO BE CARRIED OUT BY ONE SOLITARY MID MANAGER IN A GOVERNMENT DEPARMENT. Lets not even bother with his dubious past and convictions and how he got the job in the first place…How about where the fuck are the checks and balances over 3 years when Queenslanders are being told to tighten their belts, yet at the same time commit money to all the dramas they have endured up there… (mind you we all gave money from around Australia in their time of need)

It was revealed yesterday that an entity owned by the health employee accused of orchestrating the scam received $4 million in grants.

But rather than hidden in the bowels of the department, every cent received over the past three years appears to have been printed in “funded organisations” sections of the glossy reports.

On Wednesday, Premier Anna Bligh said she was “very angry” at circumstances surrounding the alleged swindle.

“It is equally clear that an investigation last year into a complaint was not sufficiently rigorous,” Ms Bligh said. Really????

“It is also clear that some of the financial checks and balances that should be in place are either not there or not rigorous enough.”

The revelation raises fresh doubts about the effort put into an internal investigation last year about near-identical allegations.

It will also increase pressure on the Bligh Government to sack senior health officials who were left clueless about millions of dollars going missing.

Police yesterday charged 36-year-old Brisbane social scene identity Joel Morehu-Barlow with one count of defrauding Queensland Health of $11 million.

It has been alleged Morehu-Barlow scammed $16 million over about three years in his role within the department handing out grants to the non-government sector.

The case has captivated the state with details of the health system middle manager’s opulent lifestyle emerging, from a $130,000 birthday bash to him passing himself off as a Tahitian prince.

But while Premier Anna Bligh has described the scam as sophisticated, it may have been as simple as setting up an entity with a believable business name.

Business searches show Morehu-Barlow set up a sole trading entity named “Healthy Initiatives and Choices” in September 2008.

The business does not appear to have an address, telephone number or even a website.

However, Queensland Health’s last three annual reports show it was getting growing amounts of public cash.

It received $180,000 in 2008/09, $1.37 million in 2009/10 and $2.56 million in 2010/11.

Other organisations receiving donations include the Inala PCYC, Kidsafe Queensland and Beyond Blue.

Queensland Health refused to confirm or deny the grants to Healthy Initiatives and Choices were related to the $16 million swindle.

“As this is a police matter, we cannot comment,” a spokesman said.

Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said that, while he was unaware if the grants to Healthy Initiatives and Choices were related to the fraud investigation, it was incumbent on the Government to explain the payments.

“We are asking legitimate public administration questions about payments published in annual reports,” he said.

Joel Barlow, seems he loved spending OUR money as a Government beancounter

At 9am Monday it was confirmed that Mr Morehu-Barlow was being supervised by police inside Royal Brisbane Hospital. There was no information about his condition.

Mr Morehu-Barlow, who police have been scouring Queensland for since Thursday night, was found at an address in New Farm around 3am Monday morning.

Police said he was wanted for questioning as part of an investigation into fraudulent activity relating to a large sum of money belonging to Queensland Health.

Mr Morehu-Barlow was taken into custody when he was about to enter his luxury riverfront unit in Moray St.

Claire O’Rourke, who lives in the Moray St building next door to the luxury apartment block, said she was woken about 3am by a commotion.

Police checks miss fugitive’s past

She said it was “disconcerting” to learn Queensland’s most wanted man had been arrested just metres away.

“I woke up about 3am and the police were just coming down round the side of the house,” she said.

“I had no idea that he was here. I knew that he lived in the area just from what I had heard on the news.

“I think it’s great that they caught him so quickly.”

On Monday morning, police forensic experts were at Mr Morehu-Barlow’s apartment. Charges are yet to be laid.

Police Minister Neil Roberts said he did not know whether Mr Morehu-Barlow put up a struggle during his arrest.

“In the early hours of this morning, a little after 3.30am I understand, the alleged offender presented himself and tried to get into a unit and they were able to apprehend him,” Mr Roberts said.

“The individual has been taken into custody and is undergoing questioning.

“Police will release further details throughout the day.

“It’s very satisfying to see it brought to an early conclusion.”

A nationwide search had been underway since Thursday after it was discovered millions of dollars, destined for Queensland charities, had allegedly been ripped off the government.

The government believes the money was directed into private accounts over three year years, with $11 million going missing in one transaction in the last two weeks.

Barlows mansion...But who paid for that?

An employee raised the alarm when they noticed a discrepancy last Thursday.

New Zealand-born Mr Morehu-Barlow has been a Queensland Health employee since 2005.

Police froze $12 million of his assets last Friday, including a swank property, luxury cars and artwork.

Premier Anna Bligh on Monday morning welcomed news that Mr Morehu-Barlow had been found.

“Police have acted calmly and methodically and covered all the bases. This morning they got their man,” said the Premier.

“I want to congratulate them for their police work on behalf of the people of Queensland.”

Ms Bligh said that Mr Morehu-Barlow’s arrest was not the end of the matter.

“This is just the beginning. It is unacceptable that this could happen and we are working to close any loopholes that exist,” she said.

“The courts will deal with Mr Morehu-Barlow and we will deal with the system.”

More on this story as it comes to hand…



24 thoughts on “JOEL Morehu Barlow-Where’s our 16 million dollars? UPDATES

  1. hahaha. Robbo start looking into how certain racing identities who just work in the offices at Brisbane own multi-million dollar homes in ascot that not even the very rich can afford… Start at Eagle Farm of some 12 years ago.. its mind blowing that a person from a nothing background or wealth can OWN, yes own not paying it off, a 15 million property spaning over a large amount of ground on secretaries wages…


  2. Hi J, it is mind boggling I must say…We work our asses off and reach a pinnacle buying a tinny or caravan, and these greedy public servants feel they have the right for some reason to help themselves to whatever they can get their hands on, they piss me off so badly…

    Corruption has always been the temptation in office, but it is not as though they are not paid well…

    If you have anything to share that I can investigate J, email me at aussiecriminals…[email protected]… (ignore the extra … of course….friggin spammers)


  3. I can assure you – what “we” were all thinking was:

    “wow, what a story – it’s so unbelievable it MUST be true. You couldn’t MAKE something like that up.”

    I’ve known Joel for years – I can assure you, he never once wavered from his tahitian royalty facade.

    Some of the lengths he went to were extraordinary.

    I’ve seen his invitation to Will and Kates wedding, I’ve watched him drop 100k at Louis Vuitton (who closed down the store for him to shop in privacy) and I have also visited him in Paris at “his” apartment and seen the 300k paintings….which I find out now was a rental…

    I can assure you, as stupid as the story sounds when it’s said or written – he was def worthy of an academy award.

    And yes, it was a suicide attempt today. And I’m pretty sure everyone feels pretty weird about it that knows him. As terrible as it is what he has done, no one was more fun to be around at a party. Keep smiling HRH.


    • Mischief…

      AS exciting as all that sounds to know someone with a claim to fame, it’s NO friggin joke…

      Fuck keeping the party happening and all the hangers on happy with OUR money.

      This Criminal is as much a scum-bag, low life and worthy of the full powers of the law to punish , as is anyone or group that helped him along with this little scam…

      So I hope you paid your own way to all those wonderful gatherings with your buddy…

      I am sure it was a full on “Team work” effort to pull it off, but I just hope the paper trail (these days digital/Computer) is long and significant, and entraps all the other filthy greedy pigs who’s noses got so full of greed they were not sure what to devour next!

      Of course the tool was fun to be around, most people are with other peoples money…The life of the party or not…


      • ease up turbo…i’m pretty sure he’s not someone that would be considered as bagging a “claim to fame” to and you have completely missed my point with your post.

        I agree what he did sucks and I’m pretty sure a lot of people that have know him feel pretty duped. My point was, the story was so unbelievable it was believable.

        pretty glad i posted here…


  4. Hey Robbo, dunno why you flew off the handle at mischief like that as you have probably driven them away and they were a potential minefield of information. The sort of information which would have been brilliant for a blog like this.

    Come back mischief and provide us with a greater insight into this unbelievable crime.


  5. This guy apparently did this before in New Zealand prior to coming to Australia, stealing money from the public service, yet the Qld police and the state governemtn failed to check his background. Incredible.


  6. Imagine what that money could of been used for. Like more operations that us Queensland public health patients have been waiting an bloody long time for.Or perhaps pay the wages of a peadiatrician or 2 to make up for the shortfall. I cannot begin to tell you how angry I personally am as cancer patient in remission who needs to see doctors regularly & a mum of 2 special needs children who require frequent hosptilisation. This fucker is living the high life & you mischief are a fuckwit of the highest order.Your mate was a good bloke was he? tell that to the people of Queensland who are reeling from his actions.


    • Hi Goth, that is exactly the point at the end of the day. Let’s get to the meat of the issue….

      I’m sure they are the most wonderful buddies, and family members who treated their own impeccably, but had much more sinister sides that were consumed by greed, revenge, entitlement and just cause in their bent minds…

      The money and its intended use…I don’t really care, if we find out he sent it to starving kids in bloody Ethiopia…well that means nothing…spreading the guilt and shame is all that is

      As much as it is a concern about the needy elsewhere, the money was slated for our families, old crumbling relatives in need of operations, simple care and due rights as Aussie citizens etc. who wait months and years because of funding shortfalls and other bullshit excuses

      At least that damn Premier up there has acted swiftly, but gee I hope the dough has not gone forever…Who will donate to the next cause now? NOT ME

      (I feel much better now…)


  7. I would expect this sort of behavior from a Kiwi!
    We need to change the laws so they have to be checked out thoroughly,
    just like all the boat people. The poor kiwis are only coming here
    for a better life!


  8. Took a few angry pills the other night guys, a bit happening in my life ATM, stirring the pot once in a while cant be that bad can it? But flying off the handle adds nothing to the debate, so do not take it personally, I just snap about certain issues now and then!

    In all honesty as long as we get to the bottom of these stories I can handle the fact we do not all agree….

    I love the fact we have a great bunch of folks here that bother to go beyond the main stream and come here and have a say.

    WE might not always agree but at least you don’t get censored or even worse not published at all. like the papers and radio etc…I was a serial radio talk-back caller back in the day and used to get abruptly cut off pointing the facts out… Cheers


  9. i’m like you robbo, i snap now and then LOL, but I have a good heart, just like you! Nothing wrong with being passionate about the idiots of the world and their misdeads!

    i love your forum!


  10. to everyone who is worried about this,he must be very clever and the people around him dumb,the people that worked with him dumber,only prince,s with oil are rich,everyone know,s that,


  11. john,why would u expect this from a kiwi?us kiwi, has not a history of crime,were as auss was a jail,as for the life style nz has it all,better food,better at winning world cup,s,we have long green grass,and our kid,s walk to school in ice covered puddle,s in bare feet,also be very aware that nobody would be here if lord rudderford didn,t split the attom,a kiwi of course,


  12. come on aussie reply,the more i thk on this the more i love it,i would employ this man at the drop of a hat,i love it ,as shakespear said,,,,,,life is all but a stage an we all have a part to play,this guy played his part an you all watched on as he had a ball,i wish i was at his parties,i can,t stand people who have such a boreing life,


  13. Everyone who comes to Australia from overseas should be thoroughly checked for a criminal record. Any major crimes such as this level of fraud or murder, rape, paedophilia, drug dealing, political-police-judicial corruption and they should be banned outright. The politicians of this country are failing in their duty of care to the Australian people. It doesn’t matter if it’s Labor or Liberal. They have both sold us out. I despise politicians.


  14. Joel Morehu-Barlow deserves to be locked away forever. Living a lavish lifestyle whilst others fighting for theirs due to our lack of health funding is a discrace. A party-goer at his $130,000 party at cloudland told me that there was a UNLIMITED supply of pills and GHB (liquid Ecstacy) at the party. He needs to be locked away FOREVER!!!


  15. Hey Jack and all,

    Did you all know that New Zealand was once a colony of New South Wales? New Zealand gained sovereignty in 1841. They became a colony of New South Wales as there had been murmurs by the French to try and take New Zealand. Aren’t they lucky that the Colonial office stepped in? Think that part of Australia would have been preferable to being part of France.


  16. Why this just not surprise me at all…Public Servant live like a king, I would prefer he not just pay back all the money that he had embezzled but also with interest to go with it. I never mind donate and had donated to support QLD flood victims but being forced with tax of Levy while people like these scum and Julia Gillard and other politician who none of them pay taxes and dictated us to pay tax while most of us earned only half or even 1/3 of what they earned in a year


  17. Adding to the stench , the Courier Mail reports he lived next door to the Qld Health director general
    THE bogus Tahitian Prince accused of embezzling $11 million from Queensland Health lived his lavish lifestyle right under the nose of the department’s chief.

    The Courier-Mail has learnt that Joel Morehu-Barlow, who is in jail awaiting a court hearing, lived in the same luxury apartment building as Queensland Health Director-General Tony O’Connell.

    And Morehu-Barlow wasn’t a quiet man who kept to himself – he had numerous parties and was well known in and around the inner-city building.

    Yesterday, a Queensland Health spokesman said Mr O’Connell had not attended any of Morehu-Barlow’s parties nor had even been in his apartment but would not comment on the pair’s previous close residential proximity.

    Morehu-Barlow lived at the apartment for much of his tenure as a finance officer with Queensland Health, before moving out upon purchasing a $5.6 million unit at New Farm, shortly before his arrest.


  18. Sean…Come on mate…EVERY POST? You need glasses…Let me remind you the punting industry is worth BIllions and Billions, employs hundreds of thousands and whether I have a bet or not is irrelevant, the damage is WIDE spread.

    I’m happy to discuss it further if you like. Imagine it as another industry say Blood tests on us, that were being fudged for money etc.

    Crooks are crooks that need to be kicked to the curb…

    But if you find every post is about racing whatever, feel free to leave any time, but I don’t think you will…

    Having said that, I look forward to more contributions from you, it keeps the place rolling…All the best


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