Matthew Newton- Coat tail loser has lost it again UPDATED

First off, I want to say I have a very good understanding of Mental health Issues…, first, second and third hand, I DO NOT make light of those suffering who WANT to help themselves instead of looking for excuses…

UPDATE 08/04/12 NEWTON ARRESTED IN THE USA AND LOCKED UP FOR RESISTING ARREST looking forward to Chris Murphy telling as about this latest issue and how it should be dealt with by the mental health act rather than the crimes act…Lets all start doing that…

Here are some other criminal acts he has been up to I posted previously… and

Matthew Newton in his arrest pic in Miami. He was charged with trespass and obstruction.

Mugshots of a battered and somber looking Newton has been posted online on a US website.

Newton was arrested on Friday night (US time) by Miami-Dade County police for trespassing on property after being warned and resisting an officer without violence.

A large gash is visible above Newton’s right eye.

Newton’s long-suffering mother Patti Newton refused to comment when questioned about the incident

Newton was involved in a “big scuffle” with the police before being arrested.

Newton had fled to the United States in an attempt to resurrect his career after a number of ugly incidents.

Matthew Newton in his arrest pic in Miami. He was charged with trespass and obstruction

TROUBLED actor Matthew Newton has been charged with allegedly punching a Sydney taxi driver in the head.Now honestly, this bonehead has been living off the coat tails of his somewhat famous father and mother since he was about 3. It certainly opened doors, and NOW hopefully those same doors are being slammed tight shut, ready to be opened by hard-working talented actors who had the misfortune of not coming from a famous Aussie TV Family…This dipstick just does not get it…

He is not some Hollywood megatsar who the world bends over backwards for.

Matthew is the mildly talented son of a TV legend, Bert Newton, who surely has used up every favour he was ever owed over his 60 year career!

Matthew Newton caught out being a complete tool again...Disgraced his family name again and has run at out favours from Dad

Police allege Newton hailed a cab in Crows Nest at 10.30 Sunday morning December 4.

”The driver alleges he then became aggressive and punched him in the head,” a police spokesman said today.

”The 66-year-old driver stopped the cab and it is alleged he was assaulted again.”

The Underbelly star was issued with a court attendance notice after being charged with common assault. He will appear at North Sydney court on January 31.

Newton was once one of the country’s most promising stars before public relationship breakdowns with actresses Brooke Satchwell and Rachael Taylor.

16 thoughts on “Matthew Newton- Coat tail loser has lost it again UPDATED

  1. I do note his public (who knows if he was playing up before that, but I’m sure dad, Bert (Old Moon face) called in some favours to keep him out of the media…

    Because since he hit court, Mum and Dad have barely been seen…Tells you a bit about how TV families work…

    They will cut their own to stay in the limelight….Losers and has-beens…Bye Bye


  2. Fascinating how you all blame him. Matthew. Yes, he is an adult. But i am a parent, and I can see the damage that Bert and Patti did to Matthew. There is where the blame is. Why not castigate them? Understand what Matthew wants. Then castigate him as well too. Cause he is old enough now.


  3. Matthew doesn’t want to face reality… yes, he has “demons of the mind”, but I’ve yet to be convinced he truly wants to emerge from his delusional and insane cocoon. Even if he WAS a true superstar, it wouldn’t help… it would only delay the crashing axe on his neck. Remember Michael Jackson’s fate?

    Until he understands how his destructive party life and rampant drug use have decimated him, there’s precious little chance.

    As to his parents and their role, I dredged up an old column from Bolt on the subject. You might find it fascinating, asha.

    Not saying I agree or disagree… just an interesting perspective.


  4. I am seriously wondering if mathew has porphria,the blood desease that makes you Mad.One of the kings of England had it.I have met a woman who is a mother of Triplet Girls who has it.Obviously she doesn’t have custody of hte kids but I can’t see anything else it could be.mathew tots that he has OCD ,well I doubt that.I have a few Bi-polar freinds and they don’t go around Bashing people and mathew touts that he has that as well.I do however beleive he has some Mental illness,maybe Breif Psychotic Disorder if I had to have a gues and as for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,please come on where did he find that from?Look as a human being I wish him good will and there is a problem withn him.The taxi cab thing,well it could be a beat up,we don’t know.


  5. Matthew Newton a typical coward only able and capable to attacked female (former 2 of ex girlfriends) and now an old – elderly man – taxi driver!

    Hi Robbo, how diplomatic of you to described him as “mildly talented”


  6. It seems obvious to most people the dichotomy that is Mathew Newton’s public/private life. Oscillating from beta male to alpha male roles as real and thespian situations present themselves.

    By quickly observing the countenance of Newton’s furrow-browed picture above you can see that he looks nothing more than a wimpy character actor, and yet the public image put out of the womanising Newton is one of a tough bloke ready to rat-pack with the best of them.

    The weakly looking Newton’s look-at-me alpha-male braggadocio has had its clear results such as seriously dating a couple of smokin’ hot femmes in Rachael Taylor and Brooke Satchwell. So it’s no surprise to me that Newton is in a mental quandary when it comes to making changes in his life. This is a lifestyle façade choice that many a celebrity, great and small, has been unable to make. Maybe Newton fears seeing himself as a normal everyday Joe and finding himself uttering Henry Hill’s final words in the movie, Goodfellas: “I’m an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.”

    So many hot women seem mentally hard-wired to be attracted to the type of persona Newton portrays: actor, singer, all-round entertainer, wannabe tough bloke, and, um, (fake TV) gangster. See lawyer Zara Garde Wilson as exhibit numero uno. How about the attractive teenage blond that visited Carl Williams in the can? Check out the women in the life of the “handsome” Brendan Fevola. There are endless examples.

    Thinking about the claims that Newton has mental issues seems like a clear cop-out to me. I remember reading about the disagreements between the great FBI profilers, Robert Ressler and John Douglas. Both great crime fighters had interviewed all the scumbags of modern history and they disagreed slightly on what’s criminal mental illness.

    While Ressler thought some crims indeed suffered a mental illness, Douglas disagreed and often mused that it was strange that while many a rapist/animal killer/serial murderer – or of course, their lawyers – claimed they weren’t in control of their actions due to “mental illness”, they were never so out of a state of mind that they ever committed a crime in the vicinity of a uniformed police officer. Thus it also seems that Mistah Newton also never seems out of control in the vicinity of a bar bouncer or male family member of one of his former flames he has given a beat-down to. To me he clearly has the cerebral wherewithal to make decisions that would improve his behaviour.

    What gets forgotten though, in any defence of this bloke is we’re all fighting tough battles in life and we have to make decisions all the time. The troubled upbringing or the pressure of being in the public glare stuff is hardly a viable excuse for Newton who has probably never worked a regular day’s yakka in his life.

    Robbo’s so right when he says “I DO NOT make light of those suffering who WANT to help themselves instead of looking for excuses….” I read about a man that tried to do something different with his working life and suffered a debilitating back injury cutting down trees. He made a change to his life. This man was a former US Army Ranger and became a trained medical surgeon in the Vietnam War where he saw more than his share of suffering. He went on to be a brilliant psychiatrist and has buried two of his own children (depression and disease) and yet today, he, dismisses many of those who come into his office with excuses looking for a magic pill or the profound words to save a perceived ailing life.

    That man, Dr. Gordon Livingston, wrote a best seller, “Too Soon Late, Too Old Smart” where he perfectly describes things like how “Any relationship is under control of the person who cares least,” and “The statute of limitations has expired on most of our childhood traumas.”

    The statute of limitations of Matthew Newton’s excuses for his behavior has sure run their race and his enablers could do worse than simply getting some salient advice from someone like Doc Livingston which would allow Newton to make some better choices but the way Bert’s son is heading he, and his career, may certainly soon be old news and a little too late smart!


  7. Wow…heavy stuff! As far as the hot women Newton has met, its more do to with the circles he moves in. Plus a considerable gift of the gab, like a lot of entertainers. I’m sure he can nice and charming…when he’s not being a weasly little gutless turd.
    Methinks he suffers from, ‘hey look, I’m a Newton, give me a job’, to whining how the Newton name does not let his ‘talent’ shine on its own merit. Apparently he used to verbal/physically attack his mother when he was teenage. Nothing was done then, and now they have a monster they can’t cure. I just love Chis Murphy’s dedication to his client, don’t you? Although old Chris has had that ‘what the fuck have I got myself into’ look, of late. haha


    • In hindsight I have to say you’ve corrected me there about the women so far in “Prune” Newton’s life, but, stay tuned for the list of names in the future now he’s an omnipresent “Bad Boy.” There’s probably little doubt he used his acting abilities, early career successes, and the family name to hone his gaming technique with the ladies. What I predicated my post on more applies to the “Tex” Watsons (fathered 4 kids – after Manson murders) and the Joran Van Der Sloots of the world.

      That said I still believe the self-described “walking time bomb” has a subconscious need to act out in the desire to be what he perceives as an alpha male which he physically isn’t, subsequently he picks targets like aging cab drivers. This now even looks worse since you’ve thrown his mother into the group of victims. Mothers, young women, and old men, as his only known victims are hardly questionable as a mere coincidence. Once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, and several is a definite trend. Where’s a kick boxer when you need one? It seems his post-traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder and bipolar depression (he claims all three) is controllable based on the present company he is with. He’s no monster and there is a cure of sorts – making better decisions starting with a career change which I don’t believe he’s willing to accept (the average nobody, schnook thing).

      People should remember too that times have changed in regards to publicly airing alleged personal demons affecting their lives. Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab is a perfect example of this and numerous politicians who nowadays claim various afflictions made them act a certain way before the inevitable “my bad”confession and proclamations such as “I’m putting this behind me and moving forward.” Also, turning the whole story upside down to present Newton as a victim also helps keep the media’s man-hating psycho babblers like Sandy Rea at bay.

      And yes, Chris Murphy’s dedication to his client is a story in itself but everyone knows Mr. Murphy and his brethren sleep well at night no matter whom or what they’re defending. He even claimed back in November that Newton hit both men and women and he wasn’t sexist but suffering mental illness. It’s just so incredible and amazingly lucky the rageaholic has never suffered the misfortune of having his face rearranged during any of his myriad encounters. And what a coincidence the alleged assault on the male cabbie came shortly after the Murphy claim about his actor client being an equal opportunity mentally-impaired pugilistic?

      One more act of abuse against the weak, old, young, or female will see this Macho Man wannabe in the gaol. And that is no place for this, as you put it, “weaselly little gutless turd” to be. You can bank it that Chris Murphy knows it too.


  8. I think Newton is too distured to be a ‘bad boy’. There is some kind of sickness there, even if its just a broad based personality disorder. In layman’s terms, he needed a kick up the arse at the appropriate time in his adoloscence. Btw, he did get a bashing, after a radio announcer suggested a man should give him a ‘slap’. Well, someone did. And it was a good one, apparently. Murphy then tried to suggest that added to his mental disturbances.(surprise, surprise). I don’t think we will hear much from Matt in the future. Perhaps a suicide, or other minor incidents that will turn the Newton name into showbiz mud.


    • Fair points again, Dave. But remember, being a Bad Boy isn’t so much about how he sees himself consciously or subconsciously, disturbed or not, it’s about portraying himself in a roll (roughing up girl guides and the elderly) that somehow gives the public (hot women in particular) the perception and belief that he’s all risky, daring, edgy, tough and exciting.

      Who knows if he is really disturbed and mentally ill? All we have are our own experiences and observations which makes me also now agree that he indeed really would have benefited from that kick up the arse years ago. And, also after he slugged the cabbie. Oh, hang on, that didn’t happen; Chris Murphy said it didn’t! Sheesh. Murphy really is the Australian legal profession’s version of Max Markson. It’s hard to take anything he publicly says seriously when we see his repeated shtick so often.

      Although I’m not up with the everyday minutia of this Newton’s Law of behaviour I do regular check out the minutia of what considered news by our media and I never knew he’d copped a deserved walloping as you stated. I checked Wikipedia but there is zilch about that. But amongst many listings there was this little nugget from 2007 where “Solicitor Chris Murphy tendered a letter from Dr Robert Hampshire, Newton’s psychiatrist, which outlined his depressive illness and stated he was unlikely to reoffend.” Again, we have the brilliance of psycho babblers. There’s a reason why so many child psychologists criticize Super Nanny who is in turn loved and adored around the world by millions of parents. Go figure.

      Hopefully we don’t hear much about this schmendrick in the future but I’m betting we do. So I’m done with him for now, and while we lose two people every three days on Victorian roads, six people a day in Australia to suicide, and God knows how many women diagnosed with breast cancer every day, I continue to have little sympathy for the plethora of alleged mental illnesses attributed to this bloke since he mimicked fellatio with John Foreman on national TV in 2006. We only have so much grief and sympathy we can feel for people we don’t actually personally know. For me, four or five years of excuses and chances for that apparent non-reoffending actor predicted by super shrink Dr. Bobby Hampshire means his name should be well and truly now be mired in that showbiz mud. Stay tuned.



  9. I’m not a female, but I think his chances of attracting ‘hot’ women, is diminishing rapidly! Domestic abusers often seem to find girlfriends. But this is done in private – Newton has been publicly hung out to dry.
    A guy called Paul Kent, suggested that Newton should find out how it felt to be on the receiving end for a change, and when Newton went to a shop for some smokes, a guy bashed him. Surry Hills in Sydney, I believe.
    Mental or personality disorders can be tricky to identify and treat. All compunded by fame, and co-incidentally the money, that is supposed to help them. Another recent example of a famous family facing troubles, was the obvious disturbed daughter of Marcia Hines, Deni. People kept on saying how wonderful Marcia is – but how come her daughter is such a pyscho?
    Its all grist for the mill, really, and indicates that life in the spotlight is not always easy. All families have problems, but it seems the first instinct of famous families is to paper over problems, in the vain hope their little monster either doesn’t get any worse, or embarrass them publicly. That policy has seemingly blown up in the face of the Newton’s and Marcia Hines.


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