SLIPPER the RORT ripper, Now our Speaker!


These allegations are of disgraceful conduct. He was supposedly seen on a video as long ago as 2003 climbing through a bedroom window and lying down with a junior staff member and “hugging him in an intimate fashion”.

This allegedly led to a complaint, but nothing further was done to stop Mr Slipper using his office to “foster sexual relationships with young male staff members”. Fine, he is a homosexual, but at work? This government (and previous ones, are as weak as piss dealing with these issues). Parliament House is treated like a private Home, and everything inside it treated as private and confidential, consensual even…Even the boisterous piss ups and MP’s drinking beer, wine and spirits in their offices etc!!! Where else is in the workplace this allowed. Mind boggling

Well it is NOT, it is paid for by the taxpayers, and is the place of the business of Australia.  We should all be embarrassed at this mob and the scandals and cover-ups that go on week in week out


This is going to be a ONGOING story about this little PIG PETER SLIPPER,who for years and years has done nothing but take all he can GOUGE out of the public purse…

(I have been away so have not had the chance to detail this greedy mongrel from the start…but we will!!)

Peter Slipper the benefit Ripper...

I have been finding mountains of stuff on this useless greedy self-serving little turd for weeks, and the stories keep coming…Dirty back room deals, piss pot habits, too drunk for Question time, Sexual harassment, Rorting in every nook and cranny he could…His actual contribution to politics could be written in a sentence or 2.

His gouging and freebies, and self entitlement has amazed pollies for years…I would be surprised if he had the need to spend one of his own dollars in the last decade actually… So what does that say about Gillard pulling a shifty and appointing him Speaker? Self serving gutter politics to say the least. yes the liberals put up with him, no doubt he has some tales to tell on that bunch…

Whether he could remember them is another question, all evidence suggests he is pissed on our dime most of the time…A reason why he never drives and has exorbitant Taxi bills at all ours around the traps

The man appointed as Federal Parliament’s standard bearer, has racked up more than $7000 in overseas mobile phone calls in just six months.

Mr Slipper – whose excessive spending is being examined by the Department of Finance – spent $1551.83 in January during a two-week tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

His overseas calls spiked again in April and May when he again travelled overseas on a six-week trek to Britain, Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, Portugal and Germany. His phone bill reached $1862.17 in April and then $2733.24 in a two-month frenzy of phone activity.

Records show Mr Slipper spent over $14,000 on telecommunications for the six months, placing him fifth overall and behind Opposition leader Tony Abbott.

The Sunshine Coast MP declined to comment on whether his wife, Inge-Jane Hall, who travelled with him to Europe, or other family members contributed to the massive mobile phone bill.

4 thoughts on “SLIPPER the RORT ripper, Now our Speaker!

  1. Well your right John, I’m not sure how we fix it…Seems a move into politics is a great option at uni,quick track to becoming a millionaire, then resign after a few terms, a weekly massive pension straight away and then with all the back slapping networking whilst in term, a lifetime of family companies with all the tender contracts going your way miraculously, no other bastard has a chance…

    Why is it every politician has dozens of intricate family companies?

    It’s a world wide problem too… Google USA defence Contracts, half the pollies there have interests in Billion dollar war contracts….Serving the public my ass, filling their own pockets…FULL STOP


  2. they r all up too it there eye balls we need a whistle blower with the balls to stand up but that wont happen cause they r all one will talk for that reason.if uv got proof do something with it.publicity is the way to go but they got the press in there pockets.u r in a good position with the carefull they might put a contract on u. these maggots r capable of anything.they write the [email protected] to suit them selves


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