Kyle Garth charged with Jessie Cate’s Murder

Update 15/12/11 This is a really sad crime, and I feel devastated for the family and friends of this girl, who obviously trusted her sisters ex boyfriend enough to jump in a car with him…

This article is in most part ,thanks to Ashlee Mullany, Phil Hickey and Nicole Cox From PerthNow

THE ex-boyfriend of Dawesville teenager Jessie Cate’s older sister, a 19-year-old Pinjarra man, has been charged with murder after his arrest late yesterday.

Forensics search the area where the body of Jessie Cate was found

Kyle Rohan Garth, was charged early today with murdering Jessie Cate after allegedly picking her up outside her Falcon workplace on Monday night.

Mr Garth, dressed in blue police-issue forensic overalls, made a brief appearance in Mandurah Magistrate’s Court today.

He was not required to plead and did not speak during the court hearing.

Ex-boyfriend-charged-with-murder Police have established a crime scene where they believe Jessie’s body is buried in a bush grave near Tim’s Thicket, a popular fishing and four-wheel-drive spot at Bouvard, about 10km south of Mandurah.

The teenager had been missing since about 6.30pm on Monday when she left her job at Woolworths in Falcon, a southern suburb of Mandurah.

Tributes flow for Dawesville teenager

Mandurah crime scene

No bail application was made and Mr Garth was remanded in custody to appear in Stirling Garden Magistrates Court on December  21.

It has been discovered that Mr Garth is the ex-boyfriend of one of Jessie’s sisters. The relationship dissolved in July.

Sources say the accused man offered Jessie a lift from work at Woolworths in Falcon on Monday because it had been raining heavily. It is believed police will allege that Mr Garth attacked Jessie in the car.

The car has been seized by police and will be forensically examined.

Sources have told PerthNow that police interest in Mr Garth was sparked after he contacted Jessie’s mother Judy allegedly telling her he had given the teenager a ride to a park where she planned to meet a man.

But it is understood the police case will rest on claims that Mr Garth’s story and the time-frames he allegedly gave Jessie’s family did not check out when police investigated his claims.

After hours of questioning late last night he was charged with murder.

Meanwhile, forensic investigators are preparing the excavation of the Tim’s Thicket bush site where Jessie’s body is believed to be buried.

A cause of death has not been determined.

Jessie Cate, a vibrant young girl, murdered by her sisters ex boyfriend

Jessie had not been seen since Monday night when she is believed to have accepted a ride with a man, instead of catching her normal bus home from work because of the storms that day.

In a brief press conference this morning Police confirmed they are at a crime scene at Bouvard, south of Mandurah, where they believe Jessie’s body is buried.

Detective Inspector David Bryson from the Major Crime squad, said: “At approximately 7.45pm last night investigators took a 19-year-old man into custody.

“During the course of the evening we have located a crime scene in Bouvard where we believe that Jessica is buried.”

Det. Bryson refused to answer further questions but said that after being questioned throughout the night, the man was charged at 3.45am.

Outside court a friend of Jessie’s, Rob Webb, 22, said he and his mates are devastated byJessie’s death.

“It is pretty devastating, the whole world has gone down the drain,” Mr Webb said.

Mr Webb said Jessie and her boyfriend Harley were “extremely close”. “You wouldn’t see them apart,” he said.

A Facebook tribute page called Rest In Paradise Jessie Cate has been created, with hundreds of people joining within hours of the news that her body may have been found.

Leonie Currie-Godenzi wrote, “Our deepest sympathy and love to Judy and her beautiful family . . .  so sad and sorry for your loss. Jessie was a beautiful girl.”

Marissa Jadde posted, “Rest in paradise my beautiful baby girl. You were there when I cried. You listened to me bitch
about people and you laughed at my jokes that weren’t even funny.

“They’re the good things I’ll remember about you and your hugs and beautiful smile. I’d never forget you, I love you. You’re always in my heart.”

Lauren Greenhalgh said, “I love you my friend. Never forgotten always in our hearts forever. You mean the world and more to me. I miss you so much.”

The family have requested privacy to deal with their grief.

The teenager finished work at Falcon Woolworths supermarket about 6.30pm on Monday and was supposed to catch a bus from Old Coast Road outside the Miami Shopping Centre, but failed to return to her Dawesville home that night.

Last night it was reported on Channel Nine that Jessie’s family and friends have tried several times to call her and sent her text messages, but she did not reply, and has not been heard from since.

Jessie’s mum Judy made an impassioned plea last night for information about her daughter.

“If she’d gone somewhere else she would always text me, she’s always told me of her change of plans,” Mrs Cate said.

“She’s got love and respect for her family, she would not do this to me and she certainly would not do this to her boyfriend.

“This is not like her at all just to not let us know and certainly (to) have her phone turned off, she just would not do that.”

Her uncle Ric Troode said: “Jessie is a gorgeous young girl, mature, lovely family. She has three sisters and a little brother and is dearly loved. There are no disputes with her mum and the kids get on so well together,” Mr Troode said yesterday.

Mr Troode said Jessie’s family and three siblings, aged between five and 17, had been left devastated by her disappearance, which has turned into the worst possible news.

Anyone with further information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333000.

Family of Jessie Cate ‘shattered’ over death

December 13, 2011

Jessie Cate’s body was found in a shallow grave in bushland.

The uncle of dead Dawesville teenager Jessie Cate says the family is “shattered” at the loss of their little girl.

Police have charged a 19-year-old man with Jessie’s murder after her body was recovered from a shallow grave in Bouvard bushland, only kilometres away from her home, on Tuesday night.

The 15-year-old schoolgirl left her casual job as a cashier at Woolworths at the Miami Shopping Centre about 6.30pm on Monday but failed to return home.

Rob Webb, a friend of Jessie and her boyfriend Harley.

Her mother, Judy Cate, raised the alarm with police after she was contacted about Jessie getting a lift to a nearby oval to meet friends.

Ms Cate said she doubted her daughter would have gone out in the rain and made an emotional plea on Tuesday for her daughter to come home.

But major crime detectives delivered the news yesterday that Jessie’s body had been found and a man charged with murder.

Jessie Cate failed to return home from work.

Kyle Rohan Garth, 19, briefly faced Mandurah Magistrate’s Court over Jessie’s murder, dressed in blue prison overalls but did not say anything.

Mr Garth was an ex-boyfriend of Jessie’s older sister and had worked at Woolworths with the teenager. The family have refused to comment about Mr Garth.

Jessie’s uncle Ric Troode said the family will now wait to recover the body before making funeral arrangements.

“Once we get our little girl back we will make a full statement and thank all the people we need to thank,” he told television reporters.

“The news has been absolutely shattering… the whole family’s feeling the pain.”

Gemma Fox, a friend of Jessie, told Channel Ten it had been “the most devastating thing we’ve heard in our life” and many of them had “cried for hours and hours”.

Four friends attended Mandurah Magistrates Court yesterday to see for themselves the man who has been charged with killing their young friend.

Mr Garth listened to the charge of murdering Jessie Cate being read out in court but was not required to enter a plea.

He was led away to be held in custody until his next court date at Stirling Gardens Magistrate’s Court on December 21.

She texted ‘I love you too’

Just minutes before she went missing, Jessie sent a loving message to her boyfriend Harley Murphy, 17.

“She has actually been at her happiest because she had a new boyfriend for the last two months and she spends half the time with him and his family, and the other half of the time with us,” Mrs Cate said.

“As soon as she finished work at 6.30, when [her boyfriend] knew that she was going to be finishing he sent her a text message saying ‘I love you’, she texted back ‘I love you too’ and then he texted her a smiley face.

“He expected [a] return [text] because Jessie would return any message she gets … and he did not hear from her after that and that was around 6.35.”

Rob Webb, 22, a friend of Jessie and her boyfriend, said Harley went looking for Jessie the night of her disappearance.

He said even though Harley did not have a driver’s licence, he spent hours looking for her.

He said the couple were inseparable, and that they were “just always together… you wouldn’t see them apart”.

Harley posted on a Facebook tribute page: “Rest in peace my baby, you will always be in my heart.”

Mr Webb said he and three other friends of the young couple went to court yesterday on behalf of Harley, who he said was going ”berserk” at the news that his girlfriend was dead.

A friend within Harley’s circle of mates also confirmed that Mr Garth was a former boyfriend of Jessie’s sister and was known to the teenager.

Investigation continues

Forensic and major crime officers have cordoned off a large area of bushland in Bouvard, near Mandurah. It is expected to remain cordoned off for some time while investigations continue.

A red Nissan Bluebird, with a P-plate visible on the windscreen, has been towed away from the scene by forensic police, according to 6PR radio.

Jessie allegedly got a lift in the red car, driven by Mr Garth, to avoid waiting for her usual 594 bus in the stormy weather.

Police escalated the search for Jessie on Tuesday much more quickly than usual missing persons reports as her behaviour and lack of contact were so out of character.

“I called the police just after half past eight, quarter to nine, when she didn’t come home on the last bus,” Mrs Cate said.

“… I knew she’s gone somewhere else … she would not do that.

“I was told she was dropped at a nearby oval to meet friends and I know that can’t be true because she would have told me about that change of plans and she wouldn’t have been dropped off in that kind of weather.

“I know my Jessie … she would have just preferred to come home.

“She doesn’t like to be in any kind of weather you know; her hair was very important to her, she didn’t like it going curly.”

Mr Garth was taken into custody at 7.45pm on Tuesday, and was charged with murder after eight hours of questioning.

Mr Webb, 22, was at court for Mr Garth’s appearance and said that they were in shock, and struggling to cope with the news of Jessie’s death.

Mr Webb said it was “pretty devastating, it seems the world’s gone down the drain”.

“I have only met her a few times but she was always polite, always happy and really respectful,” he said.

Tributes flow

Friends have set up a Facebook page paying tribute to the teenager, with condolences flowing in for her family.

One friend wrote: “rest in peace jesse baby you were one of a kind and none of us will be the same without you, you brought laughter and happiness to everyones lifes (sic) this isnt fair and shouldnt of happend to you. Your (sic) in a safer pleace now babygirl love you xo miss you already.”

Jessie’s employer Woolworths also issued a statement, offering condolences to her family, friends and work colleagues.

Woolworths WA regional manager Brad Bolin said the company had made arrangements for staff at the Miami store to be offered counselling.

“Jessie had been working at the Miami store as a service cashier for just six weeks but she had made a lasting impression as a promising young woman,” the statement read.

“She will be greatly missed by her colleagues.

“Woolworths is helping the Western Australia Police with their enquiries.

“On behalf of Woolworths staff around the country, I extend my condolences to Jessie’s family, friends and loved ones.”

Friends gathered at the Miami Plaza Shopping Centre to set up a Cate family fund and to mourn the loss of Jessie.

Close friends Clare Myhill and Kieana Copeland said she was a beautiful, fun and friend-orientated person.

“I found out what had happened from Facebook and have been watching the news and listening to the radio all day to see if it was true,” Clare said.

“It’s just upsetting to think something like this has happened to her.”

A desk was set up in front of the Woolworths store for mourners to place flowers in respect of the young girl and a tin was placed at the reception for donations to the family.

“She loved kids and animals like rabbits and other cuddly animals, she was kind and very loving,” Clare said.

To donate to the Cate family fund BSB 066-200 Account number 1004 9163.

This article is in most part ,thanks to Ashlee Mullany, Phil Hickey and Nicole Cox From PerthNow

17 thoughts on “Kyle Garth charged with Jessie Cate’s Murder

  1. its an awful thing that has happened to such a gorgeous and happy friend to all, i cant believe this happened to you bub. going to miss you, your amazing smile and your fun that we had with you. love you darling Jess <3 from Shamara Dodd


  2. We will never understand this – such a senseless horrible act that’s taken you away from your family. There is such a sadness within the community – we wish we could ease the pain of your loved ones who are showing amazing strength and courage. You will never be forgotten – so sorry this has happened :-(


  3. Hi guys, can you believe the paper over there wrote to me saying I infringed their copyright by adding their story here? All I’m doing is sharing the story, You would think they have better things to worry about. The internet was free I thought…
    Anyway the article is in most part,thanks to Ashlee Mullany, Phil Hickey and Nicole Cox From PerthNow


  4. Jessie you were a beautiful girl, I remember you well as the bright eyed enthusiastic, golden haired child who was at our house often. An unbelievable tragedy in our community. My heart goes out to her mother Judy and there close knit family.


  5. Can anyone show me a photo of this loser as i might schooled with him i know no one wants to see the fucker but i cant picture wat he looks like i had troubles with a dickhead same name i was mobbed and broken jaw please i need to know if its the same piece of shit i encounted with his dickhead mates


  6. A life taken , why? Not that it changes anything now. I want to see him, not that it changes anything! My husbands niece, my childrens cousin, my brother in laws daughter, my in laws grandaughter. The pain the grieving has only just begun and it should never had happened! Jessie did nothing wrong she knew this (trying to think of a name for him nothing seems to fit) i will refer to him as him! She worked with him! How do we explain that a so called friend did this to our children. We focus so much on stranger danger but now its beyond that. A beautiful young girl with a big future ahead of her. And what about her siblings, mother and father how do they move forward, will they ever. We hadnt seen Jessie in a while and thanks to him we never eva will. Arohanui Jessie. Arohanui to my husband, kids, Paul, Judy, and all family and friends who have been affected. RIP Jessie. With love kelly, shane, maddy, darci and mitchell cate xxxxx


  7. What a beautiful girl Jessie is & how much she must have looked forward her future. The accused was cruel to take on her, who trusted to follow him as he was known to her family. But to hurt her is so unforgivable. It appears that crime of passion committed by youngsters seems to be on the rise these days everywhere & the law should never at all be lenient just becos they young.

    Robbo, i’m sure you’ll face challenges from certain quarters but rest assured your news highlights does not only create awareness among us to be more alert and caution others whereby you’re literally saving someone’s life somewhere.


  8. Is there a photo i can see of him by chance. ? so i know what this awful guy did to our angel
    rest in paradise baby girl never deserved this <3


  9. It kills me that there is not 1 image of this asshole anywhere on the Internet. By all means, let’s protect these people. I think I know what he looks like but it just erks me to no end that the justice system tries to protect murderers, rapist, paedophiles with guards, vests and puts jackets over them so we can not see them. Cowards, the lot of them.


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