Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch tries to protect copper son in Big Bash POUNDING

Senior policeman’s son in Big Bash probe

NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch's son is under investigation for allegedly punching repeatedly a spectator during a Big Bash cricket match at the SCG.

Either Dad does not recognise his own son (The tow the line excuse) or Dad made and early attempt to cover up his OWN sons outrageous behaviour quickly…What are the odds of all the cops and incidents in NSW and this BIG WIG COMMISSIONER fronts the media and tries to water down the behaviour of the “OFFICER” in question.?Friggin happens to be his own son…what a crock of shit…

Cop bashes cricket fan

A police officer has been captured on video repeatedly punching a Big Bash cricket spectator

UPDATE 5.50pm: NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch’s son is under investigation for allegedly punching repeatedly a spectator during a Big Bash cricket match at the SCG.

Mobile phone video footage of the incident emerged yesterday showing a uniformed NSW policeman punching the 39-year-old Sydney man several times as security officers restrained him.

It emerged today that the officer shown in the video footage, aired by the Seven Network, is the son of Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch.

A police spokesman confirmed the sole police officer shown in the footage was Mr Murdoch’s son.

Mr Murdoch, commander of the Central Metropolitan police region, today removed himself from an internal police investigation into the incident, citing a personal conflict of interest.

“Mr Murdoch, who launched the investigation, became aware late yesterday (Friday) that a relative was involved in the police response and immediately informed the NSW Police Executive that it would be inappropriate for his region to undertake the investigation,” NSW Police said.

“The conflict was not immediately apparent as initial names of officers supplied to the region of officers involved in the arrest of a man were not complete.”

Officers attached to the North West Metropolitan police region will now lead the investigation.

The incident took place in the Victor Trumper stand during the Big Bash limited overs match between Sydney Sixers and Perth Scorchers on January 18.

The spectator allegedly first refused to leave the Sydney Cricket Ground when asked and then resisted arrest.

He was taken to Surry Hills police station where he was issued with a field court attendance notice for remaining within a licensed premises and resisting police.

Mr Murdoch told the Seven Network yesterday that “the video footage, in isolation, doesn’t look great”.

But he said the incident had to be taken in context, adding: “We will allege that he (the spectator) resisted arrest quite violently.”

32 thoughts on “Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch tries to protect copper son in Big Bash POUNDING

  1. I’m sure that both the cop and commisioner know the definition of “reasonable force”. This would mean that once the man was no longer a threat (ie: pinned and restrained) there is no longer any defence to striking someone. Police are trained in using Ju Jitsu joint locks and it would have been a simple matter to then handcuff and arrest him. From what has been shown here, it l doesn’t look to me like reasonable force was used. I hope that he sues for assault.


  2. Drunk dickhead ruining the cricket for everyone else, finally someone dishing out what these morons deserve. There’s no need for the police or security to be called unless you’re misbehaving, and so you get dealt some harsh punishment that serves as a warning to others. Bravo.


    • Having been bashed by eight (8) drunken, drugged up cops at my home one night, and being loaded up with false charges, including a fabricated criminal record, I won my case in court against the lying corrupt cops. Being the poor losers they are, the harassment campaign began and still continues 18 years later.

      To date I’ve had 16 corrupt cops dismissed from the farce. I’m lucky enought to be competent in practising law, I feel for the unfortunate who cannot get justice

      We had a dope by the name of Craig (Port Macquarie) who believed everything told to him by cops. Is that you?

      Or perhaps you are just another lying cop, trying to get your criminal peers off charges.

      An just what is your rank.?

      Who do you think you are fooling, or are you just a dickhead defender of corrupt police?

      We have enough criminals in State parliament who cover up admirably.


    • No Craig, you really are a fool. What this man deserved was either to be ejected from the ground or arrested lawfully. Punishment is an issue for the courts and not some ape on a vigilante mission. As for you Jim, you don’t know me at all. I’ve never started a fight but finished lots of them. The only “sook” is the spineless coward who needed the back up of 5 mates to beat up a drunk.Then he needs his Daddy to bail him out of the shit. Hardly the mark of a real man…


      • Do you know what this guy did? I don’t, and nor do I know if he antagonised the situation before the filming started, much like what happens at all the alleged ” peaceful protests “.I know for a fact, as I’ve seen it happen, that some protesters will antagonise and abuse the police and when they retaliate, they’re the ones whom are being subject to ridicule, instead of the instigators. And before you start the name – calling, please be aware that I never said that you couldn’t make your own decisions and nor did I ever try to do your thinking for you, as you allege. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether it be from past experiences, ideals, values or whatever. So maybe you should grow up, be a bit more mature and don’t start name-calling like a school child.


  3. So I see people reading this comment enjoy having their social activities ruined by alcohol and drug influenced individuals that promote anti social behaviour. Stop being politcally correct, get off your moral high horse and say what you really think, instead of being afraid of offending someone. Toughen up people.


      • To be honest, I don’t know your situation and I sincerely sympathise with you and your family for the way you were treated. But I’m not pushing anyone’s agenda, nor am I defending what this particular officer did in relation to asking Daddy to help him out. If he did the crime ( video says he did ), then he should man up and deal with the consequences. In all honesty, how many times have you felt like doing something similar to a group or individual that was ruining your event, be it a concert, sporting event, party, movie etc? Be completely honest. It’s far more often than you think. But, like most people, you thought about shutting them up or throwing them out, then you thought about all the dramas that follow such actions and then you sat down on your hands and did nothing and put up with the garbage other inconsiderate fools carry on with. This officer went over the top, I admit, but imagine if this deterred others from the same behaviour. That’s a win in my books. Just like, as a young child you were smacked for touching the hot oven, or the iron etc. You didn’t do it again, did you? That’s the way anti social / intoxicated people need to be treated, you can’t reason with them any more than you can with a 1 & a 1/2 year old.


      • No mate, not a cop. But I know a fair few and I’ve been able to be made aware from these guys that they are grossly underpaid for the garbage they have to go through from the general public and the ill-informed on a daily basis, and I’ll defend my friends to the best of my ability. I apologise if you may have mis-read my comments or didn’t understand all the big words.


    • Craig, I am saying what I think. If you don’t like it tough. Get over it. And no, I don’t like people ruining a good day with anti-social behaviour, just as I don’t like people purporting to do my thinking for me, as you are. I can make up my own mind and express opinions as I see fit.


    • You’re living in a black and white fantasy world there buddy. Police are just as able and likely to commit crimes as the rest of society, in a lot of cases (drug squads etc) even more-so than the rest of society. They aren’t morally and socially superior beacons because of the uniform, they’re just citizens who went through a 6 month training course and they need to be kept in check like the rest of society…. because they’re often jaw-droppingly criminal. And it’s people like you and your childlike belief in “Constable Care” combined with your irrational fear of the boogieman/your fellow man that allows it to happen.


  4. This is nothing new. The only difference is that it was caught on someone’s camera. I was at an all-ages concert at the SCG back in 1996 with Silverchair, and at the end of the concert witnessed police jumping on teens in the moshpit area, and throwing punches. A number of witnesses made complaints about the force used by the police but the complaints to the Ombudsman were simply dismissed by the police, ie. they took the word of the police involved. The system for dealing with rogue officers in NSW is stuffed and has been for sometime.


    • Gidday Murphy.

      You probably don’t know, but when you complain to the Ombudsman, it is really a cop. That is why nobody has ever had any satisfaction from the Ombudsman They just pass your complaint on to the corrupt cops.

      The one about which you are complaining, could be the one who handles the cover-up, and dismisses your allegations. As I said previously, there is NO such thing as an honest cop.

      Only police, politicians and other known criminals think their integrity is unblemished. Look as Barry O’Farrell. Even when cops call his a fool, he agrees. What a moron.

      Complaining to a politician (if you can find one that does the job they’re obscenely overpaid to do), they simply pass your complaint to the Professional Standards Command (PSC). There your complaint will be handled by a female cop, who will threaten you as only a slut will.

      Finally you receive a letter saying, “Your complaint has been thoroughly investigated, and found the police acted appropriately. This matter is now closed. Any further correspondence from you will be filed, UNREAD.”

      So much for honesty and transparency.

      A few people I know who have lodged complaints about police behaviour, have received the same letters, WORD FOR WORD.

      Laurieton police Mid North Coast, had a constable there selling drugs across the counter to high school students. Numerous complaints saw nothing done. Their complaints were investigated by Port Macquarie police, the biggest importers and distributors of drugs on the coast.


  5. I don’t see what the issue is. Do as your told or piss off. It’s not hard. Should have belted him more.
    And listen to all you sooks out there. Harden up people. Australia has turned into the Land of the Big Whinge.


    • Great view Jim, I’m with you. Political correctness has pushed things so far from reality that a bit of roughing up has caused so much controversy. Australia is going down the gurgler, unfortunately we seem to be following America.


      • C’mon Craig, who do you think you’re kidding. Pushing the cop’s agenda, terrible conditions, low pay, poor us etc. etc
        Not as big a liar as Murdoch, but you’ll learn, Get a transfer to PSC, AKA the cover-up and deny command. That’s where the true liars are.

        I had a female inspector write to me saying I was never bashed by cops. Unfortunately for us honest people, she didn’t check with the courts, who found that I had been bashed by eight cops, all dismissed from the force by Internal Affairs.


      • How ironic that you are in fact the politically correct sooks who need to harden up. All this cop loving and bad guy hating stems from your irrational fear, cowardice and inability to look after yourself.


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  7. Of course their are bent cops. Always were, always will be. But imagine going to the cricket or footy nowadays without a cop or security guard in sight? It would be mayhem. I’d suggest leaving your women and children at home. People either can’t hold their piss anymore, or they just getting so blind, they act like pricks, and ruin the outing for everyone. Yeah, by rights, the person needs to ecsorted by off the ground by ‘reasonable force’ only, but deal with these dickheads one after another, and you may lose your temper ocaasionally too.


  8. A few good cops I met but most recent I had a very ugly experienced, 2 cops with 2 potential graduate. They came to my property instead of introduced themselves politely just came barging and throwing their power, and when I asked what was the purpose of their visit, the male cop insisted that I had to addressed him and his female cop as constable (yeah right!) Then I told him if he needed me to show him the respect as such then maybe he should able to respect me first as he came to my property…cut the long story I ended up told him to f$#k off from my property.
    Like I said before I meet and know few decent cops and had experienced few bad one, what gets me is that they (the corrupt/ bad) abuse their power and deep down not really there to protect the people (community), they are the one that bring down the good name of all other decent and honest policemen and those who even had lost their lives during the cause of their duty.


  9. If was a cop, I would be not be there to ‘protect the community’. Fuck that, its just a job. Like Joe said, nothing wrong with the occasional bashing, as long as the right one is getting it.


  10. Hi folks, I’m sadly so time poor that I find it hard to get on here and reply to folks having and…Or actually, even sharing my own opinion, but I love you guys have the guts to have a say, and back it up when challenged, either way….

    That is why I started this site, no bastard could have a free say on the main media without being chopped out completely or being CENSORED which is my pet HATE


      • Craig.

        I know from personal experiences that I can confidently call ALL cops liars, corrupt fabricators of charges, and not too bright.

        My uncle arrested a very rich, well known Sydney businessman, and was kicked out of the farce, because he refused the commissioner’s orders to drop the charges against him.

        He had the full backing of the Police Association, as every serving cop knew of the commissioner’s corrupt activities.

        You can read all about it on the net, but no medium would touch it. They’re all servants of the cops, especially The Smellyrag.

        Maybe this site will succeed where ALL of the others failed, DISMALLY.

        Only hope Robbo doesn’t get a midnight visIt from the corrupt thugs.

        The only honest cops I ever met, have been kicked out of the force, on fabricated charges, or a fabricated medical condition, most received midnight visits from their “mates.”


  11. Redmond. Wow, are you one of those special people that likes to over exaggerate… “All cops are liars, corrupt fabricators and not too bright…” Being the son of an ex police officer I find that comment disturbing to say the least. You might need to get yourself checked for paranoid schizophrenia or some other psychological disease as what you stated has all the markings of someone that is delusional and may quite possibly be a sociopath. So, re the aforementioned statement / accusation in your previous correspondence, have you personally met all police officers and caught them all out in a lie? I think not. Maybe the correct phrasing would be ” all police officers that I have either met or dealt with”, instead of accusing all of being the same. I don’t like it when innocent parties are tarred with the same brush as those to whom you are referring. I have been a victim of this in my workplace and it has affected me in nothing but negative ways, and I’m under nowhere near the stress levels that police officers are under, so I can only imagine what it does to their psyche. But from my experience, Most police officers that I’ve met or dealt with have been nothing but the normal, average, run-of-the-mill people that do something that I’d never do, for a living. How many dead bodies have you seen? How many sleepless night have you had because of something that you’ve seen at your workplace? Not to mention nightmares, threats of violence, both verbal and physical abuse etc? My guess is none. There is no more a thankless job in our community than that of a police officer. if you don’t like them, as per your comments, try calling someone else when your house gets robbed, or you’re involved in a car accident, or you see your neighbour being abused for some reason…. Who will be there? Scientists? Concreters? Driving Instructors? Accountants? No!!! The police will be.


  12. Constable Craig.
    Not exaggerating, just telling the truth, something about which you cops know nothing.
    Your post was bought to my attention by a woman, who’s 20 month old son was taken by a paedophile gang operating in the Newcastle area, under the sanction of Newcastle police, given protection by a corrupt chief inspector. Same gang as Orkopoulos joined.
    As for never seeing blood, I think a tour of Vietnam in 1968/69 would open your eyes. It did mine, as a 20 year old, completing a compulsory two year stint as a Nasho (National Service) in the army. I decided I did not want to kill anyone I had no issues with, supporting the good ‘ol American tradition of attacking a defenceless country, to rape and pillage their resources.
    Sound familiar?
    NOTE: All of the postings, like yours, advocating violence. In my opinion, you’re all sick.
    Luckily for me, and being of superior intelligence, I was deployed as a surveyor and cartographer. Upon my discharge I decided to never “hate” as I’d seen so much hatred in the defence forces directed toward an “enemy” I’d had no issue with. Same applies with the low IQ cops.
    Upon discharge, I tossed my former job in, moved to the country, bought a property and grazed livestock. I joined the Bushfire Brigade (now the RFS)became Captain and a Group Captain for the district. I’d been a member of other brigades, since age 8. Also joined the SES. I attended the Clybucca bus crash, probably the worst sight I’d seen as a civilian. Victims were telling of a fight between a passenger and the relief driver, whereby they both toppled onto the driver, causing the bus to swerve and crash. Turns out the drunk passenger was a cop.
    Try crawling into a wreck, and drag out bodies across a vehicle floor awash with blood. Remember we are volunteers, no pay, no counselling, no “hero” status, as was afforded the police who did very little. Now ask me have I ever seen a dead body. Lots more than you will ever see.
    I attended a fundraiser for our Fire Brigade. Corrupt cops were very dirty with us as we did not give them free beer, free food, as we did not ask for their attendance and because the emcee announced that, “The people in the blue overalls, circulating the area are police, selling drugs. Don’t have anything to do with them.” I realise your mates had their mainstream income affected and this undoubtedly upset you.
    As I was on the organisation committee, and was often seen in the official area. I left the fundraiser about midnight.
    I was on my motor cycle and followed home by the highway patrol. They made many attempts to run me off the road. When I reached my driveway, I slowed to allow a following car to pass. Next thing I knew, I was being bashed with a 500mm Mag-lite (used by spineless cops as a control weapon). I was hit so hard about the head, I was knocked out, and my crash helmet cracked open.
    More spineless cops pulled up. I was handcuffed, held by four cops while three of them started punching in to me. I then had my head rammed into the Landcruiser. I was covered in blood, thrown head first into the Landcruiser, taken to Port Macquarie pig sty, and had a number of charges fabricated against me. Luckily for me,a number of people in the area have been bashed by police. One came forward and appeared as a witness for me in court. Internal Affairs attended court, and as a result, a number of these corrupt pigs were sacked, WITH ALL BENEFITS INTACT.
    Corrupt Port Macquarie pigs then fabricated a criminal report on me. They refuse my accessing these. Knowing how corrupt all of you lying, gutless pigs are, and not being able to find an honest one, I contacted the PA to place an ad, “Wanted: an honest police officer, to help me expose police corruption.”
    I was told my ad could not be accepted.
    I challenge you Craig, will you help me expose police corruption?
    Don’t bother. I know what your answer will be.
    If you wish I will post my email address, as I have pages of cops and corruption, including pages of my fabricated criminal record. I think you must have had something to do with my fabricated record, as you accuse me of all the same things as you pigs fabricate so often.
    I think it’s about time you got some new blood, as the same old mental instability excuse is worn out. I happen to have an IQ range of between 148 and 151. More that the entire police farce combined.
    I am now involved in helping a number of honest police who have lost their jobs, simply because they are honest in trying to expose police corruption.
    I include a former Commissioner, a LAC Commander and a number of senior police in my group.
    As for your remark about who will attend when my house is robbed, it won’t be the pigs, and how do you know my house will be robbed?
    The Port LAC has already telephoned and told me they will never respond, That’s why my army mates will be the only ones to attend. They live on my property.
    The spineless cops wouldn’t be game enough to come near my house.


    • Seriously, do you have psychological issues or what? Once again, let reiterate because I don’t think it’s making sense to you just yet, I am not a police officer, nor have I ever been. How many times must I write this for you to understand?
      And as for your interpretation of my “QUESTION” re: your house being robbed… You must seriously try to read and comprehend the words in the context of which they are intended. Please take some time to re-read my comment and see that it was written in a hypothetical format with other events / incidents sited also, not just the one to which your refer. I think you might have a slightly paranoid personality or maybe just a super negative outlook on life in general. Read your story for yourself and you may see it from my point of view: you’re either the most unlucky individual on the face of the Earth, or you have a habit of taking things, be it words, actions or other, in the wrong context and / or manner to which they are intended ( aforementioned example is just one occasion ), or there may be some other underlying problem not yet brought to the fore.
      And as for me helping you expose police corruption… I haven’t witnessed it so I can’t honestly answer that question with any sort of vindication based on that premise. I truly think that the problem with our politicians is a far more poignant issue as it effects the entire country, now and in the future. And I’m pretty sure police corruption is nowhere near as important as keeping this country as great as it is, instead of letting the ranga run the show and send us down the gurgler like America. ( sorry, off topic ).
      Like I’ve stated in previous comments, I’ve never been unfairly treated by any police officer that I’ve dealt with, regardless of whether it was after my home was burgled ( yes it happened, and the officers in attendance were nothing but professional ), or me being caught speeding by 7kms, or an R.B.T., or for any other occasion that I’ve been in contact with them, directly or indirectly. Or maybe I don’t put myself in a position to come into contact with corruption as I work 6 nights per week and am usually too tired to leave the house on my only day off. I’m not sheltered and nor am I ignorant, but I see things for what they are, until otherwise informed or been witness to the contrary.
      I’m not sure if it’s the area in which you live that has a high corruption rate or what, and I can’t vouch for every police officer when I say that they’re not all liars, corrupt, or bash artists ( and I’m not going to as I don’t over exaggerate things like some people ), but I’d move away from wherever you’re currently residing as I think it’s causing you nothing but grief. It might be beneficial for your state of mind and general well-being.


      • All police are corrupt to varying degree’s. Even your father has lied, fabricated evidence or broken the law in his role as a cop and if he says otherwise…. he’s lying.

        It’s a double edged sword because it’s a hard job (which makes them bitter and resentful towards the system and the public) and they need to break and bend rules to get things done but they often cross the line into blatant criminality and they are rarely held accountable. Which is where certain peoples contempt comes from, and is probably where you get the sense of peoples obssession and paranoia on the topic.

        That “thin blue line” is real fucking thin and needs to be addressed.


    • You sound genuinely nutty dude, you do need psychiatric help. You’re not helping anyones cause with your insane ramblings. You’re very clearly trouble and/or a completely delusional liar.


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