Feral Protester Fiasco at Australia Day event

Today’s  Australia Day Celebration Event turned into a protester led debacle .For me it was an embarrassment, Both to our country and as a civil peace-loving society in 2012 I mean whether you like Gillard, Abbott, the Government or Opposition this was a pathetic situation that our OWN prime minister was in obvious fear at the time as people rumble around like they are at the running of the bulls…NO ARRESTS=A FREE PASS TO BEHAVE LIKE MORONS AGAIN DOWN THE TRACK LIKE SOME FERAL SMALL SHANTY TOWN WHERE THERE IS NO RESPECT

You can be arrested or charged for jay walking but not carrying on like this. I wont even go on about it being our National Day.

THIS will go viral around the World like we are a bunch of red neck classless animals with a mob mentality. BTW Bloody tent Embassy…well that’s another story but is long past its use….

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were forced to run a gauntlet of Aboriginal protesters after violent scenes marred an Australia Day medal ceremony.

UPDATE 27/01/12 6.35pm

PM STaffer rang tent embassy, great look Julia….Sack the messenger…

UPDATE 6.30pm: A SENIOR media adviser within the Prime Minister’s own staff has been forced to resign after tipping off protesters about Tony Abbott’s remarks over the Canberra tent embassy.

Tony Hodges, who has been on Julia Gillard’s staff since July 2009, admitted making a phone call alerting a person to the Opposition Leader’s comments.

That person then contacted people at the tent embassy, sparking ugly scenes that have gone around the world.

The revelation is a major embarrassment for the PM, who this morning denied any knowledge her staff were involved.

Update 27/01/12 12.45

Just to show another side here is a video from behind showing the mayhem, read my observation at the end and let me know what you think guys…(youtube keep deleting my videos so I’m trying flickr, sorry it;s so slow…)

Julia Gillard is escorted from a Canberra restaurant after protesters surround the building

About 200 protesters trapped Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott in a Canberra restaurant, where they were attending the inaugural national emergency medals ceremony, before police arrived to clear a passage for the pair.

The protesters, from the nearby Aboriginal Tent Embassy, banged on the three glass walls of The Lobby restaurant chanting “shame” and “racist”.

On a day that many Aboriginal people consider “invasion day”, they had taken offence at comments by Mr Abbott that the embassy may have reached its used-by date.

The embassy celebrates its 40-year anniversary tomorrow and thousands of indigenous Australians have travelled to Canberra for a three-day “Corroboree for Sovereignty”.

About 50 police, including the riot squad, were called to The Lobby shortly after 2.30pm.

While trapped inside the restaurant, The Nine Network recorded Ms Gillard expressing her concern for Mr Abbott’s safety.

“Okay, what about Mr Abbott? Where have you got him? We’d better help him through too, hadn’t we?” she told her security guard when he informed her it wasn’t safe to stay much longer.

Meeting up with Ms Gillard, Mr Abbott said he was concerned the glass windows would be smashed and asked when they would leave.

“They’ll let us know. We’ll just pull together,” Ms Gillard reassured him.

The two leaders, protected by police and security officers, escaped out a side door after almost 20 minutes.

Ms Gillard stumbled and lost a navy-blue suede wedge shoe while running to her car.

The protesters later collected the shoe and proclaimed it as a trophy.

This morning,  Mr Abbott had said he understood why the tent embassy was set up “all those years ago”.

“I think a lot has changed for the better since then,” he said.

“I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian.

“I think a lot has changed since then, and I think it probably is time to move on from that.”

Aboriginal activists accused Mr Abbott of inciting racial riots and demanded an apology.

One of the founders of the embassy, Michael Anderson, said Mr Abbott’s comments were disrespectful.

“He said the Aboriginal embassy had to go, we heard it on a radio broadcast,” he said.

“We thought no way, so we circled around the building.” ….What a clown M.Anderson is, sounds like the leader of a lynch mob, how would he like that to happen around his family?….

He said the protesters wanted the leaders to clarify their position and whether Mr Abbott was serious about removing the embassy.

“You’ve got 1000 people here peacefully protesting and to make a statement about tearing down the embassy – it’s just madness on the part of Tony Abbott,” Mr Anderson said.

“What he said amounts to inciting racial riots.”

Aboriginal elder Pat Eatock holds Julia Gillard's shoe

He defended the actions of protesters and said police overreacted to the situation.

Indigenous leader Mick Gooda condemned the protesters’ behaviour.

“While we need to acknowledge that there’s a real anger, frustration and hurt that exists in some indigenous communities around Australia, we must not give in to aggressive and disrespectful actions ourselves,” he said.

Ms Gillard, welcoming international ambassadors for a function at the Lodge tonight, said she was fine.

“The only thing that angers me is that it distracted from such a wonderful event with great people from emergency services,” she said.

“I’m absolutely fine, I am made of pretty tough stuff and the police did a great job.”

She refused to comment on whether Mr Abbott should apologise for offending the activists.

A spokesman for Mr Abbott said he would not retract his comments.

Police have said they will not make any arrests.

One of the medal recipients inside the restaurant, Tracy Griggs from Victoria, said she would not let the incident marr her day. Good on you Tracy

“I still know what I did on the day (during the 2009 Victorian fires) and the role I played,” she said.

The tent embassy was set up when four indigenous activists camped at the site opposite Old Parliament House on January 27, 1972.

The men – Mr Anderson, Billy Craigie, Bertie Williams and Tony Coorey – were angry at the McMahon Liberal Government’s refusal to recognise Aboriginal land rights.

Since then, the embassy has become a focal point for protest over Aboriginal sovereignty.

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Here is an en excellent point of view from the website The Punch…

Time to fold up the tent by David Penberthy

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy has never engendered any public respect. It has never done anything to bring black and white Australia together. It is sadly fitting then that the 40th anniversary of this illegal assortment of galvo humpies was celebrated with an unprecedented outburst of violence which saw our Prime Minister being dragged along the ground and our Opposition Leader behind a riot shield.

The scenes in Canberra represented a new low in the four-decade history of this politically useless eyesore. If it was the intention of its inhabitants to draw attention to the plight of black Australians, they instead invited nothing but scorn.

The irrational nature of their conduct was captured in a single quote from Tent Embassy founder Michael Anderson yesterday: “To hell with the government and the courts.”

That would be the same government which formally apologised to the stolen generations in 2008.

The same courts which in 1992 overturned the racist fiction that upon its European discovery Australia was terra nullius – unoccupied land – and enabled long-overdue native title rights.

And the violence came on a day when, at citizenship ceremonies around the country, our indigenous heritage was being celebrated, the traditional ownership of our land being recognised, before thousands of new Aussies as they took their pledge of allegiance.

Any fair-minded person can understand why indigenous Australians are still unimpressed with January 26, the day of their invasion, being treated as a day of celebration.  But you would seriously doubt whether any of them would have been cheering today’s scenes, nor opting for the excuse that the violence was somehow inflamed by Tony Abbott, who (only in response to media questions) made the muted observation he could understand why the Tent Embassy was originally set up, but that it had served its purpose. More Australians would now agree his assertion, and with greater vehemence, after the chaos which unfolded yesterday.

One other issue – having looked at the photographs of today’s chaos, both on Fairfax websites and on ours at News Limited, there could be some interesting discussions within the Australian Protective Service about how they responded to the siege and the subsequent “evacuation” of the PM and Opposition Leader. Julia Gillard’s office has clarified that she was not knocked over or hit by protesters. The photographs appear to show that the police were trying to run past the protesters with the PM being frogmarched out, and that she lost her legs in the process, possibly because (quite understandably) she’s not as quick on her feet as a 20-something elite copper who spends half his life working out and doing sprints. 

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34 thoughts on “Feral Protester Fiasco at Australia Day event

  1. Seriously. have a look at the facial features and skin colour of the so called elder. Come on. im more indigenous than him and i have zero. im sick of these people calling themselves indigenous and inciting riots and trouble.


  2. Absolutely disgusted with the protesters and the legal system that will arrest anyone else but not these animals. Lets hope we never end up like America where a President cant walk down the street or Members of Government are shot at because of their religion, colour etc. What I do find amazing though was the amount of “white” people protesting in that group pretending to be “black”……more of the “professional hire a riot gang/protester” perhaps?


  3. ABORIGINAL activists are treating Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s lost shoe as a trophy and will try to sell it online to raise money for their Canberra tent embassy.
    The PM lost the shoe as she was dragged away from an ugly confrontation with protesters at an Australia Day awards ceremony
    Activist Pat Eatock ended up with the size 36 blue heel and said it would not be returned to Ms Gillard, even if she asked.

    Theft by finding is a chargeable offence….Bloody sell it it she reckons….FFS

    “She can’t have it, this is going on eBay,” said Ms Eatock, 73.

    “We are going to see if we can get some money for the (tent) embassy.”

    A defiant Ms Eatock accused the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of being “provocative” by holding an Australia Day awards event down the road from the tent embassy.

    “Why come and be so provocative?” she said.

    Provocative??????????As the protesters slam glass walls of the restaurant with our countries leaders inside, paying tribute to heroes and recipients of Australia Day Awards….

    Despite protesters holding makeshift weapons, Ms Eatock said “nobody was interested in hurting” Ms Gillard or Mr Abbott: “Why on earth would we?”

    What a disgrace, get out of the tents and go get a bloody job


  4. I disagree,

    but first of all, thanks for choosing to not go on about it being ‘our national day’.
    I certainly don’t see it that way. I see it as invasion day: it’s a significant anniversary of colonisation, and as such is inherently divisive. I’d rather we chose to celebrate, together, on another date.
    so thanks for your restraint.

    I think that today’s events underscore the enduring relevance of the Embassy.
    Your sleight-of-hand, dismissing the land rights concerns of 40 years with the smoke-and-mirrors of Howards post-ten point plan version of Native Title, won’t fool anyone who’s given this national shame anything more than a cursory glance. The ‘apology’ and ‘native title’ are the legal equivalent of beads and blankets. So there’s nothing irrational about Michael Anderson’s statements: I find them entirely consistent with his ongoing work on these issues. I believe the concerns of 40 years ago are just as valid today, and I thank the Embassy for doing what they can to illustrate the gaping divide that remains between many Aboriginal Australians and our parliament.

    as for Ros & John:
    many aboriginal people do look ‘white’. so what?
    if you really think this is just about skin colour, you need to look closer.
    In the case of Pat Eatock (the woman holding the shoe) I think a recent high profile court case has established the validity of her Aboriginality.


    • Historically truth is the convenience of the victors. True in America or Australia. One leader surrounded by 200 unarmed protesters and 50 armed police seems to be shaking the roots of the countries tolerance. Wonder who remembers the crimes committed against the leaders of the aboriginals over the last centuries.

      Lets see some of the former leaders of the country being declared criminals for human rights violations, and then judge the incident.


    • So Larry, Ms Eatock had her Aboriginality validated in court? At who’s cost? Surely not hers, I don’t think she has a job to be able to fund such a case.


      • And Larry, with Ms Eatock’s heritage validated, does that mean she doesn’t have to get a job, pay taxes, can live illegally in a bloody tent on government property and do nothing to benefit this country, her alleged heritage or her family?


  5. ‘Invasion day’…get over yourselves. “Provocative…that is a load of bull, regarding the placement of the awards ceremony. Abbott made the comment about the tent embassy in Sydney earlier that day.
    I’m tired of all the moaning by Aborigines, as are a lot of Australians. You think you had a victory in ther High Court? Interesting how you ‘respect’ and use the functions of white society when it suits. Most Australians could not give give one wit about your little victory in the High Court, except for the usual bleeding hearts crowd that support every non-mainstream view. People aren’t stupid. They know they there is an ‘Aboriginal industry’, often headed by the whitest ‘Aborgines’ in the country. Its a rort. ATSIC was a rort. The people who ran that, created the most corrupt mini-government, the world has ever known.
    Aborigines are just digging themselves in a bigger hole, where average Australians despise them even more. The images of them pouunding on the glass, was a classic, for all the wrong reasons.


  6. It still doesn’t make it right Larry,,it sets back the movement 50 years.
    You have the right to protest,and be heard,but no matter how you paint it,it is still wrong to do what they did.
    I wonder how you’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot,so to speak ? Agree with your point about white claiming to be black though,not sure what that has to do with the whole point of it all.


  7. Please… the people who have decided to make this a “RACE” debate.. its not… I simply said these riots etc are orchestrated by people who are as indigenous as Nichole kidman. I am very far from racist & so are my children.. I have mingled with all races & I can tell you that 75% or more of the full blood aboriginals want no part of all this rubbish, its the ones with a great great great great great ancestor, which I might add they have ZERO proof of, that are 1/2 smart & claim indigenous rights, (now that’s stealing from the true beneficiary’s) and cause trouble… Look at Charles Perkins, greatest racist there ever was… every word he spoke he used the race card… that’s a racist, sorry to say but Anthony Mundine does the same thing & so does his father. I’ve seen it 1st hand… This IS NOT A RACE DEBATE… Yes I agree, all the protesters should have been charged, as should have any security or police who used heavy handed tactics (if any) to control the mob. Allowing them to do what they done with no repercussions will only incite them to go further NEXT time, and there will be a next time now, and somebody WILL get hurt or killed. Why can’t we all just move on… come on,, for god sake all this happened in 1770, time to move on,, the acknowledgement, albeit 1/2 baked & 1/2 meant, was said & recognized…. the land will never be returned as its now a multicultural country, how do you simply take everything of legitimately immigrated people & give it to all the aboriginals???? I can tell you this,,, do it & its all the wannabe indigenous who will inherit the lot… enough said…


    • The most ridiculous thing about these non 100% Aboriginal protesters claiming Australia Day is Invasion Day is the fact they have white blood in there veins making them invaders.
      True Aboriginal people should somehow be protected from these parasites.
      I certainly am not a fan of Julia Gillard ,But she is our Prime minister and should be afforded respect.


    • Gidday John, Very well said, this debate is so so melodramatic. It cannot help this that in this day and age with the professional protesters and activists out there turning up to their “Appointments” AKA protests, it has become a joke. Nothing to do with the original hard sought and fought arguments of many years ago. It’s all about EGO, What we can get, self promotion and handouts on a whim….

      For bloody Christ sake my grandparents where Polish and treated like shit and bounced around the world before arriving in Australia in the 50’s. They never asked for anything and just got on with it, raised my parents, Aunts and Uncle, and as the list goes we raised our kids, asking for nothing about what happened 50 years ago let alone hundreds of years ago.

      It seems to me it is the least deserving that want the most in this country this decade and it is only going to get worse where a normal typical hard working Aussie family is a minority entitled to nothing. Because if not any other reason there is nothing left after all the handouts to the minorities with their bloody hands out still screaming “What about Us!”


  8. Exactly max… do they give themselves an uppercut because they have “white” blood also… oh no,,, lets chose the “black” blood… You can’t pick & chose & ignore the obvious…


    • Hi Jim,

      Why it has no repercussions is beyond me, imagine the outrage if dare I say anyone was to burn any other countries flag on Australian soil!
      It would be beamed around the world, with comments of what a racist intolerant country we are…I could go on….poor form

      Having said that I have seen some footage of the flag burning and it makes me very sad that they seem to be kids, one with a megaphone (whatever those voice speaker things are called…sorry)

      This is not a predicament a child of any age, race or persuasion should even be involved in.


  9. I have spent a lot of time up North living and working with ‘full blood aboriginals’ and they would never carry on like these other ‘ ones’ are.
    If this had happened in any other Country Julia would never had lost her shoe. These people should have been locked up years ago and I thought that tent city had dissappeared long ago.
    What more do these people want!! We have poured billions of dollars into their welfare, appologized for long ago wrongs!! Please tell us what more you want besides Julia’s ‘shoe’.
    My grandfather and father would be turning over in their graves, if it hadn’t been for them and thousands of other people fighting to keep this Great Country free – this race would have been deleted.


    • You must have an angel on your shoulder Helen, I support your comments completely. It’s the half – breed mixed individuals that are spoiling their own true heritage instead of embracing it. Why did we say ‘sorry’? I did nothing wrong. I was watching a documentary on the alleged ‘Stolen Generation’ on the ABC if I remember correctly ( at least 15 years ago ), where the journalist interviewed 3 or 4 of the Stolen Children, and to the best of my knowledge, they applauded the authorities for taking them from their families as the children were not being cared for and they weren’t taken, they would’ve died long before the documentary was being filmed. Surprise surprise, I can’t seem to find that doco anywhere as it denies all the mixed indigenous people’s claims from those that were directly involved and affected by the actions of said authorities. I don’t think it’ll ever see the light of day again.


  10. here here… my point exactly Hellen Gittings.. thats what I said & I was riddiculed for it…
    its the old case of “ignore them & they will go away”.. but unfortunatly the “white” bloods refuse to let it go… a white person has far less wellfare, long health waits etc etc…


  11. On the flag issues, I’ve never seen a nation that carries so many flags. During sporting events, immigrants that live here, or possibly even born here, start waving the flags of their home country. If their own country is so great, what are they doing here? It disrespects the Australian flag, and the values and traditions of this country. I’m not saying Australia is perfect, or the greatest country in the world, but I think people treat this place as a dumping ground for kinds of riff-raff, while having silly fantasies about how great their original country, or the country of their parents’ was.
    As far as the Aboriginal flag goes….what does represent? A nation of Aboriginal tribes? Australia wasn’t a nation before the whites named it as such.


  12. Dear Aussie Criminals and Crooks Complaints Department,

    I have just finished a comment worthy of a Pulitzer, resplendent in it’s very nature, no spelling errors, no typos, damn thing was at least 8 inches long, talking about the Tent City/PM drama from Australia Day. I would have had approximately (from memory) about 20 different points of view…

    Yes, you guessed it……I FORGOT TO HIT THE F&%^$$%^ POST COMMENT BUTTON

    Damn you Aussie Criminals and Crooks Just Damn you

    I am too old for this LOL

    NOW press button below dipstick …………………………………………………………..>


  13. I heard one of the “aborigines” say that they refuse to acknowledge the Commonwealth of Australia. Well two can play at that game. Let the Commonwealth of Australia refuse to acknowledge this rabble and cease all dole and pension payments.


    • I believe you’re speaking for the vast majority of TRUE Australians Les. But these same Australians won’t speak for fear of being labelled a racist, which WE ARE NOT. We are for a fair Australia. Work for what you want, don’t tread on anyone else’s toes, and be happy.


  14. Someone should burn that dreaded Aboriginal flag and put it on You Tube…..If they hate us, I can hate back. Pretty easy, really.


  15. Feel really sorry for those who are aboriginal and are having to cop the backlash on this…..silly move by those protestors…silly move.


  16. Turns out they were just being used as stooges by Gillard’s staff/associates – which kind of makes the protesters look even more pathetic and tragic than they already are. Just goes to show that mainstream Australia has given up on Aborigines, Yes, you feel sorry any innocents caught up in this mess of ‘Aboriginality’. We are Australians first. Trying to create a seperate Aboriginal nation was a stupid idea, and can never be realised anyway. What’s the odds that every Australia Day from now on with have a corresponding ‘invasion day’?


  17. Agree 100% with you Les, yep no more doles! The indigenous people need and should work like the rest of us and stop using these same freaking excuses over and over. The generation HAVE A CHOICE, but they choose NOT to WORK and keep on repeating the cycle of abuse themselves. The disgraceful act of burning the flag what are they really try to achieve? Besides making people who empathise with them became put off! The Red Indians in America and Canada suffered much more than Australian Indigenous so stop using this victim card just like some people with religion or war. It happen in the past and it was horrible but we all have a CHOICE to make things better not worse


  18. How does having 5% Aboriginal blood and 95% White blood in you, make you 100% Aboriginal?
    These “protesters” are angry, nasty, vicious people. “I’m not happy, unless you’re unhappy” is their mantra.
    What do these people really want? To go back over 200 years when Aboriginals struggled to find a feed on a daily basis. When Abo’s had no clothing, no homes, no transport methods, no roads? I’m sure not one Aboriginal today wants to go back to living as they did 200 yrs ago.
    What these “protesters” really want, is to bleed White Australians dry. They are already halfway there. The hundreds of billions spent on Aboriginal welfare, health, housing, concessions, transport, and so on, has cost us Whites dearly, and there’s still no end in sight.
    For around 300,000 people, they consume 10 times as much as any white person in Govt support. These people are a permanent burden upon Australia – they contribute nothing, and they always have their hand out, bleating “injustices” as their excuse. What a farce!


    • I’ll vote for you if you’d like to put your hand up and represent all the hard working, honest Australians in Parliament. We’re sick of being trodden on every day and then made to feel bad about what NONE of us did. At least half of what these leeches are sucking out of our budget would be far better spent on looking after those that made this country as free as it is today. Stuff the people that don’t contribute, let’s take care of the war veterans, the elderly and with what’s left over, spend that on the future, our children.


  19. We have one planet avaliable to live on here, we either work together and live happy here in Australia and make it a great place to live in and from that places I have been to in the world … Australia beats everywhere else hands down, or keep up the bullshit that happened over 2 centuries ago and never get past it…and live like shit!


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