Geelong teacher and ex student in Sex Video

When does a teacher stop being a teacher folks? This is gaining a lot of air time today and one thing I find interesting is the pupil left/graduated in 2008! Now if nothing happened whilst in school I am not really concerned for the most part. It is more about what relationship if any did they have then. The school has come out today and spoken very highly of the teacher in  question as have some parents. I have access to the video but will not be showing it on here because as it stands at the moment they are 2 consenting adults…What are your thoughts?

A GEELONG high school teacher is on indefinite leave after allegedly appearing in a porn video with an ex-student.

The graphic video went viral yesterday on social media.

Oberon High School, Geelong

Oberon High School principal Alison Murphy said together with the Education Department, the school had acted as soon as they found out yesterday and the teacher was spoken to.

The incident is now under investigation.

“He’s not here today and it’s uncertain when he’ll be back,’’ Ms Murphy said, adding that it would be inappropriate to stand him down until the investigation had finished.

Ms Murphy said the long-standing teacher was “ well regarded’’ and the former student had graduated in 2008.

She said while he had taught her, there was no allegation that the couple had been together while she was a student.

Ms Murphy said she had no received any calls from concerned parents, despite morning radio being flooded with calls.

She stressed it was a “personal matter of a private staff member’’.

21 thoughts on “Geelong teacher and ex student in Sex Video

  1. for god sake… If she was not in a relationship with the teacher while at school, and left some 4 years ago, and was of consenting age… what’s the problem here…



    Maybe the teacher in question and the past student didn’t violate any laws here, however what of the ethical and moral situation?? what of this teacher’s responsibility to his students in terms of setting an example?? and what about consideration given to any Code of Ethics here??

    Indeed very careless of the teacher in question to even consider participating in a porn video, especially in terms of his career, but to do so with a past student??? now that’s just asking for gossip and media attention. So, when exactly was this video done, given that this student graduated in 2008?

    What exactly does the principal mean when she states: …”(it was a) personal matter of a private staff member’’. It’s a matter of ethical and morale judgement!!!!

    I’m going out on a limb here, but regardless if he made this porn video with an ex student, a colleague or the girl next door!! people in any career who are caring for our kids, need to be setting an example and acting appropriately, and this includes their personal life as well!

    And no I’m not condemning pornography, nor am I making judgement for those who participate or enjoy pornography. However, in this particular situation? wrong, very very wrong!!


    • Sorry Maree, I don’t entirely agree that people caring for our kids should have their occupation govern what they can and can’t do in their private lives, if it’s within the law. What they do in their own time is exactly that, their own time. In your view, does their career also govern what they’re allowed to do whilst on holidays? In another country? On a cruise ship? Where will it end? If that’s your opinion, that’s fine, and you’re entitled to it. But you’ll have to remember that teachers are not robots, they’re human beings. Everyone needs time to be themselves, especially those that are in the public eye or under constant scrutiny from the general public, ( schools, hospitals, police force, etc etc ). If you think that this incident is going to change the way teachers are supposed to act in their private lives and by some sheer fluke it becomes a reality, our children will not have enough teachers keep classes at a 30 child per 1 teacher ratio, so in the end, it’s they who will suffer. But, I agree with the rest of your observations and comments. As for the Code Of Ethics, I’m pretty sure they have a statute of limitations or a shelf-life of sorts. Seriously, the ex-student graduated in 2008, making her 22 years old, or thereabouts. She’s an adult. Just as long as there was no “grooming process” while she was at school, I don’t see a problem. Everyone thought it was great when Demi Moore and that young bloke shacked up, and I’m pretty sure the age difference is far greater in their circumstance.


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  4. everybody has to go to school somewhere. what to do if two students get it on . school is after all as much a social / cultural education as it is academic.


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  6. Hail Slugs for posting the link!!
    Had to sleuth for this, find his name from and then google it to here. I knew someone would come up with goods.
    Fuck who cares what they do. Dumb to make a porno if you’re a teachere though. dumb dumb dumb.
    They look like witchey, hippy, WICCA, alternative types. very funny ll the magic books.
    The goddess is alive!!


  7. As someone who sat next to her in English class in year 12, she wasn’t going out with the teacher, or any teachers for that matter. Infact, those tattoos on her legs are pretty recent so they have been in a relationship for less than 2 years. Case closed.


  8. This feels like persuasion on part of GF. Most likely she had a crush on the guy in HS and it reignited into love when they meet again few years later. The way she told him to cum on her suggest who is the dominant one in the making of the video.


  9. The teacher lives in the house with his girlfriend next to me. It has upset both of them that something that played out 4 years ago should suddenly be a news item because of the mischievous activity of a few Oberon High students scouring the web. I am disturbed by the media attention and will be speaking aggressively to any media people who turn up on the naturestrip outside. The message is clear: there is no news here, now M O V E !


  10. If it played out 4 years ago, she was still a student and he broke the law! He still has standards to meet to be a teacher and will probably destroy the school if he returns.


  11. Teachers don’t want the bloke back! I wonder why, what have they got to worry about, he is obviously not interested in people his age or older…maybe he knocked a few of them back…


  12. Okay, i’ve just watched the ‘porn’. Effectively it consists of the couple making love in a remarkably tender manner. Nothing startling about it. Also for what it’s worth i’d argue that not many porno watchers will be interested in it as it is very VERY tame.
    This whole story is a beat up.


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