PM's Bodyguard running HeliPal business on the side from VIP jet

I have nothing against anyone making a fair dollar, but this bloke is stretching his resourcefulness a bit too far don’t you think? I can imagine several reasons why his colleagues are pissed off with him, but what about the security risk. Those concerned are assuming it was just toy helicopters inside those boxes. Others must have known, who loads the holds of these aircraft? Massive breach of Security and trust in the AFP I reckon.

His whole online presence has disappeared off the internet, basically overnight. BUT I have found a piece of evidence that might tell us something. He tried to sell the business for $13000 (Unless he is the one who purchased it late last year, but the seller is from Canberra, so i think we are talking about the same guy! Here are some pages I managed to secure…

Click on image below to get enlarged view, but here is the blurb as quoted from the site! 

HeliPal Australia is a sucessful online hobby shop selling radio control (rc) helicopters and planes.  I have been operating it for one year on top of my regular job but I don’t have the time to develop it any further.

We are based in Canberra, but our customers are all over Australia.  You can operate this business anywhere.

All the hard work is done, the website is currently hosted by Netregistry.  It has a great user interface which makes it easy for anyone with basic computer knowledge to modify the site, add products, check orders etc.   The website has an easy to use shopping cart with PayPal and Credit Card facilities.  It also features an Australia Post shipping calculator.

The website is attractive and functional, with hundreds of products painstakingly added in detail with many custom photographs and videos.  We also have a presence of YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The website, and social media accounts will be transferred to the new owner.

Netregistry have an excellent online and offline support centre, and I will be available to assist the new owner, provide introductions to suppliers etc.

The products come via an extensive network of Australian suppliers, and direct from Chinese manufacturers.  We have a great relationship with our suppliers.

Christmas last year was crazy, so now is the perfect time!

The business is offered WIWO, inclusive of stock valued at over $13,000 and a database of over 1000 happy customers.

Make us an offer!


Helipal Australia business up for sale


ONE of Julia Gillard‘s bodyguards is being investigated over allegations he used the Prime Minister’s plane to help run a private business.

A member of the close personal protection team has allegedly transported imported model helicopters in the RAAF Boeing 737′s cargo hold.

The Australian Federal Police officer operates a business called Helipal Australia, which sells radio-controlled helicopters, spare parts and other accessories used by toy aircraft enthusiasts.

All his online presence including website, Facebook and twitter has suddenly disappeared, overnight basically…

Click on image to enlarge

Helipal twitter account before it was abruptly deleted

On several occasions over the past eight months, while he and the PM were in Brisbane, it is claimed he shipped goods to Canberra.

His colleagues believe that if true this could not only pose a potential security risk but could damage the AFP’s reputation.

There is no suggestion Ms Gillard or her staff were aware of any goods being transported.

An AFP professional standards internal inquiry began last month.

”As these inquiries are ongoing it is not appropriate to comment further at this stage,” an AFP spokesman said.

”In general terms, the AFP treats all allegations of potential misconduct or unprofessional behaviour seriously and investigates all allegations thoroughly.”

The man’s colleagues are reportedly upset at the allegations. Because they paid full postage on one?

”It reflects badly on us,” one officer said.

The public service code of conduct bans employees from profiting by the use of Commonwealth assets.

It says individuals must ”not make improper use” of their ”duties, status, power or authority, in order to gain, or seek to gain, a benefit or advantage

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