Asylum Seekers get "The Aussie home starter pack"

Asylum seekers awaiting their refugee claims are getting tax payer funded starter packs for their tax payer funded rented homes ( at an average rental cost of $416 a week)

How many of this lot are queue jumpers, purely illegal immigrants, families on the move here from all the good stories on the grapevine. Australians are known as givers but no SUCKERS and we are being sucked in, left right and center with this bullshit.

It is a slap in the face to every poor old pensioner and family in the suburbs living on devon sandwiches to get by each week.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the Government was being responsible in providing basic provisions while asylum seekers’ claims were being assessed.

Something like this, for starters maybe?...Java 16 Piece Living Package from $3,999.00


“People do not get to keep the goods. They remain in a house when a family moves out and are used by the next people who move in,” he said. (Sure and the next lot will want new stuff like the last lot got, we cant go upsetting these queue jumpers can we…)

“These people are not allowed to work.” (No they are not allowed to come by boat illegally either…Of course some go and work, cash is cash, blood is blood if you know what I mean…)

The Red Cross provides the packages. (Kiss goodbye to any more donations from thousands of hard working Aussies)

“They are basic supplies. We are not talking about luxury here,” the Red Cross’s spokesman, Michael Raper, said. (If only all the old people and pensioners and sacked workers and families I know had all this guaranteed for them.

The assistance is on top of free doctors’ visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and education, and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight.

If they are not working, get free friggin everything, why do they need all the cash? Aussies will be dropping dead today from heart attacks, grief, malnutrition and heat exhaustion I guarantee it.And they are just the pensioners who have no money to eat or turn their air-conditioners or fans on to stay cool in the summer. Excuse me but our Government has turned into a bunch of fucking soft marshmallows, too worried about how the world sees them and far less concerned with their own bloody citizens.

How do you feel about this situation folks?

Check this list out

Beds, fridges, mattresses, couches and items such as alarm clock radios, clothes hangers and containers for biscuits are being bought in a “household goods formation package” that contains more than 60 items.

The package includes a television with a minimum screen size of 53cm.

A family of five in community detention is eligible for goods valued at $7100.

Families of more than nine can receive up to $9850 in furnishings, the federal Opposition said after Senate hearings this week.

Asylum seeker families in Sydney arrive to a hamper of bread, butter, milk, eggs, other essentials, and cleaning products. Families with a baby can access a $750 pack of basic supplies, while phone and electricity connections are also paid for.

The assistance is on top of free doctors’ visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and education, and payments of up to $433.25 a fortnight.

Asylum seekers are not allowed to work.

In Sydney suburbs, 97 homes are being rented at an average cost of $416 a week. Nationally, almost 1600 asylum seekers are being housed in community detention.

Range $7100-$9800 depending on size of family (in actual fact the first list IS basic, as long as the government made sure all Aussie had this basic set in their homes, both young and old.

Washing machine


Lounge, min 4-seat

Table & chairs, min 5 piece

Coffee table

Radio alarm

Wall clock

Heater or fan

TV, min 21-inch

TV stand

DVD player


Bed base, mattresses

Bedside tables

Mattress protectors

Wardrobe, if none built in

Clothes hangers

Pillow, pillow cases

2 blankets per person


2 sheet sets per person

2 towels per person

2 face washers per person

Rice cooker


Electric kettle

Frypan or wok

Pots and pans

Knife set

Dinner ware including plates, mugs, bowls, cutlery and glasses, min 16 pieces

Chopping board


Baking items

Glass container set

Measuring cups and spoons

Salt and pepper shakers


Salad bowl

Food storage, 15 pieces

Canister set: sugar, bread, biscuits, tea, coffee

Kitchen utensils: Slotted spoon, ladle, egg flip, potato masher, wooden spoon, vegetable peeler, scissors, can
opener, tongs, whisk, grater

Dish cloths

Tea towels

Pot holder, oven mitts

Mop and bucket

Broom, dustpan, brush

Toilet brush

Iron and ironing board

Indoor rubbish bin

Vacuum cleaner, bagless

Laundry basket

Clothes pegs

Shower curtain

Shower caddy

Cleaning bucket

Smoke detector

Fire extinguisher

Fire blanket

First aid kit



Additional heaters/blankets

Additional fans


Computers and internet access
Mobile phones

Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades

Sewing machines

Student desks

iPod or other music storage device

Game consoles

Baby kit: Mattress, blankets, towels, baths, high chairs and prams worth $750

Where does it END Here is a selection out of the Paper this morning…How REAL Aussie’s feel about this bullshit, their has been thousands of comments in all the newspapers…

  • John Boileau of Glen Waverley Posted at 12:04 AM Today

I would think there would be quite a lot of our Pensioners who would appreciate the same treatment.

Comment 1 of 327

  • Jack schitt of melbourne Posted at 12:12 AM Today

I am gob smacked. lo.g workjng Aussies continually geting shafted and.taxed. and our hard earned taxes are spent how ????

Comment 2 of 327

  • dem o’cracy Posted at 12:24 AM Today

Since when is a television with a minimum screen size of 53cm not a luxury item? I’m not donating to the red cross anymore.

Comment 3 of 327

  • Wally Shaw. of Brisbane Posted at 12:26 AM Today

Why did I not recieve this booty while I waited for my pension to be processed ???

Comment 4 of 327

  • DY of Melbourne Posted at 12:26 AM Today

I feel sick…..

Comment 5 of 327

  • Andrew Cameron of Melbourne Posted at 12:27 AM Today

We are about to go into recession, no doubt about it!!! Reign in this incredible spending on these people and look after you’re own backyard. Border control, hell, border mines!!! Stop them. We are in serious trouble, we are not the land of opportunity, we are the land of misguidedness and political gamesmanship. Anything for a vote.

Comment 6 of 327

  • dingo of gold coast Posted at 12:28 AM Today

that will stop them from coming

Comment 7 of 327

  • LXP Posted at 12:28 AM Today

These non-stories irk me. It’s just the cost of providing a basic standard of housing from scratch – should it be required. Whilst I wish we could send assylum seekers to second hand furniture auctions and op shops it just doesn’t work like that.

Comment 8 of 327

  • john white Posted at 12:35 AM Today

when i am getting my packet?useless socialist losers

Comment 9 of 327

  • Kmw of Melbourne Posted at 12:43 AM Today


Comment 10 of 327

  • Tommy of The Lucky country no- more! Posted at 12:43 AM Today

Spend the money on a cheap no-frills air -fare back to the place they belong! I don’t want them here.

Comment 11 of 327

  • jdoen Posted at 12:46 AM Today

What a total load of bull. No wonder the worlds destitute populations will want to come here. The people running this country today will have a lot to answer for. They couldn’t run a chook raffle.

Comment 12 of 327

  • Master of Melbourne Posted at 12:50 AM Today

Keep them coming and keep spending our money on fake refugees…

Comment 13 of 327

  • geomac of Gippsland Posted at 12:54 AM Today

The red cross provides the packages .The government goods provided remain the property of the government for the next family to use . The asylum seekers are not allowed to work if or until they are accepted as genuine . All this seems sensible so why do we pay huge amounts for detention centres ?

Comment 14 of 327

  • Lisa Posted at 12:57 AM Today

That’s it, I have absolutely had it. Election NOW please so AUSTRALIANS can come first again. Is this an early April Fools joke? Please?

Comment 15 of 327

  • Mariann rural Victoria of 3377 Posted at 12:58 AM Today

No wonder they are pouring into Australia by the boatloads. How about some of our homeless or low-wages families, or pensioners, who don’t have these things.How about giving them televisions, phones, free power and Drs., dentists, hospital treatment etc. Oh no! I forgot, we have to wait 2 or 3 years for dental treatment, in the meantime your teeth rot in your mouth. As for surgery, it doesn’t matter what the pain is doing to the thousands while they wait/or even die while waiting. The Federal Government is making it heaven for the illegal boat people, of course they want to pour into our country, they don’t get all these freebies (that ordinary Australians cannot get) in other countries.

Comment 16 of 327

  • jenny wall of Melbourne Posted at 1:07 AM Today

I hope the hundreds of people who have just lost their jobs do not have to wait for weeks on end while Centrelink processes their claims, and they too have access to emergency funds for food and rent.

Comment 17 of 327

  • Paul Chrystie Posted at 1:07 AM Today

my god havent they been through enough than the the herald sun harrasing them and suggestibg they havent paid they’re private health rebate. get a life hs

Comment 18 of 327

  • raymond of melbourne Posted at 1:09 AM Today

basic supplies?The assistance is on top of free doctors’ visits, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and education.basic supplies hey?what a load of rubbish….pensioners in this country cannot get free dental and its supposed to be a basic supply?or free medication either….is it any wonder they are flocking here illegally by the boatloads..i would do the same thing to iraq or afghanistan..if these basic supplies were on offer there.

Comment 19 of 327

  • no way Posted at 1:18 AM Today

I cant be reading this article right can i

Comment 20 of 327

  • illegal aliens Posted at 1:20 AM Today

tell that to Obama next time you talk. They are illegal aliens and why the current government does not treat them as such is not fair dinkum.If the ANZACS were here today they would be spewing.election now.

Comment 21 of 327

  • Gus of Camberwell Posted at 1:33 AM Today

Why are refugees being provided ‘containers for biscuits’ when many of our own pensioners can’t even afford the biscuits. Something is not right with this country.

Comment 22 of 327

  • enough Posted at 1:35 AM Today

you have to be kidding me

Comment 23 of 327

  • Jason K of Kew Posted at 1:45 AM Today

Australians are loosing their jobs and they get a hand out. Fair deal, NOTTTTT

Comment 24 of 327

  • John Posted at 1:46 AM Today

I thought there was a shortage of rental properties in Melbourne ?, at least that’s what charity organisations are telling us, if these same charities can find rental accomodation for these people why can’t they do the same for Australians ?, could it be that it’s more profitable for them to put asylum seekers first seeing as they recieve funding from the govt to look after these people ?…Also, why are we supplying these people with brand new furniture etc, what’s wrong with second hand ? …Shame on the Govt and shame on the charities …

Comment 25 of 327

  • Whistleblower of Melbourne Posted at 1:52 AM Today

Let me get this straight. We are providing free accommodation telephone and electricity,$10,000 worth of goods to settle in and 200 bucks a week the food as well is free medical care dental care pharmaceuticals and schooling for their children. No wonder they’re coming here by the boatload. They must think we are bloody stupid!

Comment 26 of 327

  • Tom of Melbourne Posted at 2:00 AM Today

OMG, what a slap in the face to our struggling aged pensioners. This farce needs to stop now.

Comment 27 of 327

  • michelle of melb Posted at 2:01 AM Today

What! That’s it! Enough is enough. I urge every Australian taxpayer to stand up and so no. We’ve had enough of seeing our hard earned money being frittered away on queue jumpers. Make them work for what they want like everyone else.

Comment 28 of 327

  • Tony of Mentone Posted at 2:14 AM Today

No wonder they keep coming in droves and I’ll bet there is much more we don’t know about.

Comment 29 of 327

  • L Posted at 2:22 AM Today

What about hard working normal Australians? We all could benefit from this and we actually work and are contributing members of society! This is so so wrong, why should we tax payers pay for these people!

Comment 30 of 327

  • MAGGILLA of Gladstone Park Posted at 2:23 AM Today

Looks like their better off than our pensioners,can I claim asylum also, I want to get away from GILLARD…

Comment 31 of 327

  • Had enough Posted at 2:26 AM Today

You’ve got to be kidding. I work and pay tax so does my wife. Why can’t we get these benifites. This gov sucks. Election now.

Comment 32 of 327

  • BomberBrock of Ocean Grove Posted at 2:26 AM Today

And real Australians struggle to put food on their tables, struggle to pay bills and get nothing after paying years of taxes. This article forgot to mention the free cigarettes to. I wouldn’t mind a hand out of $230 a week, free rent, bills payed for, a 53cm tv. Once they get their visa, they all end up on welfare for life. No wonder they come here in their thousands. Austrlia the lucky country, if you are not born here. Bowen how can you defend this rubbish, time to go Labor.

Comment 33 of 327

25 thoughts on “Asylum Seekers get "The Aussie home starter pack"

  1. what has this to do with crooks and criminals. if i want to read a nasty, rascist bit of biased crap, i would go to the fat wanking liar piers akerman’s column.


  2. What will it be like in another 5 years? Billion dollar contracts just to house and feed asylum seekers whilst schools fall down and entire workforces lose their jobs to overseas owners and workers. Where is the logic.

    Also missing from the list is the free phone back home, I would like to ring my relatives overseas for free too please.


    • as i said, if i want to read this liberal party propaganda crap, i would look at fatso akermans column in the sydney daily terror.
      you are great at uncovering stories about aussie crims and i enjoy your writings, but realise we don’t all share your political opinion or baseless predictions.


      • Bill of hay….A man of few words….Please stay long enough to add some substance to your comments rather than a quick quote and pissing off.Remind me of my baseless predictions and I will see what I can do to rectify them.

        Crims in the courts are NOT the only crims we are dealing with, you do get that don’t you Bill.

        Also tell me more on why you are so hung up on the columnists/bloggers up there in Sydney you mention…I will run something if I think it is worthwhile Bill…

        You take care


  3. hey robbo,
    where’s the crime?
    this post is bullshit. (particularly the photo)
    so, you don’t like government policy – fair enuff.
    but that doesn’t make anyone involved a crook or criminal.

    as for pensioners, you’re culpable for perpetuating the falsehood that we have to choose who is more worthy of our compassion:
    fact is, australia is a very wealthy nation. our economy is the envy of the world. we can afford to temporarily house asylum seekers, AND look after our pensioners properly. To suggest that australians need to make some hardnosed decision about whether to meet our international obligations to the few refugees who reach our shores, and to maintain our high standard of social welfare programs, is just false.

    schools fall down? didn’t you notice all the $$$ pumped into schools for BER?
    Where IS the logic?
    this whole excursion is a boring appeal to hate, division and intolerance,
    based on falsehood and faulty logic.



  4. So nobody has arrived here illegally? There is no criminal activity…I think you have some great points but you say a few refugees arrive on our shores. have you seen how much just in the last year the costs have blown out just in detention centres? Hundreds of millions.

    We might be wealthy enough to be ABLE to support our pensioners but we don’t.

    I may make another section about this type of topic though as the blogs purpose was originally about the crims and crooks scammers and cheats and still is, but you may note it is at times also about waste and mismanagement of Governments, and the pork barreling…etc

    One other thing, the picture is not misleading, it is a home package that would be around the price plus all the other stuff. Do you think the government have people going around buying stuff item by item? They would be buying packages at places like Fantastic Furniture and the like and saying we want 500 of those delivered here and here etc without much thought into it, like most schemes they waste on..

    It is also about what makes my blood boil too, and I have scouted papers and radio all over Australia to see how people feel about this.But thanks for your comments, they are very much appreciated.

    Anyway points taken



  5. OK, yeah, of course the people smugglers are crooks who should be prosecuted harshly to discourage their dangerous and illegal activities:
    but the asylum seekers aren’t criminals.

    In my town, we get a lot of asylum seekers. I am not involved in any way, but I’ve certainly noticed the way it works around here. Once they are recognised as genuine refugees, they’re on their own, and rely heavily on charity – particularly the generosity of individuals. A number of times, a friend of a friend has phoned or emailed trying to scrape together furniture for a recent release. I’ve met people who told me they donated a few months free accommodation on their rental property in between paying tennants. Housing availability is at well below 1% in my town, so although the recognised refugees qualify for public housing, the waiting list is almost 5 years.

    maybe government are being more generous for community detention than they have been for those who’ve had their claims fully processed, but my wife tells me that she recently got a desperate email asking for a room for someone who was to be released into community detention, so I’m pretty sure the largess you describe isn’t being applied across the board.

    but even if your story was accurate (which I’m convinced it is not), it’d still be way cheaper than prolonged mandatory detention. yes I am well aware of the senseless waste of money from building new remote detention centres. There’s a new one been built just 30km from me. It cost heaps cos they built it real fast, and in a difficult location. I think this is wasteful mismanagement, but I certainly don’t want anyone deprived of appropriate healthcare. and I think investment in english language (and associated cultural) education is essential


    • Hi again Larry, a well written reply, and the situation is not ideal, nor is the solution to the problem, I see anything that encourages illegals to get over here a bad thing for our country, Queue jumpers we may call them. Good old Australia the easiest place with the best settlement and so on…
      But I do need to ask you to show me the inaccuracies of my story. What Lies?,Made up figures and facts? Aussies are not like minded on this topic? because I will correct any mistakes Larry. I get emails from detention centre staff, one in particular who is bi lingual, and stories about conversations back home would astound you. It is like folks telling family about a great holiday destination where everything is free.(Called Australia)

      I’m not racist, I just do want Australia to become the sucker country. We give plenty. always have and always will. But we are being taken for granted…

      All the best, you and your wife certainly sound like caring people, Just like my family and I, believe me


  6. Righto Aussies, let’s start treating this once great country as if it were a house. If you want to sneak in the back door undetected, ( boat – people ), then you run the risk of being shot as I feel my livelihood and family are threatened. That’s the rules!!! But, if you wish to announce your arrival and your intentions and enter via the front door ( immigration ), then so be it, you might possibly gain entry, but first you’ll have to wait until we spend our money on looking after the people that really matter… AUSTRALIANS!!!. And as for the politicians that are allowing or encouraging this garbage, they must be stood down and / or made to pay for the flights back to the respective homelands of the ILLEGAL immigrants. The government just gave themselves a pay rise, and what better way to spend their ludicrous and thoroughly undeserving extra funding? This may be harsh, but they’re coming from war ravaged countries, yet the places they come from ARE NOT GIRT BY SEA, so why don’t they walk across a border or two and take refuge in a country closer to their homeland? Just seems to be the logical way to do things… I like my boat people like I like my scotch, on the rocks. Nuff said!


  7. it is criminal its called HUMAN TRAFFICING.i have a son born in the philippines i have to PAY to make him an australian citizen.maybe i should put a towel around his head get him straight in the back door.yea im 6 generation aussie.makes me sick the bull shit i got to go thru.ring up the australian embassy they wont answer the phone get the no of the net not listed.lazy assholes


  8. I just wanted to clarify, that I do support fair dinkum refugees in need, who come through the proper channels. I grew up in a Vietnamese community in the 80’s and they were hard working people who could teach a lot of lazy aussies a few things. I do NOT support, Rorters, Criminals, and people who think they can pay their way into our wonderful country and all it has to offer


  9. This is make me sick while I’m about to lose 30% health fund rebate with government excuse to bring back $ into their funds, paid QLD flood tax, then Carbon tax from 1st July 12. Duty of care should go to TAX PAYERS who pay taxes not this dole bluggers and people who pretend to be a refugee, I think last week I read Muslim welfare women need us to pay for their airfare to see their families as they missing a lot of event from their home country WTF why they came here in the 1st place????


  10. Re silly Bill up there in the comments I have a low tolerance for trolls, so I will not reply to your nonsense anymore, But feel free to keep posting your thoughts here as we all love a good debate…

    But I will remind you there is a line that if it gets crossed here, it will be no more Bill…In other words shit stirrers for the sake of it are not welcome.How does that sound?



  11. I’m yet to be convinced that most of these boat people are ‘economic refugees’, in the sense they just want a better life. They must hear of Australia’s welfare scheme, where people get handouts for all types of things, and rush to get here. If they can scrape together 5-10 grand to pay people smugglers, they are not the poorest of the poor, or ‘genuine’ refugees in my opinion – they are simply foreign invaders, and be treated as such. What the hell do we have a Navy for, if not to protect our borders?
    The bleeding hearts will ruin this country, and take no responibility for it, like they have done in other countries. As long as they don’t have to live next door to them, they couldn’t care less. We are already stuck with a whole lot of Muslim people who were born here and hate us (our own home grown terrorists). I can’t see it ending, because the bleeding hearts run this country. I hate to say it, but Abbott for PM!


    • Mate, the first part of your comment is absolute truth, and I agree %100. But re: your muslim comments, I can’t say that they’re completely accurate. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the extremists that hate our country as it goes against their religion etc, to them I say ” Flick off to a country that supports your beliefs “. But it’s not the regular muslims that cause dramas, it’s a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, and the rest of them get tarred with the same brush, so to speak. And as for politicians, sack them all and employ someone that truly wants the best for our country, our people and our future, not these chumps that spend most of their days muck-raking on their opponents and try to discredit them, instead of running the show for our benefit, not their own private agendas. Nuff said.


  12. Your misquoting a bit there……I said ‘a whole lot’, meaning a significant number, not the totality of Muslims per sae. I couldn’t give a flying fuck what they believe in. Neither am I saying that in every boatload of ‘refugees’ lies potential terrorists. I’m not quite that paranoid. They are more a nuisance more than anything, and my care factor about them is pretty close to zero. So perhaps I’m mixing together a few different issues here. My apologies.
    But generally on boat people, they are only coming because they know there is a chance of getting in. If they were stopped – guess what? They would stop coming. But then we would be seen as inhumane. But we can’t fix the world’s problems from here. On Muslims, and I mean specifically the ones that came here in the 70s during the war in Lebonon, the parents integrated, but a lot of the kids didn’t. Recent terrorist attacks in Britain, were ‘home grown’. Ones that were stopped here were also born here. Having people hating the country they were born in, is a very dangerous position for all of us, because we are potential victims of terrorist attacks. And, after all, it doesn’t have to be some highly organised terrorist ‘cell’… could be just a bunch of angry idiots. And its not a matter of them going to a country that shares their beliefs, because they probably couldn’t get in anyway. Besides that, they have their own visions of a Islamic Australian state.
    As far as politicians goes, they all end up with their noses in the trough. The only way you could radically change things, is if you had a military style coup that cleans things out. But then, as history shows, that usually produces a whole lot of other problems…….


  13. I’m going to rob these houses if I ever find out that asylum seekers move into my area. I might be able to get a pretty good price from Cashies if I hot in that 53cm t.v. and the 16 piece Java package =D=D


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