DISGRACED Pedophile former MP Terry Martin walks again

These suspended sentences are a joke and a mockery for those seeking justice. This filthy dirty old man, who just happens to be a EX Tasmanian MP has been convicted twice and walked free from court without any jail time for his putrid crimes against a child, as well as possessing child porn on his computer…This makes me wonder about protected species within certain circles. His disgusting behaviour was because of the medications he was on! Oh really, Has the drug been banned from sale in Australia then?….NO…Of course not, and miraculously he is all better now, and has no interest in child porn any-more or sexual interest in children…He has NO interest in getting caught again is about all he can hope for, rotten bastard deserved a good jail term.

Judge Alan Blow said while possession of child pornography would normally dictate a prison term, he accepted that Martin’s offence was related to the side-effects of his medication. So all your kiddie fiddlers out there get hold of the right medication and they will only slap your wrist!

No wonder the girls relatives wanted to stick the boot in. If it were my daughter he raped, and I was watching him walk free I would have give him a going over too.

My original article in November 2011 on this snakebelly is linked below this story or click here

DISGRACED former MP Terry Martin, convicted of sex acts with a 12-year-old girl, was yesterday attacked by female relatives of the child as he walked free from court after being convicted of possessing child pornography.

The aunt of an abused girl attacks convicted sex offender Terry Martin outside the Supreme Court in Hobart yesterday

The former long-standing Tasmanian upper house MP and mayor was attacked outside the Supreme Court in Hobart by two women, understood to be the aunt and grandmother of his victim.

Clearly distressed, the girl’s aunt struck Martin with her bag as he walked from the court grounds into a lane-way. She then appeared to strike his groin, as court officers rushed to defend the former Labor and independent MP.

The grandmother, who is frail and elderly, had moments earlier appeared to strike Martin with her walking stick. “I’ll never, ever forgive you. The devil take you for what you’ve done,” she yelled.

The family members, as well as anti-abuse campaigners, are outraged that Martin, 54, has twice walked free from the Supreme Court after being found guilty of serious offences.

Last November, Martin was given a 10-month suspended sentence after being found guilty of unlawful sexual intercourse with the 12-year-old in 2009, and of taking photographs of her naked.

Yesterday, separate proceedings concluded with Martin receiving a one-month suspended sentence for possessing hundreds of images of child porn featuring children as young as eight.

On both occasions, the judges suspended jail terms on condition of good behaviour after accepting Martin’s defence that his crimes were the result of hyper-sexuality caused by medication taken for Parkinson’s disease.

This defence argument, supported by medical reports, has not satisfied anti-abuse campaigners and the family of the girl, who was prostituted by her mother and a family acquaintance.

Judge Alan Blow said while possession of child pornography would normally dictate a prison term, he accepted that Martin’s offence was related to the side-effects of his medication. So all your kiddy fiddlers out there get hold of the right medication and they will only slap your wrist!

The judge said since dropping the medication, Martin had no interest in child pornography and had “no sexual interest in children”.

His sentence of one month’s jail was suspended for 21 months.

Martin is understood to have been taken to hospital with a minor head injury after yesterday’s attack.

24 thoughts on “DISGRACED Pedophile former MP Terry Martin walks again

  1. The judge said since dropping the medication, Martin had no interest in child pornography and had “no sexual interest in children”…………………. WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if this wipes out his previous interest and makes his sick crimes ok. Was hoping you’d post something about this on here Robbo – what a sick pervert.


    • Hi girl, (sounds unpolite sorry) yeah these rockspiders tell anyone just what they want to hear to lessen their guilt…makes me sick…

      In the USA they sit in jails and or sections specifically for them, they undergo testing and lie detector tests, secret “temptations”, they are hooked up to brain reading gadgets and then shown kiddie porn or suggestive stuff to see how their brain reacts. Don’t worry about what they tell us.

      If these sicko’s do not go through the 3 year program without any deceptions they get out, if not they stay forever basically. Now there are plenty who refuse to participate in the program, yet claim they are “Cured” if you were you would do the program and be on your way…

      Finally authorities are waking up to these vultures and their cunning ways in and out of jail overseas…Would love to see it here.


      • In my opinion, you cannot cure a sex offender whether it be crimes against women or children, or if you are a lawyer, politician or whatever. ANYONE who violently abuses a person is not normal! You cannot just switch off their impulses! His excuse is lame and very American “The prozac made me do it your honour”, and is a total joke.

        Eventually someone will die, and then the question will be asked; why was this person ever released?


    • spot on not just mcgee remember the lawyer who killed his kids adelaide hills few years back he walked too they look after there own brown the magistrate child tamperer too all charges dropped commenly known his one of the FAMILY MURDERERS told to quitley retire cause of ill health S.A.is the capital molestering state an old saying about adelaide [u can fuck them but cant rob them] it goes to the top all protected maggots


    • Hi paradoxy, I always love your posts…So true, with this connection to drugs (I could go on about all the other shit laws when someone is pissed etc…but I wont…)

      So the single guy taking Viagra was only horny from the drug so its ok to rape someone…If he does not take Viagra folks he will be OK…PIGS ass…

      These snake-bellys have a whole worldwide network of chat-rooms, blogs and information hubs to weasel their way out of all the different scenarios…And because they come in all shapes and sizes, it is sleazy lawyers, judges and politicians telling them how to do it in supposed anonymity…

      The AFP should be chasing these losers without favours, but whilst these older holders of power are protecting those below or before them it will not end…

      These creeps sitting in our courts will take their secrets to the grave, rich powerful men…Thank god we got rid of Knighthoods here. Otherwise they would leave earth as heroes…Common knowledge a knighthood (title Sir) was for sale from the 1960’s onwards…(probably prior of course)


      • Thanks Robbo!

        And yes, you’re right – they can hide in underground web recesses, online groups and behind encrypted data. This is why I am opposed to publicly listing sex offenders in an online registry. Perverts will be able to find other perverts in their area and band together, it would be like the White Pages for Pedophiles were scumbags can meet and trade material, tips and tricks! Just look at freakin’ NAMBLA! They need to keep them separated, and preferably locked up in a place they cannot get to children or computers.

        Sometimes I wonder if there is a bigger “society” of pedophiles hiding in “high” places. Perhaps they fear being exposed should one of their own by punished.


  2. the judge should be investigated probally one of the family too.need a public out cry force the ddp too appeal if it was a hungry pensioner caught shop lifting they would get jail. where’s the balance in justice..[fuck all.]


  3. no mate wish i did had his 3kids in the 4wheel drove it over the side killed 2 his surviving daughter gave evidence against him.he lit a smoke said he dropped it but he didn’t smoke.all i know he moved to sydney to start again; bull shit isn’t it.


  4. Paradoxy re post 4.34pm (my reply to individual comments seems to have disappeared for now)

    You are so close to the mark…In crimes like this it always starts at the top and works down…It is a crime of power, with minute fear of deception via the nature of their tactics…

    These disgusting men (mostly) almost rely on insurance policies against each other, that in effect means you bring me down we all go down…

    It is the sickly sticky gum holding the whole pedophile industry together, without doubt…A threat of exposure and subsequent reputation, position, marriage etc, is what holds this nest of vulgar sick behaviour together…We need to smash it with a bull dozer


  5. This case shows just why our Judiciary need to have Statutory Minimum Terms for crimes such as sexual assault or worse and it should not be watered down. Perhaps if a compounding case is established for a first offender and it proves that an offender had a real and actual excuse a sentence like this might be tolerated. However second offences are not negotiable and should include the original sentence on top of whatever he gets.
    Thats what you would call Justice.


  6. robbo ;dont confuse me with that jerk from hay .. paradoxy couldnt find that case probally too old now.have too wait till i get back to aus make a couple of calls.lets see if the press push for a appeal . need strong public oponion.demo on tas supreme court and ddp office letters to the at-general


  7. i asked a cop in adelaide why haven’t they arrested all the family murderers everyone knows the names he said its out of our control.it goes to the top [he’s dead now]and i mean TOP u’ll work it out. why cant the AFP get involved make it federal law if state cant arrest them or wont.and they dont change they just get more cunning after there u cant deprogram a SICKO.only death stops them.


  8. Take what I have to say with as few or as many grains of salt as suits your taste…

    As to Martin and medication… if he was behaving so absurdly, then why the hell didn’t he tell his doctor??? Pathological hypersexuality is a rare side effect of levo-dopa. If he had told the doctor, I have no doubt the doctor would have done something. Maybe he wasn’t too bothered by “suffering” this “side effect”?

    I still am baffled how the other 100+ abusers of this young girl in question were allowed to walk scot-free! Surely some of them could be easily identified?

    BTW, I heard some very interesting rumours about the Craig Stanley – Rebecca Michels case, but I can’t personally verify them.

    Turns out I *may* have met the 10-year-old in “those” pictures. After someone suggested she was the girl in question, my mind wandered back to what I’d noticed about her and her parents.

    I only met her and her parents a few times at social events. April is her name, I believe. For the most part, she struck me as a perfectly normal kid. Not that I know many 10-year olds (even with her, I had only the briefest of conversations), but she seemed typical enough –

    With one GLARING exception. I almost NEVER saw her hanging around her parents if she could help it – despite being perfectly calm and confident around other adults. (In fact, she seemed to prefer the company of other, presumably saner, adults to that of her own parents). I assumed she was an independent-minded kid – Not a “mummy’s girl” or “daddy’s girl”. Which wouldn’t in itself be that strange. But the *degree* to which she avoided her parents whenever possible did strike me as, well, strange. It took me a while to even figure out who WERE her parents! Now, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense.

    I should point out that almost nothing else about her seemed unusual. Perhaps she ate whenever she was offered food, and was somewhat thin. No idea how well her parents were feeding her.

    As to her parents, they, unlike her, were plain weird, and, dare I say it, somewhat spooky! Heck, I avoided them myself (and I’m generally a rather outgoing person). Others had even weirder stories to report about them. Like the way her dad would freak out if anyone came near his computer (presumably clogged with kiddie porn).

    As to where she is now… In foster care, I gather. No idea with whom.

    As I said above feel perfectly free to take what I’ve just said with a grain of salt, or several.


  9. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/identity-and-case-of-paedophile-peter-john-marshall-can-now-be-reported/story-e6frea83-1226266638345

    This story touches a little upon the underground society of child molesters. These monsters shouldn’t have their names and photos suppressed or be deemed as mentally unfit to stand trial. Again, this pedophile should be help accountable for his actions and not be allowed a Mickey Mouse trial because of his sensational excuses. It’s not right.


  10. What a load of bullshit
    If he was really suffering ft Parkinson’s he would be flat out doing his own activities of daily living eg huge one feeding walking
    So how does he manage to run around harrassing kids etc
    You have to wonder about the magistrates themselves who key rock spiders off , seriously


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