My blog needs Serious State Reps…Are you up to the challenge?

My blog needs Serious State Reps…Are you up to the challenge?

You may or not know I am just a guy in Victoria who started this blog to have a say in what I regarded as bullshit, or an outrage, an unfair result in the courts, and a voice for the outrageous results we get in a system that is supposed to be represented by us…

Well it became about being so much more but when you run something on your own and happen to have a fine brood of kids that back you yet need time with their dad and he battles between both… He needs help

Well it is time to rearrange the team….I have ended up failing my children ( who love what I do)

So I have come up with an idea that will let me concentrate on Victorian Issues (Where I live) and not have to scrimp on other issues in other states around Australia.

Hopefully that means instead of me on my own worrying about missing out on an issue we can have a person on the pulse in each state that is fair dinkum in making sure we have coverage on the topics that need our attention…

With over a million visitors it is obvious that we are the one place where we can have a say and discussion without worrying about bullshit interference form the main stream media or anyone else…

So! How do we do this…I see it that folks who are willing to take on a state and show me they are fair dinkum, will in a way OWN that state, therefore be entitled to take on other dedicated folks in that state.

Then it means we have a real fair dinkum crew who get the freedom to cover an issue without fear or favour in their as it is with the normal media. You will have the freedom to choose your own names run your own show…Once I choose the State Reporter, they will have the power to cover the State they live in as they wish…Just like I do.


So who is interested? I have a fantastic bunch of folks who tell it how it is, and have done so for years. That does not mean they have the time to commit to daily updates…Yet could help assist in state issues…That is where we are at…

I will let this thread run till Sunday night and I promise to follow-up all interested parties. Although recent 1 or 2 post counts will mean nothing, considering recent abuse

Thanks for reading this till the end…We are getting somewhere

6 thoughts on “My blog needs Serious State Reps…Are you up to the challenge?

  1. Hey Robbo, great idea, your family is the most important thing in the world and they should not be disadvantaged by the favour you’re doing for everyone else. I’d love to say I could be a rep of sorts for Qld, but I’d be somewhat biased as I’m NSW born and bred, but live in Qld for work. And I’m pretty sure there’d be some people out there ( Redmond Deville, Ryan, Too Easy etc ) from other blogs / comments ( Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch tries to protect copper son in Big Bash POUNDING ) that probably wouldn’t be able to fathom logic, general knowledge and other’s experiences as they’re too set in their own agendas and have no time for people that don’t see things their way. But, all in all, great site, as always, stay safe and keep up the good work. I hope you find the reps you require.


  2. I dunno mate…I like your set-up, and think its important to have a forum free of restrictions, but I think some of the bloggers are brain-dead wannabe gangsters.
    I think I’d find reporting on State issues meandering their way through the courts a bit tedious. How about a national focus on topical issues? That will get the nutters all juiced up for sure!


  3. G’day Robbo,

    Firstly let me say that I love this website and I love what you do. It is fantastic to have this sort of news covered and discussed by people who don’t have an agenda, and can say exactly what they feel about it. It is sites like this that internet users really benefit from.

    I would like to volunteer to be the State Rep for Western Austalia. We have had some fairly serious cases over here recently that probably haven’t received a lot of coverage over East, so I would like to do my bit to get these cases heard.

    I realise that you may be reluctant to accept my offer, as this is my first actual post. I have been following this site since the Kapunda murder case (Jason Downie) and have found it to be a fantastic source of information.

    If I can be of assisitance to you, I am more than willing.

    Cheers mate.


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