Pedophiles and Suppression orders! Who are they protecting?

Excuse my uneducated use of the English language but I am writing this as I think, because I am outraged with the happenings is SA and the protection these criminals are hiding under…

SUPPRESSION orders protect paedophiles while increasing the suffering of victims, a victim says. And so do I, only the powerful get these bloody suppression orders for the most part have you noticed? So it is not about protecting the innocent, it is all about protecting the damn rich and powerful, the ones with reputations who are so desperate to protect. To hide behind highly paid solicitors, barristers and QC‘s to find minute get out of jail clauses dating back 30, 40, 50, 100, 200 years old ancient laws that are so overdue for updates and rewording.

These disgusting criminals hide behind this protection, not to shout their innocence, but to hide their guilt. South Australia is one state that lags into the dark ages as is Victoria, with laws that have not kept up with the changes in the world we live. hard-working task forces go out and catch these perverts molesting and taking advantage of our children (if not ours, someone’s children, whether here or overseas, for their own sick gratification. They hide behind an absolute network of protection from those that aid them with their sick chat rooms, to lenient ISP’s, to Government insiders who are paedophile themselves, alerting those involved to imminent raids or crackdowns.

We have not even got to the arrest stage and charges worthy of their crimes. Then we have a legal system full of nooks and crannies where these snake-bellies can slither through before trial.

Because there is a whole network of legal minds that I would suspect range from solicitors, to registrars, to Judges right up the appeal stages, who just happen to convince weak gutless departments like the public prosecutors office that they have no chance of the charges being found because of some word or term written in an ancient law decades before the information highway came along.

How can we have a fair and just system of justice if we are not recognising the current day measures and practices these paedophiles are going to, to not only avoid detection, but also pubic scrutiny and punishment if they avoid conviction all together or the very least keep their pathetic name and “Reputation” in tact?

Bastards like these tossers in South Australia at the moment, Hiding the  pedophilia convictions of Peter John Marshall a secret for eight months after he was found guilty. But there is more much more, I have ex government officials and workers write to me often telling of the secrets in SA…It is an absolute Outrage in 2012 that this is happening while someone swearing in the vicinity of a copper is being convicted and having a black mark against them for life…

Suppression orders banning media revealing Marshall’s guilt  or from publishing any other details about his case .Thank god these were lifted the other day in SA

Outside court, the man said Marshall  the “informal son” of fallen Adelaide celebrity Ric Marshall  should have been treated no differently to any other criminal.

“It’s about time he was publicly named. Close to eight months have passed since he was found guilty,” he said.

“It’s disgusting, as far as I’m concerned, that he has been allowed to walk the streets with the sort of protection that a suppression order provides.

“All of the effects his crimes have had on his victims have been amplified beyond the pale. It really does seem like the system is geared to protect the perpetrator.”




HE WAS ONCE THE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MP AND ACTING POLICE MINISTER BERNARD FINNIGAN click his name to see the other articles about him on our site. (they will chuck me in jail before I not show this bastards name, hidden from taxpayers in South Australia

Sleaze bag and Kiddie porn collector MP Bernard Finnigan desperately trying to find legal loopholes and outs in the courts


Peter John Marshall aka Peter Leith, outside the District Court today

Marshall, 58, of Eastwood, was originally charged with Ric Marshall, 81, but the older man was ruled mentally unfit to stand trial.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Ric Marshall worked extensively on television and with the notorious Cottage Theatre.

Prosecutors alleged Peter Marshall’s victims were between the ages of 11 and 12, and were abused at various locations between 1971 and 1975.

Marshall stood trial in a closed court, with all evidence and transcript suppressed.

In June, Judge Anne Bampton found him guilty of one count of persistent sexual exploitation and three counts of buggery  but suppressed that verdict.

Yesterday, the victim said that child abuse was ignored in Adelaide’s “secretive 1970s culture”. “Ric Marshall was a huge celebrity in this town and he, Peter and the people around them were afforded all sorts of luxuries,” he said.

“The fact is, people in those circles turned a blind eye to what was going on … I look back and remember how  most of the time  I was treated abominably while another adult stood just a few feet away.”

Judge Bampton remanded Marshall on continuing bail for further submissions next month.

13 thoughts on “Pedophiles and Suppression orders! Who are they protecting?

  1. Robbo, thanks for opening a discussion on this issue as it desperately needs to be addressed. It is unfair that these scumbugs get to hide behind a shield of anonymity. Let’s not forget that they generally are given bail instead of jail time pending court appearances etc. Why they given this special treatment tells me that its those in higher places that are pulling the strings.


  2. I have asked if ANYONE has even seen the Sexd Offender’s register and no one has.It seem’s to be a mythical book ,unaccessabile to the public.So it’s use is more a TITULAR thing.A gummy shark,no teeth.Offenders only change their name by Dee Poll and change states.
    BTW the Tasmanian police are going to charge the Granny and the Aunt for hitting Terry Martin,the charge assault with a walking stick.But the can’t publicise the names of the 12 year old’s relatives that gave him a tap after he walked free on child pornography charges.He also walked free on te charges of having SEX many times with the 12 year old.Butwait he is going to leave the state,he’s heading to the mainland.At least Steve Randal did hiis jail time.Their is no such thing as Justice,there is Just Us.


  3. Robbie, I’d be all for publicly naming such individuals… if we can reduce the amount of mud left stuck on those who are ultimately acquitted.

    Theo Theophanous may have been rightfully named and publicly exposed when he was accused of rape. But once he was roundly (and quite rightfully) acquitted, it was a disgrace that he was not offered his ministry back. (Not that he would have wanted it, in his particular case). What does he do these days, BTW?

    Andy Muirhead was rightly named as an alleged kiddie porn collector. But if he is acquitted (he has pleaded not guilty), can I ask that he be fully re-instated to his position in the ABC?

    (It’s an embarrassment how long the Muirhead case has dragged on, BTW. Let his day in court arrive already, FFS! How are matters allowed to be stretched out for years and years??).

    As to Finnigan, can anyone clarify more as to what exactly was supposedly found on his computer? Am I to assume that he STILL hasn’t entered a plea?! Or has he entered a plea, but the suppression still continued? Can you get us any inside info? What did the material contain? How much filth did he have? How is he attempting to argue his case?

    UPDATE: Finnigan is back in court TOMORROW (February 21)!
    District Court – Criminal Jurisdiction
    Sir Samuel Way Building, Victoria Square, Adelaide
    Tuesday 21st February 2012
    COURT 2 at 10:00a.m. – Before Judge HERRIMAN; (Part heard)
    11 DCCRM-11-2 B, S.W. (SUPPRESSED) Aggravated Possessing Child Pornography(5 charges)/ Aggravated Obtaining Access To Child Pornography

    (source: )


    • The muirhead case has always puzzled me,mainly because a woman,studying Journalism in Tasmania was having a relationship with a Sudanese Student.Her last name was muirhead as i recall.However she went by a proxy name .So we had a white woman called muirhead who was involved with a Black student.She changed her name and when she broke the relationship off,she was killed (stabbed) in a murder suicide
      I have allways wondered if she was related to Andy and how close.
      All these cases of sexual abuse or downloading child porn seem to be dragged out for almost the end of time.This is to give the defence the Most time to find any scerric of doubt for their client/s

      It’s a game.


      • In case you’re curious, Muirhead was first charged in June 2010. He last appeared in court (to my knowledge) on August 1, 2011, for a preliminary hearing. The hearing ended without a date being set for the next round.

        For those interested in some (basic) outline of the charges against Muirhead:

        He has pleaded not guilty to using the internet for child pornography and to possessing child exploitation material.
        In today’s hearing, Muirhead’s counsel, Peter Faris, QC, cross-examined Phillip Magness, a Melbourne-based federal police computer forensic examiner, over the deleted files and the role of newsgroups on the internet.
        The court heard that the images were accessed through a Netspace newsgroup server.
        “This isn’t some international pornography ring?” Mr Faris said.
        “Far from it,” Mr Magness said.
        Originally scheduled to take two days, the lower court hearing was over in less than an hour.
        The case is to return to the Tasmanian Supreme Court at a date to be fixed.
        Read more:


  4. It’s an issue that’s worth debating, but I don’t think going down the Derryn Hinch path is the way to go. The law as it stands now is the law, whether we like it or not.


  5. In my opinion, only my personal opinion all pedos should be put down with no question asked if proven guilty, no need to a waste our justice system as those children they abuse had to live with the scar and damage for the rest of their lives. Law should protect the young one and innocents


  6. I think its disgusting he votes on state legislation affecting us all when he is clearly of questionable integrity. The accused former Labor MP I mean.. I also think that states police should investigate the political party he was formerly affiliated with and be allowed to use “secret intelligence” to enter and search all of their homes. They should have nothing to hide and nothing to fear if they have done nothing wrong. I am using my friends pc incase theres any killers reading this. That may sound paranoid but if you knew the late great Judy Barnes (her son Alan was murdered in a high profile case) you would understand.

    What sort of people would work with someone on such charges? Would a teacher be allowed to keep teaching pending an investigation? A judge? A police officer? A Priest? A gardener? Its also disgusting he is not suspended with out pay. Our police dont go arresting people for such serious charges for the sake of it. They certainly dont arrest bikies for it and they have a taskforce chasing them 24/7. The state of south australia is rottten!!! Clean it up!!


  7. Now he is on even more charges! Inc offensive search terms which are supressed until Monday. Its a joke the media cant show him on the news. Even blurred and pixelated its obvious who it is.

    I believe the man is entitled to a trial to be judged by his peers but if found guilty then he must never be allowed to access children alone. In any form! I wonder what Don Farrell thinks of his protoge now? At least his other selections are clean. Tom Koutsantonis, Tom Kenyon, Jack Snelling, Peter Malinauskas all handsome clean family men with good work ethics and good morals. Their rise to the top is not so strange


      • Hi Dave I have been away from my computer, I am trying to access Hinches site but is overloaded/crashed.I will post all about that bastard here if I can get the info off hinches site. Good on him. Fuck the rich and mighty being protected…


  8. I was reading throught the Jason Downie comments and came across the SA court transcripts….I was appaled .Why the hell do pedos get there names in initials not actually naming and shaming them,…..Also why arent these filthy people put into gen pop with everyone else…..If the government keeps helping them they are going to keep doing it ….The government to me looks like they are helping the pedos but if you sell drugs well we will splash this all over the place….Cmon something needs to be done so these filth are rid of in our world!!!!! Even just neuter them so they cant do it again ….


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