Jason Lees Commits Murder/Suicide with young son Brad

This is a really sad tragic event I am flabbergasted it has happened. But I guess for those willing there is a way, we cannot protest every bridge in the country in the hope of preventing things like this from happening. The desperate will just choose another venue. What does make me mad is the way the media has chosen to cover this case because by all reports Jason Lees was “A wonderful Dad, Teacher and Friend…etc.”

We had tiny Darcey Freeman tossed over the Westgate bridge on 29th January 2009 her rotten father Arthur Freeman is serving 32 years for her murder, and the media treat it all different, telling us about the madman he was. he had his custody time reduced from memory but we must never ever forget the fact these men make a decision to become murderers out of not accepting their situation. Hundreds of men have committed suicide over the family court and its inadequate attention to fathers and the results are there for all to see. But at least those children are still with us today. THIS IS A CRIME OF PURE MURDER OF INNOCENT CHILDREN WHO ASKED OF NOTHING except love and affection from their parents

Lees  committed the worst crime against his own son that one could ever imagine, witnesses have described the horrific screams as the poor little fella Brad was tossed over the bridge like a rotten sack of potato’s, Followed by his father. Now this bloke was much more intent than carrying out his mission than the father in Melbourne who tossed his little girl over the Westgate Bridge like a rag doll. Jason lees drove to a certain point, then got out his bike and strapped his son in for the short journey up the bridge. How the friggin hell can someone who professes to love their child so much take him on a death ride and not be a selfish weak, gutless human?

Take a jump over the bloody bridge with Johnnie Walker, but not your own flesh and blood. Dads please seek help, not revenge, a list of helplines are listed below.

A MAN who jumped from Brisbane’s Story Bridge with his two-year-old son in his arms was suffering from a relationship breakdown.

LITTLE BOY LOST: Two-year-old Brad Lees, who fell to his death from the Story Bridge

As tributes poured in for respected teacher Jason Lees and his son Brad, word comes that Mr Lees was struggling after problems between him and wife Danielle.

While Mr Lees’ devastated family has been reluctant to talk about his troubled final weeks, a neighbour recounted a heart-wrenching day when the little boy hugged his dad as he sat crying on the back steps of the family home.

The bridge incident, which occurred in the early hours of Monday morning, is being treated by police as a murder-suicide.

Marlene Stephens, who lives next door to the Lees’ home, said she remembered seeing Mr Lees “crying on the back stairs” last year.

“I remember the little boy came down and wrapped his arms around him – I’m always going to remember that image,” she said.

“Life’s cruel. Only he knows why he did it. He was a lovely guy, a nice guy – you could tell.”

Ms Stephens said she heard doors opening and shutting at the home about 2.30am but didn’t think anything of it.

She remembered always giving little Brad a wave.

“It was always so lovely to hear them laugh. He was a beautiful kid,” she said.

Wife Danielle, a psychologist from the Gold Coast and her family declined to comment.

The couple met after Mr Lees moved from Canada about 15 years ago.

Jason Lees’ brother Bill told the Ottawa Sun newspaper the family had visited Canada in July 2010 when he met his nephew for the first time.

Jason Lees was a successful international rugby sevens referee and took a leave of absence in 2010 to return to Canada to officiate the game there and spend more time with his family.

“That was the last time I saw them,” Bill told the newspaper.

One rugby friend said: “He loved his little son – he was the apple of his eye.”

Former students of the prestigious The Southport School on the Gold Coast, where Mr Lees taught before transferring to Brisbane’s Anglican Church Grammar, said they could not believe the man who had nurtured them during their school days could do such a thing.

“Everyone’s just in shock,” said former TSS drama captain Mitch Lambert, who was taught by Mr Lees in Year 6.

“He just seemed like such a positive guy. We all loved him.”

Mr Lees will likely be farewelled in a funeral service at Churchie, where he is remembered as an “outstanding” and loved teacher.

Principal Jonathan Hensman yesterday said there had been no indication Mr Lees had been struggling with personal issues before his death.

Yesterday, floral tributes were left in the park where Mr Lees jumped from the Story Bridge holding Brad in his arms.

A bunch of white lilies were left under a tree with a card labelled “In loving memory of a loving teacher”.

Crisis helplines

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Kids Helpline (for young people aged 5 to 25 years): 1800 551 800 Mensline Australia: 1300 789 978 SANE Helpline – mental illness, support and referral: 1800 18 SANE (7263) Reach Out: www.reachout.com

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51 thoughts on “Jason Lees Commits Murder/Suicide with young son Brad

  1. * Until you are faced with having your beautiful children taken away, no-one can appreciate the personal anguish that is faced by Dads in this situation. ALWAYS…. the Family Court, Child Support Agency, Social Workers side with the Mother. Any Dad reading this, please understand, the first twenty four hours after any legal outcome are the worst. Get through that and you will survive. This poor guy obviously didn’t. Just so heartbreaking to read.


  2. You are exactly right Robbo. I am amazed how differently they (The Media) are treating this story. Every single media outlet in Australia (and the world for that matter) crucified and condemned the actions of Arthur Freeman, and yet Jason Lees has done exactly the same thing and he is getting nothing but praise and recognition for being a ‘great father and husband’. Well obviously he wasn’t those things because good fathers and husbands think of their loved ones first and foremost and would NEVER even contemplate doing something like this let alone carry out the act. I sympathise with the man and his emotional anguish that he must of been going through to get to the point of thinking that what he did was the right thing to do … but that sympathy is still very little as in my heart, he can never be held in high regard due to his selfish action. People may crucify me for my opinion on this but in the end … there is a little life selfishly extinguished and man that is not around to be punished.


  3. So, according to your argument, if your beautiful child is being faced with being taken away by a conspiracy involving mothers, social workers, etc, you take the ‘beautiful child’s’ life away, yourself? Men need to get over this spiteful, vindictiveness. You can’t justify the unjustifiable. There has been a rash of these incidents, or murder/suicides involving the mother/child/father. At any level this is WRONG. Any attempt to justify or excuse it away, will just see it continue. Just stop it, and find ANOTHER WAY!!


    • * Dave, if it was as simple as finding ‘another way’, this situation would not occur.
      When you are constantly smashed by the Courts, Lawyers etc any chance of thinking rationally are taken away.
      All you are faced with is more court hearings, more delays, more legal fees and ultimately, no children.
      That’s why the first twenty four hours are the worst in your life.
      This is not an argument justifying his actions, this is an acknowledgement that ‘the system’ mercilessly screws you if you don’t have breasts.


      • If he wanted out (of a mess that he and another willing adult created) i can understand, kill yourself but do not kill the kid. Whatever fancy little hat you try and put on it, this pathetic individual did this not out of sadness or desperation but out of pure spite. He wanted to hurt her and knew his own death wasn’t enough.

        I don’t care if he was a saint every second of his life up until that point, he died a coward and a murderer of the worst kind. There is no other excuse, rationalisation or justification needed for this calculated and abhorrent act. A man takes care of his own business, he doesn’t murder his own child to make a point…. i don’t care how much beurocratic bs he has been through.


  4. i agree the princible saying how a top person he was but he didn’t once say anything about the child.as if that didn’t come into it.a ‘jerk.’no excuse what so ever,a lot of people been thru custody cases,how could anybody even consider doing that.thats not love’ thats a deranged low life i hope he rots in hell. the people making excuses for him r just as sick in the head


  5. Another innocent child became the victim of the parents seperation, I’m sure this bubba if had his said he wouldn’t want his parents to split up, let alone being killed at such a tender age by his father. A father or a mother should PROTECT their children NOT harm them. I feel sick in the guts just thinking the terror of that poor baby had to endure prior his body landed on the ground. SAD and so WRONG


  6. Pak, you are attempting in part to justify his actions. Can’t you simply say what he did was wrong? They is no grey area in this. He murdered his own child. Probably to get back at the mother, like that guy who drove his kids into a creek.
    What is achieved by the murder of your child? Yes, I understand irrationality in times of stress, but kill yourself, not an innocent third party. And in fact, the very fact he killed his child as well as himself, showed rationality, in my opinion. He could easily have let the child live. He does not own the child, the child is another person, whose life has been snuffed out by a selfish, immature, twit. Be a man, for fuck’s sake. Don’t rationalise this behaviour. And in the case of the courts favouring mother’s its usually because the father works more, and doesn’t have the time. The court considers the best interests of the child, not the parents.
    Blokes who do this do their own children are spineless pricks. The relationship breaks up, and you see the kids once a fortnight? Yeah its tough, but what else can the courts do? They didn’t force you together and have kids you now fight over.


    • Wow Dave! It is interesting how quickly people give examples of Father’s killing their children as part of their sweeping generalisations forgetting that half the time it is Mother’s, and most child abuse reports are against Mothers. There is no excusing harming a child, but for those of us actually interested in preventing it into the future it is worthwhile looking at what drove these people to take these actions, in the hope that, for the child’s sake, the parent may be stopped in time. Pak’s issues are relevant in protecting the children into the future, not forgiving the parent involved.


  7. Well may have been a nice bloke and all the other accolades that are thrown his way. But the fact remains to those that don’t know him,and even most who did know him,he will go down in history as a weak gutted,cold and callous bastard. Who betrayed a sons ultimate trust. This weak prick decided to make a decision on behalf of his son. As for the news papers well really ,did anyone expect any different from these sort of people. It only highlights what we already know about these holier than thou bastards. Feeling so sad and sorry for the poor child and family left behind by this MURDERER. gutless murderer at that.


    • * Dave, if by good fortune you have never been in that situation, then there is no way you can possibly understand.
      Just the same as there is no way he was possibly sane when he made that decision.
      Of course it is wrong, of course no child comes in to this world asking to be placed into the position he was.
      This is not justification of an insane action, just an acknowledgement of the extremes that people are pushed, and in this case over the edge.


  8. The media are treating him like some kind of national hero. It certainly challenges fathers rights mythology about men being so upset over not seeing their children that they just have to do something violent – the child was in his care at the time.


  9. ‘Being pushed over the edge’…….did he really have to take the child with him? Why not grab some big burly bloke from the pub, and take him over the edge? I don’t buy the insanity argument. Not for one minute. Or in any cases like this.
    His thinking might have been scattered, irrational, but he made a CONSCIOUS decxision to take that child with him. In these cases, the men are striking subconsciously against the ex. If you think how the mind works, even the ‘irrational’ mind, you will understand this. Otherwise, like I said before, if the pressure was too great, he’d take himself only. Taking another life, as well as your own, takes cold, calculated thinking. This was no spur of the moment thing. I bet he’d been thinking about it for months.


  10. Pak, I seriously cannot fathom how you can write what you have. My husband went through a bitter divorce & after so many years of lies & deceit by his ex wife the courts ruled in her favour. I can say this with absolute conviction as my husband has been my friend for well over 25 years. I was friends with them both & I watched him suffer blow after blow in the family law courts. He never once considered retribution towards her by way of his children.You know what he did he walked away.A real man will do that, they will be the best father they can & they walk away from the bullshit. I am disgusted by all the news articles on this “father” he was no father if he took that precious little boys life. I am sick & tired of these acts of pure evil happening.How many more children must die before something is done. I look at my children & see two beautiful individuals & they have unconditional love for their father & I, as do we for them.


    • I was wondering when this article was going to be trotted out. So there is no excuse for a man to kill a child but there is for a woman to do it? Your article points out that these Mother’s believe no one in the world is capable of looking after the children except them and so it is okay to kill the child. Seriously? You want to run with this article? With the very little you know about the Lees case, what if it comes out that the Mother wasn’t nice to the child and he said to someone he doesn’t want to leave his child with the pain of his suicide? Will you then say, “Oh, sorry, it is okay he killed his child”. Because to say anything else would be hypocritical. So how about in the future instead of jumping to bag out men and adding to the hysteria surrounding an extremely small percentage of Fathers that take this action in the context of the pain of separation, you more correctly say “We need to stop making excuses for these people”. Because ironically the article you highlighted, only makes it easier for the next woman to murder her child. Unless of course you believe the murderer is the victim when it is the Mother.


    • I think we need to stop making it a man vs woman issue, it happens on both sides. Womens bitterness towards mens and mens bitterness towards women is what breeds this type of contempt…. and the kids are the ones who suffer.


  11. I agree with you Robbo, it’s very interesting how cases of child murder are treated differently in the media to child murder-suicide. It’s as if those who kill their children but not themselves are monsters who should rot in hell but those who kill their children and kill themselves … well they MUST have had some terrible mental disorder and we should feel sorry for them.

    I have children and have been suicidal on a few occasions in the context of relationship difficulties. Never under ANY circumstances would I hurt my children (or my partner for that matter).

    There is no reason why this fellow couldn’t have simply committed suicide while the boy was in his mother’s custody. Yes, his suicide would have had a profound effect on his son for the rest of his life. But the alternative was not to take his life as well.

    To have a mental illness and commit suicide is tragic, but forgiveable. To take a child, any child, for ANY reason, with you – that is cold blooded murder and deserves our condemnation.

    There is a line and he well and truly crossed it.


  12. The sad thing is he is being treated as a hurt child ,by churchie,he is and was in fact an evil person,
    he has proved this,only an inherit corrupted human could do what he did .Dig deeper let’s find the real person,and for godsake churchie grow a brain.


  13. Righto, here we go.This bloke is a weak piss ant of a human being and anyone that believes anything different is just as stupid as this murderer. Let’s face a few facts and harsh truths – He’s not the first person that has been put in this situation and nor will he be the last, so this is not a special case. – Women do get the better deal when it comes to custody battles, but not every hard – done – by father throws his child from a bridge. – Crimes against children and the elderly are absolutely inexcusable and should be dealt with in the harshest manner available. – Who said he had a mental illness? I’m sure his wife maybe would’ve picked up on a few signs as she’s a psychologist or psychiatrist. – Why does everyone keep saying what a great guy he was and he was a pillar of the community etc, when he commits this most heinous of crimes? – Has anyone spared a thought for the mother of the child? She’s lost more than anyone else in this situation and she has to listen to the garbage from the media telling everyone else how great this child murderer was. – Putting up a cage of sorts, along the walkway for the bridge is the most ridiculous nonsensical piece of crap idea some do – gooder could come up with. It won’t help. Should we all be forbidden from driving cars now? They kill people. Are we going to be banned from buying sharp knives when someone gets stabbed? Or will it be illegal to use your kettle if your child manages to reach up and grab the cord and pull it down and cover themselves with hot water? Where will this crap end? Can we not make the perpetrators of these crimes take ownership of their actions or do the rest of us have to continue to wear the burden for their mistakes / inability to deal with problems? Nuff said.


    • As one who actually knew Jason, and the father of three young boys myself, it’s important to realize that the real issue to focus on here is that anyone *could* do the unimaginable.

      The things being said about Jason are all true – he truly was a wonderful person (and teacher and teammate, etc) – and yet he was also obviously a monster in the last moments of his and little Bradley’s life – but none of us know what dark things brought him to this place and caused him to do what he did. The irrational motives at the end could or would never have entered his thoughts before.

      Any of us who were lucky enough to have been his friend are faced with a completely incomprehensible situation. If he could do it, could I? For those of you who don’t believe that, maybe when one of *your* friends, a “great guy” like Jay was for us, does something like this, you’ll be faced with that same question that’s been haunting me for the last few days.

      I know I’m lucky to have many friends who have already supported me after I voiced my personal confusion, and I can defer to professional help if I want, but not everyone has those resources. Obviously Jason felt he had nowhere to turn and wasn’t able to take that path or none of us would be talking about it.

      Instead of taking the easy road of demonizing Jason, realize that there is more to this story and this could happen to anyone, anywhere, and that thinking “I’m not like that” doesn’t change that fact. Be aware for you and others. For those of you with little ones, hug them a little tighter, tonight and every night.


      • I’m sorry for your loss, justanothercanadian, and I can understand the turmoil in your mind re the questions this unfortunate incident has raised within yourself, but let’s not get away from the ultimate tragedy here. He selfishly, weakly and cruelly murdered his son, and himself. I disagree that we’re taking the easy road and demonizing this “great guy”, and I’m sure if he was struggling with what I’m reading is a separation between his wife and himself, then surely you great friends of his could have or should have kept a closer eye on him. Maybe he kept his real feelings and thoughts inside, I don’t know, and I’m not blaming you or his peers for what happened. But as for your comment “and I can defer to professional help if I want, but not everyone has those resources.”, am I right in understanding that his ex – wife was in the psychology / psychiatry field? Helpline is free. So there’s 2 examples of why some of us don’t sympathise with the perpetrator and we actually see the crime for what it is. So if someone was Australian Of The Year, or had been knighted for his work with disadvantaged people and then went on a killing spree, you’d still be singing their praises? I certainly think not! Which is why those of us outside this murderer’s circle of peers can stop looking in hindsight through rose coloured glasses and call a spade a spade, and a murderer a murderer. And also, surely you must know how hard things are for his wife right now, yet you make no mention of her in your comment. Seriously, she should be at the foremost thoughts of their family and friends, as I understand she’s the closest living victim. So she’s trying to come to terms with losing her child and the father of that child, yet she has to be constantly barraged with the media reports, print, film and radio, of how much of a great guy her son’s murderer was. Come on mate, time for a reality check.


  14. No-one has demonised Jason – his actions made him a ;’demon’ – an act of evil that is beyond comprehension and justification. You may say you know him, but only a small number of men would even consider this. Men go through this type of relationship breakdown every day, but this small, yet consistent number of men who either kill themselves or their entire family is growing. Does there need to be more analysis of this phenomenon? Perhaps. But some personal responsibility wouldn’t go astray either. Its an act men bneed to get out their heads. Would you be making excuses for him, because under stress, he was molesting his own kid? No way. But it amounts to the same thing. Just as molestation of a child is a kind of a death, how is throwing your kid off a bridge like he was a piece of garbage any better.
    You may say you ‘knew’ the old Jason. We can only take your word at how well you really did. Personally, I don’t want to know men like this.


    • Growing number of men? Really? Is it growing? Be careful that you don’t make assumptions based on your growing awareness of an issue. I would argue since the rate of separations is increasing, as is the population, and the rate of this manner of deaths has hardly moved over a period of time that the death rate by this method is dropping. Mind you one such death is too many, but let’s keep some sense of perspective. Clearly you have not listened to the Canadian’s point that we should be aware that a dramatic shift in thinking, attitude and ultimately behaviour is possible around a significant event, and that we should all be more alert to it as it could lead to a person rationalising their actions and doing the unforgivable, as happened here.


  15. He may well of been a “great person” but his last actions make him a selfish bastard. He robbed his baby boy of a future & his wife of any semblance of a normal relationship with anyone in her life. How do you think she feels knowing the father of her child took his life & his own flesh & blood. I am fairly certain her trust has been completely shattered.This is just beyond comprehension & so sad for those left behind all asking the same question “WHY”


  16. Craig, I think there is a David and a Dave. I’m Dave! Goth, the ‘why’ in these cases in straighforward. In all the nastiness that goes thru in a relationship breakdown, they have probably run out of insults, and nasty things to do to each other. The ultimate ‘get back’ at the wife and mother, is take away the one thing they love the most. The reasoning is as simple and sick as that.


    • Dave, I’m not sure if I’ve mixed things up or what, and if I did, please accept my apology. I empathise with your reasoning behind the unfortunate outcome, but we cannot detract from the fact that it is a crime. The over – spill from this weak, gutless and selfish individual’s actions is going to see one of Brisbane’s most noted landmarks be desecrated with safety barriers or a cage system and that’s just not going to stop this from happening ever again, so there’s no point. So next time a person that feels hard done by decides to throw themselves off the cliffs on River Terrace, are we going to have to put up a massive fencing structure as a deterrent? What about if said individual crashes his / her car into a tree because they can’t handle their current situation? Will we have to cut down all trees that border roads? Where will this madness end? I’m sick of the majority having to conform for the sake of the minority. It’s about time the minority started to conform with the status quo, and be held accountable for their actions. There is NO reason for crimes against children, whatsoever. They all report how he was a great guy, wonderful friend etc etc, but he’s a gutless, selfish murderer, and shouldn’t be awarded any form of remembrance for anything other than the crime he committed. If you’re not sure where I’m coming from or if I’ve worded this poorly, please refer to both my posts above.


  17. Craig, if you read thru my earlier posts on this, I’ve offered no ‘reasoning’, except to say that in cases like this, its the man ‘having the last say’, so to speak. There has been a couple of ‘reasoner’s’ or sympathisers on this blog, and I have made my position perfectly clear. Its the act of weak-gutted men acting like vindictive children.
    In recent years, there has been a few similiar cases, and each time, supporters come out, saying he was a man under great strain. Give me a break. It only takes a minute to kill yourself. As I said, the taking of the life of others is purely vindictive. Or, in the case in Victoria where a bloke drove into a creek drowning his 3 children, his family still think he is innocent, and it was an ‘accident’.
    The sympathisers and rationalisers need to be silenced. It needs to treated on the same level as choild sexual abuse. Its a no go area. Its a crime, its murder. Horrific. A tiny little boy? If you are sick, take your own life, not other’s.
    As far as I have heard in the media, there is no plan to erect barriers to prevent this happenning on bridges, because it will simply move it elsewhere.


    • Sorry Dave, I may have misinterpreted ” The ultimate ‘get back’ at the wife and mother, is take away the one thing they love the most. The reasoning is as simple and sick as that. ” I probably took it out of context. Anyway, I see we’re both on the same page and I wish there were more like us. Re the fencing issue – it was the first thing I heard on the radio saying that they should erect fences etc, and my thoughts were along the lines of WHY? It stirred me massively with regards to the majority conforming to the minority. A minority would ever contemplate that behaviour yet the powers that be will action something to deter a repeat of said behaviour, hence forsaking the majority, again.


  18. Justanothercanadian, my sympathies go out to you and the friends, family and colleaugues of Jason but it’s simply incorrect to say that ‘anyone could do this’. Research consistently shows that men who commit this crime usually have a history of violent, controlling behaviour, an attitude of ownership and entitlement to their partners and children and the murder is usually an act of spite and revenge towards the mother for leaving, not an act of ‘love’ or despair.

    This may or may not be the case with your friend and it’s not for me to speculate, but I think it’s imperative that we stop perpetuating the myth that these are typically crimes of depression, heartbreak and despair that ‘anyone’ could commit if they become so heartbroken that they ‘snap’. This is rarely the case and only makes it easier for the next man thinking about murdering his child to justify the crime to himself.

    Often the loving, caring, public persona of the man is itself a part of the manipulation and control. Again I’m not saying that this was the case with Jason, but we must remember that no-one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors and being known as a nice guy doesn’t excuse or mitigate this crime.This is a dangerous message to send to other men contemplating harm to their childre, partners and families. I think the media are being deeply unethical on this point.

    Again, my thoughts go out to you. Take care.


    • Wow Gem, what an openly unbiased comment. Bravo to you for seeing the facts and not letting judgement creep into your point of view like the rest of us have. Unfortunately I don’t have that mindset and tend to write and speak with emotion rather than an empathetic tone. Congrats once again.


  19. Great comments guys and gals. It is a pretty sad fact we even have to debate this topic each time it rears its ugly head. But for me, the adults prior character and standing within the family or community means nothing. A bit like oh that never happens around here, or he/she was the last person I would expect to be doing that.

    A trait they all harbour at the end of the day is revenge. Whether against the ex, the family, the courts, it does not matter. If we all started killing our kids because life is so unfair there would be 2000 a week doing this.

    It is the gutless weak minded, and the revengeful parents that say if I can’t have my child nobody will. Pretty simple!

    The same philosophy with people that kill their ex partners…jealousy, insecurity dis-attachment anxiety and all the other buzz words that the shrinks come up with in court to justify those who kill is astounding.

    They can find a reason for everything, probably to justify their lofty fees for court reports and trial testimony, not to mention the huge egos they have


  20. The old saying, ‘public saint, private devil’, ring a bell? I believe there only certain kinds of men that can do such a deed. Perhaps its built deep into their pysche, and only comes to the surface when the shit hits the fan. As Robbo said, if it was based on relationship breakdown or strain, there would 2000 murders a week.


  21. Hi Robbo,
    You forgot to mention “Control” is the ultimate in this revenge situation – I believe GEM mentioned this. He decided to chose such a prominent place – which for sure would attracted the media frenzy and his ex-wife had to live with that for the rest of her life with reminder how she lost her son, and he also controlled to suicide her career as a psychologist as well with this outcome from the media frenzy. As by now almost everyone in Australia knows or aware of this tragedy. It would be hard for her to rebuild her life back as she can’t focus on her career or even teaching psychology – as some people would in order to put positive spin towards their grieving of lost one by keep working and keep busy. SAD and very selfish act


  22. Spot on Mrs Morris…He has basically given her the sentence he deserved…She will at some stage have the guilt of his comments echoing in her mind etc…

    Only if I gave him another chance, etc etc…The torture she must be going through can only be overcome by the support of her family and friends…She was entitled to end a relationship, just like all of us.

    Apart from the inevitable fight for assets and custody etc it is a sad but common situation day in day out around the world, and thank god that for all our children that is mostly does not end this way…


  23. I’m shattered by this… What a gorgeous, sweet little boy. Hugging his dad when he was upset, he looks like such a little champion in the picture.
    I have a 2 year old boy and this story has broken my heart. All their trust is in you as a parent at that age. They don’t know right from wrong and only recognise certain elements of fear.
    I am so dissapointed for young Brad, of course it’s a young life taken too soon. But mainly I’m dissapointed that Human beings have the capacity to do things like this…. Take the trust of a 2 year old helpless child and cut their life 78 odd years short.
    Some work needs to be done on this topic in Australia. Unfortunately it’s not the first revenge case and it won’t be the last. If only people could stop and think :(


  24. RIP lil brad and my thoughts go out to the poor loving mother… This made me sick finding out what actually happened as i drove past after work that morning, I have a two yr old and I don’t know what I would do being in the mothers position.. I hope u are doing ok… Ur amazing lil boy will be looking down on u and be by ur side for ever.
    It’s so horrible to hear that such a apparently respectful father could do this…
    Makes me question with what the media is saying is actually true.. Behind closed doors there is always a different story, forgive me for being rude at such a hard time for the family of this horror. No remorse is felt for this selfish father.. Every part of sorrow goes out to lil innocent brad.. Rest in peace lil man u were taken from ur poor mothers arms way way WAY too early :(


  25. Danielle, you probably won’t read this but if you do… I’m so very sorry that little Brad has been taken from you. You are one of the nicest people I know and I just cannot for one minute understand how someone could do this to a child, your child. You’re in my prayers. I hope one day your grief will subside and make way for only wonderful memories of your baby.


  26. So very, very sad. What a gorgeus little boy and what unfathomable torment his mother now must endure for the rest of her life. I read about the funeral today and how strong she was. My prayers go out to her.

    I don’t want to take away from that sentiment, but the fact remains the actions of the father are what caused this. I was a little perturbed to read on an online website:(http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2012/02/27/394801_gold-coast-news.html)
    “Tragedy took the toddler too soon when *he plunged to his death* moments before his father… *also fell to his death* off Brisbane’s Story Bridge…” (sorry I don’t know how to bold or italicise). It rather makes it sound as though they slipped/tripped and fell over accidentally?


  27. The media contrast between the guy in Melbourne, and this Brisbane, has been stark, and interesting. One was portrayed as an ugly snivilling git, the other a handsome great guy. But they both basically did the same thing.


  28. However you read the stats, Anthony, it has to stop. With men, its often a pride issue. Not denying their feelings, but in these cases, its nearly always motivated by a desire to get back at the mother. What does that tell you?


  29. What’s intrigued me in this tragedy, is the wife. I read somewhere that she’s a pychologist, surely she would have been able to spot any signs of disturbance in her husband or seen the possibility of a darker side. A psychologist generally knows how to handle a person with emotional trauma and I was shocked when I read that “she left him outside crying with his son by his side”..to me this are not actions of a wife with a level of understanding, especially in her field.

    As far as I’m concerned there are too many comments here about the “act” of what he did and everyone’s opinion condemning him, but I think we need to discuss about his wife, they were a family unit and she failed somewhere here. I have a feeling she might have even pychologically messed with him to the point of insanity. Women may not be no match physically to a man, but mentally women can really tear men to pieces. Statistically, there is an overwhelming number of men commiting suicide, why? where is the support for these men?

    If you’re wondering yes I am a female, and I’ve seen first hand how women mind f**K men and their own girlfiends…an.d I’m admitting that not enough is being said about the power of women in society today. Men just don’t stand a chance :(

    Jason, if I could speak to you today, I would ask “What did Danielle do to you?”


  30. brad was my 3rd cousin all our family was devastated when we heard what that lowlife did i met jason a few times and even went to their wedding i found jason was to nice a person and he had bad evil looking eyes most of the family thought he was a nice person as well i believe he was a sociopath police also described him as that as well anyway no one will ever ever no why he did it but he certainly had everyone fooled by his nice person outlook brad will always be in our memory


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