Malcolm Naden-NSW Police Claim Victory…But really…Have they? YES Hopefully

I have been waiting to post about this ass-hole, but I also am pissed off with the mob up in NSW….Because after  seven years after the fact NSW Police are slapping each others backs, and the NSW Government is delirious. WE GOT HIM….At what COST, and why the HELL did it take so long?

We have learnt today they had all the electronic gadgets set up all over the Bush Well shit that’s a lot of bush, yet they tell us we had him in our sights way back last year with our gadgets…

They sent in hundreds of the best of the best, highly trained professionals to find him…

ZILCH recovery rate for years…They have taken precise efforts to make sure the media have been made aware he is a MASTER BUSHMAN whatever the hell that means

I can say that without a doubt he did not have access to the millions of dollars of equipment in hi-tech gear the POLICE and ARMY and whatever else the government paid for, to CATCH him.

So why the delay? Why spend millions on one man for one (or more) crimes, when we have many other awful murders and well deserving investigations going by the wayside everyday?

Was it for all the sensationalism of hunting down some sort of RAMBO survivor, outwitting everyone that deserved more attention? Missing kids, Unsolved current Murders, White Collar Crimes, Paedophiles and snake bellies went on without charges, the list goes on…

Why not admit they failed, they missed their opportunities? NO…We have been “Following him” (ie chasing his tail as he moves on) for months…God help us, give this man a job when he serves his sentence, he is a genius that out witted the entire combined forces that spent millions chasing him over years…

UNFORTUNATELY it is not that simple. his mongrel has awful form for causing pain and suffering on many Australians. He has been charged with the MURDER of Kristy Scholes, 24, in December 2005. Many other crimes are have been pointed his way with hammering the nail into more than a few unresolved crimes.

My heart goes out to the family of  Kirstie Scholes ( Of which was a cousin of Naden) and others he committed crimes against, but may I say the NSW POLICE force and their Government let you all down

update today 13/04/12

Whilst I bagged the coppers up there, it is great they have been able to coax some info out of Naden which has led them to search the Butlers Falls picnic area about five kilometres outside Dubbo.

For the sake of her family I hope they do find her remains and can finally lay her to rest in her rightful place.

Family’s tense wait as Naden talks, and police dig for a body

BEHIND the walls of the Goulburn ”Supermax” prison, Malcolm Naden has been talking.

As recently as Tuesday, police visited the accused murderer in his cell and heard enough to send them to a popular country picnic spot, digging for his cousin, mother-of-four Lateesha Nolan, who has not been seen for seven years.

After his arrest three weeks ago, Mr Naden was charged with killing Kristy Scholes, a 24-year-old mother-of-two who was found strangled in his bedroom six months after Ms Nolan went missing.


The search site ... police search the area south of Dubbo for the body of Lateesha Nolan.

Mr Naden had fled and evaded police for 2466 days and nights.

During his time on the run, the former abattoir worker was repeatedly named by police as the prime suspect in the disappearance of Ms Nolan in January 2005. Her body has never been found.

Mr Naden has not been charged over the disappearance, but Ms Nolan’s family were yesterday hoping that, with the latest breakthrough, that situation would change.


Seven years on the run ... Malcom Naden is taken away after being captured by police.

Yesterday her father, Mick Peet, said he got ”a tingly feeling all through” when police told him of the development.

”It’s been seven years of wanting to know what happened to my daughter since she disappeared,” he said.

”So we’re just hoping that today will be the start of a bit of closure for me and the family.”

Lateesha Nolan



The Herald understands a lucid Mr Naden has struck up a rapport with two Strike Force Durkin investigators, leading them to the Butlers Falls picnic area about five kilometres outside Dubbo.

On the banks of the Macquarie River, the picnic area is popular with Dubbo residents both as a place for a family lunch and an isolated spot for late-night drinking parties and rendezvous.

Even Mr Peet, who now lives in Bundaberg, Queensland, recalled spending many nights with friends on the banks of the river.

By yesterday afternoon, what looked like a targeted slab of earth and river silt about 40 metres long had been lifted by excavators.

The work has been made more difficult by the 2010 Christmas floods that poured more than 15 metres of water over the digging zone, leaving tonnes of silt. It has also raised questions of what could have been dislodged and carried downstream.

The area has long been a place of interest to police. As the Macquarie River meanders towards Dubbo, it passes within a kilometre of the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, an open area zoo where Mr Naden was known to have hidden after Ms Scholes’s body was discovered and where he was first able to escape police.

Last October a wallet belonging to Ms Nolan was found on a riverbank between Butlers Falls and the Dubbo town centre.

In 2005 Ms Nolan’s car was found abandoned next to a Tamworth Street footbridge, the first crossing as the river snakes into town where people can access South Dubbo and West Dubbo.

Police declined to comment on the investigation.

The state’s most wanted man, Malcolm Naden, has been captured in a police operation near Gloucester, about 150km south-east of Tamworth, in northern New South Wales.

End of the line as fugitive Malcolm Naden finally in custody

The arrest took place around midnight on Wednesday when officers from the Tactical Operations Unit and Dog Squad swooped on a private property.

Police say up to 20 heavily-armed officers from Strike Force Durkin crept through bushland after receiving intelligence that Naden was hole up in the area.

Assistant Commissioner, Carlene York, who led the operation to capture Naden, says the arrest marks the end of a very difficult and lengthy investigation and search operation.

She says the 38-year-old had previously broken into the property where he was finally apprehended.

“That was something that was quite common to his movements; going back to the same residences where he’d done break-and-enters over a period of years and often using similar tracks,” she said.

“It was the painstaking gathering of that evidence by my officers that assisted us in the successful operation late on Wednesday night.”

Police Commissioner, Andrew Scipione, says he was extremely pleased to be told of the capture of Malcolm Naden.

He says the arrest could not have been achieved without the support of the people of Nowendoc, Niangala and the Barrington Tops who, he said, provided vital information to police over many months.

Commissioner Scipione says it was the phone call he’d been waiting for.

“Shortly after midnight I was contacted by the Deputy Commissioner of Field Operations, Nick Kaldas, and advised that Mr Naden was in custody, that no shots were fired and no one was injured during the course of that arrest,” he said.

Mr Naden was questioned at Taree Police Station before being taken to the Manning Base Hospital for treatment to an injured ankle after being bitten by a police dog during the operation.

Later on Thursday, he appeared at Taree Local Court where he was charged with the murder of Kristy Scholes, 24, in December 2005, shoot with intent to murder a police officer in Nowendoc and two counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Investigations into the disappearance of another woman, Lateesha Nolan, are continuing.

A convoy of police cars escorted Naden from Taree Local Court, transferring him to the Goulburn Correctional Centre where he’ll be held in maximum security until he re-appears at court on April 24.

Cousins: Murdered Kristy Scholes (left) and missing Lateesha Nolan (right), were both 24 and both related to Naden who is wanted in connection with their cases

The news of Naden’s capture has been greeted with relief by relatives of his alleged victims, landholders and community leaders.

End of the line as fugitive Malcolm Naden finally in custody

The father of Lateesha Nolan, Mick Peet says his family has been waiting for this day for seven years.

“It’s unbelievable and it’s taken so long and we’ve been waiting for this day and I didn’t think it was going to come,” he said.

Gloucester farmer, Norman Carter, lives close to where Naden was caught and says it was disruptive knowing he was hiding out in the area.

“You couldn’t just run your property as normal and you needed to contact police because there was a heavy police presence in the area during the search,” he said.

“I thought the last thing I need to be doing is going out with firearms looking for wild dogs when they’re about looking for Malcolm.”

The Mayor of Gloucester, Geoff Slack, says Naden’s capture ends a tense time for locals, who did what they could to help police.

“If there was any information I know locals passed it on and I know some of it has been very valuable to police endeavours,” he said.

The massive manhunt for Naden began in the Nowendoc area in early December when police received a tip-off about a makeshift campsite in nearby bushland.

It was when police approached that camp that an officer was shot and wounded.

Since then, there have been sightings of Naden at Niangala and in the Barrington Tops area, with a number of landholders reporting thefts of firearms and ammunition.

The owner of the Nowendoc Country Motel, Lyn Henderson, says she’s relieved Malcolm Naden was captured without a shoot-out.

Police officers stayed at the motel in Nowendoc, about 100km south-east of Tamworth, when the hunt began in earnest for the 38-year-old fugitive in December 2011.

Lyn Henderson says, while most locals appeared not to worry, she says she’s pretty sure everyone will sleep better now.

“Most people didn’t know what he would do if he was cornered and the general feeling that most people had, was that anything could happen,” she said.

“I’m just relieved that he’s been caught and nobody else got hurt and there were no mishaps or anything.”

The Premier, Barry O’Farrell, praised the New South Wales Police Force, saying they were incredibly persistent.

“Sure, he wasn’t arrested as soon as people would have liked and, sure, there were critics out there saying it had been messed up,” he said.

“But here we have a great result and when the story unfolds I think we’ll understand just how far policing has come in the 150 years we’ve had police walking the beat in NSW.”

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13 thoughts on “Malcolm Naden-NSW Police Claim Victory…But really…Have they? YES Hopefully

  1. until the police officer was shot he couldn’t have been a police priority, i live in nsw and before that had never heard of him. never read or heard police updates or news reports on many sightings etc.
    i hate to think it, but i wonder that if his alleged victems, one murdered, one missing were non aboriginal if this still would have been the case.
    alas for the good folk of nawendoc, their 15 mins of fame has passed.
    thanks for article.


  2. Hi Sully,

    I really appreciate your view. Tell me if I am wrong, But are you saying they only stepped up chasing those who were still free since the tragic shooting of a policeman in NSW?

    I cannot make any reference to the 2 crimes and the relevance at this moment, but you, like everyone here, is entitled to their opinion.


    (I also have my email contact…which any contact from is never revealed sully.So If you feel I can help in some way let me know mate.


  3. lets face it surving in the bush is a skill not many have.the cops were out of there depth on this bloke.only people bred in the bush can survive like that.sully could have a point on her comment.if hes guilty of murder of those girls he’ll get whats comming to him


  4. Seems like she is talking about the same case. He shot at a cop, and wounded him slightly I think. Nothing to do with other police deaths.
    I think there is a point about his victims being Aboriginal though. I don’t know the case that well, but I believe Naden and some of his his victims were from a notorious housing commission estate in Dubbo. Do police prioritise based upon where you come from? In some cases I’m sure they do. But this Naden guy was also becoming a threat to the good folk of the Glouster region. They had no choice but to hunt him down, as he became more visible, and the media where making an issue about him.


  5. They went hi tech by putting devices into empty farm houses, hoping he would break in and steal things like sleeping bags and clothes.

    The blokes that were looking for him numbered around 45 at the time of the arrest, He also did have loaded weapon.

    He was an expert in the bush, and break and enters, also loved watching porn on peoples computers.

    All of this has been published, but i would rather him be behind bars than on run and risking more families.


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  7. I think the N.S.W Police ought to be ashamed for their bravado. I have known about Malcom Naden since he first escaped,then again I read the N.S.W Police page everyday & his picture & crimes have been there for anyone to see.Originally from N.S.W I am seriously not surprised by their actions, 7 years is a bloody long time for anyones family to be waiting for this arsehole to be brought before a court.


  8. Fair comment. But given the enormous terrain he hid within, it would be like finding a needle in a haystack. He was also quite an unusual person too. Not many people could cut themselves off from people and civisation for that long, either.


  9. I think most criticism of the cops in this case is unwarranted. The reason Naden was almost impossible to find was because of his bush skills and the fact that he had no links whatsoever to the community. He was a total loner. There was absolutely no way police could anticipate where and when he would surface. We’re talking about a massive area within NSW (most of it rugged bush terrain) that he has been hiding out in. After the lucky sighting at Nowendoc last December they threw everything at the search and had him in custody within 4 months without anybody getting killed. That was a pretty good result if you ask me.

    The cops probably could have devoted more resources to the search for Naden over the past 7 years but what would that have achieved? Look how hard it was to catch him even after a positive sighting. If they had devoted more resources to finding him over the years they would have just been criticised for wasting police resources on finding a needle in a haystack instead of having more police on the streets etc etc.

    Seems to me like cops are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.


    • To be honest, we need more cops finding dangerous people like Malcolm Naden. So well done for finding him but 7 years later is still embarrassing. A real waste of resource is the amount of highway patrol cops collecting more than enough revenue for the government. Im in no way opposed to police actually doing there job. Catch the murderes, thieves, pedophiles and rapists and leave honest tax paying aussies alone… there are so many real criminals on the run, police need to leave the daily commuters alone for f**** sake.


  10. Lateeshas dad here mick i was talking to my daughter 4 days before she disappeared i cant believe how someone never stopped him before he started murdering people there should have been alarm bells ringing on how he lived his lifestyle blocking out his windows living in darkness he wanted to kill someone since he was 12 years old if it was not my daughter it would have been someone else is what he said ,, to me i wish the death penalty was here in this country for those guilty of violent murders. There are too many comforts these days. As long as there are fair juries, compelling evidence, etc. I am 100% for the death penalty. When a person takes someones life, they lose their own rights.

    Andrew rule told me years ago this will make a book one day , he said i was a good Amateur Sleuth had to go home and Google what it was lol,,, Amateur Sleuth i didn’t have a clue now i do,,, Character with no formal connection to law enforcement who regularly solves crimes but does not get paid for it . you could say that was true 7 years was a long time tracking him on line all the people i meet all the email i sent to the detectives phone calls i was right behind him then started getting in front of him it worked but it took a long time ,,,, it affects a person, its going to take a long time to recover i wish there was some way but just cant stop thinking about what he did to my daughter when i am awake when i am asleep hate it , any way time hope will heal


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