BEN Polis from ENERGYWATCH is a tool

This bloke is despicable, how he ever got to the top of the pile is yet to be discovered, but once he got there what an ass-hole he has become. I hope anyone who reads the thoughts of this man, whether he thinks he is just “being Funny” or not, deserts him and his businesses in droves.

The article below pretty much sums up this guys attitude to his staff, his customers (Who made him his money) His sponsorship recipients and the list goes on. I cannot wait to watch him slide down the pole of success. According to him, basically everyone is s sucker to be “Had”

To have the gall to actually post publicly his thoughts on his customers and how he dupes them, and his advertising tricks etc. makes me want to throw up.I hope every Aussie that ever used his service leaves it. He was only in it for the money as he so proudly brags. His blatant racist comments on his facebook are not that surprising when you might recall he had an ad kicked off the air for racially stereotyping the Indian door to door salesman. As  if “They” are shonky…(all Indians)

YOU Ben Polis are the shonky businessman and the Aussies I know, do not like people like you, and will hopefully avoid your enterprises in droves.

Check out his thoughts on us all folks…

UPDATE: BEN Polis has been dumped as CEO of former Melbourne FC sponsor EnergyWatch after the Herald Sun revealed a litany of racist and sexist comments he posted on Facebook.

Major Demons sponsor Ben Polis says his statements were "private jokes" Yeah right, not your thoughts...

EnergyWatch says its senior management held emergency talks with Mr Polis this morning, where they made a unanimous decision for him to immediately step down as CEO, although he will remain a co-owner.

The chief financial officer and co-founder of EnergyWatch Luke Zombor will take over the CEO role.

Mr Zombor said he was saddened with what had gone on and unreservedly apologised.

“It’s been a tough day – I’m concerned about Ben’s health and profoundly disappointed that our EnergyWatch brand has been embroiled in his remarks,” he said in a statement.

“Let me make it crystal clear, the recent comments of Ben Polis are at diametric odds with those of EnergyWatch, our management and our team members.”

The Demons dumped EnergyWatch as a sponsor this morning, calling Mr Polis’s comments “disgraceful and abhorrent”.

The fallout of the race crisis is continuing with one of EnergyWatch’s biggest clients suspending their relationship with the company, putting further strain on the embattled business.

Other big clients of the broker look set to follow.

Momentum Energy is the latest company to have have torn up its contract despite admitting the move will lose them money.

“Mr Polis’s comments on his social media pages are offensive to Momentum’s staff and customers,” managing director Nigel Clark said.

“The value we place on integrity and diversity means we cannot continue to work with EnergyWatch.”

A spokesman for TRU Energy said the company was considering terminating its contract with EnergyWatch.

The Herald Sun understands a number of organisations linked to EnergyWatch are receiving legal advice on whether they are allowed to terminate their relationship with the company.

The Herald Sun can also reveal more shocking comments made by Mr Polis, including:

REGULAR drug use, including with a high profile cricketer

USE of a company credit card to pay for sex workers

TOLD staff he didn’t ‘’want Indians’’ answering phone calls

TALKED about brining a gun into the office and ‘’shoot the muppets in the office’’.

The Herald Sun has also been told that EnergyWatch is under investigation by the tax office for unpaid entitlements to its employees.

Mr Polis, the co-owner and CEO of a company that gives an estimated $2 million a year to the Demons, has gone to ground this morning after the Herald Sun revealed a litany of racist, sexist and offensive comments posted by him on Facebook.

His comments against Aborigines, Asians, women and Prime Minister Julia Gillard have deepened the racism crisis engulfing the Melbourne Football Club.

Speaking on 5AA radio in Adelaide this morning, Ms Gillard said she was not worried about Mr Polis’s comments about her, but found them “nasty” and “disappointing” in general.

“Some of it (is) very, very nasty about great indigenous players, some of it very nasty about women too and it’s such a pity to see these comments because you’d have to say the AFL has played a tremendous role in Australia for reconciliation, for promoting indigenous players… so to see that kind of stuff is really disappointing.”

AFL boss Andrew Demetriou described the posts as “offensively outrageous” and a former Demons president said the club must cut ties with the controversial entrepreneur.

“It has put the Melbourne Football Club in a terribly difficult situation. They obviously know our view, as would the general community, which wouldn’t tolerate those sorts of comments,” Demetriou said.

“I’m not quite sure what he (Polis) is thinking.”

Former Demons president Paul Gardner told 3AW the club had to end its deal with EnergyWatch.

“If Melbourne keep him as a sponsor this is tarnished money.”

“They must cut him loose immediately.”

Melbourne Victory are now considering their relationship with EnergyWatch after it was revealed Mr Polis said he “hates” soccer and may support Melbourne Heart instead.

The Melbourne Rebels will also discuss the future of its relationship with the company at a board meeting tonight, with club chairman Harold Mitchell asking officials to investigate how long it will take to remove the company’s logo from its playing jumpers.

This morning, the Herald Sun has seen more evidence of inappropriate racist remarks – this time focusing on US president Barack Obama. The comments are too offensive to publish.

Mr Polis admitted to the Herald Sun yesterday that he made dozens of offensive remarks on Facebook.

He sledged the Demons’ indigenous player, Liam Jurrah, claiming his arrest last month over a machete attack was good because it generated publicity for EnergyWatch.

Do I have any beef with Aboriginals? No I don’t. If you get on to my Facebook I make comments about every single race

He then wrote that when Jurrah “came to the Dees they thought he had tribal tats but it was ring worm. He had never been to a doctor in his life, he comes from out back bit past Carrum Downs”.

The Demons’ board last night held a crisis meeting to decide the future of the sponsorship.

“The club is extremely concerned with these allegations. We have commenced a full investigation,” the board said.

Mr Polis, who is also the major sponsor of Melbourne Victory, claimed the statements were private “jokes” and said he could not be a racist because he had once dated a “half-Aboriginal” woman.

“Do I have any beef with Aboriginals? No I don’t. If you get on to my Facebook I make comments about every single race.”


In other explosive comments, the rising business star:

SLAMMED Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a “peasant” but thanked her for the carbon tax before later admitting to scaring the nation about rising energy prices.

DISMISSED Melbourne Victory as “f—ing useless” and expressed hope that star Harry Kewell‘s career would turn into a “train wreck” because it was good for EnergyWatch.

RIDICULED EnergyWatch customers who signed up on Christmas Day, later claiming they were “Muslims and Jews”.

CLAIMED “Asian girls add no value to society apart from insurance premiums cause they can’t drive”.

LABELLED promotional models as “s—-” who should be “slapped around” and said “fat people should have no rights just like a woman”.

BAGGED Rosebud as “a s–t whole” where “even the Aboriginals didn’t want to holiday”.

BOASTED a retired football legend had snorted cocaine at his home.

SAID Frankston was “full of inbred Labor voting franksterian peasants” and claimed Docklands is full of “wogs” and “fat brides”.

BRAGGED about getting six luxury tickets to Europe from The Age newspaper, believed for extensive advertising spending.



Mr Polis also claimed he would not set up business in Darwin because he “doesn’t help Aboriginals”, and made other comments too offensive to publish.

On the drug use of the former AFL player, Mr Polis said it happened after a recent polo event in Portsea.

He told the Herald Sun he was not a racist and all the comments were “jokes” – but admitted many were not appropriate.

He claimed he could not “be a racist” because his cleaner was Asian.

“You’re taking private comments in relation to something that I’m talking to friends about,” he said.

“In relation to Liam Jurrah … has it offended the Melbourne Football Club, well obviously the answer is yes, I think they will probably be very upset. I want to apologise to Liam Jurrah.

“Are my comments pushing the envelope or construed to get reactions out of people. Well, obviously they are. People who know me know I push people’s buttons all the time.”

The AFL last night said Mr Polis’s remarks were a matter for the Demons.

“The content and tone of the alleged material published on Facebook is concerning to say the least,” a spokesman said.


15 thoughts on “BEN Polis from ENERGYWATCH is a tool

  1. what an absolute power junkie, he doesnt just shitcan people on race, also on where they live, who they vote for and who they marry. I bet he was a prize goose at school.

    I found his radio ads childish, misleading and untrue, just turns out that his ads reflected his character.


    • I have looked at pics of him on google..He looks about 5 foot 1…Small man syndrome, it obviously makes him feel more powerful ridiculing those that fund his lifestyle…Loser in more ways than one I hope


    • UPDATE: MELBOURNE Victory and the Melbourne Rebels have followed the Melbourne Football Club in dumping EnergyWatch as a sponsor after its co-owner posted a litany of racist and sexist comments on Facebook.


  2. Yes … his spelling and grammar are abysmal. Typical of the internet – one of the downsides of every idiot giving their 2c is that you read a lot of poorly written boganality. Add Ben Polis to the list.


  3. If the likes of Ben Polis (Kyle Sandilands, etc) run businesses and con the general public, I am begining to wonder about the calibre of other local business men. Wow..its utterly scary and reprehensible. He is VULGAR and with not an iota of decency or culture


  4. my concern is that he is becoming some kind of hero for the fascist right wing ‘white pride’ movement who are somehow justifying and excusing his vile comments


  5. I used to work for this IDIOT when he first started energywatch. He had a big opportunity to do well but buggered it up. After resigning & being owed money by this guy I went thru the legal channels to no avail so took my story to today tonight who came and filmed me but said we don’t have enough evidence to run the story (I had the evidence) They asked me why I wanted the story to run I said “because the general public & employees need to know what a scammer he is (I resigned because of his scams) The most dissapointing part is me alone had ch 7 ran my interview could have saved thousands upon thousands of customers & employees lost money! Not bitter it was just a dissapointing situation.


    • He went to the boys school St James in Bentleigh. I used to catch the same train as him. He abused and terrorised anyone on the train, from calling them fat, ugly, and other racist and obscene names without them ever interacting with him. ADHD or not, he was a horror, and still is. I saw him sitting in the gutter of a bottleshop in Frankston muttering and being rude, still, after this..December 2013.


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