Bikie member Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi gets 21 years for killing Anthony Zervas

Boys will be boys…But when they do not grow up, they commit silly ill thought out crimes all for the wrong reasons. The Club, the gang, my brothers even, as they often say…For what? There are many “heroes” in jail who regret their stupid decisions…I kind of feel this loser will not be one of them…EGO is everything…When you get to jail it is all about reputation and street cred…Unfortunately that counts for SFA outside jail.

The victim was no angel but seriously, a few dudes catching a flight and realise they are on the same flight as a rival?…Apparently that’s worth killing for…

A BIKIE boss found guilty of murdering a rival gang member during a brawl at Sydney Airport has been jailed for at least 21 years and six months.

Comanchero chief Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi, has been jailed for more than 21 years over the death of Anthony Zervas at Sydney Airport

Comanchero national president Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi, 31, was found guilty last November of the March 2009 murder of Anthony Zervas, the brother of Hells Angels member Peter Zervas.

In the NSW Supreme Court, Justice Robert Allan Hulme set a non-parole period of 21 years and a maximum of 28 years for the murder.

Hawi was also found guilty of affray for which he received a fixed term of three years, six months to be partly accumulated with the murder term.

The sentence is backdated to when he went into custody in May 2009.

The judge said Hawi and his Comanchero colleagues had displayed “a flagrant disregard” not only for the law, but also for the many witnesses “in whose memories the incident will live long”.

Mr Zervas suffered stab wounds and massive head injuries when he was attacked with bollards and kicked, punched and stomped on as he lay on the floor of the domestic terminal.

The brawl erupted after a chance encounter between Hawi and Hells Angels boss Derek Wainohu on a flight from Melbourne.

Ex-bikie boss jailed for airport murder

Paul Bibby

Former national Commanchero bikie boss, Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi has been sentenced to at least 21 years in jail for the murder of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas in the infamous Sydney Airport brawl.

Mr Zervas, 29, was bludgeoned with a bollard and stabbed in the chest and abdomen during the brawl on March 22, 2009, which shocked bystanders and the city more broadly.

Today, Hawi, 31, was sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court to a maximum of 28 years in jail with a non-parole period of 21 years. This followed a marathon trial, which concluded on November 2 last year, when Hawi was found guilty of murder and affray.

The sentencing judge, Justice Robert Allan Hulme, said the Commancheros and Hells Angels had assembled at the airport after being contacted by gang members on a plane from Melbourne.

Hells Angels chapter president Derek Wainohu, who was on the plane and felt intimidated by Hawi and other Commancheros present, sent a text for help and, in response, a number of Hells Angels, including Mr Zervas, went to the airport.

There were a series of scuffles in which 12 Commancheros confronted five Hells Angels, punching and kicking each other and attacking each other with heavy metal bollards in the departure lounge.

Mr Zervas died during the brawl.

Five other Commanchero members were also tried for murder. They were found not guilty, found guilty of manslaughter or are facing retrials after the jury was hung.

A further six members or associates of the Commancheros were subsequently convicted of a range of offences including riot, affray and assault.

“This was a shocking and violent crime,” Justice Hulme said.

“The deceased was killed in an act of retribution because he dared to attack the president of the Commenchero. No one, in his mind, was going to get away with that.”

Justice Hulme described how many of those who saw the brawl were left in a state of shock, including a young mother who, after protecting her child, was “frozen in fear”.

“The fighting, though short-lived, was shocking and vicious,” he said.

“There was a large crowd of innocent bystanders. They were shocked and frightened that such violence could occur in such a public place.”

Justice Hulme said the Commenchero had been in conflict with the Hells Angels for some time.

“A business being conducted by persons associated with the Hells Angels in Brighton-Le-Sands had been firebombed. A Hells Angels controlled tattoo parlour in Petersham was the subject of a drive-by shooting. A Hells Angels clubhouse in Crystal Street, Petersham, had been bombed.

“It was the belief of police that the Comanchero were responsible for each of these incidents.”

He said a chance meeting with Mr Wainohu, on the flight from Melbourne and the summoning of reinforcements to Sydney Airport led to the riot that culminated in the death of Mr Zervas.

“Anthony Zervas was the first to make a move by attacking the offender [Hawi]. It was a pre-emptive strike in the face of an inevitable attack but it was foolish in the extreme. He was 161 centimetres tall and weighed only 58 kilograms while [Hawi] was 178 centimetres tall with a muscular build. A witness description of a man having ‘arms as big as legs was apt for the offender’.”

Hawi stood, chin raised, as the judge delivered the sentence.

Mr Zervas’s mother, Frederika Bromwich, broke down in court after the sentence was read and nearly fainted outside court as – flanked by her daughters – she addressed the media.

“No punishment is enough for the loss of my son,” a shaky and tearful Ms Bromwich said.

“I just pray that he gets the punishment he deserves. My son didn’t deserve to die in that way

17 thoughts on “Bikie member Mahmoud “Mick” Hawi gets 21 years for killing Anthony Zervas

  1. It makes them big and tough to outnumber someone and hit them when they are vulnerable – they can’t fail then …

    Wasteful fukkers … If you are gonna fight atleast make it a fair fight otherwise you just look tough to yourself and stupid and insecure to others …


    • Xena, they acted liked ants…just followed the leader…Useless waste of life….How out of all those involved Mick “HOWI” got the only massive slap. AS long as you are under instructions to attack “You will be ok” that’s what this case tells me….They attacked as a mob, passed the word and hit like bees to honey


      • Gang mentality … All for one and one for all (the other one is Touch One Touch All) …

        I understand, I really do.

        But can they please please try to not let it spill into the general public arena … Some people don’t deserve to get hit …

        The other thing I will say is that both sides of this case – the victim and the offender – came from that same culture – they understand each other.

        In fact, when they pledge their allegiance to the ‘outfit’ to conduct themselves in accordance with the group’s manifest – they know what they are risking based on the pledge they have made.

        Perhaps if Mick and his crew hadn’t acted like excited prepubescent boys with their hands on porn material – Mick wouldn’t be in jail – there would be no case but I have no doubt that there would have been retribution.

        Grow up boys – you are only costing yourselves.


  2. This sentence should have been a non parole of 28 years full stop. It was an horrific crime and witnessed by many people. It didn’t make him or any of his ilk look like bid men, just confirmed them as the losers they are.


  3. I was on the same flight and could not believe what happened,I have a number of Bikie mates and that is not how they would act,maybe it was a NSW thing.
    Believe it or not the smart ones today are mindful of bringing attention to themselves and Clubs punish those that bring unwanted attention to the Club.


  4. What no one knows is that anthony zervas came all the way from wollongong coked up to his eyeballs and ran at mick from behind and tried to stab him in the head while mick was just standing there, not fighting. Then a brawl erupted. Anthony stabbed mick hawi 3 times and mick did not touch him. Mick got off a plane and had no choice but to be at the airport. Anthony zervas chose to go there. He put on sunglasses and a hoodie over his head just before attacking mick to hide his identity. If you go somewhere and try kill someone and you get killed yourself, then sucked in. Mick is the victim and if you know about the whole case you will see that this was all corruption. Also, the only camera in the whole that was “not working” was the one that anthony died under. It would have proved micks innocence.


  5. To be honest I don’t think many of you know the actual story. Unless you were at court during the trial you don’t know the truth of what happened.. Also let me say, where were. The aps ( protective services ) for the airport? If there were issues on the aircraft why wasn’t anything done to stop this from happening? If hells angel president was worried of Hawi why didn’t he notify the cops or crew to be met by APS instead of calling his members to come from Wollongong. It’s also funny how there is footage of the curtain where zervis died, yet no proper footage of the brawl. Also funny how the judge said mick may not have given the fatal blow to Zervis so who did, obviously someone in his bikie group who is letting his mate take the wrap.. Don’t believe all the media, it’s funny how 3 news Channels all had different info..


  6. Firstly, there is nothing ‘funny’about this case!
    Secondly, by reading these comments you can see how certain people think, making it obvious where they stand! Yes, two wrongs don’t make it right. But killing someone in cold blood is not the answer!
    And thirdly, 21 years won’t bring someone back from the dead, and unfortunately won’t keep the rest of us safe from the rest of the thugs out there. But at least he will rot very very slowly!


    • Sue do you know much about this case, i am studying law and was able to go to the trial. The judge actually said that mick may have not used the bollard or been near the body of zervis.. However he believes he told his boys to do it. Yet hawi was stabbed by Zervis and his brother, 2 against 1 at the check in counter.. And was arguing with peter zervis at the entry door.. So if mick had actually called for the hit or touched Zervis don’t u think that Anthony Zervis brother would be with him if he was dead on the floor, not arguing with mick.. So why is he getting a murder charge? Yet it’s not considered crimal enterprise. So the guy who actually killed Zervis will walk the streets very soon. Actually All those other members will be back
      On the street soon. Tell me how that is fair?


  7. Lisa seems to be the only one here with some brains about her, and tht is not because I agree with what she is saying. it is because the rest are so ignorant and stupid and believe what the media has to say. unless you were at the trial or have read the transcript then you should NOT assume that the decision was just. This is the most disgraceful decision and proof that a jury system is very faulty. the jury convicted mick alone. this means they believed mick hit him with the bollard. the crown’s sentencing submissions backed this up. the defence totally destroyed this theory. the judge also dismissed it in his sentencing. he sentenced mick on a joint criminal enterprise (JCE) basis. the problem is you need 2 or more people to be convicted to have a JCE. mick was convicted alone. more proof it was an unsatisfactory verdict. there is footage taken by a witness that proved mick didnt touch him and had his back to the assault. detectives played with evidence and were able to get away with so much during the trial.


    • @Scottie – check the mirror on wall – before you label others stupid and ignorant.

      It’s okay to agree with a certain view – but your credibility is diminished when you have to insult others to assert your own sense of ‘right’


    • There is not much point arguing the facts as they stand.he has been convicted, if there are any grounds for appeal, his mob will appeal. Hawi did not have to make the fatal blow…You don’t have to “Pull the trigger” so to speak. Remember Judy Moran? Did she shoot anyone? Are you aware of any deals made prior to his actual trial? Secret or not?

      Anyway great to see some well formed discussions on the case, thanks for sharing it Scottie


  8. I made a comment earlier – about bikie culture …

    Trying to see rhyme or reason to decide anything on this case is a waste of time unless anyone is prepared to consider the factor that underpins everything about this situation – and that is ‘bikie culture’

    When you read the second comment I made on this thread – and if you are prepared to reflect on this when considering the case you will see it makes complete sense.

    The facts of this case are known and understood only by those that live that culture.

    Once members from opposing clubs clash – it’s an anything goes situation.

    The law needs to address the culture if it can – otherwise we just need to accept that they run to a different manifest from non gang society.


  9. Dont feel too sorry for hawi Scottie of ‘Nulla he probably never worked a day in his life and lived like a king because he had dozens of guys willing to be his slave.And if he didnt strike the fatal blow that means that one of his mates did and is letting him take the fall for him.This is a lesson to all kids out there who want to join these groups there is no brotherhood when the going gets tough people only look out for themselves.Look at this case 2 of hawis “brothers” snitched on him and the one who struck the fatal blow sat there and let his friend take the fall


  10. the sentence is full of shit 21 years, they all attack them first they fought back for self defense that judge is a stupid idiot, wants to put hawi away for long is because his a bikie leader. you guys don’t know what really happen that day stop talking shit about hawi and get a life


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