Can you believe this scandal is getting even deeper day by day.These greedy pigs have been feasting on members funds for years. Williamson had a secret Amex card called The black Centurion card.

American Express describes Centurion members as ”super-affluent high net worth individuals on a continual quest for the best and most exclusive”. The annual fee for the privilege is $4300.

Then there are the highly paid jobs for mates, shonky contracts for union work that go without tendering, massive Secretarial Services worth over $400,000 being paid to a Williamson family company. Another family getting $640,000 a year to print the bloody union newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloody hell what else are we going to find out?

These bastards need to be shown the door IMMEDIATELY and charges need to be laid so assets and records can be frozen to stop these criminals getting rid of evidence. The rorts have gone on long enough and this piss weak Labor mob need to clean up their act. Not continue to have 3 year-long investigations, countless committees and other smokescreens set up to minimise voter backlash and do what is right.

UPDATE 07/05/12

UPDATE: THE Gillard Government is in a fresh crisis after the industrial umpire found Labor MP Craig Thomson was guilty of illegally spending $6,008 on prostitutes.

In a scathing 1,100 page report, Fair Work Australia found Mr Thomson used Health Services Union funds to spend lavishly – more than $70,000 – on restaurant meals, hotels, air travel for his wife and other personal items.

He was also found to have spent $103,338.70 on cash advances.

Union officials said they were “stunned” to find Thomson was even able to take cash out on the cards, according to the Fair Work Australia report.

Now the MP – who was only cut loose by Prime Minister Julia Gillard nine days ago – faces potential fines totalling more than $100,000 for breaching workplace laws on 156 separate occasions.

Both Victoria and New South Wales police are now reviewing the FWA report.

The report detailed how Mr Thomson used a two union credit cards to pay for escort services from five-star hotel rooms.

Mr Thomson was also found to have breached industrial laws by spending $71,300.23 of union funds to help his personal campaign for the 2007 federal election when he won the NSW seat of Dobell.

He spent $18,731 on radio advertising, and $13,468.78 on printing costs, as well as fitting out an office and a campaign bus for his election campaign.

He claimed work-related expenses for a trip to London, which he visited during a holiday in Austria and Italy.

Cash advances on his union credit card totalled $103,338.70 between 2002 and 2007. He told a staff member to record the transaction in the union’s MYOB system without providing written receipts.

Read the statement from Fair Work Australia here

Ruling ramps up pressure on Craig Thomson

Mr Thomson was even claiming money on his union credit card after he resigned, including airfares, car hire, dinners, valet parking, and newspaper subscriptions.

When asked about his cash advances, Mr Thomson said it was more convenient to pay cash than use his credit card for restaurant meals and keep receipts.

“Maybe ‘habit’ is not the right word, but there was no issue as to – it didn’t matter how the expenditure took place,” he said in the report.

But Mr Thomson said last night that the report was a “joke” as he protested his innocence.

“The report is based on allegations – and that is all they are – (which) have not been tested by a court,” he said.

“These assertions are not based on proper evidence,” he said.

UPDATE 03/05/12

THE union boss Michael Williamson may face criminal charges after allegedly being caught trying to smuggle documents out of the Health Services Union headquarters during the middle of a police raid.

Detectives from Strike Force Carnarvon, which has been investigating allegations of corruption within the HSU East branch for eight months, executed a search warrant on the union’s Pitt Street headquarters shortly after 9am yesterday.

As police were seizing computers and documents from the union’s second floor offices, other officers are understood to have intercepted Mr Williamson and his son Chris in the underground car park.

Mr Williamson, who is on leave with full pay, and his son, a union employee, had a large black suitcase containing documents which they were allegedly putting into the back of a car.

The confiscated suitcase, along with dozens of boxes of documents, was loaded into a police truck when detectives finished their search about 3pm.

Detective Superintendent Col Dyson, commander of the fraud and cyber crime squad, confirmed that an HSU official had been intercepted in the car park but he would not confirm the person’s identity.

”I have major concerns, however, efforts have been made to interfere with information relevant to our investigation,” the commander said. ”I won’t go into that with any more detail, only that I have concerns that information relevant to the case may have been tampered with.”

Superintendent Dyson said later that police became aware ”that some information we were

seeking had been removed”. He foreshadowed possible criminal charges over the alleged hindering of the police investigation.

Police are also investigating claims that Mr Williamson was tipped off about the raid. His Maroubra neighbours told the Herald that the union boss, with his suitcase, was collected by his son Chris just after 8am yesterday. The cops didn’t raid the office until just after 9am…How did he know they were going in there, and he needed to rush in and beat them there to steal a suitcase packed with incriminating documents? This thief needs to be locked up and lose all ill gained assets, just like any other low life crim, druggie etc

UPDATE-2  02/05/12 Strike Force Carnarvon reveal they have been investigating HSU right back to the mid 1990’s…That is great news for criminals among them…

Mr Williamson busted at his car trying to remove sack of documents from HSU headquarters this morning…may be charged

UNION boss Michael Williamson has allegedly been caught attempting to take a bag of documents out of the Health Services Union offices in Sydney during a police raid.

Raid … police outside the HSU offices in Sydney this morning

Detectives from Strike Force Carnarvon raided the premises this morning as part of their investigation into alleged corruption in the HSU.

The head of the fraud squad, Detective Superintendent Colin Dyson, confirmed police were considering charging someone with attempting to hinder the investigation by removing information.

The Daily Telegraph understands that person is Mr Williamson. The documents he attempted to remove were seized by police. Sucked in your sneaky bastard…

“One has major concerns that efforts have been made to interfere with information relevant to our investigation,” Detective Dyson said.

“I don’t dismiss the possibility of criminal charges arising from those efforts.

“A bag of documents was intercepted this morning.” Not hard to work out why he has refused to cooperate with ALL Investigations.This bloke is up his eyeballs in it. Cronyism and a free for all for family and friends and he has been doing it untroubled for years…

UPDATE-1  02/05/12

NSW Police raid the Pitt St offices of the Health Services Union this morning

POLICE from Strike Force Carnarvon have raided the Health Services Union offices in Sydney as part of their investigation into union boss Michael Williamson and Federal MP Craig Thomson.

The detectives entered just before 9am.

They were investigating claims Mr Williamson and Mr Thomson received American Express cards as a secret commission from a printing firm Communigraphix.

They were also investigating claims union architects carried out works on Mr Williamson’s home and that Mr Williamson’s computing firm received generous contracts from the union.

Mr Williamson and Mr Thomson deny any wrongdoing.

The raids this morning follow previous raids on the home of Communiraphix owner, John Gilliland.


FIVE companies, some associated with the Health Services Union boss Michael Williamson, received more than $17 million over a four-year period, a scathing report into the union’s procurement process has found.

Ian Temby, QC, and accountant Dennis Robertson were hired by the union to conduct an independent investigation into allegations raised by the Fairfax media last September of cronyism and corruption within the HSU East branch.

The pair wanted their interim report on procurement processes to be released immediately because of the millions of dollars the union is spending each year without going to tender or even obtaining price comparisons.

In his 40 years of auditing, Mr Robertson said, he had rarely seen such poor internal controls in an organisation. The way the union was now operating left it open to the possibility of abuse by ”either suppliers or members of procurement staff or both, including cosy or frankly illegal practices”, the report said.

It reveals that United Edge, an IT company part-owned by Mr Williamson, received $1.3 million a year from April 2008 to September last year.

It is understood United Edge and its staff of five still operate the IT business rent-free from HSU headquarters.

Communigraphix, the company at the centre of separate allegations it provided kickbacks in the form of credit cards to Mr Williamson and then HSU general secretary Craig Thomson, is revealed to have received $3.44 million from the union between March 2007 and September 2011. Mr Thomson, who denies any wrongdoing, is not mentioned in the interim report.

The architectural firm Mr Williamson used to renovate his home and holiday house was paid $3.7 million by the union from March 2007 to September 2011. Access Focus, which Australian Securities and Investments Commission records show changed its name to Aurio Services a decade ago, received more than $5 million from October 2007 to September 2011. Run by a friend of the HSU’s procurement officer, Access Focus does consultancy work and provides the union memorabilia.

Canme, which is run by Mr Williamson’s wife, Julianne, received $384,625 for archiving and secretarial services between December 2005 and June 2009.

Mr Temby noted that neither Mr nor Mrs Williamson co-operated with his investigation, although they provided written statements through lawyers. Mr Williamson has previously denied any wrongdoing.

Prices paid for some of these services exceeded the market value, ”sometimes by a large margin”, the report said. It was essential to remedy this situation as soon as possible as the HSU was leaving itself open to ”risks of unauthorised acquisitions, duplicate payments, excess prices and fraud”.

Mr Temby said there was also poor control over union-issued credit cards and that charges were running at $600,000 a year. ($11500 A WEEK OR 1640 EVERY SINGLE DAY)

HSU East said it welcomed the release of the interim report and would review it and report back to members.

Mr Williamson has been spending up to $30,000 a month – largely on dining and other lifestyle expenses – on the card.

THE corruption inquiries into the Health Services Union are set to widen with allegations that the boss, Michael Williamson, had another secret American Express card.

The black Centurion card, which he has had for several years, is a secondary one attached to the private account of his close personal friend Cheryl McMillan, the purchasing officer.

Mr Williamson has been spending up to $30,000 a month – largely on dining and other lifestyle expenses – on the card.

American Express describes Centurion members as ”super-affluent high net worth individuals on a continual quest for the best and most exclusive”. The annual fee for the privilege is $4300.

Allegations of inappropriate conduct continue to dog Labor MP Craig Thomson.

Last September it was revealed that Mr Williamson and the former general secretary Craig Thomson, now a federal Labor MP, received kickbacks from a union supplier by way of American Express cards. Both have denied the allegations.

When asked about the card yesterday, Ms McMillan said: ”I have nothing to say to you” and hung up.

Later, through her solicitor Simon Konstantinidis, she denied any wrongdoing.

Mr Konstantinidis said his client was a 60-year-old grandmother who worked two days a week at the union. He said she paid her own credit card bills and had no knowledge of any kickbacks in relation to the union and any of its suppliers.

Ms McMillan’s salary, sources say, would be insufficient to pay the amounts Mr Williamson, 58, has been incurring on the second card. The mystery remains as to who has been paying it.

Mr Konstantinidis is also representing a Palm Beach printer, John Gilleland, 65, and his wife Carron, who are alleged to have given Mr Thomson and Mr Williamson American Express cards while receiving $640,000 a year to produce the union’s newsletter.

The Gillelands, whose house was raided by officers from Strike Force Carnarvon in February, have denied any wrongdoing. Mr Konstantinidis said Ms McMillan had recently been spoken to by detectives and had answered questions put to her by Ian Temby, QC.

The union appointed Mr Temby, the former head of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, to review its tender, recruitment and expenditure processes and the use of corporate credit cards.

Mr Williamson, who has declined to assist Mr Temby, has been seen regularly at the union headquarters. An insider said that despite being on ”personal leave” since October, Mr Williamson had been in de facto control of the union. He also said Mr Williamson’s brother Darren, a highly paid HSU official, remained his ”eyes and ears” when he was not in the office.

It is understood Mr Temby’s investigations have uncovered that a Williamson family company Canme (the initials of the names of his five children) received more than $400,000 from the HSU for ”secretarial services”.

Questions have also been raised about another supplier, Alf Downing, whose company supplies union paraphernalia. Mr Downing, 68, confirmed he had never had to submit a tender to supply such services.

A union insider said that several years ago at a Christmas function Mr Downing said he inflated union invoices and then made ”donations back”. But Mr Downing said such allegations were ”a load of rubbish”.

”I don’t give backhanders because I don’t make enough money,” he said yesterday.

Mr Downing’s company, Access Focus, which Australian Securities and Investments Commission records show changed its name to Aurio Services a decade ago, has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the HSU. Union officials have previously said they were never sure what Access Focus did.

Industry Minister Greg Combet said today that the behaviour of some Health Services Union (HSU) officials was unacceptable and not in line with Labor or union values.

Making his first comments on the HSU scandal since the completion of two Fair Work Australia investigation reports, Mr Combet went further in his criticism than Prime Minister Julia Gillard or Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten.

10 thoughts on “HSU Boss Michael Williamson- RORTS- RAIDS-SCANDAL GROWS

  1. I wonder what this says about other unions with long term management running the show, how many others have sticky fingers in the bottomless jar of sweet honey?


  2. Most ordinary HSU members are not well paid, and are honest, hardworking people who could not concieve of doing what these people are alleged to have done. Workplace sub-branch officals also would be mostly the same. however, as the Acting National President is reported by the Media to have said, it is hard to know how deep the alleged corruption reaches – most existing Union Organisers, Officials and HSU staff must be under a cloud of suspicion.


    • Hi mark, thanks for your comments. I agree, most definitely, I am not saying the rank and file would be all into it. Most would not even have access to the power required. It is the fat ENTITLED few, who think they DESERVE the perks and then plus some after being there for years and years. greed sets in and they cannot help themselves, it becomes a feeding frenzy for them and their families and friends it seems. Outrageous


  3. this mob take trough snouting to an unheard of level, except of course in normal businesses.

    It is however wrong to implicate other unions (with no apparent evidence) or indeed other Branches of the HSU, such as Tasmania and the No 2 and 5 Branches in Victoria. It is the No 1 and 3 Branches in Victoria, and the NSW HSU (and HSU East, the merger of NSW and Vic) that must get off the pot and not stand for elections, or be aloud to back candidates for elections, and be charged.


  4. The plot thickens with these greedy bastards, they said at the raid today the taskforce has BEEN investigating back as far as 1995. No wonder Williamson was keen to go in this morning and steal documents, no doubt self incriminating…


  5. How much did he have crammed into that suitcase??? He sure as hell wasn’t there to pick up his resume or resignation letter! (Nor to get a Character Reference…)


  6. Having been in the construction sector in Melbourne, I can tell you this type of union rorting has been going on for years. Its always amusing that the union bosses wind up their members and go on strike over stupid things, they place their member’s job on the line and then stitch up a backroom “deal” (backhander) and they come out and announce that the big bad company boss has agreed to some (always tiny minor) change and everyone goes back to work feeling happy. The union bosses portray themselves as a champion of the “Aussie battler” or “workers against the big bad companies” or “for the little people” when in fact they are nothing more than a legalised mafia outfit! It stinks and their members, the public and companies are all being taken for a huge ride. The Labor party knows it but since the Labor party is reliant upon the unions for financial support to keep their scams going, they say nothing about it.

    Unions have been the ultimate cause of decline in every industry in this country. Cant wait until they get the boot!


  7. This is only the tip of the iceberg, the corruption in all Unions has never been exposed fully, the Unions control Labor state Governments and the current Federal Labor Government, by way of funding, and infiltration by this vermin into political appointments in Labor Governments. This corruption has been an active part of this rabble for decades, and sadly includes the Labor Government, who is also tainted with this filth, and accepts them with open arms. Australia and Australians deserve better than this, any Mafia would be proud of the Union-Labor Government.


    • Great to see the unions under the pump again.While ordinary folks work in shitty jobs for low wages, all these greedy buggers spending the money, living it up and rorting all they can get for themselves.Disgusting.

      Roberto above, quite a prolific comment back in 2012.


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