Senior Constable Paul Raeck 34, used Facebook to try and lure teen girls for sex- Pleads Guilty

This is (now EX) Senior Constable Paul Raeck… One of the very finest in Victorian Police Force  who has fallen from grace, to the disgust of his colleagues and family I imagine. Busted for trying to crack onto young girls aged 13 to 15 via facebook pretending to be some young cool dude and engaging in sexually explicit “chats” . At times he masturbated whilst chatting to these children.

Raeck asked the girls to use a webcam to pose naked for him or flash their boobs and told them he was “getting horny”

I hope he gets some decent time in Jail and marked as a sex offender

UPDATE TONIGHT 12/04/12 a PISSY 8 MONTHS is the minimum he will serve. Raeck will also be a registered sex offender for the next eight years!

A FORMER police officer was today jailed for a minimum of eight months after using a fake Facebook persona to target underage girls for sex.

Ex-Boronia police station Sen-Constable Paul Raeck, 34, was jailed for a maximum two years and nine months for using the internet to expose seven victims, girls aged 14 and 15, to his sexual activities and asking a number of them to engage in sexual acts or to pose for him on webcams.

“It’s sad that a police officer who should know better should engage in this kind of conduct,” County Court Judge Richard Maidment said.

“You have thrown away your career as a police officer, you have thrown away your marriage and you have the embarrassment of public humiliation.”

He will serve his jail time in a form of protective custody due to his former employment as a policeman.

I would love a picture of this guy if anyone has one.Anonymously of course.

His behaviour was disguising and we can only be grateful it did not progress further and he was caught when he was. So ex Senior Constable Paul Raeck, previously stationed at Boronia police station. I’m glad your career is ruined and your marriage is over and you are very proud of yourself. The only tiny redeeming feature this bloke has in comparison, to other perverts, is at least he admitted his crimes and obsessions and plead guilty

Policeman pleads guilty over explicit chats with teens

A former Victorian policeman who felt addicted to engaging schoolgirls in sexually explicit “chats” on Facebook today pleaded guilty to seven charges.

Paul Raeck, 34, was a senior constable during 2010 and last year when he became Facebook friends with seven teenage girls.

The County Court heard that Raeck posed as a man called Zane Harrison on Facebook and in mobile calls and text messages with the girls who were aged between 13 and 15.

Prosecutor Fiona Thompson told the court that Raeck informed some of the girls he wanted to have threesomes with them and had masturbated during some communications.

Ms Thompson said Raeck told one girl she was “pretty, hot and sexy” and who described him as “very persistent”.

He had also asked some to provide photographs of themselves naked, told one that she was gorgeous while another initially felt flattered during his communication.

But Judge Richard Maidment also heard that two regarded Raeck as “dodgy”.

Ms Thompson said that when police, including investigators from the Office of Police Integrity, raided his home in July last year, Raeck provided access to his computer and mobile phone from which they analysed incriminating material.

She said that none of Raeck’s offending was committed in his role as a policeman, and conceded that he never intended to meet any of the girls.

Defence barrister Carolene Gwynn said Raeck told investigators that the exposure of his offending was “probably the best thing that has happened to me”.

Ms Gwynn said he also told them it had become “like a bloody addiction” but was relieved and grateful he had been stopped.

She said a number of the girls eventually blocked or unfriended Raeck on Facebook and that some had described him as “gross” and “weird” while another said he was “creeping me out”.

Ms Gwynn described Raeck’s conduct as essentially “talking dirty” and that the offences lacked the aggravating features of meetings, displaying himself in a sexual way or providing the girls with instructions.

Raeck has pleaded guilty to three charges of using a carriage service to transmit indecent communications to a person under 16, one charge of using a carriage service to procure a person under 16 for sexual activity and three counts of using a carriage service for sexual activity with a person under 16.

Here is an article from the Herald Sun as well…

A DIRTY cop used Facebook to urge underage girls to take part in threesomes and send him naked photos, a judge heard today.

Prosecutor Fiona Thompson said that during a year of online offending Senior Constable Paul Raeck, 34, bombarded seven victims with sexually explicit suggestions and continually asked some of the girls to have sex with him.

Ms Thompson said the girls were aged between 13 and 15 and when they were interviewed by police they described Raeck as “creepy” “gross” and “weird” and they were concerned when he suggested meetings.

Raeck set up a fake Facebook page in the name of Zane Harrison, a good looking tradie in his late teens and his profile picture was taken from a male modelling agency on the internet.

Ms Thompson said Raeck hounded some of the girls with lewd suggestions and one said that whenever she logged on to her Facebook site he would immediately contact her.

He told one 15-year-old victim she was “pretty hot and sexy” , asked for a photo of her breasts, suggested a threesome with his 27-year-old mate and asked her to “go parking”.

Raeck asked the girls to use a webcam to pose naked for him or flash their boobs and told them he was “getting horny” and masturbating to their profile photos.

Ms Thompson said the victims mainly ignored his requests and suggestions but one 13-year-old girl removed her jumper while he watched her on a webcam but then stopped when her mother entered the room.

Raeck, who was stationed at Boronia police station, pleaded guilty in the County Court to three counts of using the internet to transmit indecent material to persons under 16, three counts of using the internet for sexual activity with persons under 16 and one count of using a mobile phone to procure a person under 16 for sexual activity.

He has since resigned from Victoria Police.

Ms Thompson said Raeck was caught after a Director of Police Integrity investigation which monitored his mobile phone and internet use.

When police raided their home they found evidence of the Facebook conversations on a seized laptop.

Defence counsel Carolene Gwynn said that when he was arrested it was a relief to her client and he told them “it’s like a bloody addiction”.

Ms Gwynn said Raeck had excellent prospects of rehabilitation and had shown extreme remorse for his actions.

She said it was accepted by the Crown that Raeck never intended to meet the girls and it was in his favour that he never sent pornographic images to the girls or stored them on his computer.

The plea hearing before Judge Richard Maidment is continuing.

13 thoughts on “Senior Constable Paul Raeck 34, used Facebook to try and lure teen girls for sex- Pleads Guilty

  1. Just to remind any reader that has knowledge of this perv. I want a photo of his face to put up on here.

    Email me if you have any, or a link to one…anon is fine as always


  2. My biggest BUG Bear is that this MYTHICAL sex offenders Register is innaccesable to the general public.So if I wanted to read who had offended I am NOT allowed to,so it is a worthless thing .The offenders simply change their names from say Ron Smith to say fior example Damien Peters and then the states” housing relocate them,like they did with Denis Ferguson.The only site i know that publicises some offenders is M.A.K.O


    • Hi Rob, it does seem like that, but surely it does some good in these snakebellys applying for jobs with kids etc.Surely they dig a bit deeper than a change of name by deed poll? You are spot on though with all this relocation nonsense for the likes of filthy FERGURSON and the like. Big money moving them around, jumping the queues in front of other needy families.

      I am more than happy to devote a whole set page in naming these bastards no problems. Give me a genuine list It will be up that day mate.

      I despise them as a dad myself.

      These bloody politicians expect us to put up with these dirty creeps living as our neighbours, BUT I bet you they never end up anywhere near a damn MP’s home or their grand-kids that’s for sure


      • will try my best to get a pic as we unfortunately know of him as he lived in the same area growing up.. would be good to see him locked up with the other paedohile that lives in our area Kevin Arundell…. castration really needs to come into play with these creeps!


  3. “She said that none of Raeck’s offending was committed in his role as a policeman, and conceded that he never intended to meet any of the girls.”

    I find this interesting. I know that at least 1 of the victims was residing in the next suburb under the care of DHS. The victim was well known to local police for other matters. How coincidental that he picked her when facebook is a global network. Hmmm…


  4. And to think there are millions of users on facebook 13 and under!
    A veritable playground for these filthy dirty good for nothing pieces of shit!
    I wish there was a way that FB could make it impossible for kids to sign up for an account.


  5. Most Disturbing is the fact that he is not the first Victoria Police Copper caught out involved in Sex Offending and he wont be the last. If we as a society cant trust our Police, the who can we trust, to protect us from these Rock Spiders!… Its just a pity that a current serving Prison Officer or Honest Victoria Police Officer cannot smuggle out a current Mug shot photo of this Senior Constable Paul Raeck, because they would have his photo on Police and Prison classification files and his photo on a Prisoners Identification card. I guess his uniformed mates want to still protect one of their brothers and help protect his identity, even though he has disgust his colleagues. Then again its a wonder they even charged him and didn’t just demote him and send him to some quite Country posting, like many other Copper have before him, had their charges secretly covered up, or told to quietly resign or retire on their generous superannuation payouts.
    Its just a pity that this Copper who was put into protective custody with other bent Coppers in Jail wasn’t put in Maximum Security Main Stream Jail with the real Hardened Criminals who also hate the Lowest of the Low Rock Spiders, and give him some hard core prison rehabilitation up the arse.!….. Peadophiles and Sex Offenders are treated as a protected species in the modern Jails, and this should not be the case. They should endure the wraith from the Main Stream prisoners, and be taught a lesson that it is not acceptable to be a Kiddie Fucker….. These maggots ruin young peoples lives and there victims still suffer for the rest of there adult life. A f***ing Senior Constable Victorian Police Officer should know this more than anyone…. Lets just hope a good current Photo of this Low Life Maggot can come to light, for all to see. Coppers are supposed to ”UP HOLD THE RIGHT” and this grubby shifty prick should be ashamed to ever show his face in public again. This is the very reason a lot of people in the community are hesitant to call the Police now, when they witness or know of Domestic or Sex crimes happening in their areas. because simply they don’t have faith anymore or trust in their Police, to honestly follow their report up- thanks to the growing number of corrupt or to clever to be caught out,Coppers protected by their deviate connections. When Cyber Space On-Line Criminals are our Coppers, involved in on-line Paedophilla, and Sex Offending who the hell can the community go to for help, if they know of someone who is involved in Sex Offending. More Probity checks on Serving Coppers need to be done. They have to be Weeded out!……………………………….


  6. I am only 5 mins from Boronia Station. Few years bak, My daughters found a old moby on the bus with Pre-pubic pics..I saw them myself-Along with Txs, communicating with a young girl under 14yo. who was introduced to him by her older sister! (Great sister) not! After reading he was paying for both sisters to do stuff!! I raced off to Boronia Station to give them the moby! They made me show them the pics b4 taking me seriously .Now I read this makes me wonder….. I wonder if They Followed that one Up too!!!!!


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