The Crims’ code and vigilante shootings in Sydney-BIKIES AT WAR CONFIRMED

UPDATE 1 TODAY 22/04/12

Latest Sydney shooting death not linked to bikies

Police say a man shot dead in Sydney’s south-west overnight had been involved in a number of earlier shootings, although none linked to bikie gang violence.

Detectives have established a crime scene near the intersection of Bell Street and Schofield Street at Riverwood after a man was gunned down just after midnight.

Police say paramedics tried to revive him, but he died at the scene.

A man was arrested a short time later and is being questioned at Campsie Police Station.

Police superintendent Steve Blackmore says the victim, aged in his 30s, is believed to have been killed because of a personal feud over a debt that was owed.

Superintendent Blackmore says both men were known to police, and the victim had previously been involved in public shootings.

The public has been urged to avoid the area while they investigate.

The latest incident comes after a spate of shootings in Sydney over the past two weeks.

The New South Wales Government has announced measures targeting outlaw motorcycle gangs, which they hope will reduce the recent spate of shootings.


UPDATE 2 TODAY 22/04/12

Bikie refused bail after allegedly torching police van

Updated April 22, 2012 17:10:28

Related Story: Bikie charged over torched police van

A Sydney bikie has been refused bail after allegedly threatening police and torching a police van that was parked near his tattoo parlour on Friday.

Scott Orrock is a former boss of the Nomads bikie gang, but has recently switched allegiances to the rival gang, Hells Angels.

Police say his defection is one of the reasons for the recent surge in gang violence across Sydney.

The 47-year-old faced court today charged with setting a police car on fire while it was parked near his tattoo parlour in inner city Newtown.

In documents tendered to court, police allege Orrock went to the local police station around 3:00am on Friday in an agitated manner and asked them to move the van.

The four officers on duty allege Orrock threatened them saying “move it right away or otherwise I will burn it down”.

He allegedly accused police of making him and his family a target.

Police say he was seen on CCTV footage using accelerant to set the car alight around 10 minutes later.

Orrock was refused bail and is expected to face court again later this week.

On Friday, the State Government and police announced a dramatic crackdown on bikie gangs in Sydney.

Members of 23 outlaw motorcycle and crime gangs will be banned from wearing their colours in Kings Cross.

There are also moves in place to stop bikies owning tattoo parlours and they may soon be subject to police searches without warrants. Good luck with that, it seems they own 99% of them already…


THEY could be the sparks that finally turn Sydney’s bikie feud into all-out war.

A police paddy wagon carrying out surveillance on a Newtown tattoo parlour was reduced to a smoking ruin after being fire-bombed – allegedly by bikies – early yesterday.

Sam Ibrahim, former bikie and founder of the Parramatta chapter of the Nomads, at his mother's home in Merrylands

Just a few hours earlier the rented home of high-profile Nomads life member Sam Ibrahim was peppered with bullets – the 11th shooting this week.

“I think it’s fair to say the red light went on when we knew whose house had been hit,” a police source said.

A second house, until recently rented by a Nomads associate, was shot at in Rouse Hill. No one was injured and police believe the target was the earlier tenant.

Police said they were out in force on Thursday night as part of the newly created Strike Force Kinarra, set up after five shootings on Tuesday morning.

Scott Orrock's defection from the Nomads to the Hells Angels is believed to be one of the reasons behind the conflict

In Newtown they were keeping a close eye on the tattoo parlour – known to be frequented by bikie members and a target of several previous shootings.

The paddy wagon was a tactic. Sources said parlours owner Scott Orrock, a former Nomads boss turned Hells Angel, complained multiple times about the police vehicle being there.

Police said Mr Orrock made threats toward the vehicle, claiming that its presence was “affecting trade”.

At 3am emergency crews were called to King St, where the vehicle had been doused and set alight while it was unattended.

Police yesterday confirmed Mr Orrock had been spoken to about the torching and the matter was under investigation. He has not been charged.

Mr Orrock’s “patch over” from the Nomads to the Hells Angels is believed to be one of the reasons the two rival gangs are warring, a police source said.

Assistant Commissioner Nick Kaldas said six of the seven shootings this week had been linked to the turf war between the Hells Angels and Nomads.

He said it was fair to assume that the overnight shootings were “payback” for Tuesday’s drive-bys.

“This is a criminal culture, not an ethnic one. Instead of having a punch up face-to-face, they wait until he goes to bed and then shoot up his house knowing his wife and children are in there asleep,” he said.

As senior police and intelligence analysts held strategy meetings late yesterday to prepare for reprisal attacks, the state government scrambled to announce tough new powers including banning bikies from owning or operating tattoo parlours or wearing their colours in Kings Cross.

“No one in NSW is above the law and we are serious about ensuring police have all the tools they need to bring a halt to the shooting spree which has hit our city,” Premier Barry O’Farrell said.

The package, to go to cabinet on Monday, will give the Police Commissioner power to refuse a licence to own or operate a tattoo parlour and amend the Crimes Act to add tattoo parlours to the list of banned activities for criminal organisations.

The Law Enforcement Act would be amended to allow drug detection dogs into tattoo parlours without a warrant.

After 10 shootings in 10 days, frustrated police yesterday lashed out at “petty” criminals who have replaced punch-ups with pistols. These so-called gangsters shooting each other in the leg and other non fatal areas shows they are not fair dinkum. They are not shooting to kill, but to gain some piss weak notoriety over petty issues in the bigger scheme of things. The best thing that can happen for these bright eyed wannabe’s is they get rounded up and convicted and sentenced to massive MINIMUM jail terms for first time offenders for their little pot shots.

Sydney Shootings 2011-2012

NEIGHBOURHOOD disputes that were once sorted out with fist fights have escalated into almost nightly gun battles on Sydney’s streets.

After 10 shootings in 10 days, frustrated police yesterday lashed out at “petty” criminals who have replaced punch-ups with pistols.

Senior officers said many of the incidents were over “petty” drug deals and turf wars, along the lines of the ghetto gangs of New York and Los Angeles.

“Where they used to sort it out with a punch-up behind the servo, now they are using guns,” a police source said.

“The bulk of the shootings are just low-level conflicts between crooks.”

Assistant Commissioner Frank Mennilli said the latest gun victim had sent police on a wild goose chase.

He said officers spent hours inspecting Lisgar St, Merrylands, where a 20-year-old man claimed he was shot just after midnight yesterday. He took himself to Westmead Hospital with a wounded leg.

Families must act to end gun feuds

THE quantitative data on Sydney‘s recent eruption of shootings is bad enough. Ten shootings in 10 days is a truly damning statistic.

Pressure’s on over hot firearms


Gun stats and facts

THERE is a large domestic black market of tens of thousands of illegal guns, the Australian Crime Commission boss John Lawler will tell state and federal ministers today.

The briefing in Canberra comes as the state government puts pressure on the federal government to do more to control the borders to stop illegal weapons getting in.

NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher has written to Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare asking for an urgent summit on the gun-crime situation.

But Mr Clare said the meeting today of attorneys-general was sufficient.

“The meeting the minister is asking for is happening today and will be attended by the NSW Attorney-General,” Mr Clare said.

“The Australian Crime Commission is working with state police on this right now.

“Police commissioners from around the country will meet with federal agencies in June to discuss the results of the investigation and recommendations to put to government.”

 NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith said he would be looking for agreement from all attorneys-general today to “maximise the effort against organised crime”.

“If the Commonwealth looked at drawing up national laws against outlaw gangs it would strengthen the fight.

“The federal government is spending billions of dollars in their failed attempt to patrol our borders for illegal boat entries. There is no reason why some more money can’t be found to better patrol our borders for guns,” he said.

Former policeman Tim Priest said the only way to stop the shootings was to introduce mandatory minimum sentences of 15 years for firing at a person or 10 years for firing into buildings.

Cracking the code of shooting silence

Crime scene at the Bada Bing strip club in Kings Cross

AS the wall of silence around Sydney’s spate of shootings begins to crack, police have used Crime Commission four times since January

“There is no evidence of a crime scene, there are no projectiles, there is no blood stain, there is nothing there,” said Mr Mennilli, head of Operation Spartan, set up to target the gun crime.

Mr Mennilli said the victim was known to police and had behaved like many others who had been targeted in the past 10 days, during which seven people have been wounded.

“They are doing nothing to assist investigators in trying to resolve the crime,” he said.

On Friday afternoon, five days before the Merrylands shooting, a well-known criminal was shot just four streets away, in Patten St.

Again, instead of calling for an ambulance, the 24-year-old staggered into the same emergency department with gunshot wounds to his legs.

Witnesses said they had seen two men arguing but both fled before police arrived. Officers are treating the shootings as linked. Both men have been discharged from hospital and are still claiming not to know their attacker.

A police source said it was significant that victims were being targeted in the legs.

“If they wanted to kill each other, they would aim for the torso. They just want to warn and terrorise. It is replacing the fist fight with a firearm,” the source said.

Alongside these “petty” shootings, authorities are bracing for the possibility of fresh warfare between the Hells Angels and Comanchero after former Comanchero national president Mick Hawi was jailed for a maximum 28 years in a Sydney court on Tuesday over the murder of Hells Angels associate Anthony Zervas at Sydney Airport in March 2009.

Police yesterday revealed a significant number of shootings are linked to the Hells Angels and Comanchero feud, with a second war between the Hells Angels and Notorious.

“The battleground is western Sydney but the prize is Kings Cross,” a police source said. While the infamous Cross traditionally belonged to the Nomads, with the birth of breakaway group Notorious in 2007 the ownership changed.

Meanwhile, police last night laid charges against two men in relation to several shootings tacross Auburn, Arncliffe and Rockdale since last December.

A 16-year-old boy was arrested at a unit in Punchbowl after police found a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a loaded magazine with additional live cartridges hidden in a ceiling cavity.

Two vials of steroids were also seized from a bedroom during the search.

The boy was charged with possessing a prohibited pistol and granted conditional bail to appear at Parramatta Children’s Court next month.

A Padstow Heights man was also taken into custody after police seized at least one prohibited pistol at his home address.

The 34-year-old was charged with possessing a prohibited pistol and offering to supply a prohibited pistol.

He was refused bail to face Bankstown Local Court today.

5 thoughts on “The Crims’ code and vigilante shootings in Sydney-BIKIES AT WAR CONFIRMED

  1. Now unravel that mess !!!

    Any dickhead can get his hands on a gun – half these guys don’t know a thing about discernment and couldn’t care less about anything except what they are trying to achieve.

    Live, love, laugh – when your number is up it is up … Make peace with your life and the life around us all …


  2. Hi Xena, Problem with these idiots is when they are trying to shoot some other bum crim that innocent folks are going to get caught up in the crossfire. That would be a pretty bad call to say their number was up.

    You are right in the sense they do not care about anybody else, to these fools their egos are more important than their own families. That is the heat this crap brings on themselves


    • Yeah Robbo I know – the one thing that runs through my mind first and foremost is what legacy are we leaving our kids, collectively speaking. Conscious choice – there is nothing like it – less problems, less distractions, less bad karma …

      Each sector of society is leaving something – be that good or bad.

      I know in what direction I will be leaving examples for our future … The late Whitney Houston sang it best :

      ‘I believe the children are our future
      Teach them well and let them lead the way
      Show them all the beauty they possess inside …


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