Execution-style death of John Lazzaro at baffles police

What an awful experience for this blokes daughter to witness her father being shot dead at their front door. His executioners even shot the dog when it intervened. It went under the knife and survived, maybe some small comfort for John Lazzaro’s Daughter Casey…

No demands were made, he did have a criminal background and ran a tattoo business from home. He also had his front fence rammed a few weeks ago, so I think it seems to be a hit and we will hear more about this. I Hope the cops intervene before there are any paybacks…

POLICE are baffled by the chilling execution of a Brisbane father in front of his daughter in the family’s living room on Wednesday and after more than a day on the case are still working to find a lead.

Rochedale South father-of-two and pensioner John Lazzaro, 56, was shot multiple times in the stomach by masked intruders who stormed through the back-door of his Priestdale Rd home while firing a gun at 11pm.

When his dog, a staffy mastiff cross called Kilo, stepped in to protect its owner, the gun was turned on the beloved pet.

Mr Lazzaro’s 19-year-old daughter, Casey, watched on as the two men fled their home just as quickly as they’d arrived.

Police said the killers made no requests or demands.

Ms Lazzaro called an ambulance for her father but it was too late. They were unable to revive him.

Neighbours yesterday said Mr Lazzaro, a pensioner, was a friendly man who had lived in the two-storey brick home he had owned for more than 20 years.

Marjorie Richardson said Mr Lazzaro was a good neighbour.

“He would bring my bin in from the street from time to time and I’d do the same for him,” she said.

“He was a lovely man and we always got along well. It’s very upsetting.”

Ms Richardson said she heard Mr Lazzaro’s dog barking but didn’t hear gun shots, rather a “tinny” sound coming from the house on Wednesday night.

Other neighbours reported hearing a woman scream. Another said she’d heard what sounded like a “pellet gun” being fired.

Police from Logan’s Criminal Investigation Branch and the State Crime Operations Command’s homicide unit yesterday launched a major investigation into Mr Lazzaro’s death, codenamed Operation Kilo Cardiff.

Inspector Chris Jory said detectives door-knocked the neighbourhood yesterday as well as interviewed family and friends.

Insp Jory said police were at a loss as to why Mr Lazzaro had been targeted in such a brutal manner.

“From an investigator’s point of view this will be a protracted investigation,” he said.

Forensic police removed a number of mobile phones among other evidence during their scene examination.

It is understood Mr Lazzaro operated a tattoo parlour from his home for several years before his death.

Although he has a criminal history, police said his death did not appear to be connected to an outlaw motorcycle gang.

Mr Lazzaro had been unwell in the past but it is understood his health had improved recently.

A contractor arrived at the property yesterday morning to repair Mr Lazzaro’s front fence after what he described as a “ram-raid” three weeks earlier but police said there had been no official report of any prior incidents.

Kilo, Mr Lazzaro’s pet dog, survived emergency surgery at a vet clinic yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Execution-style death of John Lazzaro at baffles police

  1. There has to be a motive for this.I am not saying that this man was bad,only that no one Ram Raids a place and then deliberately kills a person for no reason.He must have known something or owed Big money ,I think the cops will eventually find the motive


  2. its about time these lebo scum were tossed out. arabs have no values as normal people.we’ve got enough shit without importing more.this is where 3 strikes ur out should be


    • Hey Billy you uneducated, judgemental poo chin its about time u read the paper before commenting and get your facts straight, I grew up close to this mans family my best mate was his family member & i spent alot of my youth at that very house on Priestdale Rd and knew him my whole life he was a great bloke, of Italian descent yes but more aussie by nature than alot of aussies i’ve ever known, never even had a hint of an accent. Definantly not Arab!
      All i can say is all who knew him loved him and billy you’re a homo.
      My parents were straight people growing up, my mum quite posh, extremely warey and strict about who’s place i hung out at or stayed at yet they preferred us there than anywhere else, . he would look out for us, drive us home if it got too dark, feed us & spoil us, and he paid us like 20 bucks back in the day to wash his C10 Chevy ute lol. Never judge before u know someone, or at least the facts. Enough from me..

      Great sight olmate!!!


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