Human Remains found in search for Gary Adams-His stepdad John Xypolotis charged with murder

Gary Adams was 17 years old when he went missing from his Cranbourne home in 2003.

In what has been a long wait for Gary’s mum, it appears police may of found his remains in the house that was up until recently occupied by the lads stepfather John Xypolotis

Police confirmed they have unearthed partial remains at the Hughesdale property, where they’ve executed a warrant to search for the body of Gary Adams.

It comes after Gary’s stepfather John Xypolotis, 55, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with killing the teenager eight years ago.

I was at the 3AW site today and came across this comment by somebody claiming to know the accused very very well. He posted he and Xypolotis had a laugh about the police activity

See below for a grab of his comments. So funny having a laugh about your step son who has been missing 8 friggin years and presumed murdered….He also protests that this bloke Xpol0tis is NO WAY involved…Check it out! We will see in time wont we pal!

Speaking on the Neil Mitchell program, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed human remains were found on the property during a forensic search late last night.

Forensic police began digging up the backyard of the Dallas Avenue house yesterday after 55-year-old John Xypolotis appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court charged with the suspected murder of Adams.

17-year-old Gary Adams disappeared from his Raisell Road, Cranbourne home on 5 December, 2003.

A neighbour told a 3AW Police reporter  Xypolotis had been living at the Hughesdale address until recently, as he was surprised by police activity.

Last year police offered a $100,000 reward for information about the teens suspected murder.

Astonishing Comment by Accused John Xypolotis alleged best friend

3 thoughts on “Human Remains found in search for Gary Adams-His stepdad John Xypolotis charged with murder

  1. Having a body buried in your backyard is fairly strong evidence…

    He could use the Ronald Pennington defence and say that someone else buried it there I suppose…


    • You got that right…Sick bastards even if he was innocent…But I doubt it…You know how some people do things subconsciously, this friend either did a typo or revealed a snippet in this bit…
      “…Telling me about interviewing family members on HIS matter”…

      If he has not done anything what matter does he have to deal with?


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