Matthew Johnson’s Jailhouse Letters from Acacia Unit-Barwon Prison

Well here are the letters you may have heard about, leading up to the murder of Carl  Williams (The Premier) from his  killer, Matthew Johnson (The General)

He  wrote  and received a lot of mail, some from the CBD killer Hells Angels member Christopher Wayne Hudson, Joe Manella, hit man Evangelos Goussis, as well as cell-mate at the time of Williams death, Tommy Ivanovic. Who was at times at another jail! It certainly shines a light on the inner thoughts and jail house politics in the Acacia Unit at Barwon Prison.

When you scroll down click on the first letter in the series, it will expand and all the rest are in order, just use the big arrows to navigate or press ESC to leave. Cheers

Matthew Johnson Jail house Letter Collage, scroll down to see individual letters

5 thoughts on “Matthew Johnson’s Jailhouse Letters from Acacia Unit-Barwon Prison

  1. I was asked elsewhere on this site about whether he caused his own death because he asked to have the cell mates. here is my reply

    He did ask, but he was duped, the cops had to basically give Carl what he wanted at every turn, because he threatened the taskforce he would pull the pin on his evidence, which at the time was crucial in their cases going to court on several fronts including murders and high level corruption.

    So it was all good for Ken Lay to stand there last night saying Corrections Victoria have some problems, he better look a bit harder in his own backyard. This is going to be a blame game for years. All with their own agendas…

    He thought he was protected, what is certain, it was not from the people who had him in their sights.

    They threw him red herrings you could say, as far as his safety was concerned, cuddled him, told him what he wanted to hear, used the shit out of him really.

    Vic Police were throwing funds around like there was no tomorrow to keep him and his old man happy.

    I even hear that they were paying the funds that George his father was paying, into the jail house account of Matty Johnson and Tommy Ivanovic to keep them happy in there.

    It was hundreds of dollars a month each…Not bad for a bloke who doesn’t and has not worked in years…


  2. I personally knew Matty, back in 94/95 , before he ever did his first long haul- He was always a violent man , and thought he was a bouncer , using his brute force to throw out…Patrons he didn’t like :). He was never stoped or reprimanded by Owners or Police, Even when Wounded Victims were left bloodied in a dandy alley way… I don’t have a bad word to say about him .,As he never hurt me… But wasn’t shocked he became The General, As he always thought of him self as a Arian Child :) ……He knows Barwon is now his life… So I guess he is making most of his time amounst , the prisoners , and recruiting the Inmates he feels can help his Long timers get by , Its so weird knowing some one, Who others look apon as Evil…. When u knew them as Juniors, Not convicted Killers !!!!


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