Ombudsman “Jail Failed Carl Williams” Family wants Big Compo plus!

UPDATE 19/04/12 Family to sue Corrections for ONE MILLION for pain and suffering, His EX Roberta, Daughter and stepdaughter as well as his old man George signed legal documents today. Opens a can of worms this does, but expected. You can’t go killing high-profile prisoners in jail under maximum security protection, and it not be noticed for 25 odd minutes! Hate him or not, the jail fucked up. They want compo, as well as the money he was going to get for turning witness for the cops, don’t forget the cops also paid a 750,000 tax bill for poor old George too as part of the previous deal…Crime does pay is some ways…

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Ombudsman finds Corrections Victoria failed Carl Williams REPORT in PDF format  here  Carl_Williams_Apr_2012 or here











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‘Life will mean life’

Carl’s killer guilty of murder

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Caged mad dog waited to go wild

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Signs ignored of Carl on borrowed time

The claim comes a day after a scathing Ombudsman’s report revealed prison system bungling contributed to the fatal bashing.

A writ that could be served today – the anniversary of Williams’ murder – is expected to include a claim for benefits negotiated by the slain gangland killer in return for co-operating in a major criminal investigation.

The writ will be issued in the names of Williams’ father, George, his ex-wife Roberta, daughter Dhakota and stepdaughter, Breanane.

Top barrister Dyson Hore-Lacy, SC, has been engaged along with junior counsel.

“We are ready to commence proceedings but we have been waiting for the outcome of one of the investigations,” solicitor Nicole Spicer told the Herald Sun.
She said the Ombudsman’s findings had boosted the family’s case against Corrections Victoria.

The report revealed:

RISKS to Williams were raised with Justice Department secretary Penny Armytage as far back as January 2009.

TELEPHONE calls and letters from the prisoners closest to Williams were not acted on when they should have raised concern for his safety.

BARWON Prison’s intelligence system had major deficiencies and the CCTV system monitoring Williams was inadequate.

Read “The General” Matthew Johnson’s coded prison letters

ONE intelligence officer interviewed was shocked that Williams’ murderer, Matt Johnson, was allowed to be in the same cell.

JOHNSONS mail carried a logo depicting a man holding two pistols.

Ombudsman George Brouwer said: “Mr Williams’ death raises important questions as to how it is possible that a high-profile prisoner in Victoria’s highest-security prison unit could be killed with an unsecured metal pipe from an exercise bike, and that prison staff did not find out about the incident for some 27 minutes.”

Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said investigations into the killing were still running.

Taskforce Driver, one of five inquiries into the Williams murder, is investigating crime figures suspected of ordering the hit from outside prison.

Roberta Williams said she felt sad Dhakota would grow up without her father.

“It just saddens me that my daughter has no father and that Carl suffered the way he did, when they could’ve protected him a lot more than they did,” she told 3AW.

Carl Williams’s former lawyer, Rob Stary, said the authorities pandered to Williams because they needed his co-operation.

He said Corrections Victoria Deputy Commissioner Rod Wise had identified the danger, but nothing was done.

“They should have known the heightened sense of risk. Johnson was a leader of the POW (Prisoners of War) group. They knew all that. They are trying to deflect blame on someone else.

“They accommodated Carl and didn’t try to resist his requests,” he said.

In the Ombudsman’s report, a supervisor with the prison’s intelligence unit blamed Corrections Victoria, as well as Williams, stating that the drug lord had no “prison sense”.

He couldn’t understand how Corrections Victoria allowed Williams to be placed with a “prison thug” like Johnson.

“How they ever let it happen I will not know,” he said. “Basically … he was doomed.”

Corrections Commissioner Bob Hastings said his staff were not incompetent but there had been systemic failures that had been fixed since Williams died.


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11 thoughts on “Ombudsman “Jail Failed Carl Williams” Family wants Big Compo plus!

  1. It’s all valid – Carl was owed a duty of care by Corrections – that nothing they did (or failed to do) would bring him harm during his incarceration …

    This will be interesting – I do remember – on one of the days in Court – the matter of liability came up – it will be interesting to see where it goes …

    Last I heard – it was alleged that Carl chose to stay where he was regardless of being aware that he was at risk.

    If he chose to be there, aware of risk, and being of sound mind and body – negligence is absorbed by his own conscious choice.


    • Hi Xena,

      He did ask, but he was duped, the cops had to basically give Carl what he wanted at every turn, because he threatened the taskforce he would pull the pin on his evidence, which at the time was crucial in their cases going to court on several fronts including murders and high level corruption.

      So it was all good for Ken Lay to stand there last night saying Corrections Victoria have some problems, he better look a bit harder in his own backyard. This is going to be a blame game for years. All with their own agendas…

      He thought he was protected, what is certain, it was not from the people who had him in their sights.

      They threw him red herrings you could say, as far as his safety was concerned, cuddled him, told him what he wanted to hear, used the shit out of him really.

      Vic Police were throwing funds around like there was no tomorrow to keep him and his old man happy.

      I even hear that they were paying the funds that George his father was paying, into the jail house account of Matty Johnson and Tommy Ivanovic to keep them happy in there.

      It was hundreds of dollars a month each…Not bad for a bloke who doesn’t and has not worked in years…


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  3. In relation to the $750,000 tax bill owed by George Williams – it is my understanding that this was never paid by police or anyone else and is still outstanding. Carl was murdered before it had been paid and all bets were off with his death. I am certain I read this in the past 2 years since the murder.


  4. I reckon that the Government will save 10 million and also create a vacancy for another Prisoner.Williams was supposed to serve 35 years and that would have cost a LOT more than a million.I can’t see why they should be compenated cos Wiliams and Johnson apprently asked to be housed together and GEORGE was paying JOHNSON some money.he was divorced from Roberta so she should have no right to claim a cent.Won’t stop a grubby lawyer trying cos it will be money in his pocket if he is successful.Don’t worry about the health crisis.No such thing as justice ,only Just Us.


  5. Hey Robbo

    I read the article you wrote and re-read my earlier comment.

    I sat with all this and I thought about what is happening in the world and what is happening in my own life.

    I am a Victim and sure I survived the crime but dealing with its’ impact on my life and my capacity to live it is hard.

    I reported the event to police – a sexual assault, rape, being held hostage and that’s not all I got a set of steak knives too…

    After investigation it was determined they wouldn’t convict on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

    I got called into Hume CIU to have this decision conveyed . The officer that was put in charge of my file wanted to keep it between me and him, I don’t what that was about.

    I told the officer the law is bullshit and sure I was crying and understandably hurt by the decision – so I said something about me dealing with the offender and them then charging me – so on word alone I got held under Section 10 for assessment – I was not allowed to leave the police station. Mind you when I did leave I drove off unlicensed – but they knew that – or, would have if they did their research.

    The psychologist was nice he understood that in extreme circumstances we feel certain things. The way I see it – atleast I raised alert to my hurt, there was notice. That was more than I got from the offender that is now free to re offend against the world’s daughters, sisters, mothers, wives etc … Unless he now has a penchant for men.

    I raised my Section 10 arrest with Department Of Justice. They referred me to Office of Public Integrity – but they saw no wrong.

    Ethical Standards saw no wrong.

    Office of the Chief Psychiatrist saw no wrong in their psychiatrist giving me legal advice too. I must admit I was confused when the shrink switched to law – maybe he has a double degree. What do I know – I am a nobody?

    Department of Public Prosecutions reviewed the police decision but concurred with it – despite the fact they don’t disbelieve me. That’s what their letter said.

    Victims of Crime via the Magistrate’s Court denied my claim to victim’s compensation as there was no conviction.

    So, whilst I look for work and am on benefits and a job search program – at times I need help so I turn to charity for emergency assistance – if I beat the buzzer I get that help.

    My family don’t speak to me – everyone wanted to peg me insane, drug me up rendering me incapable of speaking for myself – Then everyone would feel better because they could do what they wanted with me – it’s easier than trying to understand someone’s pain. In a nutshell my family blamed me for the friends my now ex husband chose. Apparently when I married him I took over as his keeper. I am no good at the whole relationship thing, why should I try and control someone else. I am too busy trying to control me and raise two kids – I am selfish like that.

    I used to be a well respected Policy/Procedure officer with a Statutory Body, we developed procedures for a government body with the slogan Think It Talk It Walk It – bloody brilliant slogan that one.

    I did a Security OperAtions Course and blitzed it – that was right up my alley until I applied for my License – the Section Tenny shot herself in the foot …

    I guess I really should just ‘harden the fk up’.

    So what if people breached my will in a criminal manner? Forget it and move on – sometimes my own weakness of character sickens me.


    • PS – the term ‘Section Tenny’ is internal jargon used by the police at Inspector level to let people know where they ‘slot in’. He dropped it into a phone conversation we had – and made me feel all squishy.

      I don’t know where my life is going to take me but after working so hard to deal with wrongs the right way – and there being little support of my effort in that direction – I need to contemplate a new direction.


      • Hey George – with a $750k tax bill that you are hoping the government will foot for you – how about you show this single mother of two who is a victim, how to cross the line into crime … Holy Cro – with that tax bill – you must be cruising. I will pay you once I start earning.

        What do you say George?


    • Hi Xena, thanks for sharing your story, you always are so well articulated and really think about what you have to say and share obviously.

      It is an awful predicament to be in when all the authorities are in each others pockets keeping investigations down a one way road isn’t it. That fact is you survived without their help though and are raising 2 kids the best you can.
      I don’t know a lot bout those section 10’s but I do know they can stick like mud as is in your case. Just don’t be too hard on yourself you have a lot to offer and sometimes we are WAY too hard on ourselves.

      Life is getting tough out there, everyone seems to be losing their job, lost it, or cant get one (over qualified blah blah). Chin up and move forward Xena, I love having you here, always insightful! I wish writing a blog was a job, at least I would get paid for it…Cheers


      • Thanks Robbo – I love what I do here and on Facebook – it’s uplifting and warming in an otherwise dark an difficult world …

        PS the whole reason for my putting this story here is that I thought the Ombudsman’s Office got closed down – I wrote but never got a response – that was late 2010.

        Thanks for sharing, now I know I just got ignored.

        Oh and if the Williams family can proceed with their case – why shouldn’t I proceed with a case of my own ??? I should have an opportunity to ‘clean the street’ based on what happened to me. And if no conviction can be proven in court based on law perhaps based on moral code we can make sure everyone understands about Duty of Care and their obligation within society, to not harm others.

        But then again, what do I know ???


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