Has Karen Cleave potentially perverted the course of Justice? Cops quiz watchdog over car crash

Well wont this open a can of worms this morning. This woman Karen Cleave, heads up the Public Service Ethical Standards, has been seemingly busted trying to pretend she was the driver of a Government car which crashed into a tree and written off with over $40,000 damage. Thank god (nobody was hurt as well) some neighbours ran out and witnessed her shenanigans. A young man (Since been identified as her 18y/o son) was seen crashing the car and was picked up by some people shortly after in another car. She was breathalysed and was negative, but what about the lad? What was the rush to get him out of there? She has been stood down…That is the good news.Now we better get a proper investigation and not a bloody cover up!

THE woman responsible for policing public service ethical standards has been stood down as police investigate a crash involving her government car.

Karen Cleave had allegedly told police she was driving the car when it hit a tree - causing about $40,000 damage - but later said her son, 18, had been behind the wheel

Karen Cleave had allegedly told police she was driving the car when it hit a tree – causing about $40,000 damage – but later said her son, 18, had been behind the wheel.

Ms Cleave is CEO of the State Services Authority and a key Baillieu government adviser.

The car was a write-off after the driver lost control and hit a tree in East Malvern.

Police were told by a woman at the scene that she had been driving the car. She was breath-tested and returned a negative reading.

But a resident later told police a young man had been driving when the car skidded on to the wrong side of the road and hit the tree.

Residents are believed to have told police two adults arrived in another car soon after the crash and the young man was driven away before police arrived. The accident happened in February. Why the delay in any action? What was the department told about the crash? Surely accident reports, Insurance had to be filled out?

Detectives from Prahran Criminal Investigation Unit are believed to have interviewed Ms Cleave, who earns almost $300,000 a year.

Police would not comment on the investigation yesterday, but a brief of evidence supporting possible charges against Ms Cleave is believed to have been submitted.

The services authority, which reports directly to the Premier, is responsible for improving the governance standards and professionalism of Victoria’s public sector agencies.

Its website says it reports annually on the adherence by public officials to public sector values, employment principles, codes of conduct and standards.

Ms Cleave joined the public service in the mid-80s and has managed several high-profile projects, including the gun buyback from 1996-98, a taskforce after major floods in East Gippsland in 1998 and the inquiry into the 2002-03 bushfires.

A government spokesman said the chairman of the services authority, Bruce Hartnett, had stood aside Ms Cleave “pending the outcome of the police investigation”.

The spokesman said family members of a public servant whose car was part of a salary package were permitted to drive the vehicle.

Ms Cleave is overseas and could not be contacted yesterday.

Senior public servant stood down over car crash

By Danny Morgan ABC news

The head of the Victorian public service’s ethical standards agency has been stood down after it was alleged she made a false report to police.

In February the chief executive of the State Services Authority, Karen Cleave, made a statement to police telling them she had crashed her car into a tree at Malvern, in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

It is understood she later changed her statement saying her son was driving.

The authority’s chairman, Bruce Hartnett, yesterday ordered Ms Cleave to stand down while the investigation continues.

As chief executive of the State Services Authority, Ms Cleave is charged with making sure the public service operates ethically and professionally.

Premier Ted Baillieu says it was appropriate that she stand aside but refused further comment because of the ongoing police investigation.

21 thoughts on “Has Karen Cleave potentially perverted the course of Justice? Cops quiz watchdog over car crash

  1. “Ms Cleave is overseas and could not be contacted yesterday.”

    Gee that was convenient, I wonder how long she has been out of the country, did she know the story was about to hit? Bloody well earns close to $300,000 a year, not bad coin for a state public service job…Shame she is going to lose it, fingers crossed


  2. Another Public Servant disgrace…Shame that in our country these days the high profile public servant (similar like Craig Thomson) are none better than those corrupted 3rd world countries.


  3. If she was in charged of the Public service ethical standards then I really see the how the ethical conducts were being managed.


  4. She’s dodgy. Worked with her 20 years ago, she was the most loathed person in the organisation. It was believed that her quick rise to management was as a result of her close friendship with the CEO. There wasn’t a person who wasn’t affected by her malicious behaviour. I remember when she fell pregnant, some staff joked they were taking bets as to who the real mother was.


  5. I too worked with The Cleaver. A bitter human being who often showed questionable ethical judgement. Malicious outbursts were commonplace, and all staff feared becoming one of her “targets”.

    Despite numerous staff ‘development’ activities that highlighted the employees’ concerns about her competence to manage, naught was ever done to rectify the situation. I echo John’s concerns, above, regarding her connections and the reason she has been given such high profile roles, yet never been held to account for her behaviour.

    Closer scrutiny is indeed warranted.


  6. Sometimes justice takes many years to be served, but it is now happening to this viscious woman. Worth looking at some of her ‘mates’. Start with the other little tart first promoted by the same Departmental head in the Victorian Public Service – water department.


  7. Any connection with David Downie, – The former manager of the Victorian Office of Water, David Downie, was the subject of several adverse findings in an Ombudsman’s inquiry last .year..
    Get more results from the past 24 hours


  8. She is one truly-nasty piece of work. The real tragedy is those in power around her for years have allowed her behaviours to have a seriously negative impact upon the public sector and they have done nothing. Some of the very best people have left as a direct result. I don’t blame her for her evil behaviours as she is very unstable and incapable of self-reflection, but absolute shame on those senior people around her who have protected her at the expense of many good people for a long time now.


  9. The comments above are spot on. A highly manipulative person with low IQ but plenty of rat-cunning. If anyone hasn’t had any exposure to this hideous crone – watch “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” and take note of Nurse Ratchet. Then imagine her being 10 times worse – you are then in the ball park.


  10. Again she gets off with a slap on the wrist and a $500.00 fine, due to “good character!” I’ve heard many descriptions of her character over time and none of them have been anything near good. Another black mark for the Justice system. The question now is, will the VPS capitulate and put her back in charge of “ethics” or will they play the catholic church card and simply move her or promote her to another parish where others will suffer as a result?


  11. AGree it is hard to describbe this person as of good character. She has fabricated many a story since the accident blaming the police for what she described as a ‘set-up’. Turns out that it is by the good grace of the police that she has avoided a conviction. Shameful.


  12. Character references provided by other VPS bullies. The most evil person I have ever worked with. A promoter of anyone who is willing to agree with her – just ask the three people she created assistant director roles for at her current organisation with no merit process adhered to. Corrupt. Corrupt. Corrupt.


  13. Resigned?? Yeah right! Make no mistake she was SACKED. Now that her behaviours are out in the open and no longer hidden by senior bureaucrats, Teddles had to get rid of her for fear of an unforgiving electorate come election time. The VPS as a result is in a way better place.


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