Ex Nomads Boss,HELLS Angel Scott Orrock Torches Cop Car

UPDATE 08/05/12  FORMER bikie boss Scott Orrock is back behind bars, with the NSW Supreme Court just overturning the decision to grant him bail on charges of torching a police car.

Orrock’s family couldn’t contain their shock as Justice Peter Garling upheld an appeal by the DPP and ordered the former Nomads boss to be placed back into custody.

Orrock is accused of setting fire to a police car that had been parked outside his Newtown tattoo parlour Skin Deep last month, after allegedly warning them that if they didn’t remove it within 10 minutes he would “burn it to the ground”.

The 47-year-old father was granted bail by a local court Magistrate, but the DPP appealed following comments from Premier Barry O’Farrell that to release him sent the wrong message while the state is in the midst of a “serious bikie war”.

Justice Garling said he couldn’t be satisfied, given the seriousness of the charge, that Orrock would attend court or not commit further crimes if he were released on bail.

“The fact that Mr Orrock has demonstrated that this is not the first occasion in which he has engaged in unlawful conduct, nor is it the first occasion upon which he has acted in defiance of the law. All combine to make it likely that he will commit further serious offences if at liberty on bail,” he said.

“Such violence has an adverse effect on the community generally.”

HELLS Angel Scott Orrock warned police they had ten minutes to move a truck parked outside his tattoo parlour before he would “burn it to the ground”, a court has heard today.

A burnt out police van is taken away by tow truck from behind a tattoo parlour at Newtown

Scott Orrock and his Newtown tattoo parlour, Skin Deep.

Orrock, who was once boss of the Nomads gang until moving to the Hells Angels, was refused bail in Parramatta Court earlier today despite his lawyer telling the court the 47-year-old is a family man and the “sole breadwinner” for his children.

Police had parked a patrol car near Orrock’s tattoo parlour Skin Deep on King St, Newtown, since Tuesday, moving it approximately every two hours, the court heard.

Documents tendered during Orrock’s bail application say he went to Newtown police about 3am on Friday and said “you f***** move that car right now…you f****** move it right away or otherwise I will burn it down.”

The four police officers on duty describe Orrock as having an “angry look” on his face with a “flushed complexion.”

“You know what you’re doing? You’re making me a target and making my family a target. I’ll give you 10 minutes to move that car or I’ll burn it to the ground,” Police allege Orrock said.

Raided … Police officers stand guard outside Scott Orrock’s tattoo palour in Newtown

“I’m not scared of you or of my people.”

When police told him the car wouldn’t be moved, Orrock allegedly said “well you’d better be down there in 15 minutes to arrest me then” while making a stabbing motion with his index finger.

The court heard Orrock was captured on CCTV footage 10 minutes later heading towards where the police car was parked, before using an accelerant to set the vehicle alight.

“The vehicle has been written off due to the amount of damage,” court documents say.

But his lawyer Antoine Sandroussi told the court that there were no eye witnesses to the torching.

Orrock was refused bail by Magistrate Michael Morahan, who cited the seriousness of the charge as the reason to keep him in custody.

He will face Central Local Court on Thursday.

Bikie refused bail after allegedly torching police van

Updated April 22, 2012 17:10:28

Related Story: Bikie charged over torched police van

A Sydney bikie has been refused bail after allegedly threatening police and torching a police van that was parked near his tattoo parlour on Friday.

Scott Orrock is a former boss of the Nomads bikie gang, but has recently switched allegiances to the rival gang, Hells Angels.

Police say his defection is one of the reasons for the recent surge in gang violence across Sydney.

The 47-year-old faced court today charged with setting a police car on fire while it was parked near his tattoo parlour in inner city Newtown.

In documents tendered to court, police allege Orrock went to the local police station around 3:00am on Friday in an agitated manner and asked them to move the van.

The four officers on duty allege Orrock threatened them saying “move it right away or otherwise I will burn it down”.

He allegedly accused police of making him and his family a target.

Police say he was seen on CCTV footage using accelerant to set the car alight around 10 minutes later.

Orrock was refused bail and is expected to face court again later this week.

On Friday, the State Government and police announced a dramatic crackdown on bikie gangs in Sydney.

Members of 23 outlaw motorcycle and crime gangs will be banned from wearing their colours in Kings Cross.

There are also moves in place to stop bikies owning tattoo parlours and they may soon be subject to police searches without warrants. Good luck with that, it seems they own 99% of them already…


Neighbours flee as bikie clubs feud

Dylan Welch

December 29, 2009

THE feud between two Sydney bikie clubs over the defection of a senior Nomad has become so heated that neighbours of his Newtown tattoo parlour have been forced to move.

The former head of the Nomads Motorcycle Club, Scott Orrock, joined the Hells Angels on December 2, bringing with him an entire Nomads chapter of about a dozen men.

Defecting from a club is seen as one of the greatest breaches of etiquette and has led to some of the worst outbreaks of bikie violence, including the Milperra massacre in 1984 and the 2006 ”ballroom blitz”, a brawl in Queensland between the Finks and the Hells Angels during a boxing match. Three men were shot and three stabbed.

Since defecting, Mr Orrock has been the apparent target of intimidation. His clubhouse was broken into and trashed and his car was fire-bombed. He has installed security bars on the front of his Newtown tattoo parlour, Skin Deep.

It is not the first time Mr Orrock’s tattoo parlour has been caught in the midst of a feud. The shop was shot up in April 2007, during a feud between the Nomads and the Comanchero.

Mr Orrock’s 1991 Toyota Soarer was set alight about 4.30am on December 3, Newtown police confirmed.

”A nearby vehicle also sustained partial damage and several nearby homes were affected by smoke, forcing their evacuation,” a police spokesman said. ”Anyone with information about the fire or who saw persons acting suspiciously in the area … is asked to call Newtown police.”

One of the people who had to be evacuated during the fire, a neighbour of Mr Orrock’s Newtown parlour, wrote to the Herald after reading yesterday’s report to say the tension had become so bad they were moving out.

”I am acutely aware [of the feud] and more and more fearful of my own personal safety with living so close to these people, to the point that I am moving away from my residence of two years.

”I have lived in Newtown for several years, simply because it was a place that accepted all types of individuals and let them get on with their life,” the resident said.

”These bikies have changed that … I am moving, I do not wish to jeopardise my personal safety any more.

”What next are these bikies going to do?

”That’s what scares me.”

Bikie defection leads to retaliation fears

Dylan Welch

December 28, 2009

 ONE of the state’s most influential bikies has defected from one of the most powerful outlaw clubs and joined the Hells Angels, leaving police on the alert for reprisal violence.

The former national president of the Nomads motorcycle club, Scott Orrock, recently left the club following a dispute with members from other chapters. The dozen members of his Marrickville chapter handed in their club vests – and therefore their membership – in protest at his treatment.

Shortly after, police watched as Mr Orrock sat down with the Hells Angels at a North Strathfield restaurant, the Outback Steakhouse, on December 2.

”They were just sitting eating their steaks. A lot of them were wearing jackets with Hells Angels on the back. Some police came in and talked to them, but they weren’t aggressive; it wasn’t a raid,” one of the staff working that night recalled.

At the table of 19 men were Mr Orrock, as well as the presidents of Sydney’s two Hells Angels chapters, Derek Wainohu and Angelo Pandeli, and star Hells Angels recruit and another high-profile bikie, Felix Lyle.

Police from the anti-bikie unit, Strike Force Raptor, were monitoring the Strathfield steakhouse putsch, as it has since been called.

Senior officers believe the men hatched a plan to bring Mr Orrock and his group into the Hells Angels.

The men left after several hours. Police searched the restaurant and found a loaded .45 calibre pistol hidden in a cistern in the men’s toilets.

No one will officially comment on the meeting, but both police and bikie sources have indicated Mr Orrock, who owns tattoo parlours in Newtown and Kings Cross, and his men are now considered Hells Angels.

The first indication of displeasure by Mr Orrock’s former clubmates came two days after the steakhouse meeting, on the morning of December 4, when his clubhouse in Chalder Street, Marrickville, was broken into and damaged.

The Hells Angels are the world’s original and most famous outlaw club, rising from a group of former second world war servicemen to become a multinational organisation.

They first appeared in Sydney in 1975 and for the next three decades maintained only one chapter of 10 men in Sydney. That compared with more than 200 Nomads across NSW.

But in 2006, a second Sydney chapter, the City Crew, was set up by a South Australian Angels boss, Mr Pandeli, pushing numbers to about 35.

Long ride to freedom for Nomads bikie boss Scott Orrock

by: By Kara Lawrence

From: The Daily Telegraph

October 25, 2009 11:00PM

FOR the past 14 years, Nomads outlaw motorcycle gang boss Scott Orrock has been either in jail on remand or out on bail.

Bullet holes … Scott Orrock inspects damage to his Newtown tattoo shop.

The 44-year-old has beaten far more raps than those of which he’s been convicted, with prosecutors failing to gain convictions for a range of serious charges over alleged shootings, assaults, drug supply and weapons possession.

Now, the long road of freedom looms for the bikie – if he keeps out of trouble. He can be assured the cops will be watching.

“All he wants to do is go riding. He is looking forward to going and riding with the club when he wants, as long as he wants to,” a friend of Orrock said.

When Orrock finishes serving 12 months of periodic detention for weapons possession in December, he will have no outstanding criminal charges for the first time in 14 years.

Related Coverage

Orrock has always maintained he is the victim of constant police harassment because he is one of Australia’s most well-known bikies.

Even when he has been out of jail, he has been under strict bail conditions that have included reporting regularly to police, abiding by curfews and restrictions from travelling outside of metropolitan Sydney without informing the police.

Traffic stops and regular police visits at his home go with the turf.

At times police have seen his fury.

In June 2006, a fed-up Orrock who was pulled over for allegedly riding his bike while suspended from doing so, called police and demanded to speak to a police officer who had breached him. Later the charge was dismissed in court.

“Tell him he is a f … ing dog c … ,” Orrock allegedly said, accusing the officer of manufacturing a case against him.

“I have cops raiding me all the time and I haven’t done anything. Cops are harassing me constantly,” Orrock allegedly said.

But Orrock’s criminal convictions are remarkably slim, considering how many times he has been charged by police.

He has four – drink-driving, behaving in an offensive and disorderly manner in an aircraft, and two weapons possessions charges. He has beaten more than 20 criminal charges, including allegations he was a major cocaine supplier.

THE boss of one of Australia’s biggest outlaw bikie gangs, the Nomads, has called on his enemies to face him personally after his tattoo shop was shot up and a Nomad clubhouse firebombed yesterday.

Come on Down…Scott Orrock

The two attacks, which occurred within 90 minutes of each other early yesterday, are suspected to be an escalation of a feud between the Nomads and a rival bikie gang – the Comancheros.

It follows a nightclub shooting last month in which Comancheros are suspected of firing shots in a Paddington nightclub which the bodyguard of a Nomad’s associate was attending.

Scott Orrock, the Nomads national president, yesterday fumed as he accused those who carried out the overnight attack on his business as being cowardly “dogs”.

While refusing to confirm a Comancheros connection – or draw a link to the firebombing of the Nomads Granville chapter clubhouse – Orrock said he was “really f…ing angry”.

He did not call for retribution but said that anyone who had a problem with him should say it to his face, rather than engage in scare tactics.

“I think to shoot someone’s place up at three in the morning is a dog act,” he said.

“You could train a monkey for that. If they’ve got problems with me, they can come to my face.”

Four rounds were fired into Orrock’s Skin Deep Tattoo parlour in King St, Newtown, at about 3am.

A police spokesman said two men on foot were responsible for the shooting. After firing the shots, they fled on foot east along Newman St.

The bullets shattered the shop’s front window, with one bullet penetrating a chair and the other a rear door. No one was in the store at the time.

Orrock, who was shot in the leg last year at Showgirl’s nightclub in what is believed to be a friendly fire accident by his own members, said the gunmen were wrong to target a legitimate business and its staff.

“If it was a personal thing, okay, call me out, but this affects six people and their families,” he said.

“Men don’t do that. Men don’t put the lives of innocent people and their families in jeopardy, they front their problems and sort it out. I’ve never seen anything as ridiculous in my entire f…ing life.”

About 1.30am yesterday, a van was driven through the roller door of the Nomads clubhouse in Cowper St, Granville, and set alight. The van snapped the roller door in two as well as a bollard.

The fire also destroyed several motorcycles which were inside the clubhouse and caused extensive damage to the building. No one was injured.

Police and firefighters were called to the factory.

Police proceeded with caution fearing there may be ammunition inside the clubhouse.

On March 15, police believe Comancheros members shot into a crowd of partygoers at Mr Goodbar nightclub in Paddington, where Nomads member Sam Ibrahim’s brother John’s bodyguard, Fadi Khalifeh, was in attendance.

Police yesterday said Khalifeh escaped injury.

8 thoughts on “Ex Nomads Boss,HELLS Angel Scott Orrock Torches Cop Car

  1. Why dont the cops leave that bikie man alone…is that just asking 4 it or what???…& why are they reporting that this bikie man has defected frm the nomads 2 the hells angels…isnt that his own biz…or are thez media shits only tryin 2 stir the pot so this bikie man can be bashed while thez so called cops sit bac & watch so they dnt have 2 get their hands dirty!…manipulative or what…who are the real thugs!!!


    • Whatever drugs you are on … Think before you act – now you sound like one of those terrorist cells that want to wipe out whoever doesn’t believe in their cause …

      Must be some good shit – you sound like a caped crusader …


  2. The result of ‘in your face’ surveillance.

    Let’s face it – police knowingly left the car there and the purpose was not only surveillance but a ‘cop that’ message to Scott – the fact that this would inflame either him or the situation could easily have been anticipated and may have been the very reason for the way it was done.

    No doubt the other side of the fence felt his privacy was being violated by officers peeking in his backyard – and if he has a ‘history’ – he might not like prying eyes.

    The way I see it – it may be a case of public safety vs preservation of privacy.


    • If a Security Guard conducted themselves in the same manner as police did in this situation – that Security Guard who is licensed courtesy of the police here in Victoria – would have their license revoked pending inquiry and would be open to negligence law suits for harassment and incitement … Sure the bikie shouldn’t have gone so far – but he can claim incitement and harassment …


  3. I Heard about a little shanty town in Victoria where some people go for a one way trip – something happened to me once and I would win any bet I made thAt I was used for one of their little exercises and that they have recorded evidence of exactly what happened to me one night over 7hrs including the pre-training that went for 4 hrs ..,

    I got told by someone they might take me for a drive out to that country town … I laughed – but promptly took out an Intervention Order for which the hearing is on 3rd May.

    Hey Robbo – if I go quiet for a few days – would you be a love and print out some of my posts and drop them into the local …


    • I didn’t word that correctly – over two separate nights – first one was untaped went for 4hrs and the second one was – taped in part and went for approx 7 hrs …

      On the night i was taped I was wearing a dressing robe in rainbow colors – drugs were involved and so were a lot of other people some of whom I don’t know some I recognise. I came to be in a zincalume garage by abduction. This occurred approx Sept 16 2007.

      Police were called via 000 in July 2007 which was the first night – Broadmeadows Police attended.

      A lot of calls were being made by one of the two men and I was engaged on the phone after going through shock and health issues after what they did to me.

      When I reported the rape, assault and being held hostage – no record of 000 call or visit by Broadmeadows Police …

      I have heard of nights where men need to assert their macho selves and take to women with their fists knocking them unconscious then proceeding to rape them with not only their bodies but things like screw drivers, baseball bats.

      They then dump her either home or in a paddock depending on how she handled the events.

      Yes folks this is what some people do for fun – on the second night of my ordeal I got held over a steep decline being threatened that I would be thrown off – fark …

      Oh yeah and some euro looking guy with a dark green BMW who thought he was a lawyer made me sign some friggin document – LOL – he wouldn’t let go of my hair – so on his bonnet I scratched through the paper and into the duco with his precious gold pen …

      Now – if that is just a hallucination why on Earth are my memories so vivid ???


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