A new section dedicated to Australian Paedophiles

Finally the Victorian State Government  announced a reversal of laws that have allowed paedophiles to remain anonymous behind court suppression orders. It has been a long time coming but WE the public are soon to get what we have always wanted and that is protection and disclosure from the courts so these rock spiders cannot hide any more under ancient suppression orders that these animals hid under like rats, to hide and sneak around and gnaw away at our children undetected and unknown. Without doubt the other states MUST FOLLOW SUIT and change their legislation too! VICTIMS AND THE PUBLIC MUST COME BEFORE THE CRIMINAL

Judges considering suppressing publication of the identity of a sex offender will now have to place the interests of any victims first, followed by the protection of children, families and the general public. The change was about protecting the public rather than “these weak individuals” who prey on our children in the shadows.

Remember this bloke I named the other week? We he was the catalyst for me starting up this new section Sex abuser wins right to suppress his name  NOT HERE he doesn’t PETER VERSI

I have a list on known and convicted paedophiles as long as my arm of these disgusting individuals, that I have been drafting with the help of a few dedicated concerned participants of this site and via a source or two as well. This is a dedicated section on the PAEDOPHILES, on what they did, who they are, and if known, where they live, photo and all!

I have incorporated the site into this one and you will see it at the top in the menu titled Aussie Paedophiles ( trending with Aussie Criminals” of course).

It is a new wordpress address but I am hoping to match it all up when I kick of our own domain.It looks and feels the same as this site.There is also a link on the top menu to get back to here Aussie Criminals.

The idea being you can search at the top menu and in a single click search for these creeps by the following:

  • State by State,
  • The Conviction
  • Whether or not they are a registered sex offender
  • Their status, In jail, on parole, or released
  • Whether or not we have the court transcript
  •   Identifying photo(s)


I am refining the posting format but soon we will have hundreds of these rock spiders on here for anyone to check on.If you have info on someone, email me with details, any newspaper articles and transcripts if known, and of course confirmed images.(I do check this stuff though) and I will put them up!




Author: Robbo

I also love family, Photography, Cooking a great BBQ , Computers, Reading Crime Books, and solving crimes before the end of the show !

33 thoughts on “A new section dedicated to Australian Paedophiles”

  1. The Paedophiles are behind most of the crime in Australia because their motive is to first FORCE young kids into drug dependance and working in the sex industry where they can’t be charged for having sex with an underage prostitute or for raping a Working Individual, Sex Worker.

    Pedro Petrovias, It’s All Greek to Me.


  2. Peter, so right you are.
    There used to be privately hosted sex parties/orgies in the old Ritz Carlton in Double Bay back in the early 90’s… a lot of underage prostitutes were rumoured to be used. When a young girl by the name of Revelle Balmain threatened to expose this, she was murdered. 18 years later and her body still hasn’t been found.


      1. No billy, no-one was ever charged…
        One of the main suspects was Gavin Samer as he was the last trick known to be with her. In his statement, he said that he had dropped her off at a restaurant around 7pm.


  3. Every One Of The Thousands Of People and Kids they have murdered is someone that wouldn’t work for them or COMPLY in the Sex Industry or MAFIA Marketing Industry.



    1. How can you hide that many murders without people, or even 1 person, from finding something out? Can the investigators of these crimes be steered in certain ways that they will never find out the truth?


      1. Hi Chris,

        The murders have been hidden they are a matter of public record, just not publicised by the various Australian government departments for Political reasons. It looks bad for their statistics that there are so many unsolved murders in their election campaigns. It also lead to the arrest of a lot of criminal police if the murderers were prosecuted.

        See the following link and do a search on Kenneth William Johnstone alias Johnson or Stoney, A Milat family member , and see how much you find about him and his victim 13 year old Michelle Allport not much. The criminally corrupt judiciary in Australia redetermined his sentence and released him. They also tried to frame me for the murder in 1974 because I was her boyfriend.


        There was also a site called Australian Murders which listed a lot of these unsolved murders I wouldn’t be suprised if the NSW Police have forced it to be taken down because I can’t find it in a quick google search and I don’t have time to track it down.

        In the mid 2000’s they another frame and tried again, i will publish everything I can about these Nazi Fascist Gay Bi Sexual Cops. Homosexuals should not be allowed in the Police Force under any circumstance.



  4. Thanks for the link Peter, makes me sick/sad/angry when I go through the Mako site.
    I know of one convicted sex offender who is not on that site and should be; Rodric/Roderick Booth. This prick was jailed in ’97 for 5 years, was released, moved out of Sydney and then got pinched in ’07 for having child pornography on his computer. Was jailed again in ’09 relating to the ’07 charges, this time for a min. of 6mths.

    One of the boys who he sexually assaulted was my best mate at the time. We were both about 11-12 and for a long time I felt very guilty that my mate was assaulted and nothing physical happened to me.

    There was a site similar to the one you mentioned “Australian Murders” but don’t know if it was the same one as this site is now ‘offline’ as well… The original url was http://murderinaustralia.blogspot.com/ – it had court transcripts as well as a list by year, of unsolved murders and disappearances.

    I’m sorry that your girlfriend was taken from you.



    1. Hi Chris and co, I loved those sites, but they vanished. I have been combing the net through way back machine to get cached copies of all the data there. So valuable. I have 70% of site documented so far. A lot of work though.But really worth it. I hate finding another creep in the paper nearly every single day.

      There does seem to be a quite large blitz going on at the moment called he Fawkner Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team and Taskforce Astraea. Good luck to them may they prosper catching the filth hidden in our communities


  5. I must warn you all that I know a lot about them and You have to be very wary. Andrew Garfoth is one of their main leaders and he operates from his jail cell and so does Bevan Spencer von Einman in SA.

    I know they are actually deliberately breeding themselves, I know many of them personally from school 1960s and 1970s and used to ive in Maroubra Sydney, they really are card carrying Nazi paedophiles. My father Captain Vic, Australian Army and I had German immigrant mates who told me a lot about them from World War Two, my mates were German soldier immigrants escaped to freedom and these paedophiles were Nazi SS political officers who stalked them.

    I come from NSW Western Slopes wine growing district where the Lutheran Christian Germans settled in the 1800’s and the Nazi’s followed them there to punnish them.for betraying the Kaiser

    Some sort of law needs to be enacted to prevent them from conducting their breeding program, as soon as they get out of jail they go and breed, they breed really foul housebreaking poo smearing Mosquito ratbag children, and my list is to long to mention.

    Look up Peter Schmitt on the web and see if you find any info on him he is their hero Paedophile murderer and Alvin Watts in America is another one of them.

    You are lucky you live in Victoria.

    I have cached some copies of Australian Murder site especially 1974 when a series organised murders were committed especially the Smiths and they did them for marketing exploits of popular media advertising.

    They harass anyone that knows anything about them with Drug Maggitts who stalk you all the time So you have to careful not to let them know where you live. When ever I have left my house unattended for too long they have broken in and stolen my clothing and personal effects like combs with my hair on it and anything with my fingerprints. They are always trying to setup frames against innocent people by stealing their belongings and placing them in crime scenes.



  6. Just supporting Missing Persons being a nice Australian hoping and praying for justice. I am a lovely person just was touched by her story. Marion Julius


  7. I’m normal my writings are simply supporting Missing Persons I don’t feel they are strange. Revelle Balmain seemed like a lovely person and anyone compassionate person like myself would pray and hope for justice like I am. Marion Julius ps please do not attack me for I have done nothing wrong but hope and pray for her to rest in peace.


  8. No I don’t know this person. If Revelle was your friend then don’t give up on her and you too should hope and pray for her. And help
    her if you can. Marion Julius


  9. Do not think bad or negative thoughts about me if your Revelles friend instead of writing here you should go do something and help her instead of criticizing me. Marion Julius


  10. If Revelle was my friend she’d be alive today because I would of been a true good friend to her. But no I didn’t don’t know her. If your her friend why didn’t you help her in 1994 ????? you don’t need to know me I am a good person at least I care unlike some Australians. Do not judge me for I am not a criminal just a person who cares. Marion Julius ps instead of judging me help Revelle find those who hurt her.


  11. I don’t work on cases I’m not in the police force I write about many people and things. I am perfectly healthy and normal the only fantasies I have is dreaming of sexy men. Calm down chill out babe have a good drink xxxx


  12. lin murders 2009 two adults two kids killed i just think how can one killer get rid of all them maybe there were two or more killers that lawyer made good point the accused had no military or martial arts training i think theres more to it.


    1. So there was what three adults and two kids right ? and their stating that one man had killed all those people its just a case that would need to be backed up with more evidence than that I think I mean so people are getting brutally bashed and killed and what no noise occurred or no one woke up etc I think its possible who ever wanted them killed must of hired professional killers it make sense as a Law student surely our court systems would want hardcore proof not just what they got.


  13. Bayden clay court case i read in the media his wife went running late at night he was home weird that a husband would let his wife go out at that time on her own makes him look guilty.


    1. Bayden Clay having been accused of killing his wife even though his got a high profile status and is well respected one he was the last person to see her and from what I read he had motive I’m not accusing him of doing it but if I were defending him I wouldn’t of gone about it that way. For starters no mother would want to kill herself and leave her kids no mother who was fairly attractive and had alot going for her would commit suicide and jump into a river and die. Even if Bayden Clay was is pleading was not guilty what was around him makes him look guilty people have their own minds and thoughts and most cant be persuaded so easily some cannot be bought. Allegations of being accused of murdering someone will would need more than smart comments. Saying you didn’t do it is one thing but prooving it is another. In murder case when hard proof is found your stuffed. And if your defense is weak you will get no where.


      1. And of course with law enforcement latest technology and other resources such as polygraphs and DNA testing not to mention witnesses. A fiction story can easily be created to say that to try and get away with it as a Published Author also stories can be created but a murder case needs more than stories. I think when people start threatening people its an obvious sign their guilty especially if they go out to harm people.


  14. Property Tycoon Ron Medich re that murder case re McGurk Mr McGurk was killed by a single gunshot to the head outside his Cremorne home on Sydney’s lower north shore. Its just really hilarious high profilers (not accusing medich) but how they go about getting rid of people re shooting them with guns you see them in the media they look intelligent but when you hear they killed someone re shooting it makes you think again no their not smart at all. Gun shootings (as a law student) leaves bullets, smashed glasses with bullet holes, leaves dead bodies (for the police to examine) who knows the victim might even live to tell the story. Leaves witnesses etc it just puzzles how these underworld crime figures think yeah sure they may be tough and beat you up but when it comes to smart thinking they think like a silly gangster instead of being an intelligent person I think I would of done a better job defending Medich !!!!


    1. who knows maybe someday i will ?? organized crime groups if they exist………contract killings……….they just do things in such a messy way and when it comes to court cases they need to run or lie or just reply with smart comments because that’s all they got !!!


  15. Carolyne Byre the beautiful Australian Model whose body was found at the Gap I really think she knew too much which is why he/they killed her. And the accused was then Gordon Wood whether he didn’t or he did whoever did it he will have to live with that guilt for the rest of his life having to think about it and be reminded of it every time it comes on in the news etc I don’t think they should of killed her if he/they were smart they could have come up with something else I’m not accusing Gordon Wood or anyone but people can and may tend to slip up whether by words or actions even at the time they think its nothing people remember things and some can’t live with it forever when seeing confessions in the media about people killing people they only show remorse after decades later makes it worse for them. Not to mention the families that they now have their wives,sons and daughters might have to live with the hurt if and when their caught. Carolyne Byrne RIP
    Rest In Peace XXXX


  16. In regards to the model and escort Revelle Balmain that Samer was a suspect ? person of interest ? so if the police are saying he did it alone ? I just don’t think that could be possible, when someone dies their body is quite heavy I don’t know how one person could manage that on their own. Over the years there has been so many theories like maybe there were two or more involved ? that would make more sense. I read in the Underbelly book The Golden Mile in one page it states that Samer paid a pimp ? I thought that was so strange because in the newspaper articles it says he pawned his then girlfriends clarinet to pay Revelle ? Select Companions weren’t very helpful to the Balmain family from what I read that’s a bit sad huh ? and I read that Coulton changed the statement it just all doesn’t add up ? maybe there was another person who was involved ? (from past experience with being stalked, threatened and followed by men trying to lure me away with them, people trying to harm me) I think its time the police toughen up and stop these bad people. Its not a nice feeling being threatened and I don’t appreciate that and I’m sure Revelles family don’t appreciate people killing their child their daughter. And I’m sure Revelles family don’t mind me writing about her because we are on the same side and that side being fighting for justice. You bad people let her rot away like a skeleton whilst you live in luxury no compassion no kindness no love only greed.


  17. Well it would be better to do some research on previous offenses maybe.Check all the state criminal justice sites, they have links to decisions and sentences. Contacting me so I can check is another choice.
    But just naming someone on some 3rd hand story is NOT the way to go. A lot of vindictive people do use that sort of thing to ruin a ex partners life. Not good


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