Matthew Newton arrested again in Miami, charged with assault

Just like the best silent movies tell a thousand words.So does this CCTV one of Newton, shitty about a phone call or something thumps the receptionist, follows him around, does some fine acting, cops come, gets smart with them gets arrested.Just another week in the life of this dickhead. All his illnesses are not a GET OUT clause. He clearly plays up in situations where he thinks nobody will see. Bashes girlfriend at home, overseas, bashes taxi driver in a cab…What more can I say. Sit and watch, he even at one stage seems to act like he has been hit too on the ground.Then gets out of that character to start hassling the victim again.

Matthew Newton arrested again in Miami, charged with assaulting hotel receptionist

Matt Newton arrested. Again.

Charged with battery in Miami, just weeks after allegedly resisting arrest.

Newton mugshots

Miami Police mugshots of Matthew Newton from his arrests on April 17 (left) and April 6. Supplied

MATTHEW Newton has been arrested for battery and resisting arrest without violence after he allegedly punched a hotel desk clerk in the face with a closed fist and then pursued him across the lobby.

Miami police said Newton, 35, claimed the desk clerk spat in his face but there is no evidence of this on CCTV footage of the incident, which occurred in the early hours of April 17.

Footage shows Newton striking the desk clerk with a right hand jab.

The clerk, stunned, retreats, apparently looking for his glasses, which have flown off. The clerk sits down and Newton, following him behind the counter, gets on top of him at which point the vision is obscured.

The video, which has no audio, then shows the two men lying on the floor of the lobby, with Newton – who is barefoot and wearing track pants – trying to talk to the apparently distressed clerk. The clerk tries to get away and Newton follows.

Police were called to the hotel by the manager of the Courtyard Marriott in Coconut Grove, where Newton had been staying after he was arrested a week earlier for trespass and resisting arrest at a bar.

Police were shown a video of the incident of Newton allegedly being aggressive to the desk clerk. The police report states that Newton was angry about a call being “dropped”, presumably meaning it was cut off.

“Defendant then threw all the papers off the counter,” the report states. “Defendant then went behind the counter and punched victim in face with closed fist and then pushed victim to the ground.”

The police then went to Newton’s room 805 and arrested him. The police report states Newton tried to pull away when they went to handcuff him.

Newton was taken to the Miami Dade lockup and charged once again.

He was released on the same day, after an eight-hour stay in the jail. His friend, screenwriter Alison Thompson, arranged for his $2500 bond – being $1500 for the battery and $1000 for the resist arrest. Ms Thompson also posted Newton’s bond in the previous incident.

Miami Dade police spokesman Napier Velazquez said: “Mr Newton is claiming the clerk spit in his face, however the clerk had his back to the camera so you cannot see that at any point.

“Newton is talking to him over the counter, he gets upset, he knocks the papers off the desk, he walks around the side, and that’s when he punches him.

Newton arrest report

Click above for the full arrest report

“He drops to the ground and Mr Newton follows him down and then we see the clerk stumble and get up and Mr Newton’s following him.”

Mr Velazquez said the clerk did not retaliate.

Miami Police spokesman Fredie Cruz said the receptionist was in his late 50s or early 60s.

Matthew Newton arrest, April 17

A CCTV image allegedly showing Newton and the clerk in the hotel foyer

Tom Langone, manager of the Courtyard Marriott, would only confirm there was an incident between a guest and an employee.

“He (Newton) is no longer at the hotel. The guest was due to check out,” Mr Langone said.

Matthew Newton arrest, April 17

This CCTV still shows both men on the floor

Newton’s main charge is “simple battery”, a first-degree misdemeanour punishable by one year in jail, a year of probation, a fine up to $1,000 or a combination of the three.

According to one Florida legal website, misdemeanour battery can be committed in one of two ways, intentionally touching or striking another person against their will or intentionally causing bodily harm to another person.

Matthew Newton arrest, April 17

A police officer can be seen top left making the arrest

Newton is due to appear to face the battery charges at 10am on May 11 and is set to deal with his previous charges on May 15.

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6 thoughts on “Matthew Newton arrested again in Miami, charged with assault

    • I just feel bad for all the people with real mental problems who need help and cant get it.This moron has all the help in the world available to him and he rejects it, because he thinks he doesn’t need it. The people who support him must be pulling their hair out, he is a sneaky sly coward. His issues go way beyond any “mental health” problems.

      He thinks he is some A List star who deserves to have every bastard bend over backwards for him and he cracks it when he is treated as the nobody that he is…Simple


  1. “He clearly plays up in situations where he thinks nobody will see.”

    Apparently his bashing of Rachael Taylor – while overseas – was in a hotel lobby in front of witnesses. Earlier that night he was thrown out of a crowded bar while trying to pick a fight – seen by Aussie tourists who I believe made themselves known to him before it happened.

    Even the Miami incident was reported as Newton being asked to leave a bar after having got involved in a fight.

    Not that any of this excuses his behaviour, just that some of it has been in public.


  2. He was/is basically an ice-freak. Whether that contributed to his ‘bi-polar’ condition is anyone’s guess. But he was beating up on his mother when he was young teenage. They ignored the problem, or didn’t do enough to stop him then. Now its too late. He is just this raging, paranoid little monster. Someone should tell Chris Murphy he is a lost cause. But it doesn’t appear that Murphy listens to anyone. Kindred spirits?


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